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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Billy’s Education

Chapter 2 – Tickle Therapy


When I came back with the pizza and beers, Billy and Paul were lounging on the couch, facing each other. They both looked so relaxed that it appeared that they might just melt off the edge into a puddle on the floor. Then Billy took one look at me and paled. I made it a point not to notice.

By the time we had finished dinner, it was obvious that I was going to have to intervene before the poor girl pulled a muscle or something. She was so tense that she hardly spoke a word through six slices of pizza. She was stuffing her mouth so she wouldn’t have to. Paul seemed cool enough, but I saw him shrug his shoulders when our little BB wasn’t looking. Time for action.

I waited until Billy was staring absently out the window before I caught Paul’s eye and “communicated” what I had in mind. In a moment or so, I had told him to find an excuse to get up and leave the house for at least an hour, and I “told” him this without using a single word. It’s something that finely tuned lovers can do almost without trying. For Paul and I, it was almost as good as a verbal conversation.

“I feel like a walk. I think I’ll snag some ice cream. You two want anything,” he asked.

“Why not get sundae fixin’s and let us make our own,” I suggested. He knew that I was giving him an excuse to be out longer.

“I’ll go with you to help carry stuff,” said BB standing.

“That’s okay. I can handle it. Besides, I have this redhead I like to spy on when my girlfriend isn’t looking.” He was smiling at the jest, and I didn’t even flinch.

“Give it up stud. The redhead and I are already fully satisfied,” I retorted. He just laughed and headed out the door. Billy slowly sank back to the couch and looked like she had just been handed a death sentence. It was time to “liberate” Billy a bit.

“Soooo…” I prompted.

“So, what?” She replied, flushing brightly red.

“How was it?”

“How was what?”

I got up from my chair and moved over to the couch next to her. I made it a point to set my hand on her knee. She nearly jumped, the poor thing.

“Billy, you and I have always been straight with each other. You’re like a sister to me. I share almost everything with you, from gum to clothing.”

“Yes…” she answered shyly.

“So how did you like having sex with Paul? All the juicy details please.”

The girl nearly fainted.

“Oh god… You can tell?”

“Tell? Come on girl, when I came home, you had that relaxed, euphoric look on your face that can only be gotten from a dozen or so good solid orgasms.”

“Oh shit, shit… I’m so sorry. I was just standing there, and was dancing to some music and he was there and and…”


“I knew I shouldn’t have allowed it to happen but it seemed all right and he said that you said that, that…”


“Ahh!… Huh?” She noticed that I was still smiling.

“Billy, it was not an accident that Paul came on to you tonight. I asked him to.”

Her eyes got wide, and her mouth dropped open.

“You did?”

“Yup. So stop apologizing.”

“Uh… Really? But why? You and Paul are so happy together.”

I moved a bit closer to her, so that we were nearly hip to hip. I could tell it made her a bit uncomfortable, but that’s just what I wanted.

“Yes, we are. But we also want you to be happy.”

“Uh, maybe you better spell it out for me, Shell. How does me having sex with your boyfriend make you happy?”

I sighed.

“Billy, before today, when was the last time you had sex?”

I could tell that she was shy about her sex life, but I was going to change that as soon as possible.

“Um… A week ago Monday.”

“Almost two weeks,” I confirmed. “And how was it?”

This time, she took longer to answer.

“Well, okay I guess.”

“Billy, believe it or not, I’ve watched you and… what was his name? Julio?”

Her eyes bugged out, and her voice dropped to a whisper.

“He likes to be called JP. I guess after being with Paul, sex with Julio was… lacking.”

“Damn straight. I bet you never even had an orgasm with him, did you?”

“Well… There was one time, but I was helping.”

“My point being that if you hadn’t let Paul warm your pipes today, you never would have known how great sex can really be.”

“It WAS pretty killer,” she responded, smiling coyly.

“Thank you.”


“Paul’s good for two reasons. One, he pays attention. And two, he had a VERY good teacher.”

“Uh, you?…”

“That’s right,” I continued. “I taught Paul everything he knows. It’s bragging, but if you ask him, he’ll tell you the same thing. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Paul was a gem before I found and educated him. It only took three years, but I think he’s learned enough to qualify himself as an ‘adequate’ lover.”

