A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


From the Journals of Rachael M. Blist

Chapter 3 – Halfe.

My second “client” turned out to be a little more difficult. Mind you, so far I had only been with humanoid lovers. It hardly even occurred to me that a non-humanoid entity would want to hire my services. Jaled warned me that it would happen, and I suppose that I should have checked the Galactic Database more closely before I accepted, but still… It would have been nice if the Prostitutes Guild could have told me that the client that I was to see resembled a giant centipede.

When I was a kid, I had this very real fear of bugs. I could handle almost anything; snakes, lizards, frogs, slimy fish, even worms, but not bugs. Creepy crawly things with ten eyes and as many legs, fat bodies and tiny little heads made my skin crinkle up and shiver. I once went a block out of my way so that I wouldn’t have to walk passed a mammoth spider’s web on the way home from school. It was pretty bad. I got over it… mostly. When ever I could, I would stomp on a spider, whack a moth, or blowtorch a wasps nest. They in turn would chase me around, crawl over my hand at the most embarrassing moments, or invoke final revenge by making an indelible mark on my wall as I smashed them into oblivion. So we worked out a truce. I would leave them alone, if they left me alone. It seemed to work. If I saw a spider in my room, it was history. Outside, they were safe. By the time I was entering college, I actually let a pet tarantula walk over my palms. I thought I could handle anything. Until that night…

It was huge. I don’t mean “big”, I mean HUGE. Maybe twenty feet long and three feet wide, with a pair of spiky legs every foot or so. I thought that it must weigh more than two elephants. Its skin looked soft, like a caterpillar’s, but its legs were like those of a spider, long, spindly, and black as night. The rest of its body was brightly colored in blues and reds. The head, was not quite insect-like, but decidedly alien. Large, bulbous eyes and a pore for a mouth, surrounded by a mass of wiggling tentacles. It was a nightmare come true, and I wanted to run. Then it spoke, and shocked the hell out of me.

Imagine a voice that’s a cross between Jerry Lewis and Walter Cronkite and you have my bug friend. I almost laughed aloud.

“W-welcome!” It said through the pore as it raised up a bit to bring its eyes level with my own.

“Hi…” I responded, my mirth fighting with my fear for control.

“My name is Halfe (pronounced like “Ralph”). Can I make you comfortable?…” It asked.

“My name is Rachael,” I said, walking into its “house”. It was really a collection of smooth caves and tunnels, but to each its own. “Sure. It’s… nice to meet you Halfe.” I found a corner (not an easy thing to do), and set down my carrisack.

“I am honored that you would see me,” he said, watching me. I decided that Halfe had to be a male, if for no other reason than the sound of its voice. “Humans normally don’t get along too well with Banthaks, but you are not my first.”

I was going to have to have a talk with the Guild secretary about races that I was willing to take on. I’ll bet Halfe had paid quite a bonus for me. If not for the voice, I might have run at first sight. Now though, I swallowed hard and bucked up my courage. I was going to have to get used to weirdness eventually, so I figured I might as well do it all at once…

“Shall we?…” I said, holding out my hand. I kept my smile even when he reached out with one of his black arms and led me into the “bedroom.” (Which had neither a bed nor a room.) The tarantula was a piece of cake.

I’ll say this for Halfe, he surprised me. Here I was, expecting to be disgusted in the extreme, and instead I had some of the most enjoyable and arousing intercourse up to that date.

A Banthak’s bedroom consists of little more than a padded platform and a few stoic decorations. It’s the one part of their homes that has any life at all, and it would be considered spartan or even empty by Earth standards. Humans collect everything, and then display it all as if it were actually valuable… until they move and it becomes too much of a burden and gets tossed into the nearest waste bin, along with two tonnes of other “precious” momentoes.

Halfe’s decor on the other hand, consisted of some wall paintings (which were really quite good) and a reflective material along the ceiling. (Some things never change, no matter what world you’re on…)

I let him take my clothes off while I made small talk, which was a good thing because I was nearly frozen with fear. I was amazed at how well his pointy arms mastered the fasteners on my garments, and how gently he treated me, slowly pealing me out of my clothes until I was wearing nothing more than a half smile and a bead of sweat. Then, he had me lay down at the edge of the “bed” on my back. It was a pivotal moment for me as he moved up between my spread thighs, his massive body towering over me, a half dozen pairs of arms dangling out at his sides. If I was going to run, this was it. I didn’t, but I can’t tell you why. When two pairs of spindly smooth arms reached around my legs, drawing me closer to his body, I wanted nothing more in the world than to high-tail it out of there, contract or no. Instead, I looked up, paralyzed, and found myself staring into my own eyes.

