A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Tales From the Fae – Part IV: Songsmith

Chapter 5 – Awakening

Jane was waiting almost as I had left her. She was leaning against the limo with a funny half grin, her hat in her hand. There was something about her that was different, but I couldn’t place it right off. My mind was too full of Gaia’s words.

We had talked for almost another full hour as we walked her garden, with her outlining much of what needed to be done in the near future. It was a daunting task, and I wasn’t sure that I was up to it. But when had that ever mattered? I always seemed to be in the middle of the fire, no matter how hard I tried to keep myself cool.

Jane had a sly grin.

“All went well then,” she stated as I approached.

“Oh, I don’t know if I would go that far. Aside from having almost everything I knew about the universe dashed to bits, and then given an impossible task to accomplish in an impossible time frame, sure, I guess it was a blast.”

She gave me a “poor puppy dog” look and put her hands on my shoulders. It was a little informal for a cheuffer, but I let it go.

“You’re alive aren’t you?”

“I seem to be,” I replied, my brows coming together in question.

“Then count yourself ‘well’. Anything else can be corrected.”

I briefly admired the tightness of her black uniform. “You have a very optimistic look on life. If I didn’t know better, I would say that… ummph!”

I was cut short by her pulling me down to her and planting a wing-dinger of a kiss on me. Once I understood that she wasn’t trying to kill me, I relaxed into it and let it guide itself. After a few minutes, I was fervently hoping that none of the neighbors were watching out their windows. Jane was floating even with me, her body nestled VERY informally against mine while I held her, my arms wrapped around her waist. I only broke the kiss when I started to feel her thighs wrapping around my hips.

“Whoo! What have you been doing while I was inside?” I asked, holding her at arm’s length. “That was a real doosie!”

“Let’s just say that I’m no longer lacking in experience concerning a certain previously discussed subject.” She gave me a stare so saucy that I felt myself swallow.

“Jane! Did you get lucky today?” I was genuinely happy for the girl.

She just laughed. “Lucky?! Luck had nothing to do with it buster! And yes, if you must know. I did get ‘lucky’ as it were. Today… and yesterday, and twice the day before that, then again the day before that, and…”

“Whoa there,” I stopped her. “I don’t need a complete list, it’s just that I thought that in the car you told me that you were a, er… I mean, um… that you hadn’t…uhh…”

“Fucked anyone yet?” she finished for me.

“Uh, well… yeah. Was that just a bunch of hooey?”

She looked hurt. “Mark, I wouldn’t lie to you, ever.”

“I’m sorry, Jane. I fell down the rabit hole and got lost…”


“Never mind. Why don’t you just spell it out for me. This has been a wacko day, and my thinker just isn’t keeping up.”

Her frown turned to the puppy look again, and then abruptly to surprise. “You don’t know!” She stated confusingly.

I sighed. “…Know what, Jane?”

“How long you were in Gaia’s house!”

“Uh, Irinde mentioned something about the house keeping its own time, or something like that…”

“Yes, yes! Of course you’re confused. Mark, I’m the one who should apologise. From your point of view, it really was earlier this afternoon that I dropped you off.”

“Hmmm… I assume that you’re going to tell me it wasn’t.”

She smiled like the Cheshire Cat.

“Why do I get the feeling that I’m about to be stunned again? Okay, I’ll bite. I was outside in the garden, or so it seemed, so I could have swarn it was daylight going in and daylight going out, but… Jane, just how long WAS I in there?”

“Um, I guess that’s a matter of perpective…”


“I mean, as a vector of time verses local displacement…”


“Just under three weeks.”

I felt my knees go weak.

“Oh! Shit, I knew I should have told you in the car,” she said grabbing me around the waist with one arm, while opening the door and shoving me inside with the other. I just sat there, the weight of everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours (Three weeks? Oh hell…) finally becoming too much for me. Jane jumped around to the driver’s side and started the engine.

When I looked up again, we were slowly cruising down a wooded suburban street of New England style tract homes.

“Hey, are you okay back there?” Came Jane’s voice as she glanced back over her shoulder at me.

“This isn’t the way back home,” I stated, coming out of my daze.

“No. I thought it would be best to give you a little time to catch up with things first.”

I chuckled. “I think I’ve had about all the time I can take.”

“Huh? Oh! Hey, that’s a good one. But seriously, are you alright?”

I thought about it.

“Oh my god… Marly! She’s going to be worried sick!”

