A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Laslo Gate

Chapter 4 – And then we were three.

After that first night, Biesha quickly lost her inhibitions. Still, she was always the shy girl that we had first met at the space port. We invited her to spend the night with us in our bed and she declined the first night, but appeared at our doorway just on the moment of our lovemaking the next night. We cheerfully ushered her in, and although she was too shy for much more than cuddling, she slept happily wedged between us till morning.

At dawn, she shared a bath with us. My bath is really much more like a pool, and could easily handle a dozen squirming bodies, let alone three. This time I managed to coax her once again into Michael’s lap. She had her back against his chest, with me sandwiching her front side. Michael supported the both of us, my legs pushed under Biesha’s thighs and around Michael’s torso. Biesha’s legs wrapped around my own waist. Once we had her locked between us, Michael concentrated on the lower half of her body, while I tortured the upper half. I knew she was a little nervous as Michael slid his hands down between our touching bellies and into the softness of her womanhood. There, he began a slow stroking of her apex that quickly had her moaning. To my delight, he used one hand for Biesha, then slipped the other under me, instantly sending a wash of passion up from my loins.

We continued this way until Biesha was starting to make little gasping sounds and I knew she was close to release. I silently signaled Michael, and he slipped his hands out from between us. The girl sighed in unconscious regret. I gently washed her breasts and she mine for a bit when Michael’s hands grasped her waist. She gasped once again, almost as if she had forgotten the lap she was sitting on. Michael drew her body up and back while I smiled and reached under her to position Michael’s manhood. Biesha was only just beginning to understand what was about to happen and she turned her head to look at my lover. He was grinning broadly as he slowly lowered her body down.

As she was impaled upon his shaft, her face assumed a state of intense will. I knew she was desperately trying to contain the urge to thrash and twist her body as he pushed deeper and deeper into the folds of her warm self. Finally she was once again resting on his lap, her thighs delightfully parted in front of me under the water. Michael wrapped his arms around her and drew her tight up against him. He held her body completely still while he softly nibbled her ear. I, however, placed a hand on each of her knees and started to slide them down the insides of her thighs. This got her attention, along with the wicked grin I had. Her eyes looked to me, then to my hands as they moved closer and closer. She seemed as if she were about to say something when I reached my goal and her words turned into a sharp intake of breath. Michael held her still, her arms pinned down to her sides as I reached forward, my fingers languidly exploring her, my tongue licking at her neck and face.

Biesha was quickly being caught up in the erotic spell I was casting between her thighs and her eyes closed, her chest heaving in short gasps for breath. Inside her flower, I could feel her muscles sucking and tensing around Michael’s member. And I could feel the strong pulse of my lover’s heart there as well. I knew well that it was that steady rhythm that was slowly pushing her closer and closer to bliss. All at once she started to rock her hips, her body caught up in the wonderful agony of orgasm.

Only now did Michael help her to move, rocking and twisting her body at the same time that I doubled my caresses at her heart. She cried out in sheer pleasure again and again as we forced her to orgasm three more times.

For Michael and I, Biesha had long exceeded the limits of our original game. There was still much for her to experience, and I looked forward to teaching her, but by now she had become not only our dear friend, but a sister at heart. I talked to Michael about it and he agreed. That night, right after diner, I brought out a cake and my lover called for attention.

“After careful deliberation and a lot of good clean fun, I would like to make a toast.”

I lifted my wine glass and smiled as Biesha lifted hers, looking at me for a lead.

“This toast is for Biesha,” he continued, looking directly at her now. “…In honor of our friendship and love. Before we drink however, I would like to ask you a question. Two years ago, to this day, I asked Sara to marry me. I wasn’t asking at that time for anything legal, or even publicly known. Yet, our bond was just as binding, even the ‘to the death’ part. We have both thought about it for some time and would like to make the same offer to you, Biesha. If you’d have us, we promise to love you and care for you always, a three-fold marriage.” Biesha’s eyes widened.