It was the mirrored ceiling of course, but for a split second, I thought that I had found another human and my breath caught. There I was, on my back, my arms stretched out along the edge of the bed, my thighs parted to either side of a huge worm-like creature that was slowly moving into place to fuck my brains out. It was incredible. I was watching Halfe’s form with a new fascination. The colors of its main body seemed to be changing and brightening, even shifting… It was beautiful. Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t asked what kind of, er… apparatus he used in copulation. I followed the bulbous body down toward my thighs and caught sight of what looked like a plate of linguini stuck to his belly. A second later that mass of wriggling noodles covered my nether region and I gasped in shock.

At first, it really did feel like a warm plate of pasta had been dumped in my lap. Then I noticed that my pasta was moving and I nearly fainted. I laid there, panting deeply, while Halfe adjusted himself so that his reproductive area completely engulfed my apex and mons. I discovered that each strand of his “patch” as I later learned they’re called, moved independently. Some reached around my thighs, effectively binding me into position, others slipped up over my mons, playing through my soft curls or stretching up to caress my belly.

I was beginning to think this might not be so bad. The pasta-like tendrils were quite warm and felt rather nice squishing around in my lap. They did seem to be getting more and more squishy, or rather slimy, but I was starting to think that I could get to enjoy this. Then I felt myself being opened and I all but cried out. Luckily, it came out as a cry of pleasure, which Halfe felt himself, or he might have thought he had hurt me and backed off. My eyes got wide and I gripped the bed with enough force to whiten my knuckles. Then, slowly at first, and with an intense increase in my heart rate, tendrils began to slide into my honey. I was suddenly so aroused that it was all I could do to keep myself conscious. My hips shifted and rocked against the creature’s body, pressing against the mass to increase contact, while my head dropped back over the edge of the bed, mouth open, eyes fluttering, in total sexual overload. It was probably the most erotic thing I have ever done (or had done to me), being so completely new and exciting, as well as mind-numbingly stimulating.

More and more of the patch eased into me until I was completely filled to overflowing. Each thin tendril would then gently undulate in and out independently, sliding the full length of my tunnel before starting back in again. The effect was like being slow-fucked and given oral sex at the same time, only a thousand times better. I think I lasted about forty seconds before I cried out in ecstasy, my back arching, hips pumping, in deep orgasm.

How many times I came that night, I can’t say. Halfe worked me for at least two hours, during which time I was gasping and grunting the whole time. I remember on at least three occasions, reaching a level of pleasure that was like one long orgasm over a two to five minute period. By the end, I was slick with sweat and so exhausted that I slept the entire trip back home in the back of the cab.

Before I left though, Halfe let me catch my breath and we chatted about various copulation differences, Human and Banthak. He explained to me that with his own species, the male actually wrapped up the female in a sort of silk-like web during sex, so that she is unable to move, then had intercourse with her at will. I asked if that’s what he wanted to do with me, and he explained it was a private fantasy, but that he felt it would be too much for me our first time. I agreed, and then thought about it.

I wasn’t adverse to bondage per say. Jaled and I had experimented with it on occasion, and I had even had a few interesting times back on Earth. So long as you trust your partner and don’t mind being pushed beyond your norms, it can be quite a rush. There’s something incredibly exciting about being completely unable to resist, while a lover has their way with you, for as long as they like, in whatever way they like.

So I rolled over, (I had been laying on my stomach, Halfe idly tickling my back with his many arms) and asked him if he wanted to try it with me next time. I can’t say for sure, but I think I surprised him.

“Are… are you sure?” He asked, his large eyes blinking with disbelief.

“Why not.” I answered smiling. “It sounds like fun!”



“It might be difficult in the same position as tonight.”

“Why’s that,” I asked.

“Well, my spinners are at my tail. With you below me, I can’t move my tail around far enough.”

I thought again. Then grinned.

“Are you able to roll onto your back?”

His big eyes blinked. “Yes, but… Oh, I see! Of course! But, you don’t mind?”

“Being on top? Hardly!”

“Curious. The female of my own species would be unable to perform such a feat due to our weight. But you would be no problem at all! Oh, how wonderful!”

“Then we have a date. I look forward to our next meeting.”

And that was how, one week later, I found myself once again being stripped by Halfe as we prepared to make love. This time however, he rolled onto his back, and I grabbed a couple of arms and pulled myself on up. I had long since lost my fear of his appearance, although I have to admit to being a little nervous about what I was about to let him do.