“Damn, he sure seemed more than ‘adequate’ to me!”

“I’m sure he did. And I’m also sure that the orgasms you had were probably some of your best ever.” Billy was nodding. “But that’s only because you don’t know the upper limit. Sure, Paul is great, for a guy. But only another woman can give you a true toe-curling orgasm that satisfies to the bone, because only another woman can truly know how to do it exactly right.”

Billy was quiet for almost ten full seconds. Then she bit her lip.

“Shelly, are you Bi?”

I smiled, “Technically, I’m Poly, but that’s splitting hairs. Does it surprise you?”

“A bit, I guess. Is Paul? Bi, or Poly, or whatever?”

“No. Paul is strictly Hetero, but doesn’t mind a group as long as he can monopolize. His ego is too big to share a bed with another male.”

Billy was slowly shaking her head. “I never would have guessed. You guys are real swingers.”

I clicked my tongue. “Well, actually, that term doesn’t really work since we are VERY selective about who we er… ‘swing’ with.”

“I can’t imagine being that open about sex. I mean, with another girl?”

“Hey, like I said, men just can’t get the details. A woman knows exactly where to stroke, and for how long. She knows a clitoris as more than a bulb of flesh at the top of her vulva. To a man, it’s a tiny dimple the size of his pinky nail. To a woman, it’s the size of her forearm!”

“How’s that,” she asked, genuinely confused.

“Think of it in terms of how it FEELS, not what it looks like. Have you ever heard the term homunculus? It’s like that. The parts of your body with the most sensation are the biggest mentally. Lips, nipples, fingers, sex, etc…”

“Hmmm… So a woman knows how to stimulate another woman because she knows what she herself likes?”

“I think there’s hope for you yet,” I replied grinning.

She started to relax, finally having seen that I wasn’t mad at her in the slightest. Sighing, she leaned back into the couch and stretched. She noticed me eyeing her taut form.

“I guess I kinda flaunted myself to Paul…” She said, bring her arms down and looking into her lap.

“Indeed. That tight top was the clincher though.” She looked down at herself as if she had forgotten what it looked like.

“It’s kinda racy without a bra,” she said grinning. “I caught Paul watching me a few times.”

“He wasn’t the only one,” I said smoothly.

I saw her brows go up. “You?”

I nodded slowly.

Her mouth opened as if to say something, but she hesitated.

I waited. I knew exactly what she was thinking.

Finally, she asked quietly, “What’s it like?… To have sex with another woman?”

“Different. Better. More sensual,” I said grinning. “You thinking of giving it a try?”

“Oh… I don’t know if I’m… I mean…”

“Hey, don’t sweat it. It’s not like you have to decide to be a lesbian for the rest of your life or something. Just keep an open mind. If you dress like that, it won’t just be guys attracted to you. Hell, even I’m tempted to make a pass at you.”

I could tell that my words really surprised her. Her mouth dropped open, and she just sat there staring at me for several seconds. Then she abruptly closed her mouth and looked down into her lap, flushing wildly.

“I… I guess I never thought about another GIRL being attracted to me… It’s weird, but kinda nice I guess.”

“Yes it is,” I replied. “Basically, there are only two ways a woman looks at another attractive female. She’s either jealous, or aroused. There’s nothing wrong with either.”

She sighed. “I guess I can’t get over the idea of another woman touching me in a sensual way.”

“Billy, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel pleasure, sexual or otherwise. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. It’s sad that most girls are taught that self stimulation is such a taboo. If more girls masturbated, there would probably be a lot less unwanted pregnancies in the world. The same holds true for girl-girl relationships. It’s pretty damn safe sex, within reason, and pregnancy isn’t an issue. You’re smart enough not to get caught out, but you aren’t like most girls. Two girls together can have sex that’s just as satisfying as hetero intercourse, maybe better, and they can relieve a constant pressure that would otherwise drive them to do possibly foolish things.”

“I know what you mean about a constant pressure,” said BB as she cocked her head to one side. “There are times I think I’m going to explode if I don’t get some release. Damn, maybe I’m just horny or something, but even now, after having been boffed better than any time in my life, I’m still hungry for more!”

