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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Poppins’ Return

Chapter 13 – Mud

It wasn’t that we needed a break so much as we just wanted to do something else together for a change. We had been working out all week, the level of instruction becoming so intense that I was bruised from head to toe from my lovely’s tutorage. Even Marly was sporting a few soft dents that Monday morning. All of which was fine except that I was beginning to see her as nothing more than the-girl-who-beats-me-up. She sensed it last night over dinner, and while Gran was in the kitchen she asked why I was being so distant.

“Because you’ve got me so wound up, that I flinch every time you move in my direction!”

I hadn’t meant to be so gruff, but the tension had finally caught up with me. We agreed later that night to call a day of rest. At first, when we agreed we wouldn’t do anything relating to combat or instruction, we just sat there trying to figure out what in life could possibly be left. Being the lusty male, I hit upon the idea first, though I’ve no doubt that she would have mentioned it had I not beat her to the punch.

“Let’s go on a vacation!” I said enthusiastically. “We can pack a couple of meals, hop into the car and drive out somewhere private. Think of it… We can lay in the sun, fuck like rabbits and read bad poetry to each other.”

I could see Marly thinking about it, and I knew that she was concentrating on the sex part because her nipples perked up under her cotton t-shirt. I decided to liven the stakes a bit.

“Look lover,” I said softly, taking her hand. “In the last couple of weeks, you and our faerie friends have satisfied just about every fantasy I have ever had, so maybe it’s time I let you fulfill one of yours. What have you always wanted to do, but have never had the time or gumption to act out? You name it, we’ll do it, no matter how kinky or weird.”

Her eyes got big, and her mouth opened as if to say something, but she held back.

“Come on, Marly. You must have something that has always turned you on…”

“Well… no. It’s too weird.” She shook her head, smiling. I was definitely on to something.

“Let it out. Now’s the time. Anything you want.” I could see her biting her lower lip, trying to decide.

“You won’t laugh?”

“No guarantees, but I promise to take your fantasy seriously even if I do.”

“Well….” She paused again. “I have always had this weird desire to do it…”

“Go on,” I prompted.

“In mud.”

“Mud?” I asked, smiling.

“Yeah. Really deep mud. Even quicksand!”

“Quicksand?! Isn’t that dangerous?”

She was getting excited, and I was beginning to wonder if I was out of my mind.

“Not for us! I can always float us out if we get too deep, and it’s going to be a hot day, so the mud should be just the right temperature.”

“You’re serious!”

“Hey, you said ANYTHING. Were you just kidding, or shall we go get dirty?”

That was how, ninety minutes later we were on a tiny dirt access road that led into the bowels of an area at the base of the local mountain range. The location we were looking for wasn’t even listed on the USGS map that bounced over my lap as we pushed deeper into the woods in search of a rumor.

Marly knew of the swamp-like expanse from conversations within the Fae. But the exact location was a bit of a mystery. Finally, we stopped and got out when we thought we were as close as we could get in my truck. If nothing else, a short hike would get our appetites up for lunch, and other things…

As it turned out, we didn’t have to search long to find the swamp. About ten minutes out, my red-haired lover stepped right into a patch of earth that went sploooop and swallowed up her boots to her ankles. She squealed in delight and hovered herself out with a loud sucking sound.

“This is it! This is it!” She cried happily as she searched for a stick to use as a depth gauge. I set our packs aside while she hopped, weightless from one area to another, checking the consistency of one pocket against the depth of another. Finally, she called to me that she had found “the one.” I had her guide me over to the place she was poking at, only getting stuck once. By the time I was standing at the edge of a mid-sized flat area of innocent-looking ground, she was already using a smaller stick to draw a big circle around the whole expanse.

“What’s that for? Are you marking the boundary?”

“No silly,” she replied, never looking up from her work. “It’s for our protection. This spell will keep our presence undetectable from the outside.”

“So that the black-hats won’t come bother us?”

“Precisely.” Finishing the details of her word glyph, Marly inspected her work one last time and then floated back to stand beside me. “Are you sure you still want to do this?” She asked with genuine sincerity. I looked at the mud, then back to her pouty face. My eyes traveled down slightly and I saw that her nipples were so hard that they were making little tents in the fabric of her shirt. How could I say no to that?

“It seems like a good day to get dirty…” I said with a smile.

“Yippie!!” She cried and reached for my shirt.

I have to admit that I was nervous at first. When Marly started stripping me out of my clothes, I had a knot the size of a baseball in my gut. But by the time I was urging her panties over her squirming hips, I decided that wrestling nude in a pool of slick goo did sound pretty sexy. She gave me a wet and passionate kiss before we started walking toward the edge together, and I could see that she was nearly shaking she was so aroused.