“No, no! She’s fine, really,” entreated the faerie. “I spoke with her just this morning. She’s looking forward to having you home again.”

I raised an eyebrow. “_You_ spoke with her?”

I could see her smile through the rear-view mirror. “Sure! We’re old pals now.”

“Really? No offense, Jane, but the last time I saw you two together, you were about ready to kill each other.”

“I know, I know. I went back and explained things, and well, oh hell Mark… Don’t you ever let go of that one. Marly is one of a kind. She not only forgave my ignorance, but took me in as a personal charity case. I explained our conversation in the car about not being experienced…”

“Oh no…” I felt my heart skip a beat.

“Oh yes!,” she exclaimed. “And we were sobbing together as girlfriends in about twenty minutes. We’re a lot alike you know.”

“This isn’t happening,” I said in denial.

“So anyway, that’s when I explained that you might be gone for days, weeks, or even months. It was hard on her, but she’s a trooper. Then we talked more about my problem.”

“Your problem?”

“Haven’t you been listening? My problem!… No sex. Sans orgasm. Lacking carnal knowledge? You know!”

“Oh, yeah, sorry. I assume she gave you pointers or something.”

“Pointers! Stars, Mark, she wouldn’t let me out of the house until I had gotten laid at least twice!”

“Really? Who?… Scratch that. None of my business.”

She laughed. “It’s okay. Big guy, name of Mac.”

“Mac?! Wow, I thought he would never… oh well, doesn’t matter. Congratulations, Jane!”

“Thank you, Mark. That means a lot coming from you. If it hadn’t been for you, I never would have even known what I was missing. Which reminds me…”

She turned into a side street, and then out an access road along a water reservour, where she pulled into a shady spot out of view. I was about to say something when she killed the engine and got out.

Only to get back in again in the back seat with me.

“You told me when I drove you to Gaia’s that you… wanted me. I ask you again. Was that for real?”

I swallowed.

“You know it was, Jane. But it’s not that simple. Marly…”

“We talked about it, Mark. Marly and I.”

“You did?! What did she say?”

“She’s okay with it,” she said putting her hand on my arm. “At first she was a bit, uh… protective, but when she remembered that I’m a faerie, as well as a friend, well… She knew that you wouldn’t offer yourself to me unless she said it was okay. That was enough for her.”

“So…” I said slowly. “She’s okay if we, uh…”

“Fuck each other silly?” She was smiling.

“Well… Uh, yeah.”


I just looked at her. In her eyes was a lust that rivaled even Rachael’s, and I knew that my life had just gotten a lot more complicated… again.

She leaned into me, and this time I didn’t resist. Kissing a faerie is a unique experience that’s totally unlike kissing another human. Even though faeries are changelings with human roots, they have subtile differences that make the simpliest things like kissing into a real challenge. Take air for example.

A decent human kisser can keep it up for a minute, maybe two, unless they start using their nose to breath, which can lead to other problems. A faerie on the other hand, isn’t limited by oxygen supply, and could easily stay lip-locked for an hour or more.

Add to that the simple fact that faeries are considerably stronger, both physically and in their libidos, and you have a situation in which suffocation by pleasure is a real concern.

Jane was slowly crawling on top of me as we mashed tongues, moaning softly, but increasingly, as our kissing became more and more erotic. I also noticed that she was doing an amazing job of ridding herself of her constrictive clothing while at least one hand was always on me, working on relieving me of my contrictive garments. Shortly, I was helping, but a determined faerie has ways of stripping a lover that don’t require her hands at all. It also helps that they can float.

Anyone who has ever made love in an automobile will tell you that getting out of your clothing is half the problem. Either you run out of room, or the closeness of your bodies laying on top of each other gets in the way, or both. Depending on the urgency of the moment, you either end up doing it with your clothes on, or you sacrifice the garments to love and rip them off in frustration. The limo on the other hand, had lots of room, and Jane could hover over me without actually putting any weight atop my body. It makes getting pants off a breeze, at least for her, and by the time I came up for air (two and a half minutes, but I think I cheated) she was strattling her bare thighs down on my hips (also bare) and allowing me the pleasure of removing her silk teddy from her upper torso.

I gasped, and admired what I could only imagine lay below the black uniform before. As with all faeries, Jane was beautiful beyond words. Their bodies were more than perfect by human standards, they were subtly changed to take advantage of whatever characteristics the original human changeling possessed.

