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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Billy’s Education

Chapter 3 – Jacuzzi


Later that night, Shelly gave me the play-by-play version of her encounter with Billy as we snuggled into bed. I had filled her in on my own exploits almost as soon as the girl had gone home that night. She said that it made her seriously hot to hear me talk in detail about having sex with our younger apprentice, and we ended up fucking on the kitchen floor, not having made it too the bedroom.

I had to admit, the details that Shelly was dumping on me, certainly had me standing at attention. Shell was a great story-teller and I told her so.

“You should write romance novels,” I commented, stroking her left nipple.

“What makes you think I haven’t?”

I just stared at her.

“Um, dear, you stopped.”

“Huh? Oh! Sorry…” I continued my gentle massage. “I didn’t know you were a writer?”

“One of the ways I got myself through college, lover.”

“Hmmm, how else did you earn money,” I asked teasingly, my other hand searching between her thighs.

She smiled at me. “Well, the Dean and I had an interesting arrangement… Dear, you stopped again.”

I was stunned.

“Are you telling me that you slept with the Dean?”

“Well, there really wasn’t much sleeping involved, but…”

“Holy shit!”

“Don’t be so crude, Paul. It was simple sex for mutual pleasure. It’s not like he was paying me or something.”

“But you said….”

“I said that we had an interesting arrangement. Your dirty mind just assumed that he was paying me for sex. In fact, Dean Jacobs was a brilliant financial wizard. He was also on the committee that handled new grants. When a new one came in, he let me know so that I could get right in and apply early. He also tutored me in the finer points of portfolio management, so that the meager money I did earn in writing actually meant something later on.”

“And you’re telling me that he never ‘helped you along’ as a ‘favor’ to his special love kitten?”

“Oh, he did favors for me all the time…”


“…But nothing ever even remotely regarding my schooling.”

“Oh… But…”

“Look, Paul. The Dean and I spent two full semesters boffing each other’s brains out. I was a student, and he was an attractive and kind gentleman who also happened to be the Dean of the school I was attending. I made it very clear to him the first time I took him to bed, that I absolutely wanted nothing from him that could affect my position at the college. I wanted to make it on my own, and I did. Every penny. He could take me to dinner, buy me flowers, or treat me to any other formal niceties that a gentleman caller can and should do, but absolutely nothing more or I was gone like a used condom.”

“And it never affected your education?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t go that far! The Dean was quite a talented man. He taught me plenty, in and out of bed.”

“Really?” I was seriously starting to get an inferiority complex.

“Really. Now come over here closer so I can show you some of the things he taught me…”

And I did. And she did. And we did.

The following day was a holiday, so I fired up the grill and the three of us hung out in the back yard and did holiday kinds of things. Frisbee, drinking beer, lounging in the hammock. It was nice, and it was a good way to get past the nervousness that Billy was obviously still feeling. Things were a little different now, and we were all still getting used to the idea.

Most of the time, she was still our playful little BB, but I noticed that any time we touched, she jumped. At once point, we were rough-housing a bit in the hammock and she suddenly ended up straddling me while I held her wrists in each of my hands to keep her from tickling me. She was wearing jean cut-off’s and a white cotton tee that was two sizes too small for her. And nothing else, at least under the shirt. She abruptly noticed me staring at her chest, and the rather visible points of her nipples, and she blushed clear down to her toes and then pulled away.

I mentioned it to Shelly later while BB was doing a little practice thrashing against our back porch. Shell brought me out a cold one while I was grilling and I pulled her aside.

“What are we going to do,” I said in the whiney voice guys take on in the presence of superior feminine intelligence. “As much as I enjoyed getting her rocks off, I never wanted it to put a rift between us.”

“Hmmm… I think I might know how to handle this, but I’m going to need you to follow my lead again tonight, okay?”

I half frowned, half grinned. “Does this mean that I’m going to get lucky again tonight with a certain blooming teenager?”

Her own grin made me swallow in nervousness. “Count your cards right, stud, and we both will.” The sultry look in her eyes almost made me drop my beer. “Your hotdog is burning…” she commented as she swayed away toward the house for more chips.

I stood there with a stupid look on my face until the flames from the grill nearly seared the hair off my arm.

As the evening settled into night, we continued the lounging out around the deck. BB was laying back in one of the reclining chairs, tossing a tennis-ball into the air. Shelly and I completed a loose circle and were happily feeling the buzz of the day’s food and liquid refreshment. I looked over and saw that Shell was signaling me without words again. My eyebrows raised a bit when I understood what she had in mind, but I nodded ever so slightly.

