A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Poppins’ Return

Chapter 18 – Reverse Engineering

I didn’t know very much about nymphs, except what Marly had mentioned. I knew they were magical beings, and that to look one in the eyes was to fall under their spell, which humans were incapable of resisting.

So when Rachael walked out of my bathroom sans sunglasses, I started to panic and averted my eyes thinking that maybe I hadn’t stared for long enough. She came over to the side of the bed which I was seated on, and took my chin in her hand, raising my head.

“I’m wearing contacts,” she proclaimed. When my brain caught up with her words, my mouth formed an “o” of surprise. “A bit of modern-day magic that Mac and I stumbled upon. You’re completely safe.”

“I was wondering how you would keep the glasses on during sex. Say, if anyone who looks at you is subject to the spell, then how did you get the contacts made? No… Don’t answer that. None of my business.”

She giggled. “It’s actually a very funny story. Let’s just say, that somewhere in New York there’s an Optometrist and his assistant that have about a half a day they can’t account for.”


“So, are you ready for me?” She asked, moving closer so that her hips were about half a foot in front of me. She swayed ever so slightly side to side in a highly seductive manner.

“Uh… I guess so. What do you want me to do?”

“Well, you could start by taking my clothes off, silly. I don’t wear them by choice.”

I gulped, and reached for the top of her shorts. I’ll say this for Rachael, she knows her stuff. Spell or not, I was hard as granite and practically shaking with lust by the time I had slipped her t-shirt over her head. My opinion of Mac increased considerably as I admired her curves and decided that had our places been reversed, I wouldn’t have been able to handle the thought of anyone else touching Rachael.

She was smaller than Marly by quite a bit, yet her breasts were slightly bigger. Her hair was also darker, but red none the same. I realized that she was a perfect teacher for what I needed to know, not only because she was so skilled in the erotic arts, but because she closely resembled my beloved.

“Marly is going to be quite demanding,” she said as she let her warm body slide up between my thighs so that my face was just about level with her belly button. I was a little surprised that she had one, and would have asked, but I didn’t have time. “It’s very important that you take control quickly.” She was pressing me backward with her hands, and I gasped as she moved forward, straddling me, even as I fell back onto the bed.

“She’s going to want to be on top,” she continued, her hips rocking against me like a caterpillar climbing a stick. I realized that she was simulating what Marly would be like, and I shook my head to clear away some of the lust that I had been very willingly giving in to. I was so caught up in the idea of being intimate with Rachael, that I forgot about why we were going to be fucking in the first place.

Remembering what she had just said, I went to roll her onto her back, only to find that she had pinned my arms to the bed and was raising up in order to get my shaft in position. I knew that I had to work fast, but most of my brain was still stuck in the now, and not only didn’t care about Marly for the moment, but was quite eager to let Rachael have her way with me.

“You have to take control Mark. Fight her! If she gets you inside her while she’s still on top of you, you’ll never be able to resist her…” Even as I watched, she started to come down on me, and I knew she was right. Hell, I was nearly a puppet now, but when I started to feel the moist warmth of her begin to work over the tip of my manhood, I yelped and put everything I had into shifting her weight in the direction I wanted to go. I felt her left arm buckle, even as she slipped down over me. We rolled so that she ended up beneath me, my shaft driving in all the way. She was warm and frantic and pulling me into her rolling pelvis even before we had settled on the bed.

“You have to… ummm… slow her… ughnnn… down, Mark! You must… oh!… prolong her moment…mmmm… as long as… UGH!… possible…”

I heard her words through the fog of ecstasy I was experiencing, and did my best to pull back. But it was like trying to stop a freight train. I started to withdraw, only to find Rachael’s legs snaking around my buttocks, binding me to her pumping hips, even when I raised my body up off the bed. She simply lifted with me and continued to undulate her pelvis in a deep, rolling motion that caused me to slide sensuously within her. It was mind numbing! After several minutes of struggling in vain to escape, I felt my balls tightening and knew I had about another ten seconds before I would lose it.

