A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Harry Potter and the Charm of Venus

Chapter 3 – Double Duty

Harry wasn’t sure he wanted to have the book Tonks had given to him, especially since she made him promise not to reveal it to anyone. Still, it was pretty interesting reading. He had a chance that evening while Ron was at Quidditch practice to browse a few chapters and was both stunned and confused. Some sections were obvious, like the chapter on Love Potions, while others, such as the one entitled, “Delectatio Femina” completely mystified him. The illustrations were shocking to say the least, and he nearly lost it when Neville came into the room while he was trying to understand one drawing in particular showing a close up of a female’s genitals. He had to slap the book closed and pretend that he was late for a meeting with Professor Snape while trying to shield his lap from view at the same time. It was only when he was safely out in the halls that he remembered that he really did have a Potions class that evening… and truthfully enough, he was indeed late.

“There you are, Harry,” came Hermione’s cheerful voice behind him and he unconsciously ducked. “Come on, I have something I want to show you,” she said leading him away from Snape’s dungeon after their lesson. She hadn’t even waited to see if he was following her. But then, she didn’t have to. Harry knew at once what it was that she wanted to ‘show him’ since he suddenly found his feet had betrayed him and were quietly trotting along behind her with or without his permission. He cursed under his breath and tried not to stare at his classmate’s rear too obviously as she led him through several halls and up a flight of stairs. Finally, she reached a place that Harry recognized at once, and he gulped. It was the Room of Requirement that they used for their DA meetings.

“Just in here,” she said, smiling as she held the door for him.

“Oh no…” he moaned upon seeing the large four-poster bed covered with pillows. A soft glow came from a large number of candles placed randomly about the space.

“Oh yes,” replied the girl closing and locking the door. She then giggled and made a running jump to the bed, which went ‘wooof!’ and bounced her softly. “I did warn you Harry,” she said adjusting the pillows a bit. Then, kicking off her shoes, she hooked her finger at him.

Swallowing, he stepped closer until he was standing by the side of the bed. He really didn’t have a choice, as the charm was still pretty much controlling his actions. She reached for his belt.

“You know,” she said almost absentmindedly as she slowly unbuckled his pants. “I know it’s only been two days and all, but I think you had better get moving if you plan to make the twenty-eight day deadline.”

“Wh-wh-why’s that,” he asked, trying not to watch what her hands were doing.

“Well,” she continued, “I’m drawing a lot of energy from you every time we have sex, and while your reserves will recharge, you’re going to get awfully tired.” His pants dropped to the hardwood floor with a clunk. A moment later, her fingers were playing at the top of his boxers.

“I d-d-diddn’t know you cared… oh god…” he groaned.

Hermione had the look of a child with a new Christmas toy as her fingers gently urged his undergarment down over his hips.

“Well of course I care, Harry,” she answered after a moment or two. “If you’re dog-tired, you won’t very well be much good in bed, now will you? Step out of your shoes and join me up here, please,” she ordered.

“Oh…” he responded as he followed her instructions.

“Now,” she said smiling happily as she sat on the bed before him with her legs folded under her. “I want to try something a bit different this time. I want you to take my clothes off.”

“What?!” he replied, panicking even as his hands were reaching for her. His shaking fingers found the top of her blouse and he nearly fainted.

“It’ll be good for you. After all, if you’re ever going to break the charm, then you had better learn how to do this.”

It was hard to fight logic like that, but Harry still found himself so nervous he thought he might throw up. One by one, he gradually worked his way to the bottom of Hermione’s blouse. She helped him out then and pulled the rest of the garment out of her skirt.

“Okay, unlike our first time, I’ve got on a bra, so reach behind me and undo the little clasps.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he groaned and leaned forward so that his arms encircled the girl. Her face was right in front of his, and his nostrils filled with the fragrance of her hair… her skin… He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of her lips and his breathing deepened. Hers too, he noticed.

“You’re doing fine, but focus, Harry. My bra, remember?”

He realized that he had stopped, entranced. “Hmm? Oh! Right, sorry,” he replied and took a deep breath as he renewed his struggles with the alien clasp.

Hermione giggled at his trouble.

“Confound it! Is this thing cursed or something?” He exclaimed finally as his frustration reached a peak.

“Relax. It’s not hard once you know how to do it. Push the ends in, and then release them… there you’ve got it!”

Harry sighed with relief and brought his arms back around, but his breath caught when the bra fell forward exposing her bare breasts. Smiling, Hermione cast the unneeded garment to the side.

“Do you like them, Harry?” She asked, pushing her chest forward slightly. Her lopsided grin betraying her as she teased him. He just swallowed and nodded once.

“Go ahead,” she inclined her eyes to her front. “Touch them… lightly.”

Even though he had done so before, he reached out and very gently placed his fingers to the top swell of her breasts. In the past, he was far too caught up in the passion of intercourse to really pay attention to Hermione’s assets, and he marveled in the softness under his fingers. Hermione gasped softly as the tips of his fingers found the harder flesh of her nipples, her lips parting to suck in the quick breath. He saw and felt the darker nubs swell slightly under his touch.

Harry saw that Hermione’s breathing was quickly deepening and she had closed her eyes to the pleasure.

“Th-that’s lovely, H-H-Harry, ummm… but I want you to get my skirt now, if you p-p-please.”

