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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Billy’s Education

Chapter 4 – Squidy

We all spent a few minutes munching on chips and salsa as well as downing a few beers to cool down. Refreshed, I saw Billy looking in the medium sized tub that I kept at the side of the jacuzzi to hold the various attachments and “toys”. She pulled out a large, dildo-looking jet attachment with wide eyes.

“Oh wow! Is this used for what I think it is?”

I pretended to have a chip stuck in my throat and thumped my own chest.

“That would depend on what you think it’s used for, Billy,” answered Shell cooly while she sat up on the edge of the jacuzzi with just her feet dangling in.

“Uh, I’m pretty sure I know where this end goes,” she said stroking the soft tip of the attachment. “But this end looks like it screws into something… oh, wait, that didn’t quite come out right, did it?”

I was suddenly laughing so hard that beer sprayed out my nose. When I was able to breath again, I came over closer to her and pointed to one of the two reclining seats.

“See that hole down there? This end,” and I indicated the flanged side of the attachment, “screws into that hole. Then I just turn this here knob,” I stated in my best red-neck drawl while I fiddled with one of the controls at the master panel. “And whalla!” A sudden continuous jet of water and air erupted from the hole. I saw Billy’s mouth drop open and her eyes were like saucers.

“Of course,” I continued, “only a small fraction of that actually makes it out of the tiny holes that cover the attachment…”

“Holy shit, I would hope so!” she gasped.

“…But the overall effect is um… quite enjoyable for someone of female gender.”

“I’ll bet it is.” She put the strange dildo back in the box and extracted something that looked a little like a giant squid, only with about three times too many limbs. “And WHAT in the world is this for? It simply CAN’T be used the same way as the other one… could it?” She was holding it up and undoubtedly considering the possibility. Her eyes were wide with imagined lust.

“Uh, I don’t know if she’s ready for that one, Paul,” commented my lover from across the tub. I noticed her make a certain hand gesture and I smiled briefly.

“Hmmm, I guess it would be a little too much for her at this point,” I agreed in my ‘father knows best’ voice. Shell’s eyes let me know that I might be laying it on a bit thick.

“Hey,” snapped BB, “you guys started this. Show me everything.” She was turning the squid around, trying to figure out how and where it could be used.

“I don’t know, Billy,” I said slowly as if I were carefully considering the choice. “That one can be pretty intense. Besides, it really has to be used in conjunction with the blue cuff cords,” I threw out.

“Blue cuffs?” She set down the squid and looked into the box again. Reaching within, she lifted out something that could have been a rather short surfboard leash. On one end was a soft loop and a velcro catch, very much the same as the surf version. But after only a foot or so of semi-stretch cord, there was a clip ring of metal.

“How do you…” started Billy. I calmly came over to her and took the leash. Continuing to the edge of the pool, I found a small metal ring set into the plaster wall of the jacuzzi itself. I snapped the metal clasp of the leash to the wall, and then reached out for BB’s wrist. The velcro slipped around once and then folded over on itself, effectively creating a soft but secure cuff. She still didn’t get the point of the thing until I went over to the box and fished out a matching cuff and pointed to the far side of the tub. When she saw the second inset ring opposite the first, a light went on above her head and her eyes grew wide with disbelief.

“No way…” She stated simply.

“I told you it was too intense for her,” commented Shelly from the edge.

“Yeah, I guess we’ll save that one for another day,” I agreed and started to reach for Billy’s wrist. She snatched it out of my reach.

“No, no… Show me, please? I’m ready, really I am.”

I rubbed my chin for a moment while I stared at her smiling innocence. She had absolutely no idea what was coming. “What do you think, Shell? Do we let her give the squidy a try?”

“Billy,” she started with all seriousness, “there aren’t just two cuffs, there are four. And it really doesn’t work unless you use them all…”

“Four?” The look on her face was priceless, and she was biting her lower lip again. I made an ‘I warned you’ face, and pointed down to the floor of the pool. My fingers were directing her gaze to locations exactly in line with the other two rings. In other words, with all four cuffs on, the participant would be secured in a position much the same as Leonardo’s Vitruvian man, or very nearly spread-eagle.

“Oh wow…” she said in a near whisper.

“Exactly,” agreed Shelly. “You still think you’re ready?”

This was the make or break moment. We had certainly primed her, but we couldn’t force her into the cuffs the same way I had seduced her into my lap. She had to make the final decision, and if she said no, then we would have to respect her and save the squidy for another day, or not at all.

“I think so,” she replied.

My lover cocked her head to one side and frowned. “Billy?”

“Sorry,” she said, remembering something that my lover had always pushed as a personal mantra. “I’m ready.”

“Very well then. Paul…”

I clapped and rubbed my hands together with sinister glee. “Oh goodie! This is going to be great. I’ll probably have to adjust the lower cuffs a little. Billy is a bit shorter than you, love. We wouldn’t want her head to drop below the surface, now would we.”

