A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.




It was two days before Melanie was able to get back to the pond again, but she explained to Blue before she left that it might come to that. She had an after school meeting with her book club that took her well on towards evening, and although she felt safe enough with Blue around, she wasn’t too keen on trying to navigate the forest alone after dark. His pond was a good mile in from the road.

The little blob of energy listened without comment or expression, not seeming to care one way or another. But it did respond when she finally thanked him and gave the spirit a little kiss on the top of its body.

“You have no idea how much I needed to, er… get some relief. That was just about the most incredible set of orgasms I have ever had. You made me feel wonderful. Thank you.” At which point she leaned over and put her lips to his glowing surface. There was something a bit like a spark, and she found her lips tingling pleasantly. She hadn’t expected it, and so brought her fingers up, touching her mouth lightly and giggling.

So it was with great enthusiasm that she left her last class of the day and started her walk to the forest. Unfortunately, as she turned onto the street that ran parallel to the woods, she ran right into Derek.

“Hey, what do we have here? Little Miss Trickster… I see you made it out of the forest alive.” He had a firm grip on her arm. She could probably break free, but then what?

“Leave me alone, Derek.”

“Or what? You going to call your demon again, or was that just a one shot kind of trick?”

“What are you talking about? Let go of my arm.” She tried to wiggle free, but he held her tight enough to hurt.

“You know, I can handle being fooled once, but do you really expect me to believe that you didn’t set up that little display in the forest?”

Suddenly she understood what he was talking about. She considered being completely honest and even inviting them down to the pool again. But then she remembered who she was talking to. Not only would they never make it to the pond, but even if they did, she had no guarantee that Blue would protect her again. She wanted to believe he would, but she actually started to worry that Derek would somehow find a way to hurt her amorous friend, and she absolutely wouldn’t allow that under any circumstances.

“You think you can embarrass me in front of my friends and just walk away? You fucking bitch, I’m going to make it hurt…”

She wasn’t about to let him push her towards the alley, so she flipped her wrist over, broke his hold, and put her whole weight behind her fist… and missed. Actually it was a glancing blow, but it hardly mattered. It did not have the stunning effect she was counting on, and before she could even turn around, Derek swung and landed a ringer to the side of her head. She managed to twist away enough so that it hit her cheek instead of her eye, but it still knocked her to the ground and blacked her out for a few seconds. Just as her vision was clearing, he kicked her in the stomach.

It’s a terrible feeling to know that you are helpless in the face of a violent bully. By her own choice, Melanie was a pacifist, which made it all the harder for her to try and defend herself. She abhorred violence, so it was a bitter pill that her one attempt to use it to save herself had been her undoing.

She saw him pull back for a second kick and steeled herself for the coming blow, but it never came. When she looked up, she saw him turning around and quickly ditching into the alley. Looking the other way, she saw several other students had started down the street. Not wanting to be seen in her current state, Melanie gingerly picked herself up and headed toward the forest.

Blue was bouncing with happiness when he spotted her coming slowly down the incline to the pond, but even when she was still a few dozen meters away he recognized that she was hurt and came to her side, frantic, buzzing around her like a bee. The trip had taken her nearly twice as long as the last time, and her side hurt like hell.

“No, no… I’m okay. Just a little bruised,” she explained as she reached the bottom and collapsed onto the grassy space. But Blue wasn’t convinced. He was moving from one side of her to the other, his face confused and worried. He had his hands out, lightly touching her as though she were hot or something.

“Hey, hey,” she said, reaching out and snagging his hand. “Settle down, you’re making me dizzy. I’ll be fine, really.”

The forest spirit stared down at her, genuine sadness in its eyes. Then, reaching out with his free hand, he very lightly touched her cheek where Derek had hit her. She winced at the stinging pain, and Blue seemed to recoil.

“Ow… Don’t worry, it’s just a little cut. It’ll probably bruise though. He missed the eye or I’d have a real shiner.”

Blue skittered back slightly so he could look at her directly. His own face was a huge dark question.

