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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Tales From the Fae – Part V: The Academy of Dana

Chapter 18 – Lust


Later accounts by Douglas of my physical and emotional state when he found me in the bathing caves describe me as being nearly feral. I remember entering the caves, and then falling to my knees. I can also remember trying, and failing, to get myself off for so long that there were holes in my jeans where they met the floor from the friction of my relentless and unsuccessful masturbation.

Douglas came through his own mirror in the large collection of tunnels and rooms, thinking that he would avoid the possibility that my own dorm door might be locked. This would have been fine except that once he was within the bathing area, he had no idea how my room related to his, or even if I would be anywhere near my own entrance.

Moving in what he figured to be the best chance direction, he jogged off calling my name every now and then. I was far too distracted to hear him calling me, so for all I know, he could have passed within ten feet several times before finally seeing me. To be fair, he told me that he heard my frustrated whimpers long before he spied me, and followed the sound until he was in the right corridor.

When I did hear him yelling my name and running towards me, it was everything I could do to keep from weeping with joy. In the state I was in, I would have fucked whoever happened to come by, male or female, human or not. Hell, I even would have welcomed, with open limbs, one of the same traps that had forcibly raped me to near hysteria only a week or so earlier in Sexual Arts, even if it meant a slow suffocation at the end.

But when the saviour of my sexual soul turned out to be Douglas, who I was beginning to consider as a possible bedmate anyway, I was so overjoyed that I just knelt there with my arms out as I panted and waited impatiently for him to come to me. I could have killed him when he stopped a few meters away and started TALKING instead of ravaging my body as I wanted him to.

“Miranda, wait! Listen… Rachael thinks that Shaina may have… no, hold on!” Even as he opened his mouth for the first word, I was dragging myself to my feet and moving toward him. When he saw that I had no intention of waiting any longer, he started to back away.

“Listen to me,” he pleaded, with a confused look. “You’re still under the influence of Shaina’s practice tome! She planted it on you. We have to get rid of it before we… Oh shit…”

I lunged forward and pinned him to the wall, my hands reaching into his pants almost immediately. He tried to resist for a second, but then remembered the stone and started to pat me down. I was hysterical. I wanted him to fuck my brains out, not pet me like a dog, so I grasped the front of his shirt and tore the garment from top to bottom in a single pull. He gasped, but otherwise kept up his search while he attempted to keep me in check as long as possible. Finally, I felt his fingers curling around my ass and sighed with expectant pleasure, only to be immediately frustrated again when he said, “Ah! There you are you little beastie,” and pulled the tome from my back pocket. I heard something go rattling down the hallway and assumed that he had chucked the thing.

At the same moment, a strange feeling of clarity came over me, and although my need hadn’t lessened in the slightest, my mind suddenly understood where I was and what was going on. It was sort of like someone had removed a fuzzy gauze from my eyes and I could once again grasp my surroundings clearly. I turned my head up to the male before me and started shaking.

“D-D-Douglas? Oh g-g-god… p-please,” I entreated, my hands pulling at his pants again. He stared down at me and for a second, my heart was filled with dread that he might say no and leave me in this aroused hell. But then his hands moved around my waist and found the already loosened buckle of my belt. I was laughing like a little girl by the time he pushed my jeans and panties down my legs and started to lift my shirt. I kicked the garment around my ankles aside wildly while my hands did much the same with his own clothing. To my immense relief, he didn’t waste time with shoes and just let his pants bunch around his ankles as his fingers once again curled around my backside, this time lifting me from the ground.

My thighs parted automatically, and I groaned into his mouth as he pulled me up to his face and held me there. I was only half interested in the kiss, which was sloppy and wet, since my real focus was getting my hands between our bodies so that I could get his dick into me as soon as possible. Fuck romance. I needed hard, deep penetration, and I needed it NOW!

I knew that he was moving us around, but I didn’t understand to what end until just after I got him aimed in the correct direction and started to feel the tip of his shaft sliding through my very slick outer petals. One second, he was easing into me, and the next my body was roughly pinned between his and the wall of the corridor. With a single loud grunt, he all but fell inside me, clear to the hilt.

His meager noises were completely drowned out by the joyous battle cry I let loose in feeling the unbelievably satisfying pleasure that flowed up from my lap in titanic waves. Alternating between giddy laughter and utter bliss, I wrapped my ankles around his buttocks and rocked my hips forward to drive him as deeply into me as possible. Without even thinking about it, my pelvis shifted back and then forward again of its own accord so that by the time Douglas even had time to catch his breath, I was completely caught up in the deep, rolling rhythm of intercourse.