“Not too often.” Then she giggled when BB opened her mouth, no doubt to tell us she was having second thoughts. “Just kidding, Billy. The upper cuffs prevent you from going under, and Paul and I are going to be right here the whole time.”

“Okay,” she sighed, breathing a little easier.

“And since you’ll be restrained, I’m going to give you a safe word. That’s a word that you can use if something goes wrong that Paul or I are unaware of. Nothing like that has ever happened, it’s just a safety precaution. But also know that it is NOT to be used lightly. It’s for emergencies ONLY, and not simply a means for you to get us to stop the squidy when things get intense. If you use it, we will stop at once. If you use it without cause, we will almost certainly never let you try this again. Do you understand?”

Billy swallowed and nodded her head solemnly.

“Good. Your safe word is, baseball. Say it back to me.”

“Baseball,” she repeated.

“I think she’s all set, Paul. Hook her up.”

Smiling, I gently found her free wrist and quietly led her to the very center of the pool. I reached over and switched off the jets and bubbles. I had already retrieved the three remaining cuffs from the box, and lovingly slipped the proper one around her second wrist. With a wicked grin I looked her right in the eyes.

“Last chance…” I offered.

She took a deep breath. “Do it.”

I reached out and snapped the arm leash into the far metal ring. Her reach was shorter than Shell’s, so nearly all the slack was taken up. The cords were pretty stretchy, but her arms were pulled out completely flat.

I retrieved the other two cords and stepped up in front of her. I was pretty close, maybe a couple of inches, and my grin alone made her blush.

“I have to do the last two underwater. Still okay?”

She nodded her head, but I could tell that her heart was going a mile a minute.

“Good girl. Here we go…” I then took a deep breath and dropped below the surface. The metals rings were right where I expected them, and the first cuff went on without a problem. The leg restraints were adjustable, but I extended them out to their maximum length until I had both legs in the velcro wraps and the other ends in the stationary rings. Then I carefully drew in the slack, moving back and forth between each ankle to keep them the same length, until her thighs were drawn out straight nearly 45 degrees apart. I noticed that her feet were just barely touching the bottom of the tub. This wasn’t a problem since Billy was weightless in the water, and the upper cords would keep her head above water, but I saw that she was literally chin deep when I returned to the surface, and made a mental note that anyone shorter than BB would require a modification to the setup.

“How ya doin’ kiddo,” I asked, checking the tension at her wrists.

“Oh man, this is so intense,” she breathed heavily. “I had no idea that being tied up was so…”

“Arousing?” She nodded slowly. “Just wait.” I was turning back to the storage box when I noticed some motion out of the corner of my eye and grinned. I found the first of the two squid attachments and turned around. Shell was now in the water and standing directly behind the girl who was totally unaware of her presence. She noticed, however, when my lover’s hands reached around her torso and settled seductively on her bare belly.

“Ah! Shelly? What are you d-d-doing….”

“You know Billy,” she said softly in her ear, “part of the fun of being restrained, is that you are totally at the mercy of your captors.” In the now still water, I could see that Shelly’s hands were very slowly rising up the teen’s body, and that BB’s breathing was quickly turning heavy and clipped with arousal. “It’s the idea that they can do… anything… they want to you, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop them…” Her fingers reached the bottoms of the girl’s breasts and she sucked in a strangled gasp. A moment later those fingers were sliding up and over her mounds, cupping her erotically.

Billy’s eyes were closed, and she was squirming under the gentle caresses at her nipples. She had a pained look on her face, but I knew that it was caused by exquisite pleasure, not discomfort.

“You like,” asked my lover of the teen in a husky voice as she licked her ear and played havoc with her nipples just under the water.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, “y-y-yes…”

“So do I… You know what I would really like to do to you? I want to…” And then she was whispering into the teen’s ear and I couldn’t make out the words. I had a pretty good idea what was being said however. Billy’s eyes went wide and a few seconds later her mouth dropped open, her face flushing dark. I could also tell that the poor girl was right on the edge of orgasm when my lovely finally slipped her arms away and let her go.

I had finished attaching both squid units, one directly in front, and the other immediately behind the girl, and was leaning back in one of the chairs, enjoying the pair of females. Now, Shelly floated over to the other chair and said, “Hit the bubbles.”

Grinning, I reached over and turned a knob on the master control panel. There was nothing for a while, then all at once, Billy gasped. At that moment, air was being forced up through about three hundred tiny holes spread out along the floor of the jacuzzi. Those bubbles were much like the ones that she had been treated to when she was straddling my lap earlier, only there were a LOT more of them, and they were rolling up a much greater percentage of her body’s surface.

Whereas before she only had to deal with them on the sides and front of her upper torso, this new wave of erotic torture started clear down at the soles of her feet and rolled up her calves to her thighs, over her sex, up her belly and back, around her breasts and over her nipples. By the time they reached the surface, over ninety percent of her body was immersed in a swirling mass of tickling sexual stimulation.

