A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Mirror

Chapter 7 – Into the Golotha

When I awoke, it was to the sound of light and cheery music and the soft caresses of Ariel’s hand on my belly. She was looking down at me with tears in her eyes.

“Then I wasn’t dreaming…” I said with a smile. She shook her head.

“Thank you… Thank you so much!”

“For what?” I asked, perplexed.

“For freeing me… For freeing us all!”

“Huh? Last I saw, you were being imprisoned in one of those black tar things…”

“A Halgiel… yes.”

“It had just covered your hips and was, um… arousing you.” I was a bit ashamed to tell her this since I basically ran away like a coward.

“It was fucking me senseless,” she corrected.

“Then I went looking for the woman who was hiding in the closet. I figured if anyone could get you out, it was her.”

“Logical… Go on.”

“So we bumped into each other in a hallway, I slugged her and dragged her back into her room…”

“Wait a second,” she stopped me. “Without a weapon to your name…”

“I had your knife…”

“Like I said… That knife is hardly more than a cheese server. And you walk right up to Queen Barthola and… let me get this straight… you punched her with your fist?!”

“I had to act fast… It seemed like the right thing to do. Was I wrong?”

“Shit girl!” She said laughing. “You have more balls than all the dwarves from here to the sea! Please, tell me what happened next…”

“Well, I tied her to the bed, and was going to let it work her the same way the dwarves tried to work me. Everything seemed to be going well, so I had a seat. I guess I choose the wrong chair to relax in…”

“I’ll say!”

“I was, uh… raped… by the damn thing for what seemed like forever, and the next thing I knew I was sleeping next to you.”

“And you have no idea what happened after you were freed?” She was staring at me with a big grin.

“Nope. Hope I didn’t miss anything fun…”

“Oh, they’re just getting started, we haven’t missed much.”

“I’m sorry, Ariel. Maybe you should just spell it out for me.” I really was confused.

“You did it!” She said shaking me in a loose hug. “Just like the prophecy said, you freed the entire land!”

“I did?…”

“YES! You’re a hero! You have more guys who want to have sex with you than you can count in a day! Everyone and their mother wants to name their children after you!”

“Uh… Ariel… What did I do?” I was genuinely confused.

“You broke her! You popped her magic bubble. You made her powerless, and in so doing, all her cohorts. As the Queen’s magic faded, so did her spells, including the Halgiel that was encasing me… and all those others as well! I’m sorry to say that we lost a great many souls. Most had been reduced to vegetables and simply died as they were released from their prisons of pleasure. But a number will heal with time, and they have you to thank.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Rachael? Are you alright?”

“I… I really didn’t want to be a hero… I did it…”

“Yes?” she said when I faltered, tears in my eyes.

“I did it for you.”

It was Ariel’s turn to be speechless.

“I had to get you free,” I continued. “No matter what the cost. I’ve never… I mean… Damn… I think I’m in love with you!”

“With me?”

“Yes, I’m sure of it. I wasn’t until I just said it, but now I am. Ariel, what do I do? I’m from the outside! You’re…”

“A creation…” She finished.

I looked down, suddenly saddened by my situation. As an internal creation in Michael’s world, she could never leave the mirror. Our relationship was limited only to what Michael allowed, and no more.

“Ariel, I…”

She placed her fingers to my lips, silencing me.

“Forget that for now. Be with me and help me celebrate our freedom! You’ve earned it!”

“I suppose I deserve a little break…” I said, biting my lip.

“That’s the spirit!” She replied, brightening. “So how many men shall I have sent to your bed? Two… Three?…”

My mouth was hanging open.

“What?” She said innocently.

I lowered my eyes as I took her hand.

“The men can wait…” I whispered, putting her palm into my lap.

Her grin was so big I thought that her face would crack.

“Now that you’ve had a fairy touch your center, you can’t get enough, eh?” Her fingers were already searching. They dropped down into my soft curls, and then lower. Instinctively, I parted my thighs and leaned back into the soft pillows as she smoothly moved up my body and planted her lips to mine in a sweet and building kiss.

I never even came up for air before I had my first orgasm. It crashed through my body as a wave of pleasure that burst from my mouth as a gasp and continued as sharp little intakes of breath until I was nearly dizzy with passion.

