A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Poppins’ Return

Chapter 8 – Bump in the night

It was a long night, but Marly was right about me being “sex positive.” After our coupling, I was able to take in ten times the information, and with much better retention than only an hour earlier. It so shocked me that I could be so radically different before and after sex, that I faded off on a thought tangent regarding why they didn’t put whorehouses next to college campuses. I was just considering how I could get Gran to make the Brightly House into a brothel when Marly slapped her hand down on the small table with enough force to cause the little vase to fly about a half inch into the air. I snapped back to attention, my eyes wide and my head tucked.

“WHAT is it now!?” She demanded.

Having decided that it was a very foolish proposition to lie to someone who can see into the future, long-term or not, I paused for a moment and then told her.

To my relief, she calmed down and then spent about ten minutes analyzing my idea. We concluded that it was purely a matter of morals. Technically, it would be quite beneficial, but morally, the general public would never go for it. There are far too many sphincter-faced, right-wing assholes out there who would squash such a brilliant concept without even thinking about, just because it used the words “sex” and “orgasm”. We even considered the possibility of starting a secret society to take advantage of this untapped market. But advertising is the whole problem. If you can’t publicly advertise, then your just like all the other whorehouses out there. Oh well. It was still fun to think about.

By one in the morning, we had just about covered history up until about the Renaissance period. It was just starting to get good in my opinion, but Marly called it a night and then told me that I should get some sleep.

There was one of those awkward moments were you don’t quite know how to put into words what you are feeling without saying something that can’t really be said. I was thinking that her bed would be just fine by me, but she was making it clear that her bed was currently off-limits. Putting my gonads on simmer, I gave her a hug and started to leave. Snagging my hand, she turned me around and planted one on me that brought my libido back to full boil.

While I caught my breath, she fixed me squarely in the eyes.

“Just because I ask you go to your own bed tonight, doesn’t mean that I don’t want you in mine later. You don’t realize it right now, but you ARE tired, and you must get your sleep. We have a long weekend in front of us and we can’t afford to let you be a walking zombie. If you stay here, neither of us is going to do much sleeping…”

She gave me a single saucy look that promised untold delights, and then pushed me out into the hall. I stood there for a few moments, then smiled and went off to my own room. Yeah, it had been a pretty good day.

Usually, when I wake up in the morning, I lay in bed for about ten minutes while my body catches up with my brain and I can wipe the sleep-snot from my eyes. But today for some reason, I found myself suddenly alert and nearly shaking with adrenalin as I lay there in my bed in the near darkness.

I blinked. It was still dark? So it wasn’t quite morning yet. Something had awakened me. Not moving, I listened. It was the kind of listening that you do when you are scared out of your mind, straining for any tiny sound out of the ordinary. It was the kind of listening that warped normal house creaking sounds into gastly footsteps and dripping blood, and my heart was beating so loudly as to be distracting.

There was nothing.

I started to calm down, and remembered to let the air out of my lungs that I had been holding there for nearly two minutes. I took another long deep breath and was about to roll over when something dark moved slowly from the shadows by my window and headed towards the bed.

Instantly, every hair on my body was straining to release itself from my skin, and I was frozen like a popsicle. I realized at once that it was more than just a normal reaction to an unknown and possibly deadly force that was scaring the crap out of me. Something else was at work here, and had it occurred only yesterday, I would have no idea what it was.

Magic. It had to be. I simply couldn’t move. I wanted to, and I knew that my muscles still worked, but they refused to obey me. I might as well have been wrapped in chains and dipped in cement.

The dark thing progressed across my floor, taking on more and more shape as it entered the dim light from the window. I gasped, despite my seemingly paralyzed state when I saw the form of a naked female. For one short second, I thought that Marly had changed her mind, but my brain compared the curves of the stranger before me to those I had extrapolated regarding my red-headed lover, and they didn’t match. Then I had another hair-raising jolt when I realized that the female now standing at the side of my bed didn’t match any human I had ever seen in my life. This female wasn’t human.

This fact frightened me more than anything else because it meant that what I was seeing was a creature that wasn’t meant to be seen. The figure leaning over me wasn’t included in any book save for the kind found in the children’s section of the library, or possibly someplace near Stephen King.