Without the restrictive charm from Shaina’s practice tome, it wasn’t long before I started to feel the liquid pleasure of an impending orgasm growing quickly just below my bellybutton. The electric sensation of bliss multiplied with every thrust of my hips until, all at once, it simply clicked over into the timeless eternity that for the last four hours I had struggled unsuccessfully to achieve.

Douglas said that my vocal outbursts actually scared the shit out of him, they were so intense. Since I blacked out, I will probably never know how long I bucked and screamed before finally reaching a point of physical overload that caused by mind to seek the solace of unconsciousness.

The next thing I knew, I was shoulder deep in warm water, and Douglas was lightly caressing my damp hair.

“About time you woke,” came his merry voice near my face. “I was seriously thinking that I might have put you into a coma.” His words were playful, but when I tilted my head up to see his face, I could tell that he was genuinely concerned.

“What… what happened, Douglas? I mean, aside from you banging me into a stupor…”

He smiled, and I realized that I was sitting naked on his lap in one of the bathing pools, his arms gently cradling me. “It was Shaina. She must have finished her test early and instead of turning in her stone, she dropped it into your back pocket.” I felt him shiver. “Goddess, that must have been horrible.”

“That’s one word for it,” I replied. I felt like someone beat the crap out of me. The problem is, that someone was almost certainly me. “How did you find me, anyhow?”

“Oh, that. I overheard Shaina bragging about it to her buddy Berla in the main commons about twenty minutes after class ended.”

“Twenty minutes!! It took you THAT long to find me? I was in here diddling myself into oblivion for what had to be hours!”

“Almost five hours, actually,” he said with an appreciative scowl. “Maybe we should call Guinness,” he joked. A second later he went “umph” as I elbowed him sharply just below the ribs.

“Five hours? And it took you that long to think of the bathing pools?”

“Oh no. Actually, in my haste to dash out of the commons and find Rachael to tell her my suspicions, I tripped and knocked myself unconscious. I was under a table… don’t ask… so nobody found me. When I came back to reality, I caught our Sexual Arts professor just as she was locking up for the day. Together we worked it out pretty quickly, and the rest you know. I… um… I’m sorry we had to, uh… what I mean is, er… It’s not that I didn’t want to, you know… um, because I did, it’s just that, uh… I was hoping that you and I would, um… and when Rachael said that you would be… er…”

I placed my hand over his mouth.

“I’m very glad it was you too, Douglas, and I’ve been thinking about it as well.”

Surprise came over his features and made him look like a little boy trying a sugary confection for the first time. “You were?… You have?”

I nodded. “Um hmm. From clear back on the bus.”

“Damn,” he replied, stunned. “And here Michelle has been telling me for weeks to make a move, but I was too damn scared that you’d never be interested in somebody like me.”

I frowned and turned his head so that I could look him in the eyes when he tried to hide his face. “Someone like you, how?”

“Come on, Miranda. Everybody knows you’re a genius, and probably about the strongest student to come through this school since it opened. You’re seriously going places. Me, I’m a Sociohistorian. My life is about as simple and, well, ordinary as you can get, even for the Fae. Why should you be interested in that?”

I sighed and smiled up at him with a quirky sadness. “Oh, Douglas… Ever since the day I was born, I have been trying my damnedest to just be a normal everyday girl with a normal, everyday life. Obviously, I have failed miserably, and simply being here at this school proves my point. My life is filled with enough craziness as it is. The last thing in the world I want is to find Mr. Adventure. ‘Ordinary’ is absolutely perfect if you ask me.”

“Really,” he asked, finally getting the fact that I was serious.

“Oh yeah,” I smiled and cuddled a bit closer. “And just for the record,” I continued, my hand sliding down into his lap. “I know at least one part of you that is anything BUT ordinary…”

He gasped when my fingers found what they were looking for.

“Ughnn… Well, that sort of runs in the family… AH! Hey, go easy there girl…”

“I don’t think I’m completely over the effects of that curse yet,” I said seductively as I rotated my body on his lap so that I was directly facing him without letting go of his manhood. His eyes grew wide when my thighs slid down astraddle his. “I think you’d better make love to me for a couple more hours… just to be safe.”

“A couple more HOURS?!… Oh, shards, McBride… What have you gotten yourself into this time? Okay then,” he said as I moved my hips forward and he started to slip inside me once again. “I guess we had best be sure! Brace yourself, love!”

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