We had talked it over, and he could cover me with his webbing any way he liked, so long as he left my head free and clear. He would feel what ever I did, so I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. Beyond that, I gave him permission to stimulate me however he wished, for the duration of one full night. That was quite a lot of freedom considering our last encounter. I told him that he might want to keep a slightly lighter pace, or I’d pass out from exhaustion.

I settled myself atop the Benthak’s underbelly, my thighs straddling the large round body of the creature like riding an elephant. His sex organ lay a few inches in front of my own, an occasional slick tendril reaching out to touch me sensuously along my inner thighs, or even higher, causing me to gasp in apprehension. I felt him move under me, and glanced back to see him lift his tail end up, the dark round bulbs of his spinners visible.

With a start, something very light struck my back and stuck. It felt a bit like cotton candy, only stretched out and nearly invisible. I could just make out more of the stuff flinging out to either side of me, where it was caught deftly by several of his spindly legs. If you’ve ever watched in fascination as a spider wraps up a meal, you have a bit of an idea of what was happening to me. Fine strands of micro-fiber filaments began to encircle my body. Halfe’s legs seemed a blur as he carefully guided each barely visible strand around my body in an instinctual rhythm. I watched in amazement as each one gently touched my skin and seemed to adhere where it landed. My arms were still at my sides, and I gently tested how the webs were affecting my movement. Not surprisingly, I could feel their resistance, but it was certainly not enough to hold me.

As I sat there, mesmerized by the circular motion of limbs, I gradually began to see the layer of webs grow thicker and thicker. No longer was it hard to see, in fact, it was beginning to look like a form fitting garment. Very form fitting… Every detail of my body underneath was visible in the thin white layer that surrounded my torso. So much so that I could clearly see the points of my nipples, aroused to pulsing hardness. The next time I tested my bonds, I was quite surprised to find that I could hardly move at all. Apparently, the strands were much softer and pliable when they first came out of the spinners. Now, it was hard to move more than a half inch in any direction, and Halfe was still spinning…

Adrenaline began to pump through my blood as I realized that I was now committed. There was little I could do to stop Halfe from having his way with me. I was fairly certain that he would stop if I truly showed fear, but this was now his show. I was helplessly in his grasp, and he knew it.

In little over ten minutes, my torso had been completely wrapped in a tight white cocoon. At that point, Halfe stopped and looked up at me.

“Still okay?” he asked with genuine concern.

I was touched. I was also quite aroused. “Doing fine. Nice and warm. This is actually quite comfortable,” I replied as I tried to struggle a bit. I really was bound up like a package.

Halfe gave the equivalent of a grin and reached several arms up to touch me. Slowly, he very gently stroked my torso with the tips of each limb. I soon found out that my tight fitting straight-jacket did very little to block any sensation from the outside. I was squirming with sweat in next to no-time as he sensuously tickled my upper body and back. He tuned his attention to my nipples and had me moaning with arousal. I was so caught up in the erotic touch bath, that I hardly noticed when he grasped my thighs and pulled me about a foot forward. I hardly noticed that is, until I suddenly found myself seated directly atop a wriggling mass of slippery tendrils that slithered around my hips and began to play with my womanhood in seductive and highly arousing ways. Pleasure blossomed up from my loins and I sucked in my breath. Then the tendrils slowed and stopped, and I moaned in frustration.

“Awww…. Mmmmm. That was just starting to get good,” I said, letting my head fall back with a wicked grin.

“Don’t worry…” said Halfe in a seductive tone. “I’m only getting started.”

I felt him shift, and noticed that webs were flying once again, only this time, they were landing across my thighs.

“What are you up to?…” I asked, my apprehension growing again.

Halfe just made a chuckling sound.

In a few minutes, my lower body was quite securely fastened to the Benthak’s. My thighs were completely covered and frozen in place, and I was now totally immobile. I could barely squirm, but little else. I knew I was in for a ride when I remembered what was so warmly snuggled against my sex.

When the first tendril slipped up the length of my flower, I shuddered in erotic pleasure. So slowly as to be almost painful, Halfe’s patch came to life under me. Instead of entering me as he had before, he played with me, sliding only inside my outer lips, teasing the soft, creamy flesh of my womanhood until I was nearly shaking with passion.

“Oh god…” I moaned, my breathing deep.

Every few seconds, he would let one of his erotic fingers slide over the button of my clitoris. Each time he did so, I would gasp in shock and arousal. And each time, my need for release would increase just a bit.

