New Short – Lara Pressed

Please forgive the similarity between this short and my previous Lara Croft story. This is actually closer to what I intended the other one to be, both visually and for plot (such as it is). That’s what happens when real life gets a bit too intense and your free time gets blown into a thousand five-minute pieces. My editing process for even these few pages was insane. I don’t think there’s a single paragraph in the whole short that didn’t get rewritten partially at least twice, and on multiple kinds of devices (yes, I sometimes write on my tablet). Ah well. It was fun, and that’s all that really matters. I had a good time with the tentacles in the art. I was trying to get them to feel more ‘beefy’. I’m mildly satisfied with the result. I’ve been trying to get my creatures to be less ‘organic’. Don’t get me wrong, I like organic (sexy-yum!), but an organic creature is a little like those mangas where the tentacles come in from nowhere and look like garden hoses. It’s got no plot, man… Anyway, enjoy.