The next few days were interesting, to say the least. I spent my daytime eating, drinking and generally getting sloshed, and my nights were nothing short of sexual orgies. I had sex with more men in three days than in my whole college experience. A whole lot of people wanted to thank me, and who was I to refuse! I saved a good portion of each night however, to spend with Ariel, who said that I was getting so good at pleasuring her that she was going to make me an honorary fairy.

Finally though, things began to get boring. Not that sex every night until you pass out isn’t a blast, but I wanted more. It was that damn reporter’s curiosity in me. I brought it up to Ariel the next morning.

“Ariel?” I asked softly, just after a distinctly wonderful bit of love play. “Do you ever leave the forest?”

“Leave the forest? What for?” She propped herself up on one elbow, facing me. Her right hand was lightly stroking my bare thigh.

“Well… To explore I guess. To see what else is out there.”

“I accept.” She said, matter-of-factly.

“Uh… Accept what?”

She looked at me with a smile. “I’ll go with you when you leave. That’s what you were going to ask, wasn’t it?”

I thought about it. The thought of leaving Ariel made me quite sad indeed. “Well yes, but…”

“I knew you wanted to leave almost a full day ago. It’s in your nature. I was hopeful that you would want to take me with you.”

“But Ariel, I’m not even sure that you can go! Suppose you just cease to exist outside of the forest?”

“Oh, I won’t disappear. I know that much. Besides, others have left to travel to other worlds, many have returned to tell about them. The only restriction seems to be that you have to go with someone from the outside.”

“Really? You mean it? You can come with me?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, any of them!” Her hand was dangerously close to my apex, and creeping closer.

“Hot damn! That changes everything! Let’s go! Today! Now!”

“We can’t go this very second. There are still a few things I need to do…”

I looked at her with a frustrated face. “Like what?… Oh… Oh!!”

She chuckled and moved closer, pushing me onto my back while she slipped up between my thighs.

“Don’t worry,” she said, her fingers dipping into my honey. “This shouldn’t take long…”

We set off that afternoon. There were many tears and nearly half the village wanted to escort us, but Ariel explained that I had to move on and that if they were lucky, I would be back someday. I certainly hoped so. It was a fine place, and I found myself teary eyed. About an hour later, we were on our way and truly alone for the first time in nearly a week. It felt good.

I was a bit concerned that I might not be able to find my way into another world. For all I knew, this one could go on for a thousand miles in any direction. In the past, things had sort of been, well… forced on me. I was guided or simply placed where I was supposed to be. But now, I was on my own.

We left the forest that was Ariel’s domain and entered another, slightly larger one. She had never been there before, and so couldn’t provide any insights into direction or danger, not that there seemed to be any. Hell, there weren’t even any bugs!

Finally, it started to get dark and I called it a day. We made a “camp” that consisted of a bed roll, a blanket and us. The night air wasn’t chilly, so we shed our clothes and snuggled down together under the stars. After a bit of friendly petting, we decided that we were too pooped to do more than cuddle and both of us were out in minutes.

That night, I had a rather fitful sleep. I awoke several times to strange sounds, only to chide myself for being paranoid. Finally, just as dawn was starting to break over the hills, I sighed and reached for my lover. She wasn’t there.

I started to sit up when I realized that something was wrapped around my legs.

“Shit!” I gasped and tried to pull back the bedroll, only it wasn’t there either. I shook my head to clear the sleep away and looked around. The light was dim, but I could tell that I was no longer in our “camp”. Apparently, some familiar looking vines around my ankles had pulled me about a dozen meters to the east. I followed them away into the distance until I could no longer see where they went.


I all but screamed for joy at hearing Ariel’s voice.

“Over here!! I’m stuck!”

“I see you!” Came her voice from not far away. I could just make out her naked form about 20 meters to the North. She too was sitting up. “I’m afraid that I’m stuck too… It seems to be some kind of vine. Are you ok?”

I looked myself over. The ground was soft and covered with grass, so I hadn’t been scratched at all from my dragging. It was obvious that I was indeed still being dragged, just very slowly.

“I’m fine. My ankles are caught. I don’t have my knife, damnit! I’m being pulled to the East at about an inch every two or three seconds. And you?”

“Same thing,” she replied. “I think I’m a bit ahead of you…”

I tugged at the vines around my limbs. They weren’t tight enough to hurt me, but they weren’t letting go either. Without a knife it would be nearly impossible to disengage them, and even then, it would be rather dangerous.

