A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Poppins’ Return

Chapter 11 – Patrons

Grandma Brightly couldn’t be happier with my choice of girlfriends. She greeted us almost as though in her eyes we had been seeing each other for years. I guess it was cool with me. It was just a little daunting to have your primary authority figure so approving of your current bedmate. I had no doubt that Gran knew we were doing the Horizontal Mambo. You couldn’t get anything past her. It was a weird psychic ability that elderly females seem to share that allows them to see right through you when it comes to sex. Maybe that comes when you aren’t getting any anymore. Luckily for me, she stopped trying to keep me “virginal” by the time I had entered high school. Short of locking me in a barrel, it would have been a lost cause, but it was a great relief when she sat me down on the couch one afternoon and said, “Mark, you know I love you and would do anything in the world to keep you safe. You’re going to start dating soon, and sooner or later, sex is going to come into the picture. When that happens, people are going to throw all kinds of morals and restrictions at you that won’t do a damn thing except make it more difficult to learn anything. I’m not going to be that way. My mother (bless her soul) was straight with me, and I was straight with your mother. So I’ll be straight with you too. I’m not going to tell you when you should or shouldn’t have sex, or with whom. The ONLY rule that I have, is don’t get caught until you’re of legal age.”

By this point in the conversation, I was sitting there with my jaw on the floor. To hear my dear, sweet Grandma talking like a red-light prostitute was shocking to say the least. Then I remembered those photos of her in the skimpy dresses and realized that the term “red-light district” originated in HER era. Hot damn! I was going to have to research a bit more into Gran’s past.

“Since I know that you won’t be waiting that long,” she continued, “I’m going to show you where I keep the rubbers,” which she then did. “Feel free to take as many as you like, and I won’t ask questions. I’ll even keep them stocked. All I want from you is a promise that you won’t risk getting caught until you’re both eighteen. If that means you need to bring her here and go to your room for privacy, then that’s what you do. I’ll have a lock on your door before supper.”

And with that, she patted me on the head and stood up to go take some cookies from the oven. I sat there for all of four microseconds and then jumped to the drawer with the prophylactics and snagged one… and then two more for luck. I lost my virginity that night. I mean, putting a lock on a sixteen-year-old male’s door is equivalent to handing your Visa Platinum card to your teenage daughter with the instructions, “buy something pretty.”

Since then, whenever Gran felt that I wasn’t getting my “recommended allowance” of sex, which in my case was a little too often for a healthy growing boy, she would start “introducing” me to various females. I’m not sure what she was thinking I would do, because the girls usually didn’t even go to my school. I mean, was she of the mind that after a lovely dinner of meatloaf and steamed cabbage, I would take her up stairs and fuck her brains out for desert?

It got to the point one evening where after I waved goodbye to a rather nice brunette, I caught Gran in the kitchen.

“Grandma…” I said while she washed dishes.

“Yes, dear?”

“I’m not gay. You can relax.”

“Of course, dear. Would you like a cookie?”

I noticed that the girls slacked off a bit after that, and I could come to the dinner table without worrying about having to sit next to Miss October while I happened to be dressed in shorts and a dirty t-shirt. Some stresses just can’t be explained to adults, but Grandma Brightly was pretty damn progressive. She knew what she wanted as family matriarch, and nobody was going to tell her otherwise. Having thought things through, her plan for my life was simple:

Boy meets girl.

Boy dates girl.

Boy fucks girl.

Boy marries girl.

Boy gets MBA and snags grossly-overpaid-executive position at choice downtown firm, buys a house, has 2.37 kids, a dog, a goldfish, and a white picket-fence.

And now, with Marly in the picture, she knew for certain that the first three on her list were taken care of, so she was more than happy to start treating my lustful redhead as part of the family. We were lounging in the swing seat on the front porch one evening after the last of my finals. Grandma had made an incredible feast, and it would take us at least another four hours just to get to the point where we could walk again.

