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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Laslo Gate

Chapter 2 – Shopping.

Michael kept me in a state of continual orgasm for nearly an hour that night, and while it was an experience that I highly recommend, be prepared to be out of it for at least 24 to 48 hours. And you had better have a strong heart fer gossake! I fervently vowed that he would get his, but I refused to give him a time or place. The best revenge is administered long after the victim has forgotten the reasons and is completely unsuspecting, even confused… until you casually remind them of their past crimes. Then it is sweet indeed. But Michael had a long memory, and he and I both knew it would be some time before he could expect retribution.

In the mean time, we continued to enjoy our short days together, knowing that he would soon be called back to duty. We were sitting naked, my thighs straddling his lap one morning while he spooned breakfast into my mouth when I recalled a conversation we had started earlier.

“Michael dear,” I said between bites. “Remember last night when you said that it was a good thing that we always played these games against each other because, how did you put it, ‘we could really wreak havoc if we ever teamed up.'” He quickly placed another bite of western egg omelet into my mouth. If you have never eaten breakfast right after making love, you must try it. The trick is to have everything prepared and ready so that neither of you have to move… or even untangle to start shoveling in food.

“Did I say that? I don’t remember being very talkative last night.” He speared himself another sausage link.

“You were… vocal. And so was I, to my great pleasure. But seriously love, would it really be such a bad thing?”

I took the fork from his hand and blocked off a chunk from our stack of pancakes while he thought about it.

“I’m not sure I know what you mean. Would what be such a bad thing?”

“Our teaming up!”

“Isn’t that what we have been doing for the past six days, what we did not ten minutes ago?”

“Lover, when we’re together we concentrate completely on each other. We focus all our energy, our being, into the pleasure of the other. We cancel each other out.” Syrup dripped down onto my chest and left a sticky trail as it slowly descended down the curve of my breast.

“What are you suggesting, that we find some other focus?”

“Why not? You had fun the night you tied my hands to the bedpost, didn’t you?”

He grinned wickedly.

“And I’ve had fun teasing you in similar ways. But think about it. We’ve never been able to work together, as a team, towards a common goal.”

“Sara, do you want to join an orgy group?”

I sighed. “Oh, nothing so grandiose.”

“How many shall we invite to the party then,” he asked, taking a crescent out of a slice of melon.

“Why not a trio?”

“You, me, and a stranger makes three…?”

“Yes! And I want her to be somewhat young, but not a virgin.”

“This is beginning to sound like a sacrifice. She?”

“A female definitely, for two reasons. One,” I placed my index finger on his nose. “Your ego would be much too big to allow another male naked in the same room with me…”

“I can’t argue with that,” he replied, licking the syrup off my left breast.

“And secondly, I am more than satisfied with the current model I already own.” I placed both hands on his shoulders and pulled my hips forward.

“And when would you like to, uh… go shopping?” He grasped my waist and lifted me, nuzzling my breasts.

“How about right after breakfast,” I answered, reaching down.

“Better make it lunch…” he said as he lowered my body onto his waiting shaft.

After considerable discussion, we finally choose the Miradi Space Port as the grounds for our hunt. By the time the Taxicraft dropped us off, we had made further decisions regarding the type of female we were looking for. We agreed not to predispose ourselves to any particular nationality or appearance, but rather let fate guide us. On two points though, we did make a rule. She had to be younger than twenty five and completely willing to go along with every move we made.

I other words, we couldn’t force her. The game was to seduce her, not rape her. And seduce was indeed the correct term, for I wanted someone that wouldn’t normally be caught dead doing the things we wanted to do. After all, what fun would the game be if the person were a real swinger. If all we wanted was a third body there were plenty of able and willing females hanging out just around the corner where the semi-ballistic military transports always docked.

We also didn’t want a virgin. Not that it wouldn’t have been fun, but the first time should be a bumbling adventure in the back seat of a hovercar, not as the target for a sexual game. To some people it’s not such a big deal, literally anti-climatic. But for others, it’s an emotional milestone that they always remember and cherish.

We choose the space port because of the incredibly wide variety of people that passed through. Vega II wasn’t a big planet, population-wise, but it was the cross-over station for six other systems. It was said that more humans passed through the main terminal at Miradi in a single day than inhabited many of the smaller planets in the 159 star league. Like I said, wide variety.

Still, after six hours of pretending to be everything from vacationing tourists to planetary dignitaries, we were still without our prize. It was getting late, we were tired as hell and completely confused. How could it be that among all these people we couldn’t find a single one that was to our liking?

Most of our time was spent in several of the in-terminal coffee shops, not so much for the type of people that ate and rested there, but rather for the seats. I think that the engineers who design space terminals must purposely build the floors from the hardest, most painful substance in the known universe to stand on. My feet ached.