I smiled. “That’s because you have denied yourself in the past, and now that you’ve had a taste of the good stuff, you can’t get your fill.”

Billy frowned, and I had a pretty good idea what was going through her mind. When she spoke, I knew I was right.

“Shell, what am I going to do? I mean, I can’t keep going after Paul, he’s YOUR boyfriend.”

“I’m sure Paul would love the chance to take us both on, even at the same time,” her eyes grew as wide as silver dollars at this, so I quickly went on. “But I’m sure we can think of something.”

“Like what?! Shelly, you’ve gotta help me! I’m sitting here and even now I’m practically shaking with need! I can’t monopolize him from you…”

I was waiting for these words. “Hmmm… You are pretty tense, aren’t you. Okay, let me help you relax,” I sat up, and moved a bit closer to her.

“Uh, what did you have in mind? I don’t know if I’m ready for… for.. uh, you know.”

I laughed. “I won’t push sex on you if you don’t want it Billy. You’ll know when you’re ready, and you’ll react. Here, turn around and face the other way.”

BB swiveled on the couch so that her back was facing me, and I heard her take a deep breath.

“That’s it. You just inhale deeply and let me do the rest. Try not to think about anything except what you are feeling. I’m going to watch you and let you guide me, okay?”

“Alright, I guess. What are you going to do?”

“Tickle therapy,” I answered happily.

“You’re going to tickle me?! I don’t know if…”

I placed a hand on her shoulder. “Relax Billy. Not the kind of tickling that makes you twist and scream. You’ll see. Just trust me, okay. Ready?”

“Uh, I guess so. Sure.”

With that, I took a deep breath myself, and let the fingers of both my hands float up and just barely touch the center of her back. Then, I slowly let them travel upward until they brushed at the base of her scalp. My fingers were barely making contact with her shirt, and when they reached her neckline, Billy jerked with an involuntary shiver.

“Whoa! What was that?!”

“Just a little light tickle. Relax and let me work out your tension. It’s okay to shiver. You’re pretty tense, so you’ll probably have a lot more of those coming. Just ride through them, and remember to concentrate only on what your body is feeling.”

I continued the gentle caresses on her back, and Billy did shiver a lot, especially when I hit her neck or sides. I repeated a random pattern for about three more minutes, gradually letting my fingers swirl out further and further until I was covering her whole back from the base of her pants, clear up along her sides and over her shoulders. The girl’s head was hanging loosely forward, and her back was curved and relaxed.

“God, that feels nice,” she commented, and shivered again as my fingers traveled over the bare patch of flesh below the tube-top. Her breathing had slowed, and I could see that her heart rate was strong but even.

“Shall I do your arms?”

“Yes, please!” She replied happily. “Damn, Shelly, where did you learn to do this?”

I chuckled. “Oh, I’m a natural. Self-taught. Here…” I let my fingers spread outward along her arms, using first the back of my nails, then my finger tips on the way back up and in. I heard her gasp a bit, and her muscles twitched at the new stimulation.

After a few minutes, I decided she was ready for the next step.

“Would you like me to do more,” I asked innocently, being purposely ambiguous.

“Um, yes please…” she whispered. She had her arms out a bit so that I could reach the undersides of her limbs, and on the next trip around, I very carefully let my pattern drift out to just include the sides of her breasts and a bit of her front. I heard her suck in her breath, but she didn’t ask me to stop. Since I was sitting up straight, and Billy is a little short thing compared to myself, I could see clearly over her shoulders. Her nipples were hard points against the fabric of her top.

I continued this pattern for a while, then expanded again, this time letting my fingers drift forward over most of her belly, and then upward so that my fingertips just brushed the undersides of her breasts. I noticed that her back straightened up some, and that her breath was getting deeper by the minute. Smiling, I “accidentally” let my digits brush along the top of her pants, flowing all the way around until they dipped for a moment into the loose space right at her tailbone. Billy shivered, and sucked in her breath. When I came back around and caressed her belly again, she turned her head and looked at me, her eyes entreating. She absentmindedly licked her lips, and I knew she was aroused beyond words.

“Shell… It feels so wonderful.”