Jane was shorter, even for a faerie, and had a smallish bust to match her size. Coupled with very fair skin, it gave her an almost oriental appearance. She slowed and let me fully appreciate her as I slid the teddy up over her head. Her breasts were just right for her, a handfull, firm and perfectly shaped. I was delighted to notice that her nipples were a little larger than normal, and peaking nicely. She was quite aroused, and it showed in her chest.

But we had time, and I planned to give Jane my full attention. Once she knew that I wasn’t going to reject her (as if I would somehow object to the nubile female squirming naked in my lap) she relaxed and enjoyed the moment with me. She became nearly weightless again, and did something that I have always found incredibly arousing. She put her arms behind her head and leaned back, stretching her torso out before me. It was a visual feast, and I held my breath as I watched her slowly stretch like a cat that’s just waking up from a long nap. Her breasts were flattened into smooth mounds with her nipples pointing to the ceiling of the limo, and her belly was a taut slab of flesh that dropped down into the firey warmth of her apex.

I couldn’t resist, and lightly slid my hands up that expanse until they rested over her breasts. There, I let my palms carress the hard points of her nipples, then dropped my fingers down around her torso and then back down to rest on her hips. I felt her shiver with arousal, and her cat-like smile told me I had hit her just right. I continued the slow massage while I picked up our conversation.

“You knew what you were doing when you picked me up today, didn’t you,” I asked.

Jane answered me with her head back, eyes closed, still grinning. “Marly said that unless you forbade it, I wasn’t to return you to Brightly House without first greeting you fully and properly.”

This surprised me a bit. My love understood what a “full” faerie greeting meant. “Really? She said that?”

“She did. She was quite specific. She also said that I was to pay close attention as we, ‘greeted’ one another and learn as much as I could, no matter how long it took.”

“Wow…” I replied, stunned. “Then I guess I should do my very best to ‘greet’ you fully and properly. I have to warn you, it may take more than once, but we can repeat it until you have learned all that you can from me…”

She giggled at this, then gasped as my fingers slid over her thighs and into her lap.

“Oh! Ummm… I… I’m a tough case, so you might… ughnnn… have to go very, ahhh!… s-slowly at times… mmmmm…”

Now I was smiling. “Don’t worry, Jane. I’ll keep my pace to only what you can bear so that what you learn is… deeply and… thoroughly implanted.” I let my fingers slip through her petals and over her jewel at just the right moments to make my point.

“UGHnnnmmmm! M-m-more, please!” She commanded, her body starting to move against mine with some urgency. I wasn’t letting her off the hook so fast.

“Tell me something, lover. Did you have this spot scoped out before we left? The shady view of the lake I mean.” My fingers continued to stroke and glide, growing bolder by the moment.

“I… ahhh! I thought that such a place… ughmmm, oh!… might come in handy… uhnnn, yessss…. so I did a little, ah! ah! mmmmm…. reconoitering… oh goddess! Mmmmmmm!”

I considered this while Jane panted. Her hips began to spasm against my fingers, and I knew she wouldn’t take much more. Another interesting connection came to mind, but I kept quiet and concentrated on the moment, or rather her moment as she was launching into orgasm even as I watched.

Her whole body jerked and twisted, but to her credit, she didn’t pull away. I kept up the ministration in her lap until I was certain that she had climaxed at least two more times, then I withdrew my fingers and pulled her upper torso against mine so that I could look into her eyes.

She was still panting, and had a dreamy, half-lidded expression when our eyes met.

“Whew…” she exclaimed. “And you haven’t even said ‘hello’ yet…”

I smiled at the compliment and kissed her again. About the time that I felt her legs trying to wrap around me, I broke our lips apart and distratced her again.

“Jane dear…”

“Ummm? You stopped,” she said sadly.

“Not to worry. I wanted to ask you about the first time we met back at Brightly House. You know, when you busted down my door…”

She flushed deeply. “Oh, that.”

“Yes,” I continued. “I was just wondering, that must have taken a ton of energy…”

She sat up a bit, but did not allow me to loosen her thighs, which were still clamped around my waist. “I’m sorry about that. I was really worried. My Lady has never sent me on an errand like that before. In the past, I had only carted her around, not others. I’m sorry to say that I was a little lacking in social customs.”

“Forget about it. Fully understandable under the circumstances, and learning social skills may have been why Gaia sent you to us in the first place.”

Her face brightened. “You really think so?”

