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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Harry Potter and the Charm of Venus

Chapter 6 – Eyes of Tom

Harry watched the fake Hermione running down the hall toward the main gate until she disappeared and he suddenly found himself alone in the quiet corridor. Ignoring the fact that he had completely missed his History of Magic class (something that bothered him a lot less than it probably should have) he once again starred down at the little notebook. Maybe… Flipping it open, he found the spell he had remembered and reading through it several times, he muttered it carefully under his breath to practice. When the time came, he might only get one shot. When he thought he had it right, he snapped closed the book and headed down the stairs toward the greenhouses. Hermione would have about twenty more minutes of her Herbology class left. If he hurried, he could just catch her.

Professor Sprout was moving from student to student, checking on a strange, very blue vine that each classmate was trying to cultivate. To Harry, who was peering through one of the windows, Hermione looked a little flushed, as though she were just a little hot. No doubt, he thought, the effects of the Venus Charm were already affecting her, if only subconsciously. Carefully, so as not to be seen, he crouched down and very quietly tilted open a pane just enough so he could get his wand in and pointed at her. All at once, he snapped his arm back, almost dropping his wand as a flower box of what appeared to be orchids reached out and tried to bite him. Professor sprout must have purposely placed the nasty little creatures there to discourage students just like himself from messing around in her classroom after hours. He narrowly evaded the live-in guardians and moved down the window until he was out of range. Then, taking careful aim and a deep breath, he uttered, “Emoveo Induviae!”

There was a slight puff from his wand and Harry just had time to duck out of sight before anyone noticed. He wasn’t even sure he had hit Hermione until he chanced a glance through a pair of potted ferns. Hermione was starring down at her shirt with a frustrated look on her face. Without drawing attention to herself, she quietly reached up and re-affixed the top two buttons of her blouse.

That was it? Two measely buttons? He was just about to turn away and look for a different spell when he saw the two buttons pop open again of their own accord. Hermione was a little slower to notice a second time, and when she did, a third and a fourth button had magically undone themselves. He heard her curse under her breath and blushing, leaned over to hide her wardrobe malfunction from the rest of the class while she fixed it. Harry had to stiffel a laugh when he saw the zipper on her skirt slowly working its way down, unnoticed. It was as though her clothing had suddenly taken on a mind of its own. Even as he watched in disbelief, her shoes untied, her socks fell, and her robes looked like they were about three sizes too big and were literally falling off her shoulders. When she started to sit back up again, having buttoned her blouse closed from top to bottom, the ones at the top had already worked open again and Harry could see that the girl’s bra must have come loose in the back.

Her face went bright red and she pulled her robes tight around her, trying to act as though nothing were wrong. But Professor Sprout had noticed the girl’s distress.

“Are you alright, Miss Granger?” She asked, pausing her lecture.

“Uh… Yes, um… I seem to have a slight problem with my shirt,” she said as calmly as she were able. “May I be excused a few minutes early to take care of it?”

The woman looked a little discouraged but relented. “Oh, very well. Be sure to be ready for tomorrow’s test on Leechleader Slugs.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” she replied as she quickly gathered her things and stood to leave. Or rather, tried to, as her shoes fell off, her skirt slipped to the floor, and her robes threatened to fall away at any moment. With a slight squeak, she grabbed the misbehaving garments and jerked them up, holding them in place as she quickly headed for the exit amid a skittering of laughter. And she almost made it too. Then, at the last second her robes seemed to literally reach out and catch on the handle of the door. One second she was hurriedly heading out of the room, the next she was snatched around sharply, her body literally spinning out of the robe so that she was once again facing the class. Only now, she was wearing only her panties, one shoe, and a very loose and wide open blouse. Stunned, she crouched to try and hide herself, then frantically fought to free her robe from the handle. To her dismay, it seemed to be hopelessly tangled, and the laughter and catcalls grew until Professor Sprout was turning as beat red in anger as Hermione was flushed of embarrassment.

“That is ENOUGH!”