I could also tell, by the look on Rachael’s face, that she was getting close as well. Her pumping rhythm was getting more and more energetic, and her features took on the pained expression of wondrous pleasure.

“You have to…AHHH!… keep her looking at you… UGHNNN!…” she gasped. “Don’t let her…UMMM!… look away. Ughmmmm… Talk to her.”

It was hard enough just remembering my name right about then. How was I supposed to say anything coherent?

“Look at me, Rachael… UGH!… Oh god! Open your eyes…”

She did, and I was suddenly staring down into two dark pools of lust. It was like a portal had suddenly been opened between us, and I was inundated with a flood of conflicting emotions and thoughts. I was aware that Rachael was trying to teach me so that I could help Marly, and up to that moment, I was even able to pretend in my head that the female below me WAS Marly. But I knew that when I had used Rachael’s name instead of my love’s, that something had changed. Rachael looked up at me with her own hunger. It was her own lust that drove her now, and I knew beyond doubt that she was as surprised by this as I. Suddenly, we weren’t just playing any more. The lesson was abruptly over, and things were very serious. She faltered, in her rhythm, as if she were giving me an out, and I could have taken it. I felt her thighs loosen their vice-grip hold on my hips, and I could have pulled away. But I didn’t.

I stared down at her, both of us still and panting. My mind raced with conflicting emotions and data. Looking into Rachael’s eyes, I saw something else that surprised me. I saw her curse.

The nymphs call it such because of the loneliness that they feel when it manifests itself. Their human lovers forget having ever seen them the moment they have an orgasm, leaving the poor Fae creatures with the realization that the love that was shown them was only because of a magic spell. Their lovers were only to satisfy an irresistible need, nothing more. It was no wonder Rachael had fallen in love with Mac.

I saw the curse floating behind those eyes as a silently rotating glyph, and in an instant, I expanded and analyzed its construction. I saw immediately how it worked to seduce humans, and erected a defense in my own mind against it. I followed the structure of the glyph deeper into Rachael’s mind, and saw the intricacy of her physical construction as well as her thoughts and desires toward me, Mac, the whole world. I saw her so intimately that I had suddenly stopped breathing to admire her perfection. And then I realized that Rachael was aware of her transparency to my gaze. I expected her to pull away, but a silent tear streamed down the side of her face. It was a tear for me; that I was willing to share her pain.

And then she pushed up against me again. It wasn’t the frantic bucking of before, but a slow and gentle motion that eased me deep into her. Our eyes were locked, our breathing matched, and I found myself answering her silent plea. She gasped as I pushed her hips down into the bed, penetrating her completely, and added my own rhythm to the pulsing of our bodies. I had her arms pinned at the sides of her head, and I let them slide down until I was holding her hands. Our fingers entwined and our grasp tightened and loosened to match the slow grinding of our hips.

In that moment, there was only Rachael, and I could see in her eyes that she was no longer there as my teacher, but as my lover. We were both confused by the emotions, but unwilling to break away from what we felt. Slowly, gently, I was making love to Rachael, and she to me. Our respective partners and purposes were forgotten as we indulged in each other completely.

We were like two high-school kids experimenting with sex for the first time. She smiled and then laughed softly as I rocked her body leisurely into the mattress, and I too felt nearly giddy. We were sharing an act of love so complete that it bordered on the ethereal. Gradually, we were nearing ecstasy, each of us holding off for as long as possible, daring the other to give in first. Eyes still locked, we laughed and gasped and rose as one for what seemed like hours; until I felt an incredible wave of pleasure expand out from my center. I watched as Rachael’s face lit with surprise and almost unbearable bliss as she too experienced the crescendo of sexual energy. Her body shuddered beneath me, and her sharp intakes of breath were punctuated by little cries of delight. As I grunted and tightened my groin, launching my manseed into her, I had the most profound revelation.

