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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Persistence of Memory

Chapter 2 – Rachael

“Rachael, what is sex?”

They were talking over lunch in the cafeteria. In the last few months they had come to be very good friends. Together, they had done wonders for Michael’s growth, and it was a relationship that Carma had readily approved of. Rachael could teach him things in a casual environment that he would never get in his sessions with the professor. They often covered topics that were controversial or complicated. This one though, caught her a little off guard.

“Well, Michael… um… It’s the coupling of two people for procreation.”


“Yes, the male inserts his, er… penis into the female’s vagina and they… well, they make love… they um…”

“Why?” He asked with perfect innocence.

“To reproduce I guess… and for the fun of it.”

Michael looked puzzled.

“It is fun?”

“Very!” She replied with a smile. “And quite pleasurable.”

“When does one do sex?”

“It’s ‘have sex’, and the answer is anytime they want, as often as they can! At least that’s how I like sex.”

Michael was thinking again. “But wouldn’t that cause a great number of people to be created? What keeps the planet from filling up?”

“Well, people are being… created all the time, but they die as well.”

“I would like to talk more about what it is to ‘die’, but I wish to know more about sex first. You have sex often?”

“Uh.. sure. Two or three times a week normally. I’m currently not seeing anybody though, so things are a bit slower than normal.”

“So, you must have created a large number of people, yes?” He was still frowning.

“Huh? Oh, no. Sex isn’t like that. You don’t have to always ‘create’ someone… You can have sex just for the pleasure of it.”

“Oh! I see! You can choose,” he said grinning with understanding.

“Yes, indeed.”

“Could we have sex sometime?” The question was said with complete happiness and innocence.

Rachael’s mouth dropped open.

“I have said something wrong,” he said frowning again.

“Oh no, Michael. It’s just that, well… Sex is probably the most intimate thing a couple can do. It is to be savored and enjoyed with those whom you trust completely.”

“I trust you Rachael…”

“And I trust you Michael, it’s just that one doesn’t… I mean, it’s not normally… oh damn…”

They were quiet for a few minutes. For Michael, this was totally normal. He would often go quiet and remain completely passive for hours at a time. Rachael on the other hand was thinking hard and fast.

For anyone else to proposition her like that would be ridiculous. But Michael was different. She DID trust him, completely. Professor Carma had said he was currently incapable of lying. More so, he was probably the one man in the whole world that would totally respect her. He respected everything as if it was the most precious thing in the universe. To him, all creations, man-made or not were treasures to spend a lifetime discovering.

“Michael,” she said, making up her mind.

“Yes Rachael?”

“Come with me.” With that, she grasped his hand and urged him to stand.

Michael followed her without question or expression. Once, Carma had asked Michael to wait in his office until his secretary came back from an errand. Unknown to him, his secretary had already gone home for the weekend. Monday morning, Michael was still standing there waiting.

She led him down the halls to her lab. Once inside, she locked the door and stood before him.

“Michael, I’ve thought about it, and I want you to have sex with me.”

“I am willing, but I do not know how. Will you show me?”

“Uh, sure! Are you ready?”

“I don’t know. How does one tell?”

“I meant are you ready to learn.”


Taking his hand, she led him into one of the sleep rooms. Inside was a bed and a number of monitoring devices. Taking a breath, she sat on the edge of the bed.

“Michael, it’s important that you understand a few things. Sex itself is just a biological act. But making love, the human, intimate side of sex, is far more complicated.”

Michael listened and watched her intently.

“When a couple makes love, they do so with the other in mind. The goal is to bring pleasure to their partner, and in so doing, share in that pleasure. Never make love to someone just to please yourself.”

“I understand. But how does one bring about this pleasure,” he asked, slightly titling his head.

“Well, there are a number of ways. Keep in mind that sex has many aspects and phases, but it is the whole of the experience that satisfies and arouses.”

For some reason, this seemed to please Michael. He was suddenly nearly bubbling.

“You understand what I was trying to explain to the professor! Only, your words are so much better. I tried to explain that it was this way with all things, but I was unable to relate the concept.”

