A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.




Melanie sat on the bank of the pond, her history book in her lap. She was idly rubbing the end of her pencil on her cheek while she watched Blue slowly pass back and forth between the various flowers and other plants that surrounded his home. What he was actually doing to them, she couldn’t tell, but whatever it was, they all looked perfect.

He had been quite happy to see her when she trotted down the hill after school the day after their first meeting, bouncing and spinning in greeting. He immediately took her hand and led her down to the grassy space at the edge of one side of the small water feature. To her surprise, it now had wild Jasmine growing around the perimeter, and the short, soft grass looked somehow fuller. The ground was quite soft, but where she expected to find it wet or muddy, it was perfectly dry. She might get a few grass stains, but comfort was definitely not a problem.

Her next surprise came when the forest spirit proudly pointed out the little potted shrub that she had rescued from the dumpster, only now it was no longer in the pot. It was planted in the ground at the far edge of the space, and looked so healthy and full that Melanie failed to recognize it at first. When she did, she squealed and clapped her hands in approval. The glowing ball grew bright, its happy smile nearly encompassing the entire width of its face.

They talked for a bit after that, Melanie actually doing all of the talking, while Blue basically bobbed and listened. He was very attentive and polite, and only left her side when she brought out her schoolwork and explained that she needed to do it somewhere, it might as well be in such a delightful place as his pond.

But it was hard to focus on the horrors of the second world war when you were sitting in a literal oasis of beauty and life. Here, she could completely let go of the stress and rigid discipline of her semi-fascist Christian high school, and even her abhorrent home life. Her foster father hadn’t even noticed her arrival ten minutes before sunset, nor did he ask or care how her day went. He never did. She sometimes wondered how long she could be missing from his life before he would bother to call the police. Probably when it was time for a review so he could continue to get his monthly check.

Blue was rubbing against her side like a cat.

“Well, hello there,” she exclaimed, smiling in mirth at the friendly distraction. “I saw what you did with the primrose… Very creative.” That seemed to please the little spirit, who bobbed around a bit and then settled, facing her, its warm yellow eyes watching her like two bright coals in a cooling fire. Then, with a somewhat guarded expression, it extended an arm and casually pointed at her chest. Melanie saw that the thin lines of color that made up the spirit’s brows rose in question.

“Oh my…” she replied, amused, aroused, and embarrassed at the same time. “What have I started with you? I have to be honest, I spent a really long time last night thinking about you touching me. I mean, it’s not like it was the first time someone has fondled my boobs… I have had boyfriends you know.”

Blue listened without comment.

“I’ve even, you know… done it, a few times. It was fun and all, but kinda quick, if you know what I mean.”

The spirit made a slightly sad face and bobbed.

“I’m not sure why I’m telling you all this, except to explain… well, I was sort of hoping you might ask again. It felt really nice, and… and you seemed to enjoy it…”

He nodded vigorously.

“… Which is why I left my bra off after P.E. today.”

She had to blush and giggle at Blue’s response. The poor thing’s eyes grew big and bright, and its mouth actually opened in surprise.

“I’m still really nervous about it, and like before, you would have to promise to stop if I ask…”

He nodded agreement with a solemn face, and made the same sweeping hand gesture as before.

“Alright then, um, let me just set this aside,” she said, taking her textbook and placing it nearby. “And I think I would like to lay back this time, would that be okay? You can still sit on my stomach if you want.”

The spirit was giddy.

Taking a deep breath, she unbuttoned her sweater and slipped it off her shoulders. Then, she leaned back to her elbows, and finally, with one last sigh, laid herself flat on the spongy grass.

Blue was a little more careful hopping up onto her, sort of sliding up rather than bouncing onto her tummy. Again, she felt the deep warmth of its body flowing over her, but this time she found the sensation entirely erotic. It was a liquid heat of sorts that seemed to reach right into her, stimulating her body from the inside out. She felt a tightness in her abdomen and a squishy slickness in her lap even before Blue started anything with his hands.

“Okay, go ahead…” she said, a little breathlessly, and closed her eyes. A few seconds later they flew open again as she gasped in wonderful shock.

The spirit had slipped his hands up her torso and then gently over her breasts in a single slow motion. The feel of his warm touch on her upper body was much more intense without the shield of the bra, and his fingers were able to literally slide around the risen and hard nubs of her nipples under the thin cotton blouse she wore. There was also much more downward pressure on her chest, and she immediately bit her lip to keep from crying out.

It felt wonderful, and she let her eyes slowly roll closed again as she settled into the feelings of gently building delight. Blue seemed perfectly content to play with the mounds of her breasts for as long as she let him, varying his touch frequently and in playful ways. More than once in the next few minutes he caused her breath to catch when he took her nipples in his fingers and rolled them lightly between the stubby digits. Before long, her whole body was squirming, and her breathing was beginning to deepen.

Finally, she opened her eyes to look at the little spirit, and found he was staring right back at her. The fact that he was focussed on her face and not her chest was enough to cause her to blush deeply, but it was the intensity of that gaze that took her breath away. She was a little bit frightened, and almost told him to stop, but there was another part of her that was really enjoying the erotic attention. That part of her wanted it to go further… much further.