“You know what would be great right about now,” said my lover with a relaxed sigh. “… A nice soak in the hot-tub. Whadda think Paul? Does it take long to heat?”

I played along innocently. “Well, it probably needs a couple of minutes to get to a comfortable level, but that sounds wonderful. What do you say BB? Care for a dip?”

She caught the ball and held it, considering. Then she tossed it into the air again and acted nonchalant. “No suit,” she said as a matter of fact.

I held back my amusement. Shell jumped right on in.

“Oh, that’s okay. Paul and I never use them anyway.”

The next time the ball came down, Billy fumbled it and it rolled away into the bushes.

“You serious?” The look on her face was priceless.

“Sure,” replied my lover, ever calm. “Why bother in your own back yard? Haven’t you ever sun-bathed?”

“Uh, well, yeah, I guess,” she answered. “But that’s not the same.”

“Why not? No one can see us, even if they tried. That’s why Paul and I opted for the seven-foot fence and the bamboo garden. Not that we’re close enough to anybody to even bother, being against the canyon and all.”

“I don’t know…” she groaned hesitantly.

“Oh, come on,” Shell was getting up. “Paul will start it going while we go ditch our clothes and get another bowl of salsa.” She all but dragged the poor kid out of the lounge chair and the two of them headed into the house.

I whistled with glee as I turned on the heater and set the bubbles rolling in the tub, then stripped off my clothes and pulled a few extra towels closer for after. The idea of not one, but two naked females lounging in a hot bubbly bath with me, one of which I was certain wanted to jump my bones, had me at pole position before I ever even hit the water.

I settled in and let any remaining stress fade from my muscles, and was just starting to lose the boner I was harboring when the screen door opened and Shell and Billy walked out. Both were wrapped in towels and Shelly had a bowl of salsa in her hand. BB just had a worried scowl.

“There you two are,” I said with a stupid grin, taking the salsa, “I was about to send out a search party,”

“That salsa is FRESH, boy,” chided my lover while she casually pulled off the towel and set it on the bench. She was incredibly cool as she stepped naked into the steaming water, and I felt myself stiffen all over again. Shell couldn’t see the look on BB’s face as she got into the large round tub, but I was staring at the teen and saw the near-panic look she was making.

“Come on in, Billy,” I urged. “The water’s fine.”

I saw her sigh in resignation and then swallow as she reached for the top of the towel. Her hands slightly trembling, she pulled the terricloth and let it go loose around her. Setting the wrap on top of Shell’s, she quickly hopped up the four steps and nearly dove into the water.

“Hey,” commented Shelly, preemptively holding up the large bowl of tortilla chips. “Easy there girl, you’ll swamp our snack.”

“Sorry,” mumbled BB, looking like she wanted to be any place else in the world at that moment. I could see that her arms were unconsciously covering her breasts under the surface of the water. You could hardly see anything below the bubbles and the dark surface, but she didn’t seem to realize that.

“Paul, this feels heavenly,” sighed Shelly, leaning back. I had designed the extra large hot-tub with two main purposes in mind, relaxation being the first. It had a general wide bench around a quarter of the perimeter, as well as two special seats of a more reclining nature.

There isn’t a male of adult age who hasn’t at some time fantasized about having sex in a hot-tub, and being the lusty boy I am, I have to admit that when the opportunity came for me to build my tub to specification, I spent nearly a full day contemplating the size, shape and placement of the seats to provide the greatest number of possible sexual positions. I also added a few ‘special features’ to the construction to er, enhance the enjoyment. I hadn’t yet met Shelly, but when I showed her the tub for the first time she spent nearly a full six hours happily experimenting with every one of the various settings and attachments.

There were bubblers placed at some very interesting points along the seats and floor, as well as a few ‘plug-in’ attachments that allowed a female occupant to ‘fully’ experience the relaxing effects of the massaging jets of water. I even added a pair of attachments that were more or less a collection of about four dozen soft thin silicone hoses. The ends were open, and the water passed through the mass of loose tubes under pressure so that it caused each one to flail about under the water like a bunch of crazed tentacles. It was pretty intense, and tickled like hell, but it was quite the stimulator. Shelly said she especially liked that one, but that it needed to be saved for special occasions as it was a bit too kinky for general consumption. I think she just wanted to keep the idea to herself, or possibly take it out and market it. Hell, she could certainly do a better job than I ever could, so more power to her if she ever wanted to steal the idea. [Thank you, Paul love, and I did indeed market it, or rather sold the idea as a participatory erotic art installation to a number of wealthy Japanese business types. What do you think paid off our house?] But back to BB.

