A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Laslo Gate

Chapter 3 – Breaking Biesha.

Biesha fell in love with our flat at once. No wonder, it was probably more spacious than any home she had seen before in her life. Michael and I both make disgusting amounts of money and enjoy spending it. In less than three days she had been hired at Laslo Gate Medical Center and moved her meager belongings to one of the empty rooms.

For a while, Michael and I had to tone down our sex life. Not by choice, but so that we wouldn’t shock the hell out of Biesha. Still, we began to expose her to more and more of our ‘daily routine.’ We would occasionally let the sounds of our lovemaking travel late at night, or Michael would start to show up at the breakfast table wearing only a towel. I hung around in the evening in a lava lava, letting it get looser and looser as the evening progressed.

Being the perfect roommate, Biesha would always try to wear as much, or as little as I did, although there is a lot to be said about HOW one wears their clothing.

One night, when Michael was called back to his ship for an inspection, I walked into the living room with the lava lava tied around my hips, and nothing more. I saw Biesha make a tiny gasp and then try to look away. I happily wandered about the kitchen, made myself a sandwich and plopped back down on the living room sofa, commencing to eat. Biesha was watching me.

“If somefing damadda,” I asked through a mouthful of ham on rye.

“I’m sorry,” she said turning away. “I was starring.”

I looked down at myself.

“All good I hope. Please don’t tell me if I look fat.”

“Oh, no! You’re not fat Sara. In fact you’re about the healthiest person I know. It’s just…”

“What dear,” I said, putting down the sandwich.

“Sara, nothing phases you. I wish I could be that bold.”

“It’s not boldness dear, it’s simple confidence. This is my house, the windows are opaqued, you’re practically family… so who’s going to see me? And what of it if they do? If someone wants to look at my body that’s not a crime, it’s appreciation. I’m proud of what I’ve got, and frankly, you should be too!”

“Me? I’m not pretty.” She was looking at herself and shaking her head.

“Like hell! Dear, I have news for you. If was the kind of woman that coveted her men, I’d be damn scared to have you in the same house as Michael. But I’m not that kind of woman. And we both love you dearly, so stop this nonsense about you not being pretty and take half this sandwich… You got me worried about my figure.”

The next night I was sitting at the same sofa when Biesha came in, her Lava Lava wrapped as I had mine the day before. She quietly sat on the sofa and waited for me to notice her.

“Well now, that looks much more comfortable,” I said turning to her.

“So, what do you think,” she asked shyly.

“I think you had better keep yourself wrapped up when Michael’s around. Wearing a Lava like that really says you mean business… Unless of course you do mean business…” I dropped this bomb on her without a flicker of emotion.

She literally paled.

“Dear, what’s the matter?” I quickly moved over next to her.

“Sara, I… I would never take Michael away from you.” The poor girl was shaking, her voice a mere whisper.

I put my arms around her.

“Look girl, first of all, I don’t think for a moment that you are trying to ‘take Michael away from me.’ I know you better than that. Secondly, even if you were, I told you that I’m not the sort of woman that covets the men in her life. If Michael wants to run and try other pastures, then I won’t stop him. I won’t even question him about it if he decides to come back. And he feels the same about me, about you! We both do. What you have to understand is that our relationship is founded on love, not possession.”

“But, you and Michael, you…”

“Make love? Oh yes!” I was smiling. “We try to please each other to the fullest of our ability.” I held her out at arms length. “Biesha, do you want to sleep with Michael tonight?”

Her eyes went wide.

“Sara, I couldn’t…”

“Why not? I know he would love to have you in his bed. For that matter, so would I… In my bed I mean.” This was the shocker that would decide if I had pushed her too far. I waited calmly for her answer. Calm on the outside that is. Inside I was doing double-time.

She sat quietly for several seconds.

“This is all so new for me,” she said finally. “I’m not sure…”

“Well, do keep it as an option. And if you want, talk to me about it. If nothing else, I can tell you some juicy stories.” That got her and she smiled.

In the next week, as Michael was finding himself out of the house more than in, Biesha and I had a lot of time to ourselves. Gradually, she started to lose her inhibitions about being around me in the nude. We were sisters. I told her that skin was skin, and frankly the most comfortable outfit to wear around the house. Now that we had gotten her clothes away from her, Michael and I decided to turn up the heat.

At first we simply increased the frequency of our lovemaking. Then we started to get a little bolder. The first time she caught us, I was laying on my back on the kitchen table, Michael on top of me. We had waited until we were sure we would be seen when she came home from her shift at the Med center. Her eyes almost bugged out of her head when she walked in on us, mumbling apologies and quickly turning to leave.

Then next time, we ‘accidentally’ left the bathroom door open while we took a shower together. I knew that she watched us for a bit that time from down the hall.

After about a week of this, we figured Biesha was as ready as she was ever going to be. We set our plan to action that night by making love on the padded living room floor, me in Michael’s lap so that I could face the hallway. We both grunted and groaned until I was sure that Biesha was watching us because I could see her shadow in the hall. Just after I roared in ecstasy, I let my held fall forward over his shoulder. Then with a dreamy, satiated grin, I looked right up at her.