“Please understand that we take this promise very seriously, and we would never want you to do something that you aren’t completely comfortable with. So… If it’s still too soon, or if you aren’t sure, then just say so. We won’t treat you any different whether you do or not, as we already consider you part of the family.”

“So what do you think, love,” I asked, reaching out for her hand. “Will you have us?”

There were tears in her eyes as she reached out to draw us both into a big hug.

“There’s nothing I want more in the whole world!” She said sobbing. “Thank you!”

After stuffing ourselves with cake and ice cream, we took Biesha into our bedroom and ‘consummated’ the marriage. Two or three hours later we all finally drifted off to sleep, our bodies meshed in loving entanglement.

I knew that one of the biggest steps for Biesha would be getting her to feel welcome to Michael’s love without my being there. I encouraged him to present as many ‘opportunities’ as possible in the hopes that she would make the step on her own. It worked. I ‘caught’ them as I came home late one evening from my shift. Michael had her on the sofa, her legs wrap-locked around his hips as he thrust vigorously into her prone body. I smiled and waited in the kitchen until I was sure (by the sounds they were making) that they had both come. Right on cue, I stepped into the living room and leaned over the sofa with a large plate of various fruits and vegetables.

“Here you go loves, and I’ll be right back with some dip and drinks.”

Biesha went white and looked as though she might have jumped up and run if Michael didn’t happen to have her literally pinned down.

“Biesha? What’s the matter girl,” I asked with a concerned look.

“I… I…” she stammered.

“I think she’s worried that you’ll scratch her eyes out,” said Michael grinning first to me, then to her.

“What! Why on earth would I do that?” I quickly came around the sofa and sat down so that I could softly stroke her temples.

“But I’m… We…” She was trying to look anywhere except at me. I turned her face so that I could look her in the eye.

“Biesha, listen to me. I am not going to scratch your eyes out. I’m not even going to call you names. What I am going to do is plop succulent slices of sweet fruit into your mouth, and generally try to restore the energy that your body craves, so that you can continue with your erotic calisthenics. I am not mad at you… Hell, I’m overjoyed and quite frankly, considerably aroused!”

“Really,” she asked quietly.

“Absolutely! If my nipples were any more perky, they’d burst through the fabric of my coverall.”

“No, I mean about… well…”

“Oh that. Love, you have to understand that I not only expect you and Michael to find time for each other, I demand it! He and I have been together for quite a while. You have two years of catching up to do.”

“But I don’t want to leave you… out.”

The dear. “You aren’t,” I replied. “I quite enjoy watching you two wiggle and waggle. You’re far too modest about your own beauty you know. And I don’t plan to be left out for very long. But in case you hadn’t noticed, it  has been me who has ‘encouraged’ you to… greater heights, these last few days.”

“I noticed,” she said with a half grin.

For the next twenty minutes I fed them all manner of snack foods. Everything from the fruits and veggies I brought originally, to chocolates, cake and champagne. Finally, I slapped Michael on the rump affectionately and said, “Giddy-up, horsey!”

Biesha laughed, but sunk quickly into a different kind of happiness as our man eased himself slowly into her and continued his rhythm at a much more reduced pace than before.

I moved down and whispered into her ear as I teased and caressed her nipples with my palms. I gave her a play-by-play description all the wildly erotic things I was going to do to her later, in vivid detail. Her eyes got wide and her body responded in kind.

Late that night, after Michael had passed out in exhaustion, we gathered up a few more snacks and moved into the bedroom.

“Now I know your secret to staying so thin and healthy,” She said eyeing the overly large tray of food in front of her.

“You mean the horizontal aerobics?” I snagged a handful of carrot sticks and began munching.

She nodded and put her face into a juicy slice of citrus.

“It keeps the blood flowing.”

After a pause she leaned back and sighed, fully satiated.

“Sara… those things you did to me tonight?…”

“Um, you enjoyed that didn’t you,” I said, remembering the look on her face of obvious rapture.

“Yes!” Her eyes took on a radiance that told me she still remembered clearly as well. “I was wondering… um, do you think that I could sometime… do that to you?”