The teen was sitting nervously at one point of a triangle that the three of us made up, off-handedly watching Shelly as she reclined in the one adjustable chair in the jacuzzi. The minx had set the height so that her breasts just broke the surface, and her nipples looked like twin buoys as they were hardened to wrinkled beacons by the cool air. Her eyes were closed, but I have no doubt that she knew exactly what she was doing, and how BB would be reacting as she silently soaked.

I had purposely set the bowl of salsa over next to her so that it gave me an excuse to get closer. It was a devious plan, since it meant that to move away from me, she would have to move closer to Shelly. She choose to sit passively while I scooped up a chip-full of the chunky dip and popped it into my mouth.

“Wow,” I commented. “I thought you were kidding when you said this was fresh.” Shell just smiled, but Billy’s curiosity was now piqued. Growing girl that she was, she rarely turned down food, and eyed the chips with a twinkle in her eye.

I continued the tease, which was made really easy by the fact that the salsa WAS fresh. I know that Shelly couldn’t have been in the house for more than five minutes, and some of that time was spent striping and shepherding BB. So how did she do it? Never mind. I chalked it up to another of the many female mysteries I would never understand and just enjoyed the spicy delicacy.

“This is truly awesome,” I commented, washing down the snack with a swig of beer. “Thanks!”

Shelly opened her eyes and looked at me. “Come over here and thank me properly, you.” Her voice was deep and sultry, and my dick was hard before I moved a muscle. Floating over next to her, she pulled my head down into what I expected to be a rather pleasant kiss. Instead, she instantly told me without words that she was going to bring me within an inch of orgasm, and that I should roll with it. Who was I to complain?

We mashed our mouths together for what could have been a minute or two, or possibly a month, I wasn’t sure, and I decided that my Shell would have made a great Siren. If it meant that I could go with a kiss like that, I’m sure I would have been pulled to the depths of the ocean with a smile on my face.

I could also feel Billy’s eyes burning a hole in my back as she watched us suck face. Shell’s right hand was wrapped sensuously around my head, while her left one reached down and gripped my rod with evil intent. My own left hand was doing very erotic things to her closest nipple. My lover was good to her word, spoken or not, and I was very glad that she broke away when she did. Another few seconds and I’m sure I would have lost it.

I stared down at her, my breathing a bit labored as I regained my composure. She was just smiling like a cat who was stalking a mouse. Then she sprung the trap.

“You know Paul,” she said calmly. “Billy helped with the salsa too…”

“She did?” I exclaimed with mock surprise, turning to the girl, who was, I noticed wide eyed and suddenly white as a ghost.

“Uh hmm,” nodded Shelly. “So I think you should thank her too, don’t you?”

BB caught the implication almost at once and her mouth opened in a soft gasp. I also saw that the paleness of her skin was magically replaced with a deep blush. In the hot water, her skin must have been nearly tingling with the sudden changes in blood pressure.

“Oh, I… I didn’t really do that much,” she said quickly.

“Nonsense,” countered my love with a wave of her hand. “You did as much as I did. Paul, you should thank her at least as well as you did me.”

I grinned and slowly floated until I was just in front of the young woman. She was mute with nervousness, her mouth poised in an “o” of confusion, but I could tell she was caught in a windstorm of conflicting emotions. She wanted that kiss bad. Real bad. I could clearly make out the swelled bumps of her nipples even in the dim light reflecting under the water. Her chest rose and fell with hardened intensity, and the sweat that gathered all around her breastbone and forehead wasn’t all from the heat and steam of the water.

At the same time, she was acutely aware of Shelly’s presence directly behind us.

I leaned in until I was only a few inches in front of her. “Thank you for helping with the salsa, Billy,” I said softly and placed my mouth to hers.

She tried to make it a quick buss on the lips, but I pressed forward until her back was pinned against the side of the tub. With nowhere to go, her resistance quickly crumbled. My tongue found its way into her mouth just as my hands slipped up along the outside of her thighs until they glided over her naked hips and rested around her waist, my thumbs slowly circling her belly button.

It wasn’t long before Billy was moaning into my mouth, her own tongue matching mine in fervor and intensity. I felt her hands hesitantly reach around my neck until they were clasped behind my head and I knew it was time to move to the next phase in our little game of seduction.

I distracted her with a deep tongue plunge, and let my hands drift back down her body while I moved a bit closer. I felt her stiffen slightly when my fingers lightly wrapped around her buttocks and very gently urged her lower torso forward.

“Ummmmm…” she moaned, and unconsciously let her thighs part to either side of my body as I drew her voluptuous curves up against me.

