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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

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Harry Potter and the Charm of Venus

Chapter 7 – Ratings Resolved

“I still say they let you off easy, mate,” said Ron as he spooned another helping of Treacle Tart onto his plate. “I mean, they could have thrown the book at you, let alone what the Ministry might have done for using illegal spells and all.”

Harry wasn’t about to argue about it. A harsh talking to by their head of house and a couple hours detention was pretty lenient, considering. Harry had a pretty good idea that the real reason he was only given a slap on the wrist was more due to the fact that it was all much too embarrassing for any of them to talk about, especially Professor McGonagall. She, Tonks, Katie Bell and Professor Sprout were the closest to Hermione when the feedback finally pushed her to orgasm. Tonks confided to Harry later that it was about the most intense sexual experience she’d ever had, and that was just blow-back from the spell. Poor Katie, who had walked right up to Hermione and caught the worst of the blast, was knocked unconscious. She was babbling and drooling in the hospital wing for hours.

Harry looked across the table at Hermione, who met his eyes, blushed, and went back to her soup. They had agreed to keep the matter to themselves as well, but that didn’t mean they stopped thinking about it. For her part, she did have to explain how she had been Imperioused over the holidays by Bellatrix Lastrange, and then forced to perform the Venus Charm on Harry upon her return to Hogwarts. How the charm was broken, and by who, was left as ‘irrelevant’. Tonks had to testify of her disguise and subsequent meeting with Lastrange in Hogsmead, and how the witch had narrowly escaped, but not before the Auror had managed to snag a small lock of her hair, which she later used to break Hermione’s Imperious curse. As to the image of Hermione on the common room table, that too was forgotten, at least publicly. Privately, several boys had approached Harry to ask how he had managed it. He had to truthfully say that he used a spell that was unfortunately no longer available to him. Tonks had indeed taken back the blue notebook, saying that it might be too much of a temptation even for him. He assumed that it was once again locked away in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom.

“I just wish they could have caught that bitch, Bellatrix. Can you believe she got away scott-free?” Ron was shaking his head as he stuffed the tart into his mouth with gusto.

“Tonks explained that, Ron,” said Hermione, more like herself. “It was more important that she get something personal from her than to catch her outright. There simply wasn’t time. And Bellatrix Lastrange is certainly no pansy.” She glanced at Harry and frowned. They both knew she was the one responsible for the death of his Godfather Sirius.

Harry thought for a moment. “You know, Ron, I’m not so sure she got off unpunished,” he said slowly.

Confused, Ron looked up at his friend with half a a mouth full of food. “Howth tha…” He mumbled around the mass.

“Well, remember that she’s a Deatheater. No matter who’s idea it ultimately was, it’s almost a certainty that she would have been required to report to Voldemort.” He saw the boy flinch slightly. “And he doesn’t take very well to losing.” They all nodded agreement.

“The thing that I don’t understand, Harry,” continued Hermione. “Is where you get your Halvard rating. The records Madam Hooch keeps are pretty complete, and while your mom was a positive five, your dad was only a positive two. That’s hardly enough to explain you’re having a positive eight, genetically at least. Are you certain that nothing happened while you were younger that could account for the high rating?”

“You mean at the Dursleys,” he responded, aghast. “You must be joking. They hardly let me out of the house.”

“Uh, you don’t suppose it might have anything to do with, You-Know-Who?” Ron seemed almost reluctant.

Hermione was frowning. “I suppose… You have picked up other things from him, Harry, the visions for example. It’s just the kind of thing that could be transferred. Only…”

“What?” Asked Harry when she faltered.

“Vold…” She broke off when Ron started to flinch again. “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named… is not a giving person. It seems highly unlikely that he would be a positive eight. In fact, it’s far more probable that he would be exactly the opposite.”

Ron grimaced. “A minus eight?! Gods, I’d feel sorry for any girl who got pan-handled by that monster…”

“Ron!” Hermione was shocked.

“Well, I would. Think about it, she’d be completely knackered! He’d suck her dry, he would. All take and no give.”

Hermione was still fuming. “I understand, but you don’t have to be so… crass.”

They were silent for a minute or so. Finally, it was Harry who spoke out.

“You know, Hermione, I think you may be right. If Voldemort is anything, it’s a taker. He’d never be a positive eight. And it would make perfect sense that I got my rating from him.. only as an opposite, like twins.”

Hermione nodded. “I… I’m sorry I took so much from you Harry.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I’m fine now. But I have to agree with Ron on one thing. For any witch with Voldemort, sex would be pure torture.”

Her hands shackled in glowing rings of magic, the female’s naked body hung helpless on the lap of the man below her. Another wrap of magic moved her hips forward and back in an unceasing rhythm.

“P-p-lease, my lord! H-have m-mercy! Ughnn! Ught!”

“Just a few more hours my dear, Bellatrix. I just want be sure you understand what it means to fail me…”

Her pleasure rising to a crescendo yet again, the woman shuddered and cried out as even more of her energy passed into the man below her.

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