Holy shit! Type Four is a podcast!

When the amazing Nobilis Reed contacted me and asked if he could have one of my stories read for his Nobilis Erotica Podcast, I have to admit that the idea scared me out of my mind. I tend to read my works out loud to myself (something I learned way back in a high school creative writing class), but there is a HUGE difference between hearing your own ‘voices’, and those used by a stranger. As writers, we already know the subtle inflections that our characters use, their quirks of speech. Getting those quirks to the page so they can be understood by another reader is what good storytelling is all about. SO, when I heard R.Taylor (DDog) voicing my characters for the first time, I was understandably nervous. Verbal renditions are the litmus of success or failure for an author. They did wonderfully, even changing their voice for the different characters and genders, and I am always amazed how good readers can keep up a consistent tone and style even throughout a longer piece.

You can listen to the podcast yourself, right here!

The podcast is is produced by Nobilis Reed. Check out his website, (link: nobilis.libsyn.com) which is a wonderful journey in audio erotica, and an inspiration for erotica writers, to be sure.

The work is read by R. Taylor (DDog), who has their own site (Trans(re)lating) (link: transrelating.wordpress.com) with a great personal blog on transgender issues.

There’s even some background music to set the mood – by Kevin MacLeod. (link: incompetech.com)

Many many thanks Nobilis and DDog and Kevin for the time and opportunity to hear one of my own works read out loud. By the Goddess, what a trip!