But she was hardly heard over the whistles and cheering from the rest of the class, especially Crabbe and Goyle. Finally, Hermione managed to break her robes free and simply left her shoe as she dashed up the stairs towards the Gryffindor tower. It was just as Harry had hoped. Facing inescapable exposure, the girl had fled to the closest safe sanctuary, which in this case was the girls dormitory. Just to be sure, he followed her from a distance as she made her way as best she could while fighting to keep herself as covered as possible. It wasn’t easy. Her clothing was putting up quite the fight now, literally trying to escape her grasp as she held her robes partially around her body. By the time she reached the top of the stairs, her blouse was inside out and hanging from her clenched fists, her skirt was long gone with her other shoe, and her panties had an alarming habit of dropping around her ankles to trip her as they did when she struggled up to the portrait of the fat lady and cried, “Pickled Skrewts!”

The fat lady backed away into her frame slightly as the huffing girl literally fell at the top of the stairs before her. “My word, child! What on Earth has happened to you?!”

“Oh, for the love of Mike! Would you just open the damn door!”

“Goodness! No need to be rude…” But the picture, frame and all, swung open and Hermione dashed inside. Harry smiled and followed her in a few moments later, picking up an errant sock as he went.

The common room was empty, at least for the time being, and Harry dropped with a whoosh into one of the large wing-back chairs by the fire and considered what his next step should be. He desperately wished he could have gone with Tonks. Nothing would have given him greater satisfaction than nabbing the Deatheater responsible for the charm, let alone Hermione’s Imperious curse. He knew it was complete foolishness, but that had never stopped him in the past.

Looking down at the sock in his hands, he smiled again. That Exposure curse had certainly worked better than he expected. He could see why Tonks wanted it, and the other spells in the notebook kept secret. Fred and George would go nuts for something like that. Hermione’s clothes had simply fallen away in every way possible. The thought of his classmate running nearly naked through the halls seemed like perfect justice for the sexual exhaustion that she had wrought on him over the last few weeks. But then, he remembered that it wasn’t really Hermione at all, but someone else controlling her through the Imperious curse. He swallowed with nervousness as he realized that she would probably remember everything they had done, including the clothing curse which he would no doubt have to take credit for as well. There’d be hell to pay, for sure.

Harry sort of liked the idea of the renegade book though, and he quietly thumbed through the spells one last time. Tonks would surely take it back when this was all over, and he’d probably never have another chance. For an evil minute he considered walking down the halls casting random spells just to see how much pandemonium he could create. But that was more something the Weaseley twins would do. Besides, he was going to be in enough trouble as it was. No need to push it.

The thought of Hermione’s anger made him wonder just how she was doing. Tonks hadn’t said how long it would last, only that it would happen in an hour… which was just about up. If only there was a way he could check on her. Going up the stairs was impossible, he knew from experience. What he needed was something like Fred and George’s Extendible Ears, only with an eye on the end. Without really thinking he’d find anything, he scanned through the table of contents at the beginning of the notebook until one specific entry caught his eye. It was a spell named simply, Eyes of Tom. Curious, he turned to the correct page and started reading. Two minutes later he was certain he had found exactly what he needed. The spell was perfect, and no doubt just as illegal as the Venus Charm. Simply put, it allowed the caster to spy on someone by creating an image of them that could be viewed remotely. The range wasn’t very far, but then, it didn’t have to be. The girl’s dormitory was only just above him.

“Brilliant,” he said to himself and read through the incantation. It was a bit tougher than the clothing curse he had used earlier, but he thought he could probably pull it off. What stopped him though was the requirements for the spell. In order to make the incantation function, he needed a personal item from the target of the spell. He was just about to give up when he remembered something. Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew a simple black sock. It had loosed itself from her foot as she scrambled into the Gryffindor Tower. Smiling, Harry set the garment on the table and withdrew his wand.