With Blue looking down on her, Melanie brought up her hands and, and biting her lip, found the top-most button of her blouse. The forest spirit moved its own hands out of the way, curious of her actions. When he saw what she was doing, its yellow eyes grew wide with wonder and his whole ball-like body glowed a bit brighter.

One by one she slowly popped each of the little white buttons, each one causing her arousal to increase a bit further. Finally, she could go no further because of Blue’s body sitting atop her abdomen, so she put her arms down at her sides, and licking her lips, nodded slowly to the spirit.

As if he’d been given a delicate treat, Blue reached down and gingerly took hold of each side of her blouse. Then, with rapt attention, he slowly pulled the garment open. Melanie couldn’t believe she was letting the little forest spirit see her bare chest, and even though she fully understood that he wasn’t in any way human, she found herself blushing deeply. She was also aroused as all hell.

Blue looked somewhat awestruck himself. Taking one last look into her eyes to be certain it was alright, he brought his hands down over her breasts. Wonderfully warm pleasure instantly radiated through her torso and she arched up her back as she gasped and literally started laughing with joy. Her nipples pulsed, engorged nearly to the point of pain.

“Ughnnn! Oh… oh…. oh, GOD!” She cried out, her body afire with lust. Several minutes later, she was nearly weeping with need as Blue continued to play with her. She was becoming desperate, and would have brought her hands up to pleasure herself into orgasm if not for the spirit’s blob-like body in the way. Then she noticed Blue was watching her again.

“D-d-do you h-have any idea w-what you’re doing to m-me? Ughmmmm….”

Without changing its expression, the spirit nodded.

“Y-y-you’re driving m-me CRAZY!… mmmmmm…”

At first, she thought that Blue just didn’t understand. His fingers had frustratingly slowed nearly to a stop and she was about to say something when his expression changed. It was as though Blue had suddenly had an idea. She whimpered in disappointment when the forest spirit first removed his left hand from her body, but when she saw what he was doing, her mouth dropped open. His face was tilted in question again as he pointed down into her lap.

Melanie was suddenly very alert, and frankly, just a bit scared. If Blue was asking what she thought he was asking, then their odd little relationship was about to progress to a whole different level. Up until that point, the bulbous forest spirit had kept to what amounted to heavy petting. She admitted it felt nice – okay, really nice – but it was still innocent foreplay. Letting it have access to her bare tits had been arousing enough to give her pause, but if she let it go further she doubted she could stay in control of herself.

His right hand was still lightly caressing her breast, the deep warmth from his fingers settling into her chest. Every now and then he would lightly rub her nipple directly, sending sparks of glorious pleasure ricocheting through her body. Her heart beat furiously with adrenaline, and her breathing was hard and heavy. She needed release so intensely that she thought she would pass out. With just a slight bit of hesitation, Melanie slowly nodded.

“Y-yes…” she whispered. She also brought up her knees, and with her cheeks blushing dark crimson, let her thighs fall slowly open.

She was confused when Blue turned back to face her directly, and returned his left hand to where it was at her breast. She thought that perhaps she had misunderstood him after all, and he was just going to continue to tease her endlessly. But then she felt something else on her belly, a warm pressure slowly sliding down her abdomen. It had just reached the top of her pleated skirt when she understood. If Blue could “grow” two arms out of nothing, why not three?

She gasped as the warm fingers slipped silently under the band of her lower garment. She had expected that the spirit would be touching her on top of her clothing. That he was skipping that little detail nearly caused her to reach up her hands to stop him. But she bit her lip again and stifled back a groan of heated arousal. She was stunned a second time, when those same liquid digits eased under the edge of her panties and started to drift over the swell of her pubis.

“Oooh! Shit! UGHNN!” This time, she did start to sit up and reach in, but Blue found her apex first, the stubby little fingers gliding down over her cleft in a single easy motion. Between her own sopping arousal, and the utterly smooth nature of the spirit’s digits, Blue had only to apply the slightest pressure inward to pop inside her. Melanie surprised herself by coming at once. In a great rush of agonizing bliss, she fell back to the grassy earth and stared up at the sky as she cried out.


The spirit’s fingers felt almost hot inside her, and even when she slapped her knees back together, it had no effect on the way that he gently dipped into her honey again and again and again, each time, slipping in a little deeper. Melanie felt her pelvis tensing toward a second orgasm, and clawed the ground as she arched up off her back. Of course, this only encouraged Blue to renew his attention to her nipples, and the girl suddenly found herself on the losing end of a three-pronged sexual assault.

Finally, her thighs fell open again, just as the little spirit pushed her over the brink and she climaxed a second time. Her hips made a quick seres of rapid thrusts against the glowing lover’s touch, and then locked in quivering ecstasy.


Her cry of passion left her spent and trembling, and luckily, Blue let her rest and roll to her side or she almost certainly would have passed out. Without his fiery touch at her center, she was finally able to start catching her breath and let the dizzy stars fade from her vision. She just laid there, drooling and panting for an indeterminate time. It was Blue’s odd, comic-like face that she first pulled back into focus. The creature was soothingly stroking her side and hip as it let her gradually recover.

“H-holy shit…” she said, weakly, her eyes half-lidded. Internally, she was already looking forward to her next visit with the entity, provided of course, that she could find the strength to walk back up the hill…


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