The swing seat is a great invention. It provides a way for a couple to be outside and private, and with only the addition of a simple blanket (which could be explained by the fact that you are outside) you can do some pretty heavy petting and groping and no one is the wiser. The swing was really more of a bench that hung from chains fixed to the overhang, but it was better if you turned and sat across it instead; your back against the side, and your legs stretched out in front of you.

Marly was seated between my legs, her body leaning back against my chest. A large soft wool blanket was draped over the both of us, obscuring us from her chin to my toes. We were enjoying the night air and the break from my ongoing study. In this case, my college classes were a snap compared to the education that my lover was immersing me in. I hardly noticed my finals this semester. Maybe it had something to do with the sex? Which brings me back to why we were in the swing in the first place.

My left hand was shoved into her white cotton blouse and was lightly rubbing one of her nipples. My right hand was slowly creeping under the waistband of her skirt and was illiciting a gentle squirming that had me smiling.

“You’ve done very well so far, Mark. You should be proud.” She was desperately trying to ignore the way my fingers crept under the tops of her panties.

“Yeah, sure. I’m a regular Bruce Lee. A lot of good that will do me against beings that can fly.” Actually, Marly was right. I was doing well. It was a surprise to her as well as myself that I turned out to be a natural fighter. Martial arts were never my thing. I was the kind of kid who bullies just seemed to zero-in on when on the playground, and being a pretty scrawny lad, it was either learn to fight, or learn to run. I choose the latter. I stayed out of the nurses office, thank you very much, and being a chicken has saved my adult hide more times than I can count. So all this complicated combat shit was pretty new to me. It helped that I was learning an art that had nearly two full millennia to perfect itself, as well as a teacher that was both highly skilled and a damn fine sight to watch. The only problem was keeping my chubbies to a minimum while we were sparing. More than a few times in the past week, we had to stop for a “quickie” due to one or both of us getting a little too slick and sexy. A better daily workout I have never had.

“I’ll deal with the flying ones. You just keep your eyes out for the ground-bound nasties… Oh! Ummm…”

My fingers had worked their way through the soft fur of her Mons, and were slowly sliding down into the furrow of her outer petals. I felt her shudder softly as her thighs parted a bit, allowing me better access. She was purring.

“But that’s just it, lover. So far, our greatest dangers have come from magical beings, not run-away thugs or falling safes. I’m beginning to think that all this preparation is a waste of our time.”

I could feel her tense at my words, even under my ongoing ministrations.

“Oh Mark… ummm… Please don’t think that!..ughnnn… You have to understand that my sources don’t always have all the answers, and they might misinterpret what they see, but they have a much further grasp of the future than I ever could… ughhnn .. Oh stars, that’s nice… Please don’t stop…”

“Speaking of sources… Marly, when are you going to introduce me to your employers? You keep referring to them, and I’m placing an awful large part of my life in their hands, yet I don’t even know who they are. Your history lessons have some rather glaring holes.”

“Ummm… I didn’t want to complicate things too much… uhnnn…”

“How could it be any MORE complicated?”

“Well… oh! Right there… ummm… Why don’t we continue this upstairs,” she asked with a sultry voice and a slight pumping of her hips.

“You’re deliberately changing the subject.”

“No… ughmmm…”

I held my fingers still.

“Huh?! Noooo… Why did you stop?” She complained.

“I want to meet your patrons, Flame-top.”

“Ughnnn.. Mark, please!”

“It’s time, Marly. I need to know.”

“Oh, god!.. Ummmm… Alright, alright… I’ll call them! Just take me upstairs, NOW!”

Hindsight is great to see just where you got suckered. I don’t think I’ll ever know if it was Marly’s plan to introduce me that night anyway, but we stumbled and groped our way up two flights of stairs and then into her bedroom at about the same time our clothing magically fell from our bodies to the floor. Naked, we all but crashed through her darkened room to her bed, where I lifted her up and knelt behind her, both our bodies facing the wall. She raised her hands up, leaning against the flowered wallpaper while I entered her from behind. Something about that night drove my lovely into a heated frenzy, and she wreathed and gasped and basically went wild in my embrace. By the time I spent myself into her, she had tensed into a half dozen mind-numbing orgasms and seemed completely willing to go on for more. I relaxed my death grip on her breasts, and sat on my heals, drawing her still coupled body down with me. I was caressing her stomach and considering if I felt I could manage another go, when I realized we weren’t alone in her room.