With reluctance, Harry moved his hands down to her waist and saw that the girl blew out a heavy sigh and smiled. “Right,” she continued. “There’s a zipper on the side… That’s it. Now let me up a bit,” She rose up onto her knees and he slid the garment down her thighs. Then, leaning back, she laid herself out onto the bed. “Now my panties,” she instructed.

Harry gulped and moved forward until he could grasp the white frilly top and move it over her hips. She helped by raising her rear until the garment was clear, then settled down into the soft covers, naked save for her socks. Harry could hardly breath. She giggled at his statue-like pose, his hand still holding out her undergarments.

“Oh, men are so helpless,” she said half-jokingly after a moment. “Come on then, Harry. Just put those down and come closer.”

Looking at the panties in his hand, he abruptly let them fall to the bed as though they had become hot to the touch and clumsily made his way forward until he was right before Hermione’s bent legs.

“We have about two hours before evening classes, but before we get to it I wanted to explain something to you. We witches get basic instruction in sexual magic early. I’m not at all sure why they don’t have an equivalent class for boys except possibly that you’d all go right out and try to rut with every girl on campus, and there’s quite enough of that going on as it is.

“One of the things we learn, and that you have already experienced, is that while the transfer of magical energy during sex can be enormously empowering for one individual in a coupled pair, it can be quite draining on the other. I noticed that you missed breakfast again.”

Harry winced. “I could hardly get out of bed this morning. Ron had to wake me.”

“I thought as much,” she continued. “I’m sorry about that, Harry. If it’s any consolation, that heavy draining should lessen. I’m nearing my peak and won’t be able to take much more energy from you soon.”

Harry looked up in surprise. “Does that mean…”

“Oh, you won’t get off the hook that easy, Potter,” she laughed. “Having a great reserve for my NEWTs isn’t the only reason to have sex you know. I’m rather enjoying myself. Which brings us back to why we’re here…” With that, she grinned deeply and urged her thighs apart.

With a groan, Harry slid forward on top of her as he considered her words.

“Hermione,” he asked. “Just how much does the extra energy help you?” Below him, her hands were squirming between their bodies toward his phallus but stopped when he distracted her with the technical question.

“Well, I suppose it varies based on the individual. It won’t help you study, if that’s what you’re thinking. You still have to be able to perform the magic. But, it does make you stronger. Your spells become more likely to hit their mark, and when they do, they’ll have a higher chance of working correctly.”

“I think I get it,” replied Harry, frowning. “So someone with their magical energy topped off, so to say, wouldn’t have to try quite as hard to perform a spell that might normally be a little above them.”

Hermione brightened. “Yes, Harry. That’s it exactly! But listen… It works the other way as well I’m afraid. When your magical reserves are low, you have to work that much harder to do the same charms or spells. It’s one of the reasons they tell you pace yourself carefully during OWL and NEWT testing. If you give the proctors your highest level spells right up front, you can often find yourself too worn out to perform well at the end. It’s also why the school encourages the use of simple spells over complex ones as a habit. If you find yourself in drawn out combat with a Deatheater, the last thing you want is to be draining yourself too quickly.”

At the mention of Deatheaters, Harry found himself disconsolate and it wasn’t until Hermione brought him back to reality by taking hold of his manhood that he realized that he had been frowning.

“Try not to lose the moment,” urged the girl below him with a smile.

“Oh… Sorry ’bout that,” he stammered and returned his attention to their original purpose for being in the Room of Requirement. With a grunt, he let her guide his shaft, and then grinned himself when she gasped in pleasure. “So… ughn… Hermione… Given my.. umm… rating and all…ughnnn… I’m not ever going to get much out of sex… ahh… Magically that is, am I?”

“Thanks for qualifying that last point, Harry… ohhh! Unfortunately, ummm… unless you found someone with an even higher rating than… ughn!… yourself… Ahh! Ahh… Ohh… Which seems highly unlikely… uhnnn!… You will always lose energy during s-s-sex… oh yes! Right there… Ahh!! UGHN! UHMMMMM!!”

Hermione stiffened into bliss beneath him, and a moment later, Harry had his own release. After a time, he collapsed and she rolled to the side. “That was marvelous,” she said still panting. Her face had a dreamy, sleepy quality to it. He had to agree, but deep in the back of his mind, something was still bothering him.

She’d mentioned that their coupling might not affect him so much in the near future, which was a good thing considering how many times being magically strong had probably saved his life in the past. The problem was, if he had any hope of breaking the Venus Charm, it wouldn’t just be Hermione who would be draining him soon. And if he didn’t get it in the first shot… He swallowed nervously as he contemplated the idea of three months or more of being weak to the point of exhaustion. He seriously hoped that Voldemort choose to wait a semester or two before he renewed his attacks.

As if to drive the point home, he felt Hermione’s hand at his groin. She was uttering something under her breath and he realized that she had her wand out. Whatever it was she was doing had an almost immediate effect on his member, which, having gone limp, was now mysteriously rising to the occasion again.

Giggling, she set her wand aside and rolled Harry onto his back. Then, climbing astraddle his hips, she said, “Looks like you’re ready for another go…”

The next week proved no better for Harry as far as breaking the Charm was concerned, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying on his part. Part of the problem was that he didn’t know which girls were in on Hermione’s game. It wasn’t like he could just walk up to some random female and ask if they wanted to have sex with him in order to break a spell. Of course he didn’t realize this at first, and made a royal ass of himself when he did just that and propositioned a long-haired Hufflepuff girl that he caught eying him after Herbology.