“I’ve been fighting with these damn things even since I awoke,” she continued. “I can’t budge them!”

“Nor I. Ariel, what are they, and where are they dragging us?”

She was silent for longer than I felt comfortable with.

“I think I know what’s happening, but I don’t think you are going to like it.”

“Tell me. I don’t think that anything shocks me anymore.”

“Well,” she continued. “I think the vines may be part of something called the Golatha.”

“Gol.. what? What is it?”

“Golatha. Please understand that I have only heard tales and legends, so I could be completely wrong.”

“Legends in your world have a tendency to be real-life,” I snickered.

“Maybe so. In any case, the Golatha, or Lord of the Flowers, is a giant plant that feeds on the pleasures of the forest folk. It is told that long ago, the forest people lived in this side of the realm, but left to escape.”

“Escape?” I was already having a bad feeling.

“Yes. It seems that the Golatha was insatiably hungry. The legend is that it would send out its vines while the villages slept, and drag back females to, er… feed it.”

“It ate them!?”

“Well… not exactly. It brought them into its heart, through a curtain of some kind. The legend is unclear at this point, but it is said that once a victim is pulled to the flower’s center, they’re fate is sealed. There they are tortured with pleasure over and over as they slip slowly into the ‘honey’. I don’t know what that means, but no one has ever come back out.”

“Shit! Ariel, Michael said that I can’t be hurt, but he never said you couldn’t. We have to do something!”

“Well, it better be soon, because I see something up ahead that makes me very nervous…”

I looked forward and could just make out something large in the gradually increasing light. It looked like a wall of some kind. The vines led into it along the ground. Ariel would definitely reach it first. She was about 5 meters ahead of me, but our relative lateral distance was closing, as if we were being pulled to one central point…

“Damn! Damn!” I cursed as I searched around me for something to help pry away the vines. There was a curious lack of stones, sticks, or anything else that might have helped.

For the next few minutes, we both worked on our shackles with a renewed vigor. Nothing was working. I was trying to use my hands to pry under them when I heard Ariel call out.


“Ariel! Oh my god!” I looked up to see that what I had first thought of as a solid wall, was actually a hanging wall of yellow-green tentacles. It was the curtain. Each tendril hung from a sort of overhanging tree and extended almost 10 feet to the ground. I noticed them moving, just was Ariel’s feet started to disappear into the mass.

“Noooo… OH!” She gasped. “They’re covered with something… something slippery. Rachael, help me!”

Rolling, I managed to bring myself up closer to the wall and to Ariel’s side. I grabbed her hands and tried to hold her back as she was slowly dragged under the hanging garden. It was pointless. The vines pulling her were slow, but relentless. I could do nothing but struggle and watch as she was gradually pulled away from me. I could see that the hanging tentacles didn’t try to grab hold of her, but rather just rubbed all over her body, both covering her with a slippery goo, and playing upon her body’s natural arousal. In other words, it was teasing her. It was foreplay.

“Help m-me, Rachael! It’s t-t-touching me all ah ah over!” Most of her body was under the curtain now, her hands grasping vainly at the tentacles, trying to keep her head from going in. But it was like trying to hold on to a greased pig. I was half covered in the ooze as well just trying to help her. Finally, her head moved out of view, then her arms. I had to let go of her hands, or be dragged in with her.

Even as she disappeared from my sight, I could still hear her voice.

“Oh! MMmmmmm… R-Rachael! Ugh! Mmmmm… T-turn over! AHH! Nooo… Ught! Mmmmm… H-h-hurry!”

“What?” I asked confused. What did she mean? Turn over what? Suddenly, I felt something pull at my feet and I realized that all the slack I had gained when I moved up to help her, was now gone. Now I was being pulled into the curtain as well. I tried to plant my feet, claw at the ground and grab at the vines, just as Ariel had, but I was just as helpless to stop my slow forward progress. By the time my knees slipped under the vines I could tell I was in for it.

I struggled, but I knew that it was hopeless, so I concentrated on not letting myself become aroused. I soon found that too to be hopeless. I realized, the moment my lap slipped from sight, what Ariel was trying to tell me. She wanted ME to turn over. On my back, the hanging tendrils would still be arousing, but nothing like the full access they had while I was on my back. They were very subtle, ever so lightly brushing over my Mons, or dropping for a moment between my thighs… hundreds of the hanging fingers caressed me in ways that were far too sensual to be random. Golatha, it seemed, was intelligent. Realizing that my whole front was about to be given the same treatment, including my breasts and, to my apprehension, my already blossoming nipples, I tried to roll over. To my surprise, the vines resisted, each one like a little hand that pushed down on me. I was stuck! That was why Ariel had said to hurry. She must have tried it herself and so knew that it would be impossible once I had started into the curtain.

