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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Tales From the Fae – Part V: The Academy of Dana

Chapter 47 – Bound and Bedazzled


As she fled from arena area, the dark-haired first-year student of the Academy of Dana was so angry that the fingernails of her balled fists made bloody marks in the palms of her hands.

“How DARE they interfere!” She ranted to herself as she stormed through the semi-lit halls. “The FOOLS! Can’t they see her for what she is?! Even presented with incontrovertible evidence, they STILL try to save the traitor!”

Shaina new that her time was short. If she had any chance at all, she needed to get to the lower levels as quickly as possible. Her luck held in that she met no one at all during the three and a half minutes it took to reach the storage room that the Fifth had described to her. That fact alone should have given the girl pause, but her rage blinded her from rational thought.

She closed the door and scanned the contents of the damp room. Mops, buckets, various cleaning supplies on one side, and what appeared to be materials used in construction piled along another. The final wall had the shelf she was looking for and she grinned.

The old wooden unit was actually of no interest to her. It was merely a marker; a confirmation that she was close to her goal. She bent down to her hands and knees and felt along the wall in the shadows of this bookcase, and for several long seconds she considered that the upper grade girls had actually played a cruel trick on her and sent her on a snipe hunt. But then her hand fell through the illusion and she chuckled to herself. The rumor was true then.

“Pass through a small tunnel and you’ll find yourself on the other side, in the other half of the Iron Mountain that was sealed of by Marcus Brightly when humans returned to the Tuatha dé Danann,” the blond-haired Fifth had explained. “We only go there when we need to get away from the faerie’s for a bit. You know, for a smoke or something. They can’t track you in there.”

Shaina expected that the ‘something’ they were referring to was more likely restricted Fae drugs and alcohol or illicit sex. She could care less though, so long as the part about her not being able to be tracked was true.

After a short crawl, the girl stood up in a room that was very much like the one she had left. The big difference came when she opened the door out of the room. Whereas on the other side everything was at least partially lit, this place was as dark as a tomb. Shaina cast a simple light spell which put a ball of glowing warmth above her head which followed her around as she walked. It wasn’t perfect, and would have to be recast about once every twenty minutes, but it was better than bumping around in the dark.

She explored the unfamiliar halls, traveling deeper and deeper into the dark catacombs, looking for things that might help her while she hid. She wasn’t sure how long she would have to stay separated, but surely others would eventually explain the situation with Miranda to the Headmaster and he would see things her way. She only needed to survive for a week or two… or three.

After entering more than a dozen empty rooms, Shaina was beginning to think that she was completely wasting her time. It was at this moment that she noticed some light coming from far down at the end of a long side tunnel she passed. At first, she panicked and hid, thinking that perhaps the Professor had sent a search party to find her. But the lights never left the spot they seemed to be hovering around. Finally, she decided that further investigation was needed and she extinguished her own light. Then, moving very slowly, she crept up on the swirling display.

The lights were small magically glowing balls that seemed to be orbiting each other and a central point, and they were beautiful. Entranced, Shaina came closer and closer. Now she could see that the balls of light contained what looked like tiny little figures, like sprites, and seemed to be swarming some object on the floor of the hallway. She was just trying to decide if she should try and communicate, when one of the balls of light abruptly stopped its frantic orbit and hovered out about halfway to where she was crouching. She could clearly see the little doll-like being within the ball of light, and it was decidedly NOT a sprite. Sprites look like human females, only smaller. The creature that was obviously watching her was humanoid in shape, but with very noticeable differences. Her eyes were much bigger for one, and seemed to contain no central iris. She also appeared to have scales covering some patches of her naked form and there were odd bumps running down her back and legs.


Abruptly, the little female made a squawk and zipped back to the others. A moment later all the creatures had stopped orbiting and were instead headed in her direction.

“Oh, shit,” said Shaina aloud as she started running. They were on her in seconds, racing around her in long, lazy circles, dropping what looked like a barely visible thread behind them. The girl felt something on her bare arms and shivered. It was web-like, even sticking to her flesh like the silk of a spider. It was like a spider’s web in another way as well, in its tendency to gain strength in any quantity. She tried to brush away the ever increasing strands at first, but with more and more passes, the faint fiber began to build. Soon she was having trouble moving her arms, then her legs. The webs were constricting her movements and she gradually found it hard to even walk, let alone run.

“Fuck! She screamed in frustration as she was brought to a halt. Instantly, the sprite-like creatures took advantage of her lack of motion and spun their webs with excited fervor. In seconds she found it impossible to move at all, and then she was falling over.


The girl’s head hit the hard stone floor with a crack, and darkness enveloped her mind.


When she awoke, the first thing Shaina noticed was the light. Her head hurt, and the brightness of the illumination around her caused the bump forming on the side of her head to pulse with pain. Even when her eyes came slowly into focus, she still didn’t understand what she was seeing. When she finally did, it was all she could do not to scream out. Covering the entire wall in front of her were hundreds of the tiny sprite-like creatures. She turned her head and saw that the space she seemed to be in was literally crawling in the tiny magical beasts like bees in a hive.

Shaina herself was hanging from the ceiling somehow. She looked up and saw that each of her hands was buried in a greenish colored mass that made her think of the hardened sap that oozed from trees. She pulled at her bonds, but the substance was like steel around her wrists and fingers.

“Let me go, you little shits!” She yelled at the creatures. Several of them zipped up in front of her face, tilting their heads as if listening. Then, to her surprise, they turned to each other and produced a fast clicking and squeaking which she took to be communication of some kind. Instead of releasing her, however, she suddenly felt something crawling up her back.