He wasn’t at all sure that any girl that Hermione had talked to wouldn’t just lead him on in the hope of delaying him another month. After all, the longer he was under the Venus Charm, the more it benefited the school, and in Hermione’s eyes, himself. He needed more advice.

Waiting until the rest of the room had filed out after Defense Against the Dark Arts, he asked Tonks if he could have a moment.

“Still having trouble with the charm then,” she stated, waving her wand to erase the blackboard and tidy up the classroom.

Harry just snorted.

“You still have time. What’s the problem?” She asked as she set herself behind her desk and slumped into the chair so she could cast her feet up on the desk top. It was so unlike his other teachers that he just stared at her for a few moments before answering.

“Uh… I guess I’m not sure how to, er… proceed. How in the world am I supposed to know which girls are going to… cooperate?”

“Hmm,” she replied smiling. “That, Harry, is a question males have been trying to figure out since Adam. However, I see your point. If you’re going to nip this thing in the bud, so to say, then you can’t waste time courting, now can you?”

“Yes, that’s it exactly!” He exclaimed, thinking that he sounded remarkably like Hermione.

“Well then, we need to set you up with a ringer.”

Harry frowned, confused. “I’m sorry, did you say a ringer?”

“That’s right. Someone who won’t mind jumping right to it… A sure thing, you know?”

Suddenly he did know, and his eyes grew wide. “You mean like a prostitute?”

Tonks all but fell out of her chair laughing. When she had recovered herself she looked up at Harry, who didn’t see the mirth in his words at all, and said, still giggling, “No Harry. I think we might have a bit o’ difficulty sneaking a tart like that into Hogwarts. No, I think what you need is a go-between. Someone to test the waters a bit and find a girl with loose enough morals not to mind a quick hop in the sack, but still keep her mouth shut should anybody ask.” Tonks had a somewhat glazed look to her eyes as though she were concentrating. Finally, she turned to Harry and frowned.

“Better give me a day or two to sound-out a few possibles. See me after our next class. But in the meantime, you continue your search as well. You know most the girls here better than I do, and remember you need three, so get cracking.”

Another whole day passed before Harry had screwed up enough courage to talk to any of the girls in his classes, let alone ask them about going out with him. He was making himself nearly sick with apprehension. The only good news was that Hermione was too busy with an Advanced Arithmancy project to call on his services the night prior, which meant that he woke up that morning somewhat refreshed for the first time in almost two weeks.

He was back in Herbology with Ron when his friend asked how it was going.

He shook his head. “It’s maddening. And I thought asking out Cho was hard.”

Ron frowned as his Dandypatch vine wilted over the side of the pot he had just planted it into, its stem and broad leaves turning a disgusting shade of yellow brown even as he watched.

“Wesley,” said Professor Sprout from across the greenhouse. “You forgot to add your dragon dung fertilizer before potting… Start over with a fresh cutting, please.”

Ron sighed and dumped the contents of his pot into the bin.

“What about that Ravenclaw girl that sits near you in Charms. She’s pretty.”

“It’s not how they look that’s giving me trouble, Ron, it’s time. Besides, she’s already dating Anthony Goldstein. Who am I kidding,” he exclaimed, tossing his own half potted vine to the table. “I’ve got what, a little over a week left before I have to start all over again! Maybe I should just wait and give myself a fresh lead, because I’ve got more chance of Professor Snape giving me an “O” on our next potion’s test than I do finding three girls who’ll sleep with me before next Friday.”

A couple of Hufflepuff girls across the table were giggling and Harry realized that he had been speaking a bit more loudly than he thought. How loudly he really didn’t understand until Parvati Patil met him as they left the greenhouse.

“Hey Harry,” she said touching his shoulder. “Have you got a moment?”

“Uh, sure. Say, if this is about the next DA meeting, I still don’t have a time yet…”

She smiled. “No, I know you would let us know the usual way. This is something else.”

Harry saw her look up briefly at Ron and he suddenly got the impression that she wanted to speak to him alone.

“Why don’t you go save us a seat for lunch and I’ll join you in a minute,” he said to Ron pointedly.

“That’s alright, I don’t mind waiting,” the boy replied.

Harry turned so that Parvati couldn’t see his face and tried again. “No really. I think it’s going to be crowded today…” He tried to use his eyes to indicate that Ron should go on, but he only succeeded in confusing him.

“Wha..? Oh! Yeah…” said Ron, finally understanding. “Big crowd today! I hear they’re serving Spotted Dick for dessert.” His voice was overly loud so that she could hear him and Harry rolled his eyes thinking that Ron might have chosen some other sweet to use as an excuse. “Right… okay then. I’ll save you a seat,” he mumbled, blushing.

When Ron had finally disappeared around the corner he turned back to Parvati. To his surprise, she was giggling softly.

“Uh, so it’s not the DA then,” he prompted now that they were alone, a fact that he noticed made him considerably more nervous.

Parvati stared shyly at her shoes. “Harry, I couldn’t help but hear something you said in class today,” she started.

His heart sank. She sat clear at the other end of the greenhouse. If she had heard his remark, then it was a good bet that the rest of the class did as well.

“Look, I’m really sorry about that,” he began apologizing.