I set down the chocolate I was about to consume.

“Honey, you can do that to me anytime!”

She beamed and reached for a cherry. “I’m not sure I know how. I mean, I know WHAT you do…”

“I’d love to give you more lessons,” I said, grinning wickedly. “But all in all, there’s really nothing to it. All you have to do is concentrate on stimulating your partner. I mean actively concentrating, planning and holding back at the right moments. Never let them reach a climax before they’re ready to beg for it. The rest is simply knowing the person you’re with.”

“It sounds complicated…”

“Not really. And as much fun as it is to be on the receiving end, there’s something infinitely rewarding about bringing another person to an orgasm… to control it, to see the look on their face as they come.”

She rolled on her back, hugging herself. “Oh, I can’t wait to try it!”

“Really…” I said. “Here then.” I lifted the tray out of the way and then flopped down on my back, my arms above my head.

“Wha..? Are you sure? I don’t know if I’ll be able to make you come…” She shyly shifted so that she was reclining next to me.

“Girl, all this talk has got me practically ready to burst right now! It won’t take much… Please, put your hands on me.”

She hesitated for a moment, then reached out and placed a hand on my belly.

“That’s it,” I said as she slid it up my torso until it covered my left breast.

“Oh…” She exclaimed.

“You felt my nipple swell?”

“Yes, and it’s so warm!”

“And getting warmer! Lightly tease it with your palm, just grazing the surface.” As she did so, I sighed and arched my back slightly.

“What… what do I do now,” she asked, bringing the other hand up and giving my right nipple equal time.

“Try to remember what I did to you. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when you’re on track. Listen to my breathing.”

Biesha seemed to remember quite well. She moved down my body, drawing her hands along the way. They caressed down my sides, over my hips and up onto my belly where they joined and flowed over my Mons. Fire rippled up from my loins. Her fingers traveled up the incline of my bent legs to my knees. There, she slowly parted my thighs.

“Sara, you’re beautiful!”

“From you, that’s a real compliment! You’re doing fine love.”

Moving up between my legs, Biesha dropped to her hands and knees above me. With only a slight hesitation, she bent down and placed her lips to my right nipple.

“Ughmmm…” I moaned. I could feel her smile on my breast.

Her tongue plastered itself over my rosy bud and then slipped across my chest to cover my left nipple. I made the appropriate mewing sounds as she began to lick my chest with vigor.

Just as I had done for her, she slowly worked her way down my body until her face was buried in the soft curls of my Mons.

“Ah! Ughnnnmm…” My hips shivered in anticipation.

“Are you ready?” Her voice was sweet and soft.

“Oh god! Am I ready!” My pulse was rapidly accelerating.

I felt her move again, and I lifted my pelvis to meet her mouth as she dropped her head into my thighs. Her long soft hair spread out over me like a million tiny tendrils, all tickling me.

“UHNNN!” A shower of intense pleasure blasted through me as she let her magnificent tongue travel down the length of my lower lips. I knew what was coming. She had followed my example perfectly so far. I felt her arms wrap around my thighs and I knew she would finish me.

Grasping me tightly, both to hold my hips still and to allow her to plunder me all the more with her mouth, she began a slow lapping of my apex. Each time, her tongue would reach out and flick at my clitoris, driving me wild with sexual energy.

“Ahhh! UGHNMM! OH!”

With each second I was growing more and more stimulated. I thrashed my head back and forth as the sweet pleasure started to well-up in my belly. At last, I cried out as orgasm hit me full force. My torso arched up off the bed and my hips turned and twisted in her hold. And she didn’t let up…

I panted and gasped as she held me tight in her grasp, her lips still sucking mine. I quickly felt the warmth of a second orgasm ripple up from my loins and I through my head back once again as the joy overwelmed me.

This time, she released me and slid her body up on top of mine, her face holding a wide grin as she pushed damp strands of hair from her eyes.

“Was it good,” she asked snuggling against my still heaving chest.

“It was… perfect,” I replied, trying to catch my breath. “You just graduated.”

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