“It does, doesn’t it,” I replied, my fingers still tracing their paths. “Do you want me to do more on your front?” The pass direct. She would either resist, or not. I was betting on the later. She just looked at me for nearly ten full seconds.

“Yes…” she answered in a whisper.

I softly withdrew my hands and moved away a bit to give her room.

“Lean back against me.”

She swallowed, then adjusted herself and slowly reclined so that her head was laying in my lap. I smiled down at her, then placed my fingers lightly on her shoulders.

“Lift your arms over your head so that they fall to either side of me… That’s it.” I felt my own arousal as a looked down on the body of the young woman, her torso stretched out seductively before me. That stretch of smooth tan skin at her belly was incredibly inviting, and I moved my fingers down her sides and then out over her flat expanse until I touched the top of her pants. She jerked a bit as I traveled over her belly button, and a soft moan escaped from her lips. I noticed that she was watching me. It would be an interesting view. I had to lean over her quite a bit, so I’m sure she had no problem seeing how my own nipples showed through the fabric of my t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing anything under my top either.

“Ah… Oh, my god… That feels heavenly,” she said, her eyes meeting mine with a smile.

Once again, I quietly let my pattern grow until it was lightly brushing the flattened mounds of her breasts. Her eyes closed as she gradually relaxed into the pleasure, and when I thought she was ready, I took it up a notch yet again.

Always a tiny bit at a time, I progressively increased the coverage of my caresses until I was running my touch over most of her breasts and right up to the “V” of her cleavage. I saw that Billy’s mouth opened slightly, and her breathing started to come in sharp little gasps. But she didn’t open her eyes until I first grazed the hard bumps of her nipples.

“Ahhh! Mmmmm….” she moaned.

I played with her in this way for another five minutes, and when she didn’t ask me to stop, I decided to change my pattern yet again. This time, I concentrated almost exclusively on her erogenous zones, specifically, her belly button and the area just below it, her breasts; focussing on her nipples, and her collar and neck. I looked down and saw that my change was having an almost instant effect on her, as her hips started to twist and rock rhythmically. Her face flushed, as she slowly gyrated her hips in arousal. Her gasping took on a lustful breathlessness and I knew she was close.

I let her squirm like that for a while, then I let my gaze fall to hers. She was wide-eyed as her pleasure started to overwhelm her, and yet too afraid to even utter a word, lest I stop my caresses. When her eyelids started to flutter in arousal, I knew it was time. With a wicked grin, I moved my left hand blatantly back and forth directly atop her nipples, my digits sliding around their firmness. At the same time, my right hand flattened and smoothed down her belly until it just started into the top of her jeans. As my fingers lightly brushed the topmost curls of her pubic hair, her whole body tensed; her back arching. Her head snapped back in shock. I moved both hands to the base of her belly, then spread my fingers wide and drew them slowly up her torso. I made sure to hit her nipples, and ended my final caress with my digits sliding up her neck and then to the sides of her face. She gasped a few more times, and let her body settle back into the couch.

“Ughnnn… ummmm…. oh, god… Shell, I think I just came!”

“Don’t think dear. Be sure.”

“Oh man… I’m sure,” she said starting to giggle. “I can’t believe you just got me off, and by touch alone.”

“Believe it girl. But the question is, how do you feel about it?”

She was quiet for a moment, and when she saw that I was staring down at her, she flushed deeply. “Uh… I guess I’m a little embarrassed. I’ve never had an orgasm in the presence of another female. I mean, especially not while they were looking on, let alone causing it to happen.”

I smiled. “But that’s the best part of it Billy. You don’t have to be embarrassed. All I did was give you something that your body desperately wanted. It was just pleasure.”

“No ‘just’ about it…” she replied rolling her eyes. “That was intense!”

“I’m glad you liked it, but honestly dear, that was only the tip of the iceberg. Consider how much more ‘intense’ it would have been without your top.”

I saw her mind grasping what I was saying, and her face went bright red, so I hit her again.

“…Or maybe even without the pants…” Her mouth dropped open, but I could tell she was very definitely imagining it. “Billy, you have no idea how much more pleasure you are capable of. But I do.” I added the last with a wicked grin. “When you’re ready for it, you have only to ask and I’ll be more than happy to show you.”

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