“… and I was wondering if maybe I might be able to help.”

“I was way out of line and… and… What did you say?”

“I think I can help.”

Harry was dumbstruck.

“Hermione explained why she’s charmed you, and frankly Padma and I are a little vexed at her. It’s not right to do that to a boy, any boy, regardless of the size of his… rating,” she said the last word with a gasp and Harry had the distinct impression that she was going to say something else but changed her mind at the last second.

“So you know then…” he prompted.

She nodded, her eyes appearing a little sad.

Harry took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He was going to have to face the music sooner or later, so he might as well get it over with and just ask her. He was just opening his mouth to say something when she spoke first.

“So we were wondering if maybe… maybe we could help you break the charm,” she said quietly as her eyes met his. She was looking at him with her head slightly bowed and a very slight coy smile.

Harry blinked.

“You do? I mean, really?” Now that he finally understood what she was saying, he suddenly felt his knees go weak and his heart was pounding so hard in his chest that he was sure she could hear it. “Wait a second… ‘we’?”

She nodded, still smiling.

“Yes, Padma and I. We heard you say you don’t have a lot of time, so…”

Harry’s eyes were as wide as Dobby’s as he considered what she was offering. Or was she?

“Uh, Parvati, you do understand what needs to happen if I’m to break the spell, right?”

“You mean about needing to have sex with three different girls?” she said rather bluntly. “Yes, I understand. That’s why I thought my sister and I might interest you. But if we’re not your type…” Her voice started to trail off as her face fell into a clouded anger.

“NO! I mean, yes!” said Harry quickly. “You’re definitely my type… uh.. I mean…”

“Really,” she said, brightening again. “That’s wonderful! I was hoping you’d say yes.”

“You were?” replied Harry a little taken aback.

“Sure. You’re not half bad looking you know, and I can’t help but admit I wouldn’t mind giving myself a little bit of a leg up magically…”

“Oh,” said Harry understanding. “It’s about my Halvard rating then. I get it.”

Parvati half frowned, half smiled and placed her hand lightly on his cheek.

“No, Harry. It’s not. What Hermione is doing is wrong. We’d offer to help even if you looked like a Troll and had a minus eight Halvard score.”

They agreed to meet later that very night. At first, Harry was a little reluctant to bring her to the same room he had so recently been taken to by Hermione, but since he knew of no other safe place, and Hermione herself would be tied up again with her project, he decided that the Room of Requirement would have to do.

“I thought they hated our guts,” said Ron after Harry had confided in him while they sat in the Gryffindor commons not doing their homework. “I know Padma wouldn’t even look at me for a month after that Yule Ball catastrophe. So Parvati still fancies you then?”

Harry shrugged. “I’m not sure I’d go that far, but at least she’s willing to help.”

“Let’s just hope Hermione doesn’t find out, mate. She’d probably be so mad at them that she’d dump her Arithmancy project altogether just so she could, er… keep you busy.”

He frowned and stirred the quill in his ink bottle while he mulled that possibility over in his head. “Say, Ron. Do you think you could head her off if she finishes early tonight and comes looking for me?”

“Me? I don’t think she’s really interested in anything I have to offer.”

Harry turned to his friend with an odd look on his face. “It’s not like you need to take her to bed, Ron. Just… I don’t know. Misguide her. Tell her I’m in the library or something.”

Ron smirked. “Oh, she’ll really believe that.”

“Okay then, the Owlery. I don’t care what you tell her so long as she stays clear of the Room of Requirement.”

“Speaking of… Have you decided on a date and time for our next DA meeting? I wouldn’t mind getting in a bit ‘o practice with that new curse Tonks gave us last class. I think I liked her better when she wasn’t giving us homework.”

Harry grinned. “You’d rather have Umbridge back?”

“Don’t be daft! It’s just… well, I sort of got used to not having anything beyond what we read in her class is all. Boring and useless as it was.”

“Sorry. Hermione’s in charge of checking with everyone’s schedules. I gave her my coin so she could let us know when we’re all open. But if you want, I’ll practice with you after we finish this essay for McGonagall. Merlin knows, I can’t seem to get past the first paragraph. Maybe if we split the research we can get it done with some to spare.”

Harry left the common room, giving himself time to make his way to the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy and followed the instructions Dobby had given him to bring about the Room of Requirement. Only this time he asked for something appropriate for what Parvati had in mind, literally. He left it open to the room’s discretion, thinking that it might be more appealing to her that way. On his third pass in front of the tapestry, he looked over and found the same glossy wooden door that they had passed through so many times for their DA meetings, and more recently for Hermione.

Much like with their Defense meeting there was a large space covered in layers of soft, flat pillows. Incense hung in the air, giving the room both a soft haze, and there was a heady scent not unlike that found in the classroom of their former Divination teacher, Professor Trelawney. Closing the door behind him, Harry walked around the candle-lit room taking in the decidedly Indian decor. At the far end of the space was a bookshelf, and closer to the pillows, the shortest end table Harry had ever seen. An assortment of colored bottles covered the surface of the little table, but Harry’s eye was drawn back to the bookshelf which held only a few large tomes. Each was bound within an intricately hand carved leather cover which bore the title of each book in a script that Harry could not read. They were also decorated with little pictograms which he recognized at once and blushed. It figured that he might find books pertaining to sexual subjects in a room that he was using for sex.