“Yeah…” she answered quietly. “It was Derek, but…”

Suddenly the spirit’s body expanded back over the pond and grew, the air crackling with static and heat. The once small ball of light was now towering over her, its upper body brushing the tree limbs above.


Terrified, Melanie cringed back, unsure whether she should scream or run. But the more she looked at the horror on the pond, the more she realized that its anger was not directed at her, but rather an external target. She had a pretty good idea what, or rather who, that target was. Cautiously, she reached out until she could touch his surface. He was still quite warm, but nothing like the fire he appeared to be made of.

“Blue… No, LOOK AT ME!”

The terrible eyes turned their attention to her and she fought back the desire to run. The expression on the spirit’s face softened slightly.

“I know it’s hard for you to understand, but you must not hurt him. Violence won’t help. Hell, violence is a good part of the reason I got hurt at all!”

The demon-like entity was slowly shrinking back towards its normal size as she spoke.

“Derek is a scumbag, but I might have been able to talk my way out of trouble. Instead, I chose to try and break free and hit him. I chose to use violence, and I paid for that.” She stroked her cheek lightly. “I know you’re angry at him, and I really appreciate that, but you won’t help me by hurting him. Violence isn’t the answer… It rarely is. Do you understand?”

He was almost back to his normal size when he nodded hesitantly.

She put out her hand, and the glowing spirit developed one of its own and clasped it.

“I don’t care if you scare him, but you have to promise me that you will never seek to harm him.”

Blue looked a little frustrated, but nodded.

“Thank you. You know, you’re a much better ‘person’ than most of the people I know.”

That made the blob smile.

She looked around at the slightly swaying trees, the warm air making her eyes heavy.

“It’s always warm here, isn’t it, even at night?”

The sprit indicated it was so.

“Blue, would it be alright if I just laid down here for a bit? I might even take a nap, if that’s alright with you.”

He nodded vigorously, and Melanie gave his three-fingered hand a little squeeze before letting go and curling up in the soft short grass. Part of her didn’t want the forest spirit to see her quietly sobbing at how very close to disaster she had come. A few minutes later she drifted into a light slumber. Blue hovered over the middle of the pond, humming gently.



A giant, demonic version of Blue was chasing her through the old Richardson house, great gouts of flame igniting everything he touched. Fleeing towards an open doorway, she abruptly found it blocked by Derek.

“You can’t run, Melanie. I’ll get you alone eventually, and remember, violence isn’t an option…”

He started laughing just as the forest spirit reached him. Instantly, his whole body was aflame, burning as his laughter turned to screams. In seconds he was reduced to nothing but smoldering ash, and Blue turned once again to her.

“No! Stop!” She wailed, as she tried to escape. Suddenly the floor beneath her collapsed, and she fell through into the basement – only there was no basement. Instead, she found herself falling into a bottomless abyss. Below her, she could hear the wails of countless suffering souls in torment.

“Nooo!” She yelped, coming fully awake. Confused, she looked around her for a moment before remembering where she was. Then, sitting up, she took a deep breath to clear away the remnants of her dream. It was late afternoon, and the light through the trees created a very pleasing pattern of shadow on the surface of the pond. Very much unlike the horrible demonic version from her dream, Blue was quietly drifting near the far side, tending his garden of flowers. The sight of him doing something so in contrast to her nightmare made her smile in comfort.

Slowly, she put her hands over her head and stretched toward the sky, then stopped, surprised.

“That should have hurt…” she said to herself in a whisper. She checked her own ribcage, pressing here and there. Nothing. No sore spots, no bruising that she could see. An hour earlier she had the beginnings of a nasty contusion, now she couldn’t even tell she had been kicked. Stunned, she brought her hand up to her cheek. It too, felt completely normal. In disbelief, she moved closer to the water until she could lean over and see her reflection in its surface. Sure enough, even the cut was gone. A glow entered her field of vision.

“Blue? Did you do this? Did you… heal me?” She asked, looking up at the little blob of glowing light, which smiled and nodded simply. In awe, she rubbed her face where the painful cut had been. It was as though it never happened.