She was as beautiful as she was frightening, and I suddenly realized that I had an erection. I knew that males sometimes got them when they were in fight-or-flight situations, but this was nothing of the sort. My willy was hard as granite because the creature staring at me was practically sex incarnate. It was embedded in its every move… Its eyes, mouth, hips, throat, ears… Her ears!

How I kept from fainting away, I have no idea. The female’s ears were pointed, like an elf’s. Further attention revealed a small band of gold circling her head, and a fine tattoo on her shoulder, both of which had an other-worldly feel to them that can’t be described. I stared up at her, unable to even breath as she reached for the top of the covers. Her face was blank of emotion, like she was concentrating on the pillow under my head, rather than my eyes, and she moved so slowly that it was as though her body was a thick clay that had taken the sultry shape of a woman.

I always sleep naked, which right now was a very big bummer. Inch by inch, she pulled the covers down, revealing my entire nude body and exposing me to the cool night air. I already had chicken skin bumps covering me from head to toe, but those had nothing to do with the temperature. My manhood was practically pulsing with my nearly dangerous heart rate, it was so hard.

Smiling, the way a cat does right before devouring its trapped prey, she eased herself up onto the bed and over my legs in one smooth motion. Straddling me, she rested her hands on my chest and gently began to caress my upper torso. I knew then I was in big trouble. Since I couldn’t move, I couldn’t very well resist, even if I wanted to… Which at the moment I still did. But I could tell by the way she was languidly undulating her pelvis toward my dick that I was going to change my mind very soon. Without vocal communication of any sort, I knew without a doubt that this creature intended to fuck me.

I could do little more than lay there and watch as the female on top of me leaned forward, letting her nipples lightly brush against my stomach. They were hard, warm points of sexual fire that left tingles on my skin wherever they touched. My nose filled with the scent of damp earth, like that found in a well tilled garden, and when I looked down, I could see a pair of fine glowing lines that exactly matched the tingles on my torso. Then, starting at my chin, the strange girl began to draw with her fingers an intricate pattern that encompassed my whole front. Wherever she touched me, she left the same kind of glowing lines like the ones on my belly, which tingled and vibrated in a way that made me think they were almost alive.

When she reached my shaft, I gasped again, and involuntarily twitched and shuddered. My chest looked like a neon map of some unknown land, which she extended up and around my manhood. Then, to my surprise, she coyly reached up and began to draw on her own chest. Mesmerized, I watched as the same glowing lines formed and took shape across her naked flesh. Being able to see it straight on, I noticed how amazingly intricate and purposeful the pattern really was. Slowly, smiling wickedly, she gradually extended the lines down over her breasts, then her belly, then out to her thighs. I could see that the patterns seemed to converge on her apex, and I got a very bad feeling that something important was going to happen when she “filled in the blanks.”

Finally, she fluidly raised herself up and moved slightly forward over my hips. My eyes grew wide as she once again brought her soft, warm fingers to my shaft and lightly carried them up its length. Then, locking eyes with me once again, she continued the lines right through the air to her center. There was a slight flash of light, and I glanced down to see that the rest of the missing pattern had drawn itself. Now, our bodies where a single, complex maelstrom of intertwined lines that appeared to move and shift as though they were no longer attached to flesh, but rather a single living object which encompassed us both. Before I could even take in the beautiful cocoon of living light, the girl was lowering herself down on me.

I gasped again, as the tip of my penis slipped effortlessly through her outer gates and silently eased deeper and deeper into her. The only sound was her barely perceptible intake of air as she gradually let me pierce her to her core. When she was once again seated on my body, she made a slight chuckle, as though she were surprised I would be so easy to seduce. And at that moment, I realized much too late, that I had indeed been seduced. Perhaps it was the odd glowing lines that bound us together, and which I was pretty sure was some kind of spell… Or perhaps it was something else that I could not detect at all, but I knew that I was helpless against this female. My mind had already given itself to her. I wanted her to fuck me… In fact, I needed her to fuck me, urgently. Every second that passed as she stared hungrily down at me, was an eternity of agony. I felt sweat start to form on my brow, and my heart sounded like a giant drum that could be heard for miles. She waited until I would have screamed had I control of my mouth, but even that was denied me. Then, so slowly that I wasn’t sure it was happening at first, she began to roll her hips.