“Hmm… I think I know what you’re getting at. Let’s continue, yes?”

“Yes!” He said enthusiastically.

“Good. First, look at me. Do you see the differences between me and you physically?”

“You mean your shape? Yes.”

“That’s right. Females have breasts, wider hips, ect… I want you to remember to watch me closely. You need to be constantly aware of how I feel.”

Stepping forward, she stood directly before him a moment. Then, taking a deep breath, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him. At first, he was completely still. Then, slowly at first, he began to mimic her actions. His mouth opened and he kissed back. Their kiss grew and built up momentum until Rachael found herself moaning softly. When she finally pulled away, it was for lack of oxygen, not desire. She was shocked. Never in her life had she been kissed so intimately. She found herself panting, highly aroused.

“Was that right?” Asked Michael with a concerned look on his face. Rachael found the need to sit back down on the bed.

“Oh, yeah… That was about as right as it gets.”

“Then it was pleasing to you?”

“Very! Um… Do you think we could try that again?”

Michael smiled. “Certainly! Which aspect of sex is that?”

“It’s called kissing.” Standing again, she took a few more deep breaths and moved up to him again. “This time, go ahead and put your arms around me while we kiss.” With that, she leaned forward and placed her lips to his once again.

She felt his hands slide up her back as his tongue played with hers in a slow erotic dance. Again, the kiss grew in intensity until she was making little mewing noises. This time, however, she wasn’t so willing to break away. She brought her own arms up and pulled Michael closer to her. She could feel the stiffness of his manhood at her belly, her own body reacting as well. Her nipples pressed almost painfully at her bra, and she started to move her hips against him erotically.

Her need for air brought her out of dizzy abandon once again. Had it not, Rachael was certain she would have had an orgasm.

“Mmmm! Oh god, Michael…” She said breaking away from his mouth.

“God? Did I do something wrong?”

“No! Damned if that wasn’t about the best kiss I’ve ever had. If you’re half as good a lover as you are a kisser…” She let the comment hang as she looked him in the eyes again. Biting her lip, she untangled herself from his arms and took a step back. Then, deciding, she kicked off her shoes and reached for the top button of her blouse. When she had reached the bottom, and Michael was still just standing there watching, she giggled.

“Take off your clothes Michael.”

He did, without hesitation. By the time he was finished, they were both naked.

“Just for the record,” she said stepping up to him again. “I have to try this one more time.” She found herself blushing a bit as she leaned into his body. His arms came up on their own this time, and she let him draw her up close. Freed from their prison, her breasts flattened against his chest, her nipples pressing into him. It was much more arousing to kiss Michael naked, and this time she did have an orgasm. It snuck up on her about twenty-five seconds in, and burst forth as a sharp gasp of delight. She was so caught up in the passion that she hadn’t even noticed that she was trying to wrap her legs around his torso.

“Is it normal for a partner to go to sleep during sex?” Asked Michael looking down at her. She was still panting, her mouth open, eye-lids fluttering. When her head cleared, she tried to recall wha he had said.


“Yes, you were unconscious for a time. But happily so.”

“Oh! The orgasm…”

“Orgasm,” he repeated.

“It’s uh… It’s a euphoric state of extreme pleasure that occurs during moments of heightened arousal.”

“Then you were pleased with our kissing?” He was grinning.


“I am learning.” He said happily.

“You certainly are. Um… Do you think you’re ready for the next aspect of sex?”

“I am ready.”

“Yes, I’d say you are…” she said looking down. “And then some.”

She led him to the bed and urged him to lay down. Then, taking another deep breath, she got into the bed herself, snuggling up against his body. He felt completely delicious. It had been a long time. Too long she decided.

“What is this called,” asked Michael watching her.

“Well, this is called foreplay, but it comes in a wide variety of flavors and colors.”

Michael looked confused.

“..uh.. It doesn’t have to be in bed, and there are many variations.”

“Ahhh…” Said Michael, understanding. “What do we do?”