“Wow. Well, thank you! I wasn’t looking forward to having to explain that at school… You are really amazing,” she commented, as she sat back on her legs. “You have the most gentle heart of anyone I have ever met, and yet you’re fiercely protective of those you care for, plant or animal.” She watched the blob of light for a moment. He seemed happy, but utterly without pride.

“Come closer, you.” She said, smiling. Blue floated until he was just in front of her.

Leaning down, Melanie slowly brought her face to the top of the spirit’s ‘head’ and gave him a soft kiss. Her lips came away buzzing slightly, and she sat back up surprised, but less so than before.

Blue himself seemed very happy to be the recipient of such affection, and bounced enthusiastically. Touching her still tingling lips with her fingers, Melanie idly wondered what kissing him on the ‘mouth’ would have felt like. It wasn’t until she noticed that Blue was looking at her in a particular way that she giggled.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said, to her glowing friend. Then she grew a little more serious. “Blue, I want to ask you some things, but I don’t want to offend you. I have some questions that are more… personal in nature. Would that be okay?”

The spirit regarded her with an odd tilt to its head, then it nodded once.

She took a deep breath. “Well, all your… attention to me is really nice, and I have to admit that the way you touch me, and make me feel, is far more enjoyable than any human lover I have ever been with. I… I’m willing to let you take it further…” She made sure she was looking Blue in the eyes when she said this. “… But I’m concerned that I won’t be able to give anything… back to you. I don’t even know if you feel pleasure?”

The spirit’s eyes grew large, and it nodded deeply.

“Really? But… Is it sensation, or do you simply like to watch me writhe?”

He had no response at first, as though he were thinking. Then, he came slightly forward and grasped her left hand gently in his. Taking his other hand, he smoothed her palm slowly in a sensual way that left it tingling with warmth. Finally, he let it go and spread his open hands in a sweeping motion in front of her, then made the same motion in front of himself and inclined his head.

Melanie frowned, not quite understanding what he was trying to get across. She looked down at her still tingling hand and the beginning of an idea came to her.

“You… feel, what… I feel?” She asked, looking up.

Blue nodded slowly.

She thought about this for a moment. “Everything?” She asked, her brows rising.

The spirit nodded, slowly.

“Even my… orgasms?”

He looked suddenly happy, and nodded enthusiastically.

Melanie brought her hand up to her open mouth as she blushed. “Oh my, god… I can’t believe you felt that. But… do you feel everything I feel all the time?”

The spirit shook its head ‘no’. He reached out and lifted her hand at the wrist, then made an exaggerated motion of placing his other hand in hers.

“Only when… we are in contact?”

Another nod.

“I get it. That’s why you pulled back earlier when you touched my face, isn’t it? You felt pain, because I was in pain.”

He agreed, a little sadly.

“Wow, that must be rough.”

It tilted side to side, to mean ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

“Not so rough when it’s pleasurable, I suppose.”

His smile and the way his eyes grew wide, told her that she had hit the nail on the head.

“No wonder you want to touch me in all the right places.”

He just grinned.

“Hmm. Well then,” she said, taking another deep breath, “now that I know how to give something back to you… I believe I would like to properly ‘thank’ you for healing my body earlier.”

Blue looked on with curiosity as Melanie stood. Then, biting her lip, she reached under her skirt to the band of her panties. Wiggling her pelvis a bit, she eased the garment over her hips and down her thighs. She kicked them off and then stood up straight, holding out her arms.

“I’m yours, Blue. You can have me any way you wish. I give myself to our mutual pleasure.”

The forest spirit looked like a child seeing a toy store for the first time, and moved closer. His arms reformed and he started to reach for her, but stopped. With a solemn face, he inclined his head in question, always holding her gaze.

“Yes,” she replied, smiling. “I really do mean it. Though… I probably should have asked if you… I mean, I don’t even know if you have, er… I just assumed that since you could create a third arm that you could, well… uh… Can you?”

Blue was confused for a moment, then abruptly his face changed as he understood. He took on a sly expression.


Suddenly, the blob-like body of the spirit was covered with a hundred different kinds of protuberances. There were limbs and tendrils, tentacles in a dozen sizes, and all manner of different, very human looking phallic members.