I was linked with Rachael through her eyes, and through her pleasure. I could see right down into her very soul. I could see her pleasure and her orgasm as a physical construct within the wonderful complexity of her thoughts. I saw how it created a magical energy that fed and restored her. I watched, amazed, as the construct grew and spread until it had enveloped her whole being and had integrated into her; added to her. It was incredible.

She was silent for several minutes after our union, looking up at me with wonder and confusion. Neither of us had expected anything like this, and it presented a whole new realm of complexities to our lives that we didn’t even know could exist. The implications were just too earth shattering.

“My god, Rachael,” I said at last. She was still trying to catch her breath. “You’re beautiful!…What just happened?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, smiling. “But it was something absolutely wonderful, Mark.” I felt her shiver in remembrance, her eyes lighting.

We spent most of the morning in bed; talking, laughing, and making love as often as possible, which for Rachael was about every ten minutes. I only had the energy to get it up about once a half hour, but she saw to it that I was occupied during that time.

We tried to figure out what had occurred that first time, and came to the conclusion that since Rachael was a magically created being, and since I could now not only understand that realm, but could apply my skills as a programmer, I was able to look “into” her and understand her better than anyone ever had. It was almost impossible for me NOT to see her in this way. It was incredibly intimate, and I felt a little guilty “knowing” her so well. I knew exactly what made her tick; what she liked, what she feared, her desires, even her memories were open and available to me. It was scary, especially for her! But it was also incredibly comforting for her to have someone that could relate to her, and feel her sorrows with her… And her pleasure.

When Rachael had peaked that first time, I not only saw her orgasm, I experienced it. More so, she said later that she could feel me take the construct and “grow” it. I didn’t remember altering that beautiful creation, but Rachael explained to me that there were other means of programming, even subconscious ones. I didn’t argue.

We talked about Marly. My love for her was unchanged. But I couldn’t deny that there was something special with Rachael as well, and Ananha for that matter. I didn’t want to have to choose, and when I said so to Rachael, she just looked at me funny.

“Why should you have to,” she asked as we lay facing each other after a particularly energetic bought of sex. Her body, as well as mine, was covered in a slick sheen of sweat that made her look like she was glowing in the high morning sun coming in behind her through the window. She looked so relaxed that it appeared she might dissolve into the bed at any moment.

“I guess I’m afraid of offending someone,” I answered. I reached out and ran the backs of my fingers lightly down her side, from her shoulder to her knee. Her whole body shivered as I passed her hip, and I smiled.

She considered this for a moment, then nodded curtly. “I suppose, but Fae folk are a lot more open about sex than humans.”

“So Marly told me. I found out the hard way when two Principalities showed up in my room one night while we were sharing an intimate moment.”

“Ananha…” She said almost unconsciously. She seemed to be considering something.

“Yes, that’s right. Needless to say, it turned out to be an interesting evening. Marly ended up with Keila, and Ananha and I sort of became bedmates by default. Not that I was complaining or anything,” I added grinning. Rachael was lost in thought.

“Hey, did I say something wrong,” I asked.

She snapped back to reality. “Oh, no. Not at all. It’s just that you and Ananha being intimate does explain a lot that I was wondering about.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I saw that you two were… close. I didn’t realize how close. You love her, don’t you?”

Her question caught me off guard. I really hadn’t thought about it, but I did love Ananha. It wasn’t the same kind of love that I shared with Marly, or even Rachael. It was more… friendly. I said as much.

“And have you ever considered how she feels toward you?”

It was a simple question, but for some reason I couldn’t put my finger on, it bothered me. “I guess not.” Was all I could say.

“I think you better,” she answered cryptically.

“Why? What’s bugging you, Rachael. I can tell by your voice that you’re keeping something from me. Am I going to have to make love to you again to pry it out of you?” I reached out and gently tweaked one of her nipples between my fingers. She gasped softly and joined me in a coy smile.

“It’s just that I’m pretty sure she’s in love with you, and… well, some things happened while you were recovering…”

I caught her hesitation. “What kind of things?”

