New Short – The Forest of Murgos

I view a lot of tenti-art. And there’s a surprising amount out there. Most of it is pretty much the same – there are only so many different ways to do the nasty with amorous cephalopods (or variations thereof). But sometimes you encounter a work of art that so tickles your fancy, that you just think it deserves more attention within the community. Sometimes it’s the style or quality of the art itself. Occasionally it’s the creative nature of the piece. Very rarely, it’s a combination of a number of factors that come together in a perfect storm of squiggly goodness. I recently found one of those works from an old voice in the community. Some of you may remember bobbydando. Those of you that do, may remember their art. bobbydando is still out there, posting under the name of Eldrik Aethervial. I found one of their works on a random tenti site I visit, and after a bit of sleuthing, traced it back to their tumblr ( I was so tickled with this particular work, that I decided it needed text to go with it. The image itself wrote the plot, I just filled in the blanks. I randomly titled it, The Forests of Murgos. And you really should go see what they are doing over on the tumblr. Great stuff. You can find the image that inspired me so, here.