As if to punctuate the moment, there was a soft knock on the door. His heart racing, Harry quickly straightened out his robes and scrambled so not to leave Parvati out in the hall too long. He only tripped twice, and was glad for all the pillows even though they impeded his progress. With one final run of his fingers through his hair he opened the door while he tried to think of something clever to say in greeting. But whatever corny line he might have had fled immediately from his mind as he stared at the smiling Parvati. Standing next to her was her sister Padma.

“Uh… hi!” He stammered as he held the door for them.

“This is really nice, Harry,” exclaimed Parvati as she quietly stepped into the room.

“I love the pillows,” agreed Padma kneeling to look at the embroidery in one particular one. “Look Parvati, this one is just like the one belonging to our tutor. It’s so beautiful. And look here,” she exclaimed with girlish glee as she moved around the pillows to the little end table and uncorked a bottle so she could smell its contents. “He’s thought of everything!”

As Harry closed the door again and watched the two girls, he noticed for the first time that they had on the robes they usually wore out in the rain. He tried to think if rain had been predicted for that afternoon and thought that Angelina had mentioned only cloud since she was hoping to have an extra Quidditch practice. He pondered this for a few moments until the twins finally stood and faced him again.

Taking a deep breath, Parvati smiled and asked, “Are you okay Harry?”

“Uh… Yeah! I guess I wasn’t expecting… I mean…”

Padma turned and grinned at her kin. “We talked it over…”

“And we felt that the best way to help you…” continued Parvati.

“…Would be for you to make love to both of us at once,” ended Padma.

Parvati was moving slowly closer, unknotting the tie of her robes as she did so. “It will save having to set up another meeting that way,” she said holding his eyes.

Harry swallowed nervously. He would have been edgy with one sister alone, but the idea of both at once was enough to make him nearly pale.

“I… uh, yes, well I suppose it would, er… Is it raining outside?”

The twins looked at each other and smiled before turning back to Harry. Both were moving closer now, their hands busy with the ties. He also saw that they had stepped out of their shoes and were barefoot. It seemed rather odd that they weren’t wearing socks.

“It’s just overcast,” said Padma never taking her eyes off of Harry.

“But these robes keep us better concealed,” added Parvati softly.

“Concealed,” croaked Harry as he took a slight step backward and almost stumbled on a pillow. “Concealed from what?”

Almost as one, both girls let their robes fall open and Harry’s breath caught. Neither was wearing a single stitch of clothing beneath the heavy garments.

“Oh…” he exclaimed, his voice cracking. He also felt his manhood pressing uncomfortably at the front of his trousers.

A few moments later, the twins were standing next to him. Parvati reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. “You really are nervous, aren’t you?” Her face seemed to reflect a sense of pity.

“Y-You could s-say that, yeah…” responded Harry finding he was having a little trouble breathing. He was trying desperately not to notice (without much success) the exposed dark gold flesh that was illuminated by the flickering light of the candles. Padma placed her hand on his hip.

“Just relax and let us take care of you,” she said as she urged him toward the mass of pillows. Parvati was letting her hands smooth down his shirt until he felt her tugging it out of his pants. A moment later her fingers were working on his belt.

“We have it all worked out,” she chimed.

“Have w-what worked out?” Asked Harry thinking that maybe he was in over his head. Padma was shifting around behind him- lifting his robes up off his shoulders. The garment fell to the ground with a plop.

“Who goes first of course,” answered Padma moving back up behind him. He was sure he could feel the hardened points of her nipples just below his shoulder blades.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered under his breath. “I g-guess it matters then?”

“Oh, more than you might think,” said Parvati. “Twin pairs are special, Harry. We may look exactly the same, but magically we are direct opposites. My Halvard rating is plus two…”

“…And mine is negative two,” continued Padma. “While only a four point spread, it would make sense to have my sister go first so as to not tire you as much.” Her hands reached around Harry’s waist just as his pants dropped around his ankles such that her fingers played along the top of his boxers.

Grinning wickedly, Parvati held his eyes while she slowly dropped down in front of him until her face was right in front of his groin. Harry swallowed nervously again, his eyes wide. The experience was so different than it was with Hermione. He didn’t have a choice with her, his body just sort of went whether he wanted it to or not. And in a way, the Venus Charm sort of guided and encouraged his actions. Now though, he felt as though someone had used the Petrificus curse on him again he was so tense. Parvati lowered her eyes to the bulge in his boxers and he saw her lips part slightly as she made a small gasp. Her hands slid down his front, lightly grazing over his member. He was a bit surprised that they continued down his naked and slightly shaking legs until they had reached the ties of his shoes. She quietly removed his foot-ware and urged him to step out of the crumpled folds of his trousers.

As soon as his legs were free, Padma’s warm fingers slipped under the waistband of his shorts. Harry was so startled, that he nearly collapsed right there.

“Ah! Oh god,” he exclaimed squirming. Her fingers gently curled around him, stroking and tickling.

“Just try to relax, Harry,” she said behind him.

“H-h-how am I supposed to r-relax when you’re doing… ah!… that!?”

“Padma…” chided Parvati rising in front of him again.

The hands at his manhood withdrew and Harry found he could suddenly breath again.

“Sorry,” answered Padma in a playfully apologetic way.