Billy is a luscious package of sensuality, and I was nearly swooning myself as I gently floated her weightless form around one-hundred and sixty degrees so that I could then drift back until I was sliding into the other of the two reclining seats. And I drew Billy right on up on top of me so that she was straddling my hips nicely, her breasts just rising out of the water if she were to sit up. But I kept her in that kiss, knowing that in her current position, with her body bent over so that her whole front side was still in the water, she was about to discover one of the special features of my custom hot-tub.

Aside from the various bubble holes and such that were part of the seat itself, I very carefully positioned a bubbling jet just to each side of the built-in chair so that a woman in exactly BB’s current position would be treated to a sensual surprise. Since she was facing me, the jets tossed out a constant stream of warm water intermixed with a billion tiny bubbles that hit Billy somewhere along her midriff. From there, they gently rolled up her naked body trying to get to the surface. I knew from Shell’s descriptions, that those bubbles moved painfully slowly, and they tickled like crazy as they gently rode up and around her belly, over her breasts and swirled around her nipples. The result was an incredibly erotic torture that was nearly impossible to fight. I felt Billy start to gasp into my mouth, and I couldn’t help but smile a bit.

I decided to take advantage of her distraction and quietly lifted her nearly weightless body slightly forward, then I let the soft pressure of the jets carry her back and down against my lap once again. Only now, she was in the right position for my manhood, the tip of which met her petals and started to slip right in. She was as slick as warm butter, and the poor girl hardly knew what was happening before I had impaled her right to the core.

“UGHNNN! Oh god! Ughmmmmm….” she groaned until she was once again seated against me. I knew that she was trying to hold as still as possible while she got a handle on the situation and could decide if she really wanted to have sex. My shaft was pulsing softly within her as she fought to control herself, but otherwise, I just watched the growing conflict with supreme amusement. I knew though, that the bubbles wouldn’t let her off the hook so easily, and were even now driving her wild with rising lust.

She shivered and rose up, her body settling atop me so that her breasts were nicely cupped by the boiling surface of the jacuzzi. Her eyes were half-lidded with pleasure. I knew she was trying to fight the sexual stimulation, even as she was assailed from every side by rising sensuality. I noticed a confused expression cross her features, and then several short deep breaths before the arousal got the best of her and she very gently, almost unconsciously, rolled her hips forward under the water as though she were testing what it would feel like. Outwardly, I was all poker face, but inwardly I knew that the tiny motion was all that was needed to drive her will over the edge. Like an addict to heroin, it only took one tiny dose to set her into an inescapable path. My phallus angled up into her, paused, and then gradually slipped back the other direction, coming out about halfway before she helplessly repeated the rhythmic motion and moved me back inside her softness again. I was ever so subtly urging her body to move, both with my hands, which were resting at the crooks of her thighs and hips, and with the slight rocking of my own pelvis. In this way, she was slowly and inexorably locked into the instinctive motion.

Her staggered, raspy, open-mouthed breathing showed me that she was caught completely in the rhythm of intercourse as she slowly moved atop me. Her eyes held mine with a powerful intensity, and seemed almost pleading in their rising lust. She was a slave to the passion now, and she knew it. She knew beyond doubt that unless I stopped her, she would let that passion rise and rise until I fucked her into blissful ecstasy. She couldn’t stop her own hips, and it frightened her.

I just kept my eyes fixed on hers and repeated the steady back and forth undulation, drawing her deeper and deeper into the web of pleasure. I saw her barely shake her head from side to side, begging me to stop the motion that she no longer had the will to control. I was making her want it, regardless of the fact that we were outside, or being watched by my other lover who lounged only a few feet away. I could see that the pleasure just felt too wonderful for her to care about anything else at that moment, and in final resignation, she closed her eyes and just let herself silently and slowly grind against me.

That was the signal that Shelly was waiting for. Without a sound, she moved from her reclining position and came up behind Billy, assuming a similar position on my legs, just behind the girl. I smiled knowingly as her arms gently wrapped around the nubile teen like a sexual octopus. Shell’s legs also snaked around and over BB’s thighs so that she could not only pull herself up tight against the teen, but also draw her thighs wide and hold them that way.

Billy’s sharp intake of breath was all she could muster before Shell brought one hand to her left nipple, the other sliding sensuously down the girl’s body and right into her lap. I knew what that hand was doing because I could quite clearly feel her fingers as they dropped languidly into her well spread apex. Her middle finger curved inward and joined my shaft within her, while her other fingers played into the slick petals of her womanhood to either side of my shaft. Shelly was moving that internal finger back and forth in a double-time rhythm, and was apparently hitting both the poor girl’s clitoris as well as her g-spot with the constantly moving digit.