“Get the fuck off me!” She screamed to no avail. The tiny claws of the sprite thing gripped into her clothing as it climbed up to her neck. Shaina tried to turn her head to see what it as doing.


“OW! That hurts!” She bellowed when it felt like a long needle was jabbed into the top of her spine at the base of her skull. “STOP THAT, YOU… little… fuckers….” Suddenly, her body felt weak as a strange warmth traveled down through her bloodstream. She let out her breath in a long sigh as the poison took hold. It was like being drunk, but with less muscle control. The pain at her neck went away presently, and the girl hung there limp, lost in a befuddled stupor.

Seeing their prey incapacitated once again, the Fae creatures renewed their busy work. At least a dozen tiny female beings joined in and brought sharp claws to bare on her clothing, cutting it seam by seam from her body. When Shaina saw what they were doing, she frowned in confusion.

“Stop… that…” she said weakly, her words slurring.

The creatures paid her no heed and even seemed to rejoice when her blouse fell apart and dropped to the floor. Her shoes gave them a little trouble, being made of a more durable material, but soon they too joined her top, pants and undergarments in pieces on the ground below her. The debris was whisked away, and the girl found herself hanging completely naked.

“God… damn… perverts,” she commented as they began the next phase of their work. “Lemme go…”

Even more of the sprite-things were involved now, a number spinning webs, while dozens at a time lifted her unresisting lower limbs. In this way, they slowly positioned her with her knees up high, but spread wide. Once they had her in this very exposed posture, the web-spinners zipped around her body with an almost orgasmic sense of glee, chirping excitedly. They slowly bound her into a lattice of fine strands that left her completely trapped, but still accessible. She struggled weakly, real fear starting to manifest itself as the effects of the poison finally began to wane.

“Shit…” she commented as her mind unclouded and she realized some of the danger she was in. “No… let me go!”

The creatures were busy on the ground below her, and when she let her chin drop, she could see them twittering around a pile of what looked like dark earth. She saw several magical flashes of light, and the non-sprites all began to chatter and hop around excitedly.

“What the hell…?” Shaina saw something break the surface of the soil. Like a bean sprout made of gold, a thin tendril of twisting life extended upward out of the ground, growing as if viewed by a time lapse camera. In only a few moments it was several inches high and as thick as her little finger. By the time she had taken a dozen worried breaths, it had grown almost a foot and sprouted a number of side shoots. The whole metallic plant thing twisted and writhed as it reached upwards.

For some reason, Shaina watched the slow growth taking place beneath her with dread. There was something about the way that the plant moved that inexplicably frightened her at her deepest core. The placement of the magical golden bean stalk was just too coincidental. It continued to slowly grow, widening and branching until it was a small two foot tall bush with strange looking buds and an almost hairy golden surface. The tallest parts were only a few inches from her suspended body when she finally understood that the twisting eerie tendrils were reaching upwards not to capture some unseen sun, but for her.

“No! Stay back! Get that thing away from me!” She screamed, her anger and fear getting the better of her. The growing thing spread and branched further, filling in the spaces between shoots with an almost cotton-like web of fine golden fleece that moved and pulsed as though alive. Somehow, the girl knew that the beautiful creation was dangerous; that its purpose was sinister and deadly. She knew that she needed to stay away from its touch, escape now before it grew up around her any further – but then she felt something graze the very bottom-most curve of her rear and she gasped. It was the lightest of touches, just a tickle, but it left a fiery trail of tingling pleasure along her bare skin that took far too long to fade. It was the kind of sensation that can only come from magic.

“What…? Oh!…. no, ughnnn!…” she groaned as there was another touch, then another and another. They were becoming almost constant as the bush expanded itself up and fell across her waiting flesh. “Help!…no no no… ughn! Oh god, no… ah!”

Shaina twitched and thrashed in her web, confusion playing over her face as the powerful magical tendrils slowly crept over her posterior, gradually engulfing her flesh an an almost electric sensuality. Powerless, she was stunned when the fine limbs of the plant thing slid up over her anus, probing and teasing her in ways that brought a bright hot flush to her cheeks. Higher they crept, touching the bottom of her sex, languidly playing with the soft, moist flesh of her petals. She was shocked to find herself already slick with arousal, and had trouble breathing for several seconds when the fine golden tentacles traveled up along the folds of her flower. She watched in horror as others curled inward and slowly opened her.

Higher and higher the golden bush climbed, creeping over her body like a hive of hungry ants, and Shaina managed only one deep breath before the tendrils slowly filled her sex and curled up around her clitoris. Instantly, her world was plunged into white hot ecstasy as the magically enhanced pleasure forced the air from her lungs in a long, shaking orgasm.

Lost to time, the human was no less surprised to find herself covered to her hips in the cocoon of gold when her mind was able to briefly focus again. But her sanity was short-lived as the stroking touch eased deeper into her tunnel, lighting yet another climax of torturous delight. Her head snapped back as she came again, but this time, the female was unable to fully return to awareness before her mind was stimulated into a rapid series of smaller orgasms. On and on the pleasure gradually buried her, just as her body was gradually covered by the ever twisting tendrils over the next few hours. As though clothed in a tight, shimmering cloth of gold, her shuddering body was slowly ensheathed by the magical construction until only her face was partially visible.

The proto-sprites danced and skittered over her trapped form, cleaning and caring for their prize while others brought tiny drops of a honey-like nectar to her lips. She instinctively suckled at the sweet droplets even as her mind was gently but steadily drowned in endless ecstasy. The creatures busily harvested the sexual energy for their own uses, and by nightfall of the next day, there was little left of Shaina’s humanity to rescue, even if someone were to find her buried deep in the burrow of the skittering feral sprites.

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