I don’t quite know how I knew. Maybe I saw a shadow move or something. But I was instantly certain that there was at least one other being in the room with us, and it caused every hair on my body to bristle with adrenalin. Marly sensed my tension at once.

“Shhhh… It’s alright, Mark,” she said, trying to calm me. “They’re friends.”

Friends? I wasn’t convinced. “Who are they? What the hell do they want?!” I was peering out into the darkness, straining to see into the black lightless depths.

“They’re my patrons. You said you wanted to meet them.”

Confusion gripped me for several seconds. How could they be here already? It had hardly been ten minutes between the swing and the moment I first entered my red-headed vixen. Then I recalled the fact that these beings were not limited by time in the same way that I was. To them, ten minutes might just as well have been ten years.

Marly let me roll her to the side so that I could pull a blanket over us. I regretted having to withdraw from her, but my curiosity was temporarily greater than my lust. I did have a strange bit of normal male protectiveness towards Marly, and I’m certain that she noticed it. I caught the briefest of smiles as I held her tightly to me.

“Where are they,” I asked, still unable to pick out their forms in the dark room.

“I’ll tell them to come out. They’re almost as nervous to meet you, lover.”

“Me? Why?” Then Marly made a noise that reminded me of the time I played my Beatles albums backwards at high speed.

As if walking out of nowhere, two figures stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight. When I got a good look at them, I understood why they were nervous. They were faeries.

Marly wrapped an arm around me when I started to draw back.

“Breath, Mark,” she reminded me.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! Why didn’t you tell me your patrons were faeries?!” The two figures stopped about six feet away. Like the last member of the Fae I had encountered, they were naked save for a thin band of gold around their heads and an anklet or two. When they walked, they made a quiet tinkling sound, like that of a very tiny bell.

“Would it have helped?” She asked.

“No! But at least it might have prepared me, damn it.”

The faerie on the left looked at my bedmate and said something in that weird backward language. Marly responded, then turned to me.

“She wants to know if you want them to leave,” she translated.

“Aww, shit… No. They’re here, and I had better get used to it. Mar, just tell me that they aren’t here to… You know…”

“Have sex with you?” She asked somewhat puzzled.

“Well, yeah. I mean, that Bizer… er, Bazen…”

“Bazerith,” said the faerie on the left. Her hair was darker than her partner’s, and it reminded me a little of my former seductress’s. My head snapped up at the mention of her name, and I locked eyes with the faerie, searching. Unlike the one that had nearly raped me into oblivion, there was no trace of malice or hatred in her eyes, only a softness that made my breath catch.

“They know about what happened to you,” said Marly at my side. “They are very sorry.”

“We would not have allowed her to come if we had known,” said the faerie on the right. The fact that she was speaking perfect English caused my eyes to widen in surprise. “We greatly underestimated their strength and foresight in this case.”

“You speak English…” I said flatly.

“Yes,” she replied. “Not all of us remember their native tongues, but the Principalities do.”

“You are a Principality?”

“I am Keila of the North. This is Ananha of the East.”

“And you aren’t here to, uh…”

She smiled slightly. “… Make love to you?” She finished.


“Not if you don’t want us to,” she replied, giggling softly. I didn’t miss the silent implication.

“I guess that’s a bit forward of me, isn’t it.”

The faerie looked to Marly, who sighed. “Actually, Mark. Most members of the Fae are quite a bit looser about sexual taboos than humans are. It isn’t uncommon for a faerie to be intimate with another that they haven’t seen in a while, simply as a matter of greeting.”

“Interesting way to say hello,” I commented dryly.

“You cannot hide your soul from one you are in close contact with,” added the one called Ananha.

