Lara’s Sticky Situation

Lara's Sticky Situation

Happy Halloween 2012! Lara Croft finds herself in a rather sticky situation. Caught, stripped, and bound helpless, the tomb raider can do little more than struggle in vain while her monstrous arachnid keeper takes its place above her. Exposed and positioned as she is, the adventurer is beginning to wonder if perhaps the foul beast has more in mind for her than just dinner…

This piece turned out to be a lot more about “how to draw webs in Photoshop” than anything else, and I actually redid the strands holding her up three times before I had the process down. The good news is that I can use the technique on future works – yum!  I didn’t quite catch the erotic feeling I was going for, though I’m not disappointed, and actually went back and forth several times considering if I needed to leave more clothing on her so that she was still recognizable as Lara Croft. In the end, I felt that keeping her nude had a sensuous feel that I just didn’t want to give up.