New Section – Reading Room!

I don’t know why I have been putting this off for so long, but I finally went ahead and made this section live. The Reading Room is where you will find ebook versions of some of my works. Right now, I have a single entry, but it covers most (if not all) of my completed shorts. Sunday Afternoon Quickies has been sitting in various forms on my computer for the better part of a decade, slowly acquiring new additions. It’s my very first foray into ebook publishing, so please forgive me if there are errors, etc. You would think outputting an ebook would be an easy thing. Don’t be fooled. It’s easy to do poorly, not so easy to do right. For now, I have a simple placeholder cover. I’m working on an actual graphic, but getting where I want it is proving… most frustrating. As I mention in the section itself, I may edit or add to these works, and if I do, I will try to release them as a new file with an updated version number in the title. I’ve found that most readers won’t actually update if you don’t change the file name. Go figure. Also, I am putting these out there in epub format, which is readable by most, and is readily converted since the text is completely flowable (unlike a pdf). If you are interested in the process and problems (and solutions!) I have had in creating ebooks, let me know. Maybe there’s a tutorial in there somewhere. Enjoy!