The other twin then grasped his hands and started to draw him slowly forward over the pillows, all the while holding his eyes and smiling. Harry felt as clumsy as a Troll as he stepped awkwardly onto the fluffy layered bed area. Parvati, he noticed, was graceful and perfectly calm as she moved backward until they had reached the center. There, she dropped lithely into an open lotus, releasing his hands and leaving him staring down at her. As her robes fell loosely around her naked form, Harry decided that Dean Thomas was right. Parvati and Padma really were the best-looking girls in their year. Hermione was quiet pretty, and in her own way, enormously attractive. But, Parvati’s dark skin painted almost golden in the candlelight was perhaps the most beautiful thing Harry had ever seen.

The slight moment of breathlessness was broken however by Padma, who had also dropped to the pillows behind him, kneeling so that her arms wrapped around Harry’s hips like an octopus. When she found the band of his boxers again, he closed his eyes and tried to just keep from fainting. Slowly, and with an almost teasing quality, Padma urged the garment downward. When it was down to his ankles, the girl grasped first his left, then right shins in order to get him to step out of them. He was so detached from what was going on, that he felt like a horse having his shoes checked. When he opened his eyes again, Parvati was holding up her hand for him to join her.

At that moment, Harry’s knees bucked and he dropped rather quickly to the ground with a clunk.

“Are you okay, Harry,” ask Parvati looking both genuinely concerned and on the verge of laughter at the same time.

“I’ve no idea…” he replied, his throat felling like it wanted to close up on him.

“You really do need to try and relax. At this rate, you’re so tense you’ll hurt yourself if we try to make love.”

“I… I don’t know how to relax,” he said honestly.

“Hmm. I know what you need.” She then looked over Harry’s shoulder at what he assumed was her sister. “The short blue bottle I think, Padma,” she said and Harry heard her twin clap twice quickly and squeal softly with glee.

“Yes, definitely!” The other Patil sister moved around Harry and over to the short table. There, she found the mentioned glass flask and handed it to her sister.

“W-what is that,” he asked as she removed the glass stopper from the top.

“Faerie Tree Oil,” she replied as she poured a small amount into her hand. It was a thin, amber liquid that had an almost iridescent quality to it. “It will help. Now remove your shirt.

Willing his arms to move, Harry did as she asked.

“Go ahead and sit,” she encouraged him. He let his rump drop so that his legs were folded under him.

“Like this?”

“That’s fine. Now close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths… that’s it.”

A moment later his eyes flew open again when her hands settled on his bare chest, a small stream of oil running down his abdomen.

“Relax, Harry,” she urged him again. “Just breathe.”

Once again he closed his eyes. Parvati’s hands smoothed outward to his shoulders, then back in, gently working the oil over his front. Wherever it touched, it left a warm tingling feeling. Despite his nervousness, he felt his muscles start to unclench. In a few minutes, his breathing was also slower, and his heart rate had dropped considerably.

Opening his eyes again, he watched Parvati with a new sense of appreciation. “Blimey, that wonderful,” he said taking an especially deep breath and letting it go slowly. She continued the massage for another minute or so then withdrew her hands. Harry found himself wishing she would continue, but instead, she reached down and took his own hand. Turning it face up, she lifted the blue bottle once again and carefully poured some oil into his palm. Setting down the flask, her eyes met his.

“Now you do me,” she said simply.

Harry’s eyes widened. “Wha… I… I can’t…”

“Certainly you can. Look…” His hand still held in hers, she brought his cupped palm up to her bare chest and carefully placed it between her breasts. Harry’s breath paused as he watched the thin oil run in several glistening streams down her chest and belly. She then moved his hand in slowly widening circles so that his fingers slid sensuously over her nipples and down almost to the smooth depression of her navel.

His heart beating wildly again, Harry was both terrified and mesmerized at the same time. Parvati’s skin was slick and warm and starkly bronzed against his own pale fingers. He could feel her breathing quickening under his touch. He stared at her nipples, marveling at how different they were from Hermione’s. Dark and considerably more present, they stood, twin cones that slipped under his fingers, causing her breath to catch and come in little gasps of pleasure.

Harry was unaware that she had stopped guiding him until her hands fell back upon his chest again.

“See,” she said smiling while her fingers renewed the caresses over his shoulders and down his sides.

Harry just smiled. He was indeed doing it on his own. He found himself mimicking her own slow massage, and when she expanded the pattern to include his belly, he gulped and let his fingers slide downward as well.

“That’s delightful, Harry,” she purred, removing her hands from his chest so she could enjoy the massage more fully. He obliged for a time and then saw her hold his eyes. The way that she was staring at him caused him to breath more deeply, and his heart was already increasing tempo when he felt her hand take his once again. Opening her legs slightly, she slowly pushed his fingers downward into her lap. Harry was watching her face, and not his hand as his fingers smoothed through the soft patch of hair at her apex and then lower, so he noticed when she parted her full lips and trembled slightly under his touch. Her eyes became glassy as his fingers were gently guided to her slick center, now made even more so by the Faerie Tree Oil coating his fingers. He marveled at how warm she felt. Almost hot.

“Ohhh…” she moaned, her eyes closing. Her back arched slightly and her head seemed to fall back a bit. Not at all sure he was doing it correctly, Harry just let his fingers stroke through her petals while she pressed his hand more firmly against her womanhood.