“Ughnnnn… OHHH!! Ummmmmm… oh god… mmmmmm…”

My erotic torture went on like this for nearly thirty minutes, after which time he finally started to slip deeper inside me. But by then I was so aroused that I was literally shaking in near spasm. The moment the first tendril shifted into me, I cried out like a Melnor Banshie in wondrous rapture. Seconds later I gasped again, orgasm gripping my mind and body like a vise. I barely had time to catch a breath when a third wave of pleasure surged up from my belly and sent me whirling into erotic abandon once again… and then again… and again… and again. I was totally out of control. It was the webs around me, restricting any possible escape from the stimulation that Halfe was forcing on me. I was completely unable to pull away even a little, and so my passions became overwhelming almost immediately. How I stayed conscious, I have no idea.

We fucked like this for what seemed like a year… Every second was pure sexual fire for me, and through me to Halfe as well. My head thrashed back and forth as I gasped and screamed in pleasure till I was soaked within my cocoon. When Halfe finally did back off and gradually pull out, I slumped forward, the webs supporting my body. Neither of us said anything for nearly ten minutes. Then I looked up and saw that my lover was doing something with his webs on the ceiling above me. I was still pretty groggy, but I knew that Halfe was up to something again. I began to wonder if I had gotten myself in over my head…

Halfe used some form of natural chemical to dissolve the webs around my legs, then gently lifted me up off his body. The sudden cool breeze between my thighs gave me a violent shiver. Before I knew what was happening, I suddenly found myself suspended in mid-air, not by Halfe’s arms, but literally hanging from the ceiling like a fly caught in a spider’s net.

“Wha…?” I started to ask, when the Benthak’s spinners started up again and white strands began to wrap around my lower half again. I was still too weak to do more than watch, but in a few minutes, I was suspended horizontally, face down. My legs were bent at the knees, and spread wide by a network of white ropes that allowed me some freedom of movement, but only enough to squirm around. Halfe was working on my arms next, his nimble limbs quietly unpacking my bound body, then securing me once again with my arms stretched out over my head. He had removed most of my cocoon, and simply wrapped up my body at key points, allowing me to hang almost free, but with no way to change my fundamental position. I tried to resist while he was securing my arms, and although I was able to keep them tucked away at first, the slow and steady pull of the webs gradually pulled them out like a block and tackle. My naked body hung there, ripe and open. I took the free moment to relax and let my adrenaline levels return to normal. I was just about to question Halfe about what he had in store next, when I heard a sound like that of a large rock being dragged down one of the tunnels. I glanced back over my shoulders to see my heavy friend pushing what looked like a giant flower box. I decided to wait and see, rather than ask silly questions that he probably wouldn’t answer anyway.

He pushed the strange looking plant until it was directly under me, and I suddenly grew nervous again. Below me, was a small jungle of stalks, each with a flower of sorts at the top. The whole thing looked like a giant green Q-Tip with little buds sprouting from the top. What bothered me though, was the way each of the stalks was moving. I had seen some pretty unusual plants, even talked to a few, but these looked like they had a purpose… It didn’t take me long to find out what that purpose was.

Halfe only chuckled again when the stalks started to reach up toward my outstretched body.

“Uh… I…” I stammered, moments before the first flower reached my chest and began what was soon to be one hell of a journey into the depths of pure pleasure. You see, the plant that Halfe had positioned right below me was a sort of pet. It provided him with the equivalent of a light back massage in spots that he couldn’t normally reach on his own. Those stalks now reached up and did their magic on my entire frontal torso. It was like a dozen hands reaching up to caress and tickle my neck, my flattened breasts, stomach and sides. Its touch wasn’t especially intense, but I couldn’t escape it as it very slowly began to message my body. The caresses weren’t even overly erotic, but I knew that they would be in ten minutes or so…

Halfe waited. He let me hang there in my floating bed of gradual arousal for nearly 45 minutes, by which time my sexual appetite had gone from a low simmer to a blazing fire. I was squirming and twisting my body in an effort to escape the constantly present fingers below me. Their touch was driving me to near orgasm all alone, so I was a little distracted when my Benthak lover came up behind me and slipped his head in between my well parted thighs. I gasped loudly as the many thicker tentacles that surrounded his mouth pore wrapped around my hips, thighs and waist, drawing me in and effectively locking my body against his mouth at my most sensitive point. I launched into my first orgasm, long before his round, inch thick tongue snaked out and slipped into my well oiled body, but I was screaming in ecstasy in no time. He sucked and tongue fucked me until I did finally pass out, some twenty minutes later. All the while, the odd plant below me continued its slow torture, only now it was a hundred times more arousing because of what Halfe was doing between my thighs…

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