She froze.

“Biesha, come here.”

She stayed in the shadows for a long moment, then slowly edged forward.

“Please, come over by us. I want to talk to you.”

“I’m intruding, I’ll just go back to…”

“Nonsense. Come sit with us. Please?”

Michael had his best welcome face on, and I gave her that endearing sisterly look. She walked to the border of the living room, and then took a seat at the far side of the ‘U’ shaped sofa by which we were surrounded. I was still in Michael’s lap, my legs wrapped around his torso. We were gleaming with a thin sheen of perspiration.

“You were watching us,” I said. It wasn’t a question, just a statement. None the less, Biesha slowly nodded her head.

“And what did you think?”

“I… I thought it was beautiful,” she answered after a slight pause. Her voice was very soft.

“Did you see my face when I came?” I cocked my head slightly to match hers.

“Yes,” she whispered, her head bowed.

“Have you ever come like that?” Michael was softly stroking my back.

“I… don’t think so,” she said after another pause.

Then I asked the question that would make or break her.

“Would you like to?”

She looked up and I watched her take in the two of us, considering. Then she lowered her eyes again and said, “Yes.”

I slowly disengaged myself from Michael and moved until I was kneeling in front of her. Then I took her hands. She was practically shaking.

“It’s ok,” I said, stroking her palms. “We want you to be with us. You’re family, remember?”

She nodded slowly. I gently pulled her forward then, off the sofa and into the center of the living room. She sat between us, her legs folded under her, that beautiful dark hair spilling out around her. She was robed in a soft cotton gown that we had purchased together earlier in the week. It was a recreation of an Old-Earth style and actually had real buttons and lace around the neck.

I reached out to the hem and watched her eyes as I started to lift the garment off her. She was like a shy child then, fumbling and raising her arms so that I could lift it completely away. She sat before us, her naked body almost radiant in the dim light. Already her breathing was deep.

I took her hands and slowly drew her towards Michael, who was seated with his legs out in front of him, his back resting on the edge of the sofa. She walked on her knees until she was on one side of him, and I directly across. Her eyes grew wide once again when she saw Michael’s manhood before her. He smiled, accepting the unspoken complement.

“Put you leg over his,” I said quietly. She first looked to me, then to Michael, who nodded in encouragement. She hesitated for a moment, then lifted her knee so that she could straddle his outstretched limbs. I was still holding her hand and so gently guided her forward. Michael also reached out for her when she was near enough and placed his hands on her hips, drawing her closer.

I heard her soft gasp as Michael leaned forward and placed his lips around her right nipple. Her head went back, eyes closed in wonderful abandon as he licked and sucked the now pulsing bud in his mouth. Then, he released her and turned his body, so that he could lay down flat. I helped her move forward once again, but this time, my hands did not leave her smooth skin. Instead, I stared running them up and down her sides, reaching around from behind and ever so lightly caressing the undersides of her breasts. Michael reached up and found her hips once again.

All this was like a perfect orchestration with us leading her, guiding her into place. I shifted near to her, so that one hand reached around her, my fingers spread out just above her Mons, my breasts at her back. I too, was straddling my lover’s legs, just as I had done minutes before. My other hand dropped under her and caressed the insides of her thighs. She was breathing very deeply now, her eyes wide as Michael began to draw her downward. With one hand, I encouraged the motion on her belly, the other lifted Michael’s shaft so that it rose up under her.

“Ahh!” She gasped as the tip of his manhood pressed into her gates. I knew that she was committed now, so I cupped her flower, the length of my lover slowly sliding through my fingers and into the depths of her warm sheath. She grasped Michael’s shoulders, her face filled with wonderful pain as he eased her down to rest on his waiting thighs. I slipped my hand out from under her and moved back to my lover’s ankles. As I did so, I gently pulled at Biesha’s shoulders, making her lean back until she was stretched out before me, her head between my breasts.

Michael started to move her now, his hands and hips rocking her pelvis with a slow piston motion. I saw Biesha’s eyelids flutter and heard her breath become mere gasps, perfectly in time with the undulations of her body. I let my own hands roam downward over her torso. I stroked her passionately from her face, over her breasts and nipples, down her belly and into the soft curls of her womanhood. Then I ran them back up again, only to repeat the caresses over and over. When I noticed the shape of her mouth change to that familiar ‘O’ of approaching bliss, I reached down to her flat belly and helped her to move her hips. With each beat, her body grew tenser and tenser until all at once she stiffened and cried out, her face contorting into that wonderful agony that comes in orgasm. For a long moment I gazed onto her shining countenance, staring at her closed eyes and the firey brilliance of the woman’s ecstasy. Finally, her head sank back down and she sighed deeply several times as the liquid passion ebbed from her body. I reached down and cupped her chin, turning her head back so that I could see into her eyes. As they fluttered open, a smile came to her lips.

“Thank you…” she said softly.

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