New Short – The Dryad’s Dream

This is the sequel to Dungeon, taking place almost directly after Wendel, Taya, and the elven sisters Peleial and Lawen return to the Vale with the Wizard. I originally intended it to be a simple postscript to the original story, but in classic Marjorie style, it’s not only longer than the original, but halfway to a full length novel (a solid novella!). I really do need to work on abbreviating my “shorts”. TEN freaking chapters… OY!

In any case, this story deals with more touchy-feely topics, and while it still has a healthy dose of fan service, it’s definitely a more plot and dialog driven piece than the original. I also wanted to keep the Dungeons & Dragons theme going that made the first one fun. You should see a few new references, for those readers that partake (or used to, like me). [X] [Tentacle]