After a few moments, Harry was surprised by a thin line of oil streaming down to land right on Parvati’s belly. From there, it quickly dripped down through her Mons and added to the slickness of her flower. Confused, he looked up to see Padma standing next to them with the bottle of oil in her hand. He was just about to ask her what she was doing when her sister shivered with pleasure and started gasping.

“Ugh! Oh! Ummm…. yess!” Her body started to shift and move, and her hips took on a gentle cadence that caused his fingers to slide deeper within her. It seemed to Harry that Parvati was nearing bliss when the thin stream of oil moved forward and landed right on the tip of his phallus. The warm tingling of the oil was almost too much for him to stand, and he started to falter with the hand in Parvati’s lap. The change in his touch brought her eyes open and she released her hold… but only so that she could reach for him, her body snaking forward.

Harry had no idea what he should do, so other than pulling back his hand, he stayed exactly where and how he was. Parvati’s legs reached around him, and like an octopus, she drew her body up against his while raising up to the balls of her feet. With one hand to hold her close, she dropped the other between them and angled Harry’s manhood under her. He felt the warm flesh of her petals close over the tip of him and he opened his mouth in shock. A second later she allowed herself to sink down and ensheathed him completely.

She was already rolling her hips again by the time she settled herself astraddle his thighs, and however wonderful the oil had felt before, now it seemed like liquid lightning. Parvati Patil leaned into him, wrapping her arms around his neck to help draw herself up and down. Harry’s shaft plunged into her with increasing strength and tempo. Between his own grunting, and Parvati’s nearly out of control gasps, their lovemaking sounded wet and frantic.

Knowing there was no way he could hold off for long, he was therefor relieved when the girl’s rhythm started to break. Suddenly it was mixed with twitches and shudders. Several seconds later, she spasmed sharply and then froze in bliss.

The sight of her head back, body trembling in ecstasy was simply too much for Harry and he felt his own white-hot moment of pleasure finally overtake him. With a loud grunt, he grasped his arms around Parvati’s waist, clutching her to him, and released himself within her. Together, they shook and spasmed while their respective orgasms ebbed and finally subsided.

Unable to physically hold her, Harry softly let Parvati lay back flat on the pillows before him, gasping slightly as his member slipped from her apex with a slight sucking sound. He could do little more than stare down at her panting body he was so spent. Parvati herself looked more stunned than exhausted.

“My god, Harry,” she exclaimed breathlessly. “That was incredible.”

He smiled and finally fell forward next to her, rolling to his side so he could watch the steady rise and fall of her chest. “Thanks… I had a … good teacher,” he added between breaths. This seemed to please her and she smiled. Then, leaning over, she placed her mouth to his and kissed him. Harry was very much enjoying the intimacy, but he was just too out of breath to maintain their lip-lock for too long a period. It didn’t matter however, because she let him take a few breaths and then renewed the contact, her mouth and tongue becoming more and more insistent with time.

Several minutes passed in this way, with Harry thinking that he could pretty much stand snogging Parvati Patil for the rest of his life, when he felt a warm hand on his hip. A moment later the naked form of Padma moved up behind him. His eyes grew wide as he remembered the second Patil sister.

“You’re not done yet,” said the giddy voice behind him as she rolled Harry onto his back. He was stunned. He really had forgotten about Padma, and although the thought a repeat performance with Parvati’s identical twin sounded like heaven, he found that his libido wasn’t cooperating.

“I… uh, don’t think I’m quite ready yet,” he explained looking down his body at his mostly limp member.

Padma just smiled. “Not to worry Harry,” she said grinning wickedly. “I can take care of that… Recreo!” With a slight flick of her wand, he immediately felt a tingling at his groin and his manhood quite rapidly rose to hardness once again.

“Hey… How did you learn to do that?” He asked genuinely surprised.

Parvati whispered in his ear as she stoked his chest. “We had very good tutors.”

“In India, witches learn a number of spells and charms not normally taught here in the West until much later,” continued Padma.

“Hermione did that to me too…” he started.

“Really,” exclaimed Parvati. “As talented as Granger is, I’m surprised. She doesn’t seem like the type. I wonder where she learned that charm? Certainly not here at Hogwarts.”

“But as long as you seem able…” prompted Padma as she slid her body over on top of Harry. “I say we put the magic to good use, yes?”

He wasn’t about to disagree with her, and merely stared up into the dark eyes of the girl as she settled herself. Harry was amazed at how slick her skin felt, and realized that it couldn’t be just leftover oil from Parvati. Padma must have dumped most the rest of the bottle over her own body which she now slid slowly up and down his own. Her breasts moved up until they were just in front of his face, then slipped downward, her nipples drawing fiery lines of pleasure down his chest as they went.

Mesmerized, Harry wasn’t completely prepared when Padma shifted her hips just slightly and instead of sliding under her, his phallus slipped through her petals and glided perfectly into her warm depths in a single quick motion.

“Ahh!” he gasped, the sudden increase in stimulation causing his body to stiffen. His hands clutched at her buttocks, trying to hold her still until he could adjust to being within her, but the girl just giggled and continued to slide her body, albeit more slowly, up and down Harry’s.

It didn’t take nearly as long to reach peak as it had with Parvati, partially because he was considerably less nervous, but mainly due to the fact that Padma was a much more active lover than her sister. Even so, it seemed to him that Padma might have been a bit surprised at how quickly she was aroused as well. In less than five minutes the girl was groaning and gasping herself as her slippery intercourse grew more and more aggressive and less controlled with each progressive rhythm.

