A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Aliens in our Midst

Chapter 3 – Enter the Shadowlands

Sandra looked up from her paperback book again. She was certain that someone was watching her, but every time she checked, the other members of bus 231 to Central were busy with their own lives. She shook her head and set the book into her backpack. Too much Stephen King was making her a bit jumpy.

The driver signaled her stop, and she stood with several other people in preparation to exit. Just as the bus came to a lurching halt, someone behind her grasped her arm for support to keep from falling forward. They must have had gloves on or something because there were several sharp pricks just above her elbow. As she started to take a few steps forward, she realized two things. The first was that she suddenly felt quite warm and dizzy. The second was that the person behind her hadn’t let go of her arm.

With a sudden sense of dread, she turned to face the man who was responsible for the pain in her arm. She was ready to tell him to get lost, only her mouth seemed to go rubbery and wouldn’t even make the cry for help that she now desperately sought. Something was very wrong. He had done something to her. He had put something in her body, something that she could feel even now stretching and reaching toward her brain. It was spreading all through her body, wrapping it up in a web of sticky paralysis that would leave her totally helpless.

The man took her arm and began to lead her off the bus. To her horror, her body seemed to be out of her control. It was as if she were just watching herself now. She willed her legs to stop, to collapse on the floor, but they weren’t her legs any more. Now they belonged to the man.

They walked off the bus and headed up the street, her a dreamy robot. They walked a couple of blocks and then entered an old brick house with wildly contrasting flowers in the planters that lined all the windows in all the houses on this block. It was a nice neighborhood. It was HER neighborhood. It was her house.

She opened the door with her key, her mind screaming at her body to stop. Once inside, this man, this stranger, would be completely able to do anything he wanted to her. She would be lost. Fighting, Sandra found her psyche was wrapped tight in the webs of whatever held control of her body. She was like a fly, already packaged for a spider’s later meal.

The stranger closed the door behind her and locked it. It was as though she had just been handed a death sentence. She lived alone. She had few friends in her neighborhood who would just stop by to visit. She wouldn’t be disturbed. She wouldn’t be rescued. The man led her directly to the bedroom and began to remove her clothes. She simply stood there, peering out through her own eyes as he carefully unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped the back of her skirt. He was patient. He was experienced. He was handsome.

Her last thought surprised her. The intruder had somehow taken control of her body, kidnapped her soul, and was most likely about to rape and murder her, yet here she was, attracted to him. He was handsome by most people’s standards, but she knew that she shouldn’t feel the way she was feeling about him. It wasn’t right. In confusion, she grappled with her conflicting emotions. Why did she want this man? What was it that he was doing to her to make her want him? Again, she sensed the webs in her mind and she knew. Slowly, those webs were working on her will. She could almost see the thin filaments gradually easing into her brain, taking control. They were making her feel this way. Making her desire grow. And there was nothing she could do to stop them.

Naked, her body moved to the bed, where she laid down on her back and stretched her arms up above her head to the brass headboard. Her eyes watched the man as he smiled and undressed. Her heart pounded in her chest as she realized that he was going to make love to her. Her soul was still fighting this thing that had invaded her, but her body wanted this stranger; it wanted him to take her, to fuck her, wildly, passionately, mercilessly. Then she saw his chest.

Had Sandra been able to, she would have screamed. She would have cried out in absolute terror at the monster that stood before her now. Dozens of thin, snake-like tentacles reached out from the man’s chest, waving and rolling, each with what seemed a will of its own. And then lower, around his manhood, were more of the tendrils. They squirmed and reached out hungrily. She knew that they were reaching out for her.

Naked, the man moved to the bed and lay down next to her outstretched form. Sandra could feel the tentacles reaching over her, and would have willingly passed into unconsciousness had she been able. At first, they were just warm caresses, like a man’s fingers, but a few seconds later, she realized that much more was happening. Where ever the tendrils touched her skin, it started to tingle with pleasure. It was a deep, erotic warmth that stayed, even when the tendril moved away, and only faded very slowly over ten to twenty seconds. One of the man’s hands reached behind her neck, and she again felt a slight prick. Suddenly, some of her world snapped back.

She still couldn’t scream, but her mouth was partially released. A sharpness, like coming to the surface of a pool, came to her consciousness, and she found that she could move her head though the rest of her body was still frozen.

“S-st-stop…” She uttered softly with some effort.

“You do not like my touch?” Asked the man in a deep, almost melodic voice.

“P-please…” Sandra couldn’t deny that the sensations the man was creating in her were pleasurable. In fact, she was becoming quickly aroused by the constantly building layers of fading joy. When he shifted some of the tendrils up to her breasts, she surprised herself and gasped in wonderful ecstasy, unable to resist him in the slightest. He played with her nipples until they were fiery peaks of throbbing warmth. Lower, a few tentacles drifted over her belly and then her mons, eliciting a sharp gasp of joy from her tortured body.

“You like the pleasure.” Said the man as a matter of fact. “You can’t resist it. Soon, you will be begging me not to stop. And I won’t.”

“Nooo, ummm… I… Ahhhh!”

Shifting atop her, Sandra found her thighs opening to the man. She felt a sudden increase in pleasure at her most sensitive places and her mind swooned in conflicting emotions. With gentle slowness, the tendrils were opening her, reaching through the slick petals of her flower.

“UGHNN!! Nooo… Ugh! Oh god! Ahhh! AHHH!! MMMM!!”

Ever slowly, his manhood joined the tentacles and pressed into her. She could do nothing as he penetrated her to the very depths of her womanhood. Her breathing was nothing but short gasps now, the sexual arousal becoming an all consuming force that was quickly smothering her in ecstasy.

Once he was fully within her, he released to her some control of her body. Instead of pulling away, Sandra was too overwhelmed in the passion to resist anymore. Her lithe, 22 year-old body was guiding her actions now. She had had many lovers before, and thought of herself as fairly active in bed, but still, it was all she could do to keep from bucking wildly under this strange man. Her legs moved up and wrapped around his hips, pulling him tighter against her, into her. She wanted to use her hands as well, but they seemed fixed to the bars above her head. She knew that they were bound by nothing more than the man’s will over her, but they might as well have been tied with thick ropes.

Her first orgasm hit her with such force that her vision blurred. Sandra fully expected to pass out under such pleasure, and suddenly knew that the man had control over that as well. She would not be granted that escape either. As the world slowly returned to her, she looked up into the face of the stranger.

“You see,” he said, smiling, “you can not resist what you desire so strongly.”

“Ughnnn… W-who… UGH!… are y-y-ou… Ahh! Ughn!”

“I am the one who is going to bring you to heights of pleasure that you can’t even imagine. I am the one who is going to make you scream in ecstasy more tonight than in all your other sexual experiences combined.” He was moving atop her, slowly, irresistibly.

“Nooo… ughnn… I… ahh! Ughmm! UGH! AHHH!! UGHMMMM!!!”

Once again, bliss washed over her like a wave. This time, it took even longer to come to the surface, and Sandra realized that it would be easy to drown in such pleasure. If it continued like this, she might reach a point where she could no longer return to the present world and would be lost.

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