“Perhaps, Mark,” continued Keila, “I could prove our benevolent intentions, if you would permit me to kiss you…”

I tensed again.

“It’s okay Mark,” said Marly in my ear. “She wouldn’t hurt you, and it would help.”

I turned to her. “Are you okay with that? I mean, kissing another, er… being?”

She gave me a wide grin. “These are my friends and Patrons, lover. You are welcome to kiss them anytime you like. Or more…”

I started to turn back to Keila, when the last few words of her sentence hit me. I did one of those cartoon double-takes and my mouth fell open slightly. She cocked her head at me slightly, but otherwise kept her serious smile. I was beginning to wonder just how “liberated” my beloved was? Returning my gaze to the faeries, I took a deep breath.

“Okay… If it will help.”

I was surprised at how nervous I was as the faerie stepped forward. Like Bazerith, she was slightly shorter than normal, and her ears were pointed. She also had the same sultry figure as her evil counterpart, although Keila’s breasts were slightly smaller, and her hips just a bit wider. Up close, I noticed the slight differences in bone structure that I had missed in my magically bound state before. They were barely noticeable, but when taken as a whole, greatly enhanced their appearance. It was almost as though all the imperfections of a human woman had been removed, and what was left was the perfect representation of female beauty.

Keila stood by the bed, facing me. In this position, we were almost face to face, and I wondered if she could tell how frightening this was for me?

“Yes,” she said in a soft voice. Her eyes were gentle and concerned. “I understand.”

“How..?” I started to ask, then thought better of it. Steeling myself, I leaned forward toward her and closed my eyes. A moment later, a pair of moist, soft lips touched mine and the scent of strawberries filled my nostrils. Surprise came over me, and my eyes popped open. The faerie had her own eyes closed, and was slowly pressing her mouth against mine. Her kiss was like wonderful wine, and I let it progress freely. A light tingle drifted down my back and into my lap and I knew, beyond a doubt, that the entity kissing me was not only friendly, but would lay down her life in order to protect me. This concept of complete kindliness was so startling to me, that I almost pulled away. Seeing the trust that Keila had endowed to me, I started to feel downright dirty in her presence.

As if sensing my own self-revulsion, she opened her mouth and leaned into me fully. Her breasts touched my chest, and I realized that she was silently telling me that I was not only welcome to kiss her, but desired as well. Her tongue reached out and brushed mine as the intensity of the kiss grew. As the seconds passed, a new warmth began to fill me that had nothing to do with the temperature of the air. I sighed, and gave in to the gift she was bestowing upon me, the last of my resentment fading away with my inhibitions.

My hands reached out and gently found her waist. Her skin was warm and soft under my fingers as they traveled upwards. I almost expected her to pull away, but instead, she let her body press up against mine fully, her arms wrapping around my neck with much more passion than I thought was possible in just an embrace. My fingers brushed the sides of her breasts, and then continued around her back to complete the knot of limbs.

The simple buss on the lips was gone and forgotten. In its place was an erotic wallow in the depths of sexual pleasure that left me panting. By the time I finally came up for air, Keila’s legs were wrapped around my waist and her weightless body was floating in my lap. This left me in a bit of a pickle. On the one hand, I was certainly enjoying the naked female who was climbing onto me, and who I knew was more than willing to take our “kiss” to the next level. Would it be a social fopah to decline her advances? Then on the other hand, I also knew that Marly was seated directly behind me and was watching the whole exchange. I hoped fervently that I hadn’t just put myself in the doghouse with a single, but highly sexual, kiss. If in doubt, refer to honesty. I turned and looked back at my red-headed lover.

Marly seemed about ready to burst with happiness. Her wide smile threatened to leave permanent dimples in her cheeks, and her eyes were nearly teary. Leaning forward, she kissed me in a way that told me clear as a bell, that she approved whole-heartedly, and would give me a chance to pass on anything that I learned at a later time. I grinned back at her when our lips parted, and turned my attention back to Keila.