“Eeek!” She squealed, startled. And then, as fast as they had appeared, every one of the extrusions slipped back into Blue’s surface and was gone. Melanie couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the entity’s playful joke.

“Oh my god, Blue… Well, I guess that answers that question.” She dropped to the ground, sitting on her legs again in front of him. Reaching out, she lightly caressed the side of his ‘face’. “You have been nothing but kind and loving to me,” she said, seriously. “And now that I know you feel my pleasure and enjoy it, I want to give that to you. I want you to make me come until I can’t see straight… Make love to me and help me forget about school, and Derek, and my crappy home life. Do me until I’m dizzy, Blue, all night, however you want. Will you do that?”

His kind eyes stared back at her for a moment, then he nodded slowly.

Melanie felt something warm touch her legs just above her knees and looked down. His hands were lightly caressing her thighs, stroking her. She sighed and relaxed into the warm massage as much as her already aroused body would allow. She focused on nothing save for the sensations she was feeling, reveling in the pure eroticism of the moment.

The spirit was patient, letting her passion build on its own over time. It let Melanie resign herself. She was eager for the pleasure that she knew was coming, but she wasn’t going to rush it. It was still hours until the sun would be going down, but she had no intention of leaving this time. Being a Friday, she had the whole weekend to do as she pleased, and she doubted that her absence at home would even be noticed.

With her eyes closed, she let the spirit’s gentle stroking slowly work its magic within her. Everywhere he touched left her skin tingling with heat, and it wasn’t long before she felt herself become quite wet with anticipation. She started to squirm, her body shifting and undulating with her growing arousal. Her breathing deepened, and she felt flushed.

After a bit, she opened her eyes and looked down at the entity. He was watching her as he had before, intensely, and in a way that set her heart rate rising. And now that she understood he was feeling her pleasure, she realized he was playing her pleasure like playing an instrument. He knew exactly what aroused her, where to touch, and how long in order to draw the greatest sense of lust from her flesh. He was a perfect lover.

She pulled her sweater off and cast it aside before reaching for the buttons of her blouse. Aside from a slight widening of his eyes, Blue’s caresses continued unchanged as he watched her slowly undress. The buttons undone, she pulled the garment from her skirt and slipped it from her shoulders and then away. She was grinning with mischief as she reached back and found the clasp of her bra behind her.

The sight of her bare chest finally caused Blue to pause in appreciation, and she smiled, pushing out her breasts for him, her nipples hard cones in the afternoon sunlight. She was admiring her own smooth form when the spirit first started to push her knees apart. Her breath caught as she stared down the length of her torso and watched him ease her thighs open until she was wide before him. She felt him reach around her rear, applying enough pressure to urge her to rise to her knees, which she did. The new position put her skirt in the way so that she could no longer see what Blue was doing. But she could certainly still feel his fingers as they slid up and down her thighs. He teased her, lifting a hand away from one place, and setting it down again at random in another, the mystery of what was coming next greatly adding to the overall eroticism of his slow foreplay.

Melanie decided that her silent lover was very creative considering he wasn’t even human. He certainly knew how to tease her, lightly caressing her inner thighs to either side of her womanhood, and tickling over the tops of her buttocks to get her to shiver in almost painfully sharp pleasure. She was so distracted with his randomness, that she failed to notice his change at first. It wasn’t until she found him touching her Mons as well as both her lower thighs that she started to sense he was using more than just his two hands. She could feel four, then five distinct points of contact in her lap, and each moved completely independently of the others. They seemed to wrap around her hips, and down between her thighs, sliding and pulling… drawing her down.

She had closed her eyes, letting the gentle eroticism guide her, so she was quite surprised to suddenly find herself settling down onto something soft and wet, and quite warm. As her eyes flew open and she stared down into her lap in shock, she realized that Blue had stealthily moved himself right under her.

The entity felt a bit like a fleshy balloon, and seemed to have no trouble supporting her weight. Unlike a balloon, however, Blue was all muscle, and she could feel him shifting and moving beneath her. Her breathing started to quicken as he slowly conformed to her posterior, sliding up between her thighs and over her womanhood. The heat of his form on her most sensitive of places caused her to gasp softly in arousal.