I was gasping long before my nipples were ever within reach. You see, even though I knew to keep my legs closed, the vines were insidiously clever. They would rub and tickle me in one spot, just to get me to twitch so that they could have better access to another. Once they got my thighs parted, they never let me close them, holding them apart just as they had kept me from rolling over. Now, as I was slowly dragged to the Golatha’s “heart”, the vines caressed my flower openly, lightly flitting over my own petals until I was shaking with arousal and literally writhing to escape the constant kisses that attacked my center. Then my nipples passed under the curtain.

I gasped at the sudden increase in my erotic torture. My hardening buds became pulsing beacons of pure pleasure as they were rolled and tapped and encircled by the hanging fingers. I arched my back against the new onslaught, finding that it only increased the reach and subsequently the stimulation that the tendrils had on me.

That was when I came to the realization that resistance was what the Golatha had planned from the beginning. It counted on it. If I had been passive, it might not have caused such an adrenaline rush, or I might not have twitched so much. Either way, now it had me right where it wanted me… writhing on the verge of orgasm, totally unable to stop it or push myself over the edge into relief. In that respect, it was teasing me with perfect foreplay. By the time I came out on the other side of the “curtain,” I was trembling with the need to be fucked, nearly mad with the desire to have those slippery fingers buried deep inside me. At that moment, I wanted more than anything in the world to let the Golatha have me, to take me and rape me until I was screaming in firey orgasm.

Panting, I lifted my head to see where the Lord of the Flowers was taking me. I was now on the edge of a large circular space. About ten meters away was a deep depression which was filled at the bottom with a honey colored substance. Also in the depression were large folds of what appeared to be soft flesh. It was the Golatha’s “heart.”

Ariel was just on the edge of that pit, staring into it, much as I was. I saw her slide down the edge, disappearing for a moment. Then she stood up and started walking into the middle of the folds. The vines had released her!

For a moment, I was excited by the chance to escape. Then I realized that I didn’t want to escape. Escape would mean I would remain unfulfilled, unsatisfied sexually after so much arousal that I was unconsciously sliding my own fingers down my body towards my very warm apex, knowing that an orgasm would only help to feed the Golatha.

It occurred to me that Ariel was feeling the same thing, which was why she was walking right into what was certainly a trap by the one who had brought her to that madness. It would give her satisfaction alright… as it fucked her again and again and again, all the while feeding on her pleasure. And she would buck and gasp and come over and over until it was finished with her… until it had taken all it could from her. Then it would let her sink into the depths of its honey, into its folds, where she would slowly die while her last conscious thoughts would be to have just one more orgasm… I realized that I had to warn her.

“Ariel! Wait!!” I screamed in her direction. Even as I saw her turn, remembering my voice for a moment, I realized that it was too late, for suddenly, her body dropped a foot or so into the folds. A moment later, she slipped in up to her waist.

By the change of expression on her face, I knew what happening just below the surface. Her mouth barely had time to open into the unmistakable “o” of pleasure when her head went back and she gasped in rapture. Immediately, her body started sinking down deeper. I literally jumped into the Golatha’s heart, reaching frantically for my friend and lover. I never made it near her. As I hit the surface, I quickly found myself sliding down into my own trap. In moments, I was up to my hips in slippery, warm flesh, and I too could feel the tentacles wrapping around my thighs. They held me and caressed me and my heart rate shot up. I was powerless as they parted my legs and reached for my apex. The foreplay, it seemed, was over…

After my first orgasm, I was almost unaware of my surroundings, or my fairy companion. I was lost in overwhelming pleasure that seemed to go on and on. Some part of my mind knew that I was sinking down into the creature, and some part of me resisted and fought, but overall, I bucked and twisted and pumped my body as the Golotha kept its implied promise and fucked me deeply… again and again… until I was screaming in ecstasy and my whole body to my neck was engulfed in the sensuous folds of flesh. At last, I felt myself slip down again, and my face and the world above disappeared from view.

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