She squealed when we stepped together into the warm surface, the darker, normal ground giving way to the light-grey mud underneath. I felt like I was stepping into a living creature the way it slurped at our ankles and quickly started up our legs. Marly had us go weightless until we were nearly to the center of the circle, and the mud was at its deepest. There, she let me gain my weight again while she floated and moved up close to me, her thighs opening; her legs reaching around my hips.

“Once we’re deep in the mud, we might not be able to move a whole lot, so I want you inside me as we sink.”

I accepted her command happily, and reached my hands around her buttocks to hold her up. Her own left hand held on to my neck while the right dropped down into her lap and guided my shaft. I was so caught up in the erotic display before me, that I almost missed the fact that the mud was well past my knees now and was quickly engulfing my upper thighs. Then she gasped softly, and my manhood was easing gently into her very slick center. Once she was fully impaled upon my rod, she wrapped her arms up around my neck and giggled like a little girl.

“It looks like we’re committed now, lover!” She teased.

“You were right about not being able to move. My legs feel like they’re in cement!”

Suddenly, she hissed in surprise and arousal and I saw that the mud had reached her buttocks. My hips were already starting to sink from view, and her semi seated form was being drawn down with them.

“God! That feels soooo incredible,” she panted as the mud slowly reached around her own hips; gently filling in the space where her thighs wrapped around me. Like a huge wet tongue, the warm ooze settled over her mons and belly. My hands and forearms were now under the mud as well. As soon as we were both in to about half our body weight, the sinking started to slow. That was when I decided that Marly had remained still for long enough.

Relaxing my hold on her slightly, I let her slide slightly away from me. She was about to ask what I was doing when I then pulled her hips forward and drove back in. The slick mud acted as a very arousing lubricant, and Marly gasped in pleasure as my shaft plunged to her core. Then, with a smile, I relaxed again and repeated the motion. After that, I didn’t have to worry about being the one to do the work. My redhead’s hips had already picked up the rhythm and were slowly grinding against mine under the thick mud. Her face had taken on a look of uncontrollable delight, and her mouth was hanging open in pure erotic shock.

The thickness of the mud made it impossible to move with any speed. In fact, as we slowly undulated ourselves deeper and deeper, it became harder and harder to move at all. The weight of the earth around us was making it difficult to even keep the rhythm of intercourse, yet the restraint was equally arousing.

Marly started to roll her pelvis in a way that I knew meant that she was nearing orgasm, and her voice was hardly more than throaty gasps for air. I watched in divine fascination as her moment of greatest pleasure crept up from the depths of the mud around us and blossomed into her face as fiery passion. Her ecstasy was so intense that I found I could hold off no more, and pumped my seed into her squirming body.

When time returned to me, I was aware of two things. One, we were now up to our chests in the mud, and still sinking. Two, Marly was unconscious.

“Lover?… Marly?” I prodded softly, my fear growing. Without our wails of lust, the area was incredibly quiet, and I could hear our bodies slowly being engulfed by the wet earth.

“Hey, Marly?! Wake up!” I was starting to panic now. Not only were we still sinking with no end in sight, but with my hands cupping her ass, I had no way to keep her from falling away from me as her unconscious body released its grasp of my neck. The suction around my own limbs was so intense that almost any motion at all took major effort and only pushed me deeper. I did what I could to move them up to the base of her back, but it wasn’t enough to keep her upper body vertical. I could only watch as the mud slowly crept around her chest and started to engulf her breasts. I was nipple-deep myself, and the sight was scaring the shit out of me.

As her nipples slowly disappeared into the warm earth, two things occurred to me that caused me to not only stop panicking, but completely distracted me. The first was that Marly’s fainting, joyous as it may have been, may not have been an accident. I knew that the ring around the mud pit was supposed to shield us from the enemy, but what if she had done something wrong? Or maybe one of us had smudged it on the way in. There were a hundred things that could have gone wrong, and this was the perfect temporal attack. I was as helpless as a rock, and Marly was literally sinking into bliss. Hell-of-a-way to go though… Sinking to your demise with your lover’s body wrapped around you.

The second thing that popped into my head at that moment was a piece of conversation that had occurred some time back and had been percolating up from the depths of my brain in slow motion. It was something that Ananha had said while the three of us sat in a faerie circle. She had called my red-headed lover, “Poppins.” I considered the possibility that she could have been speaking in jest, since Marly could indeed fly like that famed nanny. But to date, I had yet to see or hear any of the faeries make a loose joke like that. They just didn’t seem to grasp the subtleties of the English language well enough.

That, and Marly’s initials were M.P. Interesting.

