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Happy Face Study

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Since I don’t have nice big blocks of time right now, I thought I would work on my lines and stuff with some quick studies (~10 minutes per). Mouthes still really give me a hard time… and hair… and brows. Shit, it’s all hard. Random internet references.

Field Guide: Catcher Vines

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Field Guide: Catcher Vines

This project started with me just wanting to do a quick illustration for the short Millie’s Rest, but in typical Marjorie style – it snowballed out of control almost at once. I didn’t intend it as a “guide”, but the illustrations lent themselves to that genre nicely, so I just went with it. I’m rather pleased with the result, and it was ridiculously fun to create. I was definitely in need of a good distraction… [X] [Field Guide]


Field Guide: Nightmare Creeper Mold

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Field Guide: Nightmare Creeper Mold

This organism is a Type IV demonic construct, which is usually deposited coverty in the home of a wanted female target. It often hides under a bed or mattress, and is activated when it senses sexual activity.

The ‘Nightmare’ version of the Creeper waits until the victim has fallen asleep before attacking, something that it can also facilitate through various chemical means. Once in physical contact however, it will use a toxin absorbed directly through the skin to keep the victim in a state of dream-like euphoria while it slowly reaches out and restrains them. Once fully incapacitated and helpless, it will begin to stimulate the target sexually, feeding on the victim’s own erotic energy by bringing them to orgasm over and over.

Though the target may wake briefly during this time, they will be unable to resist or escape the Creeper’s stimulation. With each final burst of ecstasy they experience, the demonic entity will be able to push into their mind, gradually erasing completely, the victim’s memory of the encounter. They will simply wake, exhausted, but convinced that they had nothing more than an intensely erotic dream.

This kind of attack may be repeated by the Creeper for up to six days, with each successive encounter weakening the target’s body and mind to the point that they will be easy prey for the demon itself. Victims who awaken during an attack, may experience brief ‘flashback’ memories, and become aware of what the construct is doing to them each night. But, even though they might fight it, very few are ever able to break free before they succumb once again to the slow, mind-wiping trap of pleasure.