Tales From the Fae – Part V: The Academy of Dana

Uploaded chapters 45-52.

By the Goddess, I actually finished it… This update is a bit of a milestone for me. The Tales From the Fae is a project I started more than a decade ago, and it has occupied a massive amount of my creative thought time over the years. This part in particular, has been on my mind nearly every single day since I began it, and has undergone many twists and turns that surprised even me. At over 181,000 words, it literally qualifies as a medium sized novel, a fact I find also surprising since the whole thing feels very short in my mind. Perhaps it’s simply because I have been living in that world with my characters for so long. I hope you all have enjoyed this story as much as I have, and don’t worry, there is much much more to come. The Academy of Dana comprises what is officially known to me as ‘Book One’ of four. Oh my… I have so much to write.