Wonderful pleasure washed up from my center as my body soaked up the sexual energy and channeled it back into my manhood. My whole being was between her thighs then, and I happily let the warmth in my loins grow and grow. The girl’s pelvis visibly rocked atop me now, her pace increasing with each thrust, and with it her evil grin. I saw something then that I had missed before, and that was a sense of maliciousness that bordered on the insane. This creature wasn’t simply fucking me, she was killing me; literally fucking me to death. Something about the lines, and the way she waited until the pattern was finished before taking me in, told me that this was the last time I would ever have an orgasm. Even as this passed through my mind, I could feel my soul being slowly sucked from my body into hers through the web of lines that enwrapped us. And even knowing that I was going to die, I willingly let her have me; her seduction gripping me in sexual irons.

Her lithe body gently continued its rhythmic rocking, increasing in intensity, but never in speed. She was going to make me come, for that, there was no escape. But I was going to have to suffer through unbearable desire first. I was unable to reduce the time of my torture in any way, and I was certain that my orgasm would signal the end of my life. Already I could feel my spirit condensing into my loins, preparing to launch itself into her warmth at my release. Slowly, with each beat of her hips, I was brought closer and closer to the end of my existence.

And then something changed.

I heard a loud noise off to my right, and the motion of the creature’s hips suddenly stopped. It was replaced by a tension in her thighs that threatened to crush me. All at once, the female ripped herself from my body with such speed that it nearly tore my manhood off. The lines of light fell over my body like sand and quickly faded. While my mind whirled in nausea, I knew that my soul was finding its way back where it belonged and my lust-befuddled brain struggled to gain dominance over the muscles that had been out of its control for so long.

I was able to turn my head and focus my eyes just enough to see a second female dashing across my room after the first. They both moved so quickly that I had trouble getting my eyes to lock on to them. Then, the first one turned toward the window and seemed to simply vanish. The second caught herself abruptly and then froze, her face turned toward me. Even in the dim light I could see the soft and entirely human face of my new tutor and lover. Unfortunately her features were those of pure anger; her nostrils flaring; eyes like fire. Her gaze bore through me like a search light, and instantly I was filled with a guilt like never before in my life. I wanted to curl up and lock out the world forever so that my betrayal would go away. A deep shaking started in my belly, and I was instantly cold and weak beyond repair.

And then Marly was at my side, her hands on my shoulders, her face next to mine. I could feel her warm body slide up next to me as she pulled the covers up over us both and began rubbing my arms.

“Mark! Look at me… LOOK!”

The last thing in the world that I wanted to do at that moment was look into the eyes of the woman I had just betrayed, but if it would end the grief it would be worth it, so I let my head turn to face hers.

“Mark, it’s not your fault, do you hear me?! Please, listen to me… IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! I’m not angry with you… I’m not mad… Stay with me, damn it!!”

Her words were confusing. What was she saying? I had betrayed her. She had seen me, in bed, fucking that… woman? No… That’s not right. It wasn’t a woman… But I was fucking her, and I wanted it! Oh god, I needed her to fuck me… no…

“Mark, come on… stay with me… That’s right, look at me… that’s good. I’m not mad. She made you feel this way, Mark. It was the magic. It’s not your fault… Fight your way back…”

Not my fault? Magic? The spell! I remembered the spell, and the lines. There was something about the lines…

“That’s right… keep looking at me. Come back to me, Mark. I need you to come back to me.”

Marly needs me? Yes… we have work to do.

“Hey, flame top,” I said, my voice breaking. My body convulsed into a fit of coughing, but I could feel it returning to the land of the living again. To my delight, I noticed that Marly wasn’t wearing a nightie. In fact, she wasn’t wearing anything at all.

As my member begrudgingly reawakened, she hugged me and started laughing in relief. Everything was going to be just fine.

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