“Maybe we should just put an ad in the nets,” Michael suggested jokingly as we slumped in a booth sipping what might have seriously insulted my taste for coffee had I not been so wiped-out.

“Oh sure,” I said sarcastically. “Wanted… pretty, young, human female. Age fifteen to twenty-five for wild sexual orgies. Must be inexperienced, seduceable and willing to learn. Virgins need not apply.”

“Well, I’ve just about had it for this place. Want to call it a draw for the day and go back to the think-tank?”

“I’m going to grab another cup of this bilge, you want some?”

Michael made a queazy face and shivered a ‘no’.

I was just coming out of the serving line when someone turned and walked straight into me from around a corner. The coffee never even hit the floor, it just soaked into the brightly colored, and highly absorbent coverall I wore.

“Oh! I’m terribly sorry… I never even saw you but I should have been watching it’s my fault and I’m terribly clumsy I’ve ruined your clothes and can you ever forgive me?”

I looked up from the rapidly widening wetness, ignoring the fact that the hot liquid actually felt rather nice, and was about to say something bitchy when the better half of my brain clicked in and I noticed the girl in front of me.

She stood maybe 165 centimeters high, had long, dark, curly brown hair to her waist and a face that looked as though she’d just left home. I quickly guessed from her voice and appearance that she was about 18 or 19.

“Uh, it’s alright. No harm done,” I said reaching for some napkins.

“But surely that will stain…”

“No,” I said with a smile. “It’s PolyStat coated. I just give it a good zap and the dirt flies off. Really.

“Oh, you’re too kind. At least let me replace your drink.” She fumbled with her carrisak and started to head for the service line. I quickly hurried after her.

“Uh… now that you mention it, you look a little frazzled yourself. Maybe I better buy you one.”

The girl was taken aback.

“Do I really?” She brought her hand up to her face as if she might feel the difference in her appearance. For a moment the dear thing blushed.

“Well, a little. Here, let me help you…”

We made our way through the line and ended up with full trays of food in place of the coffee. As we moved toward ‘our’ table and Michael, I got my lies together. First of all, you have to understand that the girl was perfect. Biesha (her friends called her Bix) was a freshly graduated nurse looking for work. Due to the military outpost here, Vega II had an inordinate number of medical facilities. I had noticed the MedTech patch on her carrisak and commented that it was my field as well. From that point on we were old friends.

“Michael,” I said as we dropped into the booth. “Meet Biesha O’Denin.”

One of the things that first attracted me to Michael was the way he treated people. With Biesha it was no exception. He stood immediately, catching my eye in silent question as he did, and slightly bowed. In his full military uniform, it was quite impressive.

“Hello Biesha,” he said returning to his seat.

“Are you really the captain of a starship,” she asked.

Michael smiled.

“Indeed I am. Just in actually.” He looked at me for confirmation and I nodded just enough for him to notice.

“Biesha is a nurse, Michael. I was just telling her about some openings we had at Laslo Gate and how she should apply.”

“Indeed,” he replied.

“I’d love to live in that sector, Sara, but I’m really not sure that I could afford it. I mean nurses do ok and all but it really is a bit out of my range.” The girl dove into her food with the same renewed vigor I did.

“Oh, but you really should go for the best, medically speaking” commented Michael by reflex. Which was the truth, Laslo Gate was the best. A good recommendation from there could get you a job on any planet in the league.

“I’d be happy to put in a word or two for you,” I said truthfully.

“Would you really? That would be fantastic! Oh, but then that still doesn’t leave me with a place to stay.” Her face was a picture of frustration. “I suppose I could commute.”

“Commute! That would cost you more than a you’d pay for a flat. What do you think Michael, does she look respectable?” I turned to face my lover.

“I think so. Are you Biesha, respectable that is,” he asked her with a smile.

“Well, I…” she started to answer.

“Oh, stop it Michael.” I play-hit his arm with a grin. “What he means is, how would you like to live in a great flat with a terrific view of the city, for peanuts?”

“Sure… Do you know somebody who needs a roommate or something?”

I sat back and grinned. “Yeah, me.”


“Michael is gone for all but a fraction of the year…” I said leaning forward again.

“Much to my disappointment…” he cut in.

“…And our place is big enough to get lost in. I’d love to have someone around, especially someone in my own profession. You can have as many rooms as you can occupy… and I won’t charge you more than guild rates.”

“Guild rates,” she said surprized. “For Laslo Gate?!”

“I’ll let you stay for nothing if you can cook, whaddaya say?”

“Well… If I wouldn’t be in the way,” she said casting a quick glance at Michael.

“In the way,” I said with mock horror. And that was how we managed to not only find a perfect female for our little game, but a potential roommate for me as well.

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