New Short – Dungeon

This story was written in honor of my days playing Dungeons & Dragons as a teen. As a geek girl, D&D was pretty much a prerequisite, and being that I was almost always the only female in our group, I usually got a lot of attention (whether I wanted it or not). That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it meant that my characters were never quite treated the same way as my male teammates. I had watched the all-male groups play, and I knew what happened when a DM let things go R (or X!) rated. At the time, there was simply no way that a group of guys was going to talk about ‘raping villagers’ or creatures with ‘sinister intention’ with an attractive female sitting there at the table with them. Not going to happen. But even then, *I* was certainly thinking about it. A lot. In fact, several illustrations out of the original Monster Manual were my first exposure to tentacled denizens. It wasn’t a stretch to imagine those same creatures choosing to do a little ‘raping and pillaging’ on their own. This story contains a number of those themes, expanded and updated, as well as a many of my own influences, recent and past. I originally intended to have Taya be the main character, but somehow it just felt more appropriate to have a male take the lead, if only for the irony. It was written very quickly (like two days), and is pretty heavy on the sexy stuff, but I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. It was a whimsical break from the more serious works I have been slogging through lately. [X] [Tentacle]