“Mark, I’m not sure I should be the one…”

I moved quickly, rolling her onto her back. In an instant, I had her hands above her head and was moving between her thighs. I’m sure she could have resisted. She was a nymph after all, and so probably had twice my strength. But I wasn’t forcing her. My manhood was poised at her outer lips, rubbing back and forth slowly, while I stared down into those dark, bottomless pools once again. Her mouth dropped open, first in surprise, then in arousal. I knew she wouldn’t last long, and in only a few moments, I felt her start to wriggle beneath me, her thighs parting wider in an effort to draw me inside. Instead, I held back.

“Tell me what happened, Rachael,” I demanded softly. She bit her lower lip but remained silent. Her hips had joined in on her efforts.

“What happened?” I repeated. I pushed myself forward just a bit, and my shaft slipped along her length. She sucked in sharply, and then began to moan; her hips beginning to roll in the pumping motion of intercourse. I held her like this for another five minutes before she started to tremble. Her breath was deep and ragged with arousal.

“P-please…” She entreated below me.

“Tell me what happened…”

“Ughmmmmmm… Alright, I’ll tell you… ummmm… PLEASE!”

I could see that she was desperate now, her whole body shaking with lust. I knew that if I waited much longer, she would get frantic, so I raised up slightly and then let my shaft angle into her. Hissing with pleasure, she arched up her hips and forced my manhood deep within her center. With me buried to the hilt, head back, eyes closed, she launched almost immediately into a spasmed orgasm.

I was hoping to be able to stare into those eyes again as she came, but it was everything I could do to hold back, myself. Her inner muscles tensed and contracted wildly around me as I waited for her to return to the conscious realm once again. As soon as her head came forward, I locked on to her gaze and began to pump her with extremely slow, deep strokes. Her eyes fluttered in unfocussed rapture.

“Ohhh, g-goddess…ughnn.. S-she was tending y-you,” she began, her body still saturated with pleasure. “The th-thorns hadn’t done too m-much damage themselves, b-but… mmmmm… they were p-poisoned.”

I listened quietly, never altering the speed or intensity of our intercourse.

“Figures… Go on,” I prompted.

“You were d-delirious. You…ughnn… kept thinking that you hadn’t t-told us about the d-d-danger the new faerie queen was in…ahh! Gods, fuck m-meee!” She was starting to tremble again.

Suddenly, I remembered that message. X’carin had mentioned something about changing the new queen. I remembered thinking that it was critically important. The rest was a blank.

“What about Ananha,” I asked.

“Sh-she, was with you w-when you… UGHNN… h-had a really bad attack. You got out of b-bed and began thrashing about. If she didn’t… ahhh, oh god… oh god… if she didn’t s-stop you, you would have done g-great damage to your healing… UGHMMM!!… Pl-please, Mark!!”

I had no recollection of anything she was saying, yet in my heart, I knew it was true. I felt myself starting to peak, so I held Rachael’s eyes and gave her what she wanted so badly. Three strong strokes sent us both over the edge, and she gasped into ecstasy.

Once again, her mind opened up to me as she came. I was ready this time, so I was able to look much deeper than before. I quickly followed her memories back two nights prior to the incident that she had mentioned. She was running into the room while Ananha struggled to hold me in a bear hug. The faerie was pleading with me to stop resisting her and to calm down. Suddenly, I saw myself shift in a way that I recognized. It was a breaking move that Marly had taught me. Fear gripped my soul when I realized where the move would lead. I could only watch in horror as I slipped down, then around so that Ananha was facing me, her arms locked in my own. I stared at her for one long, frightful moment before snapping my wrists downward, breaking both her arms.

Her howl of pain as she fell to the floor caused my stomach to knot up, and a moment later, my crazed image was hit from three different directions by Keila, Mac and Rachael herself. I was struggled to the ground and given a hasty sleep spell which left me twitching and unconscious.

Unable to take any more, I pulled back from Rachael’s memories and broke into the now, sobbing uncontrollably. Rachael just wrapped herself around me and held me so tight that I wouldn’t have been surprised to find I had broken ribs later. As it was, I was too caught up in despair to notice.

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