New Story – Stowaway

I’ve always loved pirates (who doesn’t?), and have wanted to apply my certain, er, tastes – to such a tale for ages. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to step into a new genre cold, especially when it’s so easy to look silly doing so. There’s no shortage of pirate books and movies, and most of them don’t really capture what it was like to live for months at a time on a ship with extremely loose command structure and even worse hygiene. Sometimes realism doesn’t make a very good backdrop for sexy encounters. None the less, I wanted to do something with SOME degree of maritime authenticity, so I settled on a blend. Why “Stowaway”? Because that’s how I started it, and until I can come up with a better title, Stowaway it is. Titles are HARD. Here are chapters 1-4. I’ve written up to chapter 9, so there will be more updates in the near future.