The brown-haired faerie was kissing me again almost before I had a chance to take a breath in preparation, her body moving against mine with a hunger. She was making little moaning sounds as our kiss worked up to full volume again, and grasping her thighs, I lifted her up onto the bed on top of me. She floated like a balloon until her knees once again touched ground, then her left hand reached down and guided my shaft into her.

Bazerith may have been a master seducer, but Keila was better, and this time I could move. She took me to the hilt, and then let me rest for a moment, her mirth coming out as an uncontrollable giggle while I played happily with her nipples. Finally, she could stand no more, and her hips rocked forward at the same time she groaned in pleasure.

Having just enjoyed a deeply satisfying orgasm with Marly, I knew that I could relax and give Keila a good long ride. Thinking of my recent lover, I glanced over just as her mouth dropped onto mine. Her body scooted over and pressed against my left side; her hands smoothing over my chest. I was in heaven. While Marly’s tongue wrestled with mine in wonderful abandon, Keila rocked back and forth on my shaft in a slow cadence that was sending her into orbit about once every minute and a half. Her deep growls of lust made me wonder if being an incredible lover came with being part of the Fae?

Marly was making her own deep moaning, and I opened my eyes to see what it was that I was doing that had her so warmed up. To my surprise, the other faerie, Ananha, had joined us on the bed and was dropped down between my lovely’s thighs. As Marly gasped into my mouth in bliss, the whole situation simply became too much for me and I felt that familiar queasy feeling in my loins as I started to peak. Keila matched the rhythm of my hips perfectly as I spent myself, and I noticed that she joined me in one final round of ecstasy, our bodies in perfect synchronicity.

Going to bed with my rutty redhead was satisfying enough… Taking on three females at one time was just about what I pictured heaven as. I must have fallen asleep between Marly and Keila at some point, exhausted as I was, for I awoke to the soft caresses of a slim-fingered hand on my groin. I was already erect and, to my surprise, ready, so I reached out to my left, rolling on top of the warm softness I found there. I was shocked to find myself looking down into the eyes of Ananha. Her smile was friendly, and her hands demanding, so I relaxed and stopped worrying. The faerie’s skin was almost silky it was so soft, and her thighs drew apart, letting me slide in closer. Her hands guided my shaft into her without hesitation, and I gasped at how slick she was. I hardly felt any resistance until I was fully ensheathed within her very warm body, but once I was settled, she relaxed her vaginal muscles, and her flesh settled around me like soft dough.

Neither of us ever said a word as our bodies slowly moved in unison. We slow-fucked like that for nearly twenty minutes before I finally gave in and let myself rise gently and quietly into ecstasy. I was looking down as I came, and had a perfect view of Ananha as she too blossomed in orgasm. Her head went back and her body arched up as the moment overcame her, pushing her perfect breasts up; her nipples lightly tickling my upper abdomen.

Sighing happily, she welcomed my body back down onto her soft form and I snuggled her in my arms, drifting back into a light slumber.

I had one more surprise that night. Sometime nearer to morning, I awoke quietly and noticed that only Ananha and I occupied the bed. Thinking of my red-headed lover, I scanned the room. There were only a few places she could be, one being the bathroom, and the other the sofa. The latter was in fact the case.

I heard them before I saw them; the slight smacking sounds of lips engaged in heavy kissing; the faint whispers of smooth flesh against flesh. Keila lay beneath her, her arms stretched out above her head as Marly slowly made her way down her upper torso, kissing and licking as she went. I watched in complete voyeuristic fascination, my body quickly reacting to the highly erotic display I was witnessing. I wouldn’t have pegged Marly as so actively bisexual, but she was surprising me a lot lately.

Before, Marly had been on the receiving end, and so I figured it was a faerie thing, but there she was, and she was certainly dishing it out this time. From the look on Keila’s face, I’d say she was dishing it out pretty damn well. While she lapped at the faerie’s nipples with her tongue, her left hand slowly dropped between Keila’s legs. I had first-hand experience with Keila’s orgasms, so I knew when she peaked, and then peaked again, and again, and again… I didn’t sleep much after that.

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