And it would have been a moot point if my foot hadn’t touched down on something solid at that very moment. The mud was starting to cover her chin, and another few seconds and it would have started into her mouth… and mine not long after. But our sinking abruptly stopped and I was able to slowly move my hands up enough to keep her face above the surface. I stood there, admiring my love for another five minutes before her eyes fluttered open and she had a brief moment of panic. Then she saw me and calmed. I was quietly grinning.

“Uh… I fainted?” She asked, seeing the depth of the mud around us.

“You certainly did,” I replied with a toothless smile.

“Oh. But we’re not sinking any more?”

“No. I seem to be standing on the one rock outcropping in the entire bog.”

“I’m lucky,” she said returning my smile.

“That you are,” I replied and wriggled my hips a bit. To her surprise (and mine) I was not only still buried inside her, but hard as the rock I was standing on. She gasped and used a little levitation to bring herself forward enough to get her arms around my neck again. Grinning wickedly, she tried to rock her hips against mine, but I let her body slip slightly away.

“Marly…” I started, knowing that she would be getting extremely horny right about then.

“Yes, Mark?… Could you pull me forward a bit?”

“I was wondering lover, what does the P in your initials stand for?”

“The P??! Let’s talk about that later,” she said, wriggling her body in an effort to draw me deeper. I had her rump in my hands, and kept her still. I heard her moan in frustration.

“You’re trying to change the subject. No, I think we should talk about it now,” I teased.

She was trying to slide her legs around my buttocks.

“Can’t it wait?! I want you…”

“No, no. I think I have it figured out, but I need you to confirm.”

She was really squirming now, her whole body getting into it.

“Fine! I’ll answer anything you want, JUST FUCK ME!!”

I grinned, triumphantly and pulled her a bit closer, my shaft easing into her again.

“UGHNNN!!! Oh god!! Yessss….!!” Her face was awash with passion.

“You’re last name is Poppins, isn’t it?”

“Yessss!! Oh yess! So…?”

I pulled her a bit tighter, squeezing her rump so that she started to make a little cooing sound. “As in, Mary Poppins, the flying nanny?”

“Ughnnmmm… god that’s nice… No, don’t be silly…”

My eyebrows crinkled in frustration.

“Mary… UGH!… was my great grandmother. OH!”

My eyebrows uncrinkled and rose up my forehead.

“Are you serious? Your great grandmother was Mary Poppins? I thought those were just children’s tales written by Pamela Travers…”

“Yeah, well, miss Travers didn’t quite get the… ughnnnn… story right. Now, ummm… If you don’t mind… UGHNN… would you PLEASE concentrate on the moment?!”

Relenting, I decided to pick up the topic later. After all, my lover was launching into bliss again, and that was not something to miss.

Our muddy vacation was a complete success. After another hour or so in the earth, we extracted ourselves and cleaned up with the water I had stowed in the back of the truck. It would take days to get the ALL the mud off, or rather out, but neither of us seemed to mind much. Fully relaxed, we took the long way home through the country and picked up a few souvenirs. Marly bought some pungent smelling tea, and I scored an original printing copy of Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” at a used bookstore. Refreshed and happy, we returned home to admire our treasures and each other with new found enthusiasm. Little did we know just how much we would need our strength in the next 72 hours.

While Marly brewed her tea, I quietly excused myself back to my own room claiming the need for a fresh change of clothing. I wasn’t keen on the acidic scent that was boiling up from her kettle, so the excuse was half to get out of the room for a while. I really did want to change into something more comfortable, and when I had stripped nude, I noticed my computer sitting blankly in the corner of my desk.

It had been almost a week since I had even checked my email, so I figured I could at least start the infernal thing up and let it run while I changed. I flicked the switch and waited while the screen filled my semi-darkened room with an eerie, cold blue light. I had a ton of old mail, most of which I blasted immediately into quasi-random electrons. I began wading through the rest, one at a time, scanning headers and sorting those I wanted to answer into a folder for later. Time has a tendency to get away from you when you’re sitting in front of a computer, and before I knew it, I had spent over a half hour of my life deleting SPAM. I sighed, and looked down at myself. It always felt a little weird sitting there in front of a machine without any clothes on. It’s not like I was completely perverted or something… But I always hoped that Gran didn’t choose that particular moment to violate my privacy.

As it happened, I never would have noticed the door behind me open and close again if it hadn’t been for the fact that I was thinking about it at that very moment. Reflected in the monitor, I could see the outline of a slim, female form walking towards my back, and I smiled. Marly sure was hungry for sex tonight. My manhood already reacting, I pushed away from the desk a bit and spun my chair around.

“Just couldn’t get enough of me, could you? Well, I suppose I cou…”

My words cut short as the blood drained from my face. Standing before me with a very wicked grin, was Bazerith.

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