“I wouldn’t put it past her. But the real reason I brought it up is that I had never seen magic of that type, or that powerful.”

“That’s because you’ve never come in contact with a member of Gaia’s house. We’re… different than other faeries. We have access to things that most of the Fae does not.”

“Access…” I mulled. “Interesting.”

“Shall we continue?” She asked hopefully, wiggling her hips in a seductive manner.

“Uh, one more question, then I promise to give you my whole attention.” She pouted, but waited. “I noticed that you don’t seem to mind clothing? Even the heavy stuff.”

She shrugged. “Gaia knew that I would be required to wear clothing to do my job. Like I said, we’re special.”

“That you are,” I retorted lustfully as I gazed down her body. Then with a smile and a slight shifting of my hips, I said, “Hello…”

Back at Brightly House, I was greeted much more informally by a whole parade of females who burst from the front door the moment we pulled up. I made “promise” kisses all around and quickly urged us all indoors so that we wouldn’t shock the neighbors if things started getting more intimate. I was a little worried about Marly, since I obviously still had Jane’s scent all over me. I needn’t have worried. She saw Jane, who nodded and grinned, and then came at me herself with her arms wide.

“I wasn’t sure what condition you’d be in when you left Gaia’s, so I didn’t know if you would be able to help out Janie dear,” she said when the door was closed.

“Jane was nothing but careful. I take it that she’s an honorary member of Brightly House now?”

Jane was suddenly standing next to us, her mouth open as she waited for Marly’s response.

“I don’t see how we can turn her away…” she answered with a grin and a wink to the girl. Her voice was instantly drowned out by cheers from all around. It was then that I realized that we were surrounded by nearly three dozen members of the Fae, a number of whom were completely naked (faerie casual). When things quieted down, I called at once for a meeting of the faerie principalities. Ananha smiled at me and said that they were already on their way, as well as representatives for the sprites and dryads. When I noticed that Marly was watching me with a strange grin I had to ask.

“Okay, what’s up? Why are you all staring at me like that?”

Jane spoke first. “He really doesn’t know, does he?”

I rolled my eyes. “Not again… Know WHAT?”

“You’ve changed, my love,” said Marly lovingly.

“Changed? I’ve been wearing the same clothes for almost three weeks according to Jane.” She sighed and waited. “Okay, I’ll bite. How have I changed? I seriously don’t see what’s different. Is my hair white or something?”

“No, lover. Physically, you look as you did.” Her hand came out and brushed softly against my face. “But you are no longer the simple computer programmer that left this house three week prior.”

“I’m not? Then what am I,” I asked.

“You are unmistakably the High Chieftain of the Tuatha dé Danann, Lord of Magic, and King of all Human Realms.”

My mouth was hanging open, and I didn’t say anything for at least ten seconds. The entryway was still packed with Fae, but everyone was dead silent now, and I gulped. I stared at Marly, and saw it in her eyes first. It was awe. She was totally serious, and I started to feel my legs go weak again. This time though, I forced myself to hold myself upright.

“I… I don’t feel like a Lord…” I croaked.

“That’s because true royalty doesn’t come from anything physical. It’s just a part of you. It drips from you like morning light through the branches of a tree. It’s always been there, but until today, it has been quietly hiding.”

“Is it really that obvious?” No sooner had I asked the question, then I started to hear a shuffling around me. Before I realized what was happening, every entity in the room save for Marly was bowing down on one knee. I started to panic, and sought my lover’s confirmation that this wasn’t some kind of joke. I met her eyes just as she slowly dropped to the floor to join the others.

I just stood there, looking down at her as tears of joy started to appear at the corners of her eyes. Then it hit me. I felt what the others did, and it took my breath away. I was so caught up in what needed to be done, that I had failed to notice the most wonderful gift that Gaia had shared with me; my own heritage.

I took a long breath and slowly gazed around the room, putting to memory every face that was there. For some reason I knew that these three dozen Fae were ones that I could completely count on and trust no matter what the circumstance. I didn’t know why that was important, but I filed it away anyway. Then I did something completely out of intuition. Instead of standing above them, I too dropped to my knees, and then bowed so that my face was inches from the floor. There were gasps from the Fae around me, and when I saw that Marly was about to say something, I raised up to look her in the eye.

“I may be the Lord of Magic,” I said to her, and the others. “But I am still the lowest of the Fae, and will accept no tribute until I have well and truly EARNED it.”

“And so you shall, my love,” she answered, smiling. “…so you shall.”

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