“Well,” started Rachael with a smile. It wasn’t everyday that you had a chance to teach a man what to do to get you warmed up. Especially if that man listens to you as though his life depended upon your every word, and then remembers and applies what you say with complete concentration. “The purpose of foreplay is to put one in the mood to have intercourse. That’s the actual coupling I told you about.”

“Does one need to be in a certain mood to have… ‘intercourse’?”

“Well, I guess not, but there are times when it certainly helps. For example, sometimes a female needs time to become aroused so that her body will produce lubricants that make intercourse easier and more enjoyable.”

“Are you in need of arousal?” Michael was staring at her body as if there might be a gauge hidden somewhere that would indicate her sexual state.

“Actually, I’m darn near slippery as a fish!” When she saw his confused look, she added, “I’m quite well lubricated. But don’t let that stop your foreplay. A woman will let you know when she’s ready.”

“I see. What must I do?”

Rachael took a moment to think.

“Hmmm. Well, it may be that foreplay is even more difficult to understand than actual intercourse. I mean, once you get going, instinct pretty much takes over. But foreplay is different. It’s harder because you don’t always know if you are doing it right. A woman, or a man for that matter, for it works both ways, may not tell you that you are arousing them. You just have to watch and pay attention.”

“But how does one do it? Arousal that is.” Michael was still frowning.

“Well… here,” she said taking his hand and rolling to her back. “Put you hand on me, like this. Now, gently caress my skin, lightly… yes, that’s good. Try to imagine what my body is feeling. Try to guess what will feel pleasurable to me. Think of where I want to be touched, how I want to be touched. Experiment a little and watch my reactions. See what gets my blood moving.”

Michael stopped his hand and closed his eyes for almost a full minute. Rachael was just about to say something when he opened them again and lifted his hand away.

“Are you okay, Michael?”

With great concentration, he let his fingers just barely skim over the surface of her belly, just below her belly-button, but above her mons. The effect was instant and powerful. Stiffening in surprise, Rachael shivered as near orgasmic levels of pleasure washed up her body as shallow waves.

“Ugnnnmmmm! Hunnmmmm! Yessss…. th-th-that’s it!”

His fingers slid down over her sides to her hips, then just a little below, not quite on the side of her buttocks. Then he very slowly drew them down to a point where her thigh started, and then up slightly. He was very lightly tickling her skin with his fingertips as he moved slowly back up to the top of her thighs. He hovered at the crease where her thighs joined her pelvis.

All of this was having a profound effect on Rachael’s arousal. She was making little gasps when he started over her hips, which turned to bigger gasps, and then finally full-on cries of passion by the time he was tickling the edges of her nether region. Her pelvis was twitching uncontrollably at his touch.

Later, Rachael tried to understand what was so different about his touch that made it so arousing. It wasn’t so much where he touched her, although it certainly made a difference, but rather how he touched her. She finally decided that it was a difference that couldn’t be described, only experienced. It was like the difference in a bar-room pianist compared to a concert pianist. They could both play exactly the same piece, but the depth and life that came into the piece when the concert pianist played it, could only be attributed to raw talent. A gift. Michael had such a gift. And right now he was ‘playing’ Rachael’s body like a master.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ughnnnnmmmmmmmm!! OH! Oh g-god! UGHNNN!”

Michael lifted his hand and watched her as her breathing returned to near normal levels, her head falling forward once again. “Are you alright, Rachael?”

“W-why did you s-stop?” She said with regret.

“I was worried that I was hurting you.”

“Hurting me?! Goodness no! You darned near sent me through the roof! No one has ever touched me like that. I don’t know what you did, but it was wonderful! Please continue!”

“Okay. I like touching you like this. It is very complicated, like you said. But, perhaps you could provide a bit more guidance? I am interested in the area you referred to as ‘vagina’.”


“My body is different there…” he continued.


“… and I am having a hard time imagining what it is like to touch you there.”

Rachael smiled. “Then I guess you will just have to explore and find out, won’t you?…” With a giddy laugh, she brought her knees up and then let her thighs fall open. “Go ahead, Michael. But go slow, and be very gentle. I’m likely to be quite a bit more sensitive there than any other place.”