Her skirt blocked her view of the creature for the most part, and Melanie wondered if she might be too heavy for him.

“Are… ummmm… are you okay, Blue?” She asked.

Below her, she felt the spirit vibrate. It was a deep, happy purr that instantly put her mind at rest. It also sent waves of joyous pleasure through her sex, and she realized that with Blue’s body pressed against her this intimately, he could stimulate her sex in very profound ways.

Something touched her left hand, and she looked down to see one of the creature’s simple arms had reached out and was stroking her palm. It had extensions like fingers, and so she let their digits mingle until they were clasping hands. She felt the same thing on her right, and followed suit.

Beneath her, Blue shifted slightly, causing her to lean her hips forward. A moment later he angled back and pushed her hips the opposite direction. By repeating the motion a few times, Melanie suddenly found herself caught in a very sexual rhythm that had the spirit sliding up over her womanhood in a way that took her breath away. His slippery smooth body was changing right under her, becoming bumpy one second, then smooth and soft again the next. She found he could tease her, letting a quick series of bumps ride right over her jewel, or soften his body until it felt like a large hot tongue were lapping wetly at her gates. It was maddening, and entirely wonderful. Smiling in happy bliss, Melanie leaned her head back a bit and just let the entity pleasure her.

Gradually, over time, she began to feel a tightening in her belly as she approached a climax. The motion of her hips grew more vigorous, her breathing alternated between slow, ragged intakes, and short, clipped gasps, as she neared her moment. She was laughing for joy when her inner muscles finally clenched and shuddered as she was pushed over the edge into orgasm.

She arched back, eyes closed, as she continued to ride the spirit through the waves of passion, but just as she started to feel the pleasure waning, Blue surprised her yet again. Instead of slowing, he forced her to continue the rhythmic humping motion of her pelvis, while subtly and slowly changing under her. Suddenly, the bumps were replaced by something more firm, that pushed right into her folds as she rocked forward. With each undulation of her hips, a new appendage was gradually ‘growing’ right into her. Melanie had barely come down from her last orgasm, when another was threatening to take her at any moment.

“Ughhnnn! Oh g-god… oh god! Ah! AH! AHH!”

The pleasure was intense, completely overriding any control she might have had left. In an erotic panic, she gasped and tossed her head back and forth even as her lower body continued to hump the spirit under her. A new wave of ecstasy erupted from her center, momentarily throwing off her rhythmic pumping, her whole figure shuddering in bliss. The incredible pleasure seemed to go on and on, and she involuntarily went to put her hands between herself and the fiery lover… but Blue had wound thin tendrils up around her wrists, holding her, so that she was bound to him, and unable to pull away.

With a purr of happy lust, the spirit gently urged her hips back into the slow, grinding motion of intercourse once again. Melanie tried to resist, but was still trapped in the throes of orgasm. She pulled at her hands in vain even as she was being seduced into yet another moment of bliss. The odd phallic member was now deep within her, and unlike a human lover, seemed to be changing and moving all on its own. It could pulse and bulge and vibrate, arousing her in ways that no human could.
After many long minutes of near constant ecstasy, Melanie was finally able to regain her composure enough to be aware of her bound state. At first, it frightened her, that she couldn’t free her hands. But, she hadn’t actually asked Blue to stop, and he certainly wasn’t hurting her (not at all!). The strange bondage was actually quite arousing all on its own. As if to distract her, she looked down her body and noticed about a dozen of Blue’s thin tendrils reaching out from under the hem of her skirt. Coming right from her lap, they were silently inching up her torso, caressing and teasing her as they climbed her bare flesh. She could feel still more at her back and sides. Her mouth dropped open, and she just had time to start gasping before the hungry tendrils swirled up over her chest and engulfed her breasts.

“UghmmmmNNNN! AH! AH! AH! B-B-BLUE!! UGHN!”

Yet another powerful orgasm ripped through her mind, jerking her into timeless pleasure again. This time, Melanie got her wish, as the entity held her in a swirling cocoon of lust, making her come again and again, until she was indeed dizzy and unable to focus.

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