When she finally did peak, she was nearly screaming with joy in an language Harry assumed was Hindi, her body bucking atop his like some out of control animal. Her final moment hit her so hard that she jerked several times and collapsed on his chest, unconscious.

“Wow…” said Parvati reaching over to check her sister. For a few moments, Harry thought that he had possibly killed her, but Parvati’s chuckle reassured him. “She’s never come like that. You must have really overloaded her, Harry.”

“Is she… alright,” he asked, completely exhausted himself, but still worried about the dark haired girl breathing deeply on his chest.

Oh, I’d say she’s very alright,” she replied smiling. At that moment, Padma stirred and after a second’s confusion looked down at Harry and grinned. He couldn’t help but grin back.

“Oh, let’s please do that again!” Her request was punctuated by a slow rocking of her hips, and Harry realized that they were still coupled. Thinking that she might be insatiable, and that another go might possibly kill him, he placed his hands on the sides of her head and said, “I need to rest a bit…” with as much sincerity as her could muster. Pouting, she resisted, the motion of her hips still repeatedly ensheathing his semi-hard penis and stirring his libido all over again.

“That was so quick… Can’t we just do it one more time?”

“Padma,” said her sister reprovingly. “You’re going to leave him with no energy at all.”

Padma screwed up her face and then shrugged her shoulders as she shifted her hips and slid to his side again.

“You can’t blame a girl for trying, can you?”

“There’s no rush. We can stay all night if you want, Harry,” agreed Parvati. Both girls were staring down at him with half lidded eyes.

“What time is it, anyway,” asked Harry, thinking that Ron was going to have to carry him personally to breakfast tomorrow.

Both of the sisters shook their heads.

Harry sat up with some difficulty and found his pants. Reaching into his pocket, he felt for his watch when his fingers touched something quite warm. Frowning, he withdrew the fake Galleon that Hermione had enchanted with the Protean Charm. It took him a moment to decipher the date and time, but when he did, he suddenly had a sickening feeling in his stomach.

“Oh bloody hell…” He cursed.

“What is it,” asked Parvati.

He held out the Galleon. “Hermione’s selected a date for the next DA meeting.”

“So,” inquired Padma.

“It’s tonight!”

The girl was confused for a second, then her eyes grew wide as she realized what that meant. Parvati took a little longer.

“I don’t see why…”

“We meet here,” said Harry struggling to get up.

The girl made a little gasp as she finally understood. Seconds later she was following her sister’s lead and scrambling for her robes.

Harry dressed so fast that he fell over twice while trying to jam his feet into his trousers. Once he had them on, he thrust his hand into his pocket and retrieved his wayward watch to check the exact hour.


“Do we have time,” asked Padma pulling closed her robes. For them, it was as easy as putting on their shoes and socks, since they hadn’t been wearing anything else beneath their robes to begin with.

“The meeting is scheduled for thirty-five minutes from now.”

Parvati breathed a sigh of relief. “We’re fine then. No one will even see us.”

Harry struggled with his shirt as he tried to explain. “Yeah, except that Hermione, Neville, and Luna all usually show up about a half hour early to help me set up…”

The sisters looked at each other, their faces panicked. A moment later they were helping Harry to gather his socks and put on his robes. Finally, harry left his trainers untied and the three of them scrambled to the door. Harry stopped them and carefully listened first. For all he knew, his three friends could be standing right outside. When he heard nothing, he clicked it open a crack and peered out. The hallway was empty.

“Looks like we’re clear, but you two had better run. I don’t think the rest of the DA would understand your choice of attire.”

Before dashing off, each girl gave him a warm kiss and an equally warm smile. Then, smiling himself, Harry quickly stepped out into the hall and closed the door. He wasn’t surprised to see the glossy wooden portal fade out of site, his ‘requirement’ fulfilled. He hoped it would show itself again in a few moments when he ‘required’ the space they used for their DA meetings, and to his great relief, it did.

He was just about to step inside when he heard Ron call to him from down the Hall. Hermione, Neville and Luna were right behind.

“All set then,” said Ron coming up to the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy, and Harry had the distinct impression that his friend had completely forgotten why he had gone out that night.

“Uh,” replied Harry stalling. “I just got here.” He opened the door for them just as he had this horrible thought that the room might not have interpreted his requirements correctly and would look like the one they met in to study Defense Against the Dark Arts, but would be stocked with nothing but massage oils and books pertaining to sex.

He breathed more easily however when he followed the others in and saw that everything seemed as it should be.

“Hey, Harry,” said Ron pulling him aside while Hermione and Luna spread out the pillows. “Are you wearing cologne or something? You smell kinda, I donno… flowery.”

Harry nodded, remembering the oil the twins had rubbed all over him. “Yeah, cologne,” he lied. “Thought it might help my… situation, you know?”

“Well you should probably find a different brand. That one makes you smell like Madam Puddifoot’s place.”

Harry laughed to himself. “Right, I’ll do that,” he replied and went to the bookcase to retrieve a set of texts they would be working from that night. That was when he noticed a short blue bottle on the top shelf.

His heart skipped a beat. Ron didn’t usually come early, so he probably had remembered and had bought him a couple of minutes distracting Hermione. He made a mental note to thank him later and to see if he could find another location that wasn’t so busy for his next romantic liaison. That was far too close.

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