Moving a bit lower on the bed, Michael leaned in and stared intently right up her flower. Rachael blushed and giggled again. Moments later his fingers were tracing the edges of her labia.

“Ughhhnnn…. UGHHH!! Ummmmm…”

“Does it hurt,” he asked as he gently let his fingers play inside her folds.

“UGHNNMM!! H-h-h-hardly! Ughnnn! It f-feels h-h-heavenly! OHH!! C-careful there… Th-that’s my cl-clit!”

“The little nub?” Asked Michael, letting his fingers trace just around its edges.

“AHHH!! OH GOD!! Yesss!! Ummmmm! Slow! Go slow! Ughnnn…. It’s the most sensitive point on my body. Be v-very gentle, p-please…” Rachael’s breathing was deep and lust-filled.

Again, Michael was still and silent for a minute or so, then he opened his eyes and very slowly let the fingers of one hand glide into her, while the other very lightly began to caress her clitoris. The touch was so soft that it was almost non-existent at first, but he gradually let it build as he grew more and more bold with his other hand.

As before, Rachael suddenly found her body awash in ecstasy. Her hips almost immediately began to rock against his touch in an uncontrollable pumping rhythm of intercourse. Her back arched and her head tossed left and right in impossible pleasure. Her breathing came as staggered gasps of air, and finally cries of bliss as her orgasm thundered through her.

Michael felt her body tremble, felt her flower suck and quiver at his fingers. He knew she had peaked, but saw no reason to stop his actions. So long as Rachael was feeling pleasure, he was being successful at this aspect of sex. And so he continued to explore her, letting his fingers dip even deeper inside her. He carefully memorized every fold, every crease and dip his fingers met. And in so doing, drove Rachael to orgasm after orgasm for nearly fifteen solid minutes.

When she finally stopped him, her body was drenched in sweat and trembling with overstimulation.

“E-enough!” She exclaimed, panting. “God M-Michael… If you d-don’t fuck me s-soon, mmmmmm…. I’m going to b-burst!”

Michael had a concerned look on his face. “Fuck?”

“Mnnmmmm… Ughmmmmm… It… It’s the actual intercourse part of sex. Hnnmmmm…”

“Ah, I see. How does one do this?”

Rachael looked over at him. Never in her life had she needed to instruct a partner in how to fuck. It was a novel problem, and one that she didn’t have time to answer properly… She needed it NOW!

“Roll onto your back… good. For this first time, I’ll show you. Next time, and there WILL be a next time, you can be on top.” As she said this, she swung her leg over his body, so that her thighs were straddling his hips.

“Should I do anything?” Asked Michael looking up at her.

“Just enjoy the ride,” she said with a smile as she lifted herself up and grabbed his manhood. As she was positioning him under her she added, “Um… you can use your hands to caress me if you like… Same rules as foreplay… UGHNmmmmm!”

Michael stared in fascination as the tip of his penis disappeared into Rachael’s folds. He watched her face light up and her mouth drop open as she slowly lowered herself down on him, impaling herself on his shaft.

“Ughnnn! OH! UMMM! UGHNNN! Oh god! Oh GOD! UGHNNN!”

Finally, she was once again seated on his hips. Her head came forward with a dreamy glazed look and she started to move. Rachael was hardly aware of her body’s rebellion. She had meant to stop and explain a few things to Michael, but her hips betrayed her. Gently, they were rocking back and forth, driving his manhood in and out of her with deep, long strokes. Michael placed his fingers on her belly and with the same kind of concentration that he had given her before, gradually moved them up her torso until they were playing with her nipples.

Even in that short period of time, Rachael went from highly aroused to out of control. Her hips pumped atop him uncontrollably, and her cries of delight echoed in the small room. Fire washed over her as powerful ecstasy blazed up from her loins. She vaguely remembered the hot warmth of Michael’s seed inside her as her world tumbled into blissful unconsciousness.

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