“Oh! Ughmmmmm…. Oh my god…” gasped Billy, staring into space as we watched her. Her body was gently squirming against its bondage, testing the amount of stretch and play it had. I could tell by the surprised look on her face, that she couldn’t hardly believe that something as simple as bubbles over her skin could be so arousing. But if the ticklish air was enough to set her off, she was going to be in for a serious shocker when I turned on the squidys.

The idea was a simple one really. Quite by chance, when I was visiting an industrial supply house one summer afternoon, I came across a spool of quarter inch tubing on sale. I was thinking that I might use the stuff for a sprinkler system I was working on, but upon closer inspection, I saw that I was made of a type of very soft silicone. It would be useless for most applications, which was probably why it was on sale. No doubt it had probably been ordered by mistake.

Fascinated by the physical qualities of the material, I bought the spool without thinking. It sat in my garage for a month before I finally found a use for it. The squidy.

The extruded tubing was made of a material very similar to that which is used in some breast implants. It’s quite stretchy, and feels a lot like soft flesh, but it’s actually remarkably durable. It also has the unique quality of becoming ‘slippery’ when it hits water. They used to make a type of ‘jelly worm’ fishing lure out of something very similar, and anyone who has used one will tell you that it’s damn hard to even hold on to the things once they get wet.

In any case, they were perfect for an idea I had late one night after watching some rather explicit live action Japanese ‘La Blue Girl’ cinema. I had just started getting serious with Shelly, and we both had this thing about Japanese tentacle manga, so when I mentioned that I thought I might be able to generate something interesting in the jacuzzi, Shell wouldn’t let me rest until I had completed the original version of the strange attachment that was now ready to roll for Billy.

In a nutshell, I took about two dozen sections of tubing of varying lengths, and bound them together at one end. To that, I affixed a connector that would match to one of the standard jet nozzles in the tub. All that was left to do was apply water pressure and bingo! The warm water would shoot through the hoses and squirt out the far end. The result is the same one you get if you let go of a fire hose at full pressure. The thing will whip and thrash around like a crazed snake! My silicone snakes moved much more slowly because they were under water, but the effect is the same. Now multiply that times twenty-four and you have one nozzle of the squidy. When I saw how well the thing worked with Shell the first time, I made a second nozzle that affixed on the opposite side and we decided to add the restraints, kinky couple that we were.

What you finally get is four dozen wriggling, slippery tentacles that move over your entire body and caress you in ways that most people can’t even imagine. A female in the spread-eagle position can expect to have at least two or three tendrils sliding over and through her sex at any given moment, since the snake-like tubing has a tendency to ride up the thighs and slip right along the petals of her apex in either direction. It’s quite a thrill, even to watch.

We waited for about five minutes, letting the bubbles do their work, and in even that short period, Billy was pushed to near bliss. It probably didn’t help her much to have Shell and I lounging there watching her as she was slowly aroused. When Shelly finally looked over to be and nodded, I was nearly giggling with anticipation. Flicking a switch, I turned on both the front and back jets that fed the squidys, and watched as four dozen slick tentacles reached out for the helpless girl.

“Wha?! AHH! Ughn… Oh my g-god! UGHNMMM!” Billy gasped against the sudden sexual onslaught, and pulled the cords that held her bound. Her face was a mask of conflicting emotions as she struggled to control the escalating pleasure that the forty-eight individual fingers were forcing on her. The teen’s full bosom only added to her troubles now, because there was more for the flailing tendrils of soft silicone to wrap around. They had a neat way of swirling around anything that got in their way until the tiny jet at the tip reached the end of its slack and would flip around and change the direction, usually sliding that particular finger away to find another section of her anatomy to caress.

Down lower, the tendrils would wind around her thighs, and then slowly climb their way upward until they reached her vertex. Their ascent stopped, they would wiggle back and forth until they gradually worked their way out and could start the whole process all over again. More often than not, they also worked their way through the captive teen’s slickened petals as well, giving her a final blast of warm water, right on the clit as they slid clear.

Her breath shifting to short chopped gasps, Billy lasted about a minute and a half before her head snapped back and she had her first orgasm. I watched her face closely, waiting for the stunned look that came when she realized that the stimulation wasn’t going to decrease as it would with a human lover. Instead, the squidy would just continue its erotic torture, relentlessly, driving her helpless body to orgasm over and over and over again. And sure enough, not twenty seconds later, her eyes rolled back and she cried out in bliss a second time. A minute or so after that, she came for the third time, shaking and gasping.

For a moment, her head came up and her eyes met mine. I was smiling knowingly, while I watched her squirm against the cuffs that held her open and exposed to the squidy, and she looked back at me with disbelief as her whole body trembled into yet another orgasm. She lasted just over thirty-eight minutes before she finally succumbed to exhaustion and escaped into unconsciousness. In that eternity, she was probably pushed over the edge at least another twenty times. Shelly and I were moving forward before the girl’s face hit the water, and releasing her from her bondage, we gently carried her into the house where we dried her and slipped her limp form into our bed. I went back to shut off the jacuzzi, then joined Shelly. Five minutes later, Billy was happily snoring between us.

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