The second that he finished uttering the words, Harry understood his mistake. With a swish of his wand, there was a brief flash of light. Then, laying out on the table before him was a full-sized, semi-transparent image of a very naked Hermione writhing back and forth in obvious sexual arousal. But worse than the image was the sudden loud moaning that filled the room. The spell hadn’t specifically mentioned sound, but sound there was. The girl was quite obviously in the grip of a passion that Harry knew (from personal experience) was about to be one hell of a screaming orgasm. He frantically snatched up the notebook to find out how to turn the thing off, but he had inadvertently closed it when he cast the spell and couldn’t find the correct page. To make matters worse, he heard the familiar click of the portrait opening behind him and knew that in just a few seconds, the common room would be filling with students finishing their classes. In a panic, he stuffed his wand and the book into his robes and dashed to the stairs of the boy’s dormitory. If it looked like he were just coming into the room, he could deny that he had anything to do with the image of Hermione rolling back and forth on the coffee table in near ecstasy.

“Great Chetney’s Cobblers! Is that Granger?” Seamus Finnigan was starring wide-eyed at the table in disbelief. A second later Colin Creevey and Katie Bell literally ran into him as he was blocking the passage. Together, they and a number of other Gryffindor students were suddenly trying to crowd into the room and see what all the commotion was about.

“Is she in pain?” Asked a clueless Colin, staring at the naked Hermione in utter confusion.

Alicia Spinnet was trying unsuccessfully to block her from view while she slapped away Dean Thomas and Ron, who were both trying to touch the writhing image of the girl. “Do something!” It took Harry a moment to realize that Alicia was speaking to him, having finally noticed him standing there. He tore his eyes away from the scene and ran for the door.

“I’ll get help,” he called over his shoulder and partially collided with someone else coming in through the portal. “Oh, sorry… I…”

“POTTER MOVE!” Professor McGonagall, Tonks, and to his continued surprise, a slightly flustered looking Professor Sprout were all pushing him out of the way in order to get into the room. When the older witch saw the image on the table, she looked as though someone had slapped her. Tonks, who’s hair was still much like Hermione’s, appeared stunned but amused and sought out Harry’s eye. He carefully choose to melt away and let the staff pass.

Regaining herself McGonagall shouted, “Oblittero!” At once, the image of Hermione on the table vanished.

“Aww,” said a disappointed Ron Weasley. “It was jus’ getting good.” Several boys nearby shushed and elbowed him as they became aware of the staff presence. A hushed silence fell over the room, but to Harry’s surprise, and everyone else’s, Hermione’s cries of rising pleasure could still be heard, albeit quieter and more distant.

“Harry, where is she?!” Tonks snagged his sleeve, shaking him back to attention.

“Huh? Oh! Upstairs… Girls dormitory!”

At once, all three staff members dashed up the stairs, followed by several of the Gryffindor girls. The rest of those in the room just waited, listening for anything that would tell them what was going on. The voices were muffled but quite a bit clearer once they opened the door into the dormitory.

“Tonks, you have it?” Asked Professor McGonagall.

“Right here, but we need to wait. It’s too close to…”

“What’s happened to her?” Asked a voice that Harry assumed must be Katie Bell. Hermione’s cries were really starting to peak now, and Harry knew that it was only a matter of seconds.

“NO KATIE! STAY BACK!” Tonk’s voice was harsh and commanding, but came too late. There was a loud crack, and the whole tower shook slightly as Hermione screamed out in ecstasy. A bright light and a blast of warm air whooshed down the stairs and over the crowd below leaving everyone present with stunned faces. Harry felt the warmth in his groin and was just able to keep himself from having an orgasm. Not so, those closer to the bottom of the stairs, apparently. He saw Alicia Spinnet drop to her knees and let out a gasping cry of pleasure. Colin and Ron both looked too shocked to move, and Dean Thomas was laughing slightly.

After a moment, he heard Tonks’ somewhat shaky voice utter, “FRAGMEN IMPERIO!” And with one more cry of anguish from Hermione, everything was suddenly deathly quiet.

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