Billy gasped in near ecstasy and turned her head to look at my lover. With a smile, Shelly leaned her head forward and caught the other’s mouth straight out. I knew that BB wouldn’t stand a chance now. Aside from the fact that she probably couldn’t escape our combined grasps, her body was being subjected to more sexual stimulation than anyone her age should be able to handle. I felt the muscles of her sex tremble and clutch at my shaft, and Shelly sucked away her muffled cries as she shook into orgasm.

For nearly half a minute the girl continued to shake and groan in timeless pleasure, all the while I held the steady rhythmic motion that slid me in and out of her with relentless precision. When she finally came down again, it was only a slow, jerking series of steps that left her breathless and exhausted.

But I knew my lover, and we weren’t done with her yet. Just as Billy started to open her eyes again, I pushed my pelvis up hard into hers. Shelly’s added weight kept her body from pulling away, and the result was that my manhood drove back up into her deeply.

“AHHH!! UGHN!” She nearly screamed and reached down with her hands to grip my waist. I repeated the motion again, then again, and again, being sure to hold the long pauses between each beat. By about the tenth push, BB was right on the edge again, and I impaled her one final time and then held it, my seed blasting into her as my own orgasm finally let loose.

Whether it was the feeling of my heat entering her, or the overwhelming stimulus of our sex, Billy let rip a whopper of a battle cry and shook like a small earthquake. Even Shelly commented later that she was surprised at the intensity of the girl’s orgasm. She bucked and trembled and rode me until all at once she tensed and then dropped forward into my arms, unconscious.

I simply held the girl, letting her come back to reality on her own. My phallus was still hard inside her when her lids fluttered open and she looked up at me with a confused expression, and tried to remember where she was. When she felt me shift slightly deep within her flower, her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open in remembrance.

At that moment, Shelly leaned in and kissed her ear affectionately. Billy jumped, and looked at my lover in terror, as though being seated on my lap would bring sure and sudden death.

“That was a good one, Billy,” she whispered to her with a smile. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

The girl just stared at her. Then, when she realized that she wasn’t about to be attacked, she turned to me. I just grinned like a fool. A very satisfied fool.

Turning back to Shell, she barely whispered, “You’re not mad?”

“Why would I be mad?”

“I… I… I just had s-s-sex with your boyfriend!” She was starting to tremble again.

“Did I tell you not to?”

“Well, no… but he’s your boyfriend, and…”

“Was I mad the last time you had sex with Paul?”

“Uh, well, no, but I…”

“Then what makes you think that I’d be mad at you this time,” she interrupted.

Billy’s face was a swirl of emotions.

“S-so… It was alright that I… um…”

“Of course! Who do you think has been orchestrating this whole little orgy?”

The teen’s mouth dropped open.


Shell sat up tall and held out her arms. “Ta-da! That’s right love, and just so you know that I’m serious, you should think back and try to remember who you were kissing when you had your first orgasm tonight.”

Billy did, and her face went as red as a stop sign. I felt the blush travel quickly down her body all the way to her sex, which had a brief flash of heat. It was an odd experience and I felt my dick starting to come back to life a bit. Normally, I can’t hold an erection long after I come, but with BB’s supple body to snuggle and caress freely, I was only half mast when she regained consciousness. Now, I was almost feeling like I could manage another go, and I wondered what my lovely had in mind for the rest of the evening. I didn’t want to monopolize our new girl-toy, although my mind was already imagining what it would be like to fuck her again, and how I might change her position for variety. My hips were very slowly shifting from side to side, very subtly causing my shaft to slide provocatively within her warm sheath. Billy didn’t notice at first where the pleasure was coming from, and probably just thought it was afterglow. I continued the almost imperceptible motion until the girl’s eyes started to roll up a bit and her breathing was gradually deepening.

“Paul…” came my lover’s voice. “Shouldn’t we give her a chance to regain her strength?”

I grinned when BB turned her face to mine with sudden realization.

“It’s YOU! You’re seducing me again!”

I just gave her my best innocent look and continued the slow pelvic motion, albeit with a bit more intensity, now that the cat was out of the bag. She moaned and bit her lower lip while she fought to hold on to her control. I’m sure I could have pushed her over the edge all night, but Shelly had other plans.


“Okay, okay,” I replied with mock frustration and tilted my hips abruptly so that Billy made one last gasp and fell over into the water with a splash.

“Hey!” She came up sputtering.

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