A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Mirror

Chapter 4 – Millenonee

“What happened?” I asked Michael who was standing over me. I was lying on the bed in “my” room, covered in one of my gowns.

“You experienced Renold’s ‘little death’,” said my ghost, looking down on me with a slight smile. His eyes seemed alight with life.

“But… I died. I remember it. They had me trapped… drugged I think. He was making love to me, they all were. The pleasure drowned me, and…”

“…you died. Yes, it’s true, Rachael,” he said sitting on the edge of the bed. “You did die. Only you can’t die here. What you experienced was the fantasy of Renold’s domain. There, he is what you might know of as a god, the ruler of the nymphs in fact. In his domain, it is his task to seduce mortals like yourself, and then kill them by, as you put it, drowning them with pleasure.”

“It was frightening… and wonderful.” I said, remembering.

“Indeed. While you can’t be hurt here, it is possible to feel all the emotions that you would normally feel in your own world. Take your experience as a warning to be careful.”

“I will! I just can’t seem to shake the memories…”

Michael pondered for a moment.

“I want you to see someone. Her name is Millenonee, she is a healer of sorts. She may be able to help you forget.”

“Is she like you, a ‘ghost’?” I sat up and placed my hand on my belly. I could still imagine Api’s fingers sliding down into my wide spread lap, her eyes gazing into mine as she slipped her fingers into my folds. She knew I was powerless to stop her, and her grin was like that of a cat who has just eaten a bird.

“Yes,” he replied, helping me up. This time, the bed didn’t attempt to hold me. “Go to her, she will know what to do.” He was guiding me out of the room and back into the hallway.

“Is she safe?” I knew the answer, but I had to ask.

“She is. Here,” he said stopping in front of a blue door I hadn’t noticed before. With a turn of the knob, he pushed the door open for me.

“You won’t be coming along?”

“Not this time,” he answered, smiling. “Fear not, Rachael. And remember why you are here…” With that, he faded from view before I could even thank him.

I looked into what was a beautiful garden in the middle of a forest of giant trees. The garden had a path of flat stones leading deeper into the cheery scene. Almost at once I was filled with a sense of peace.

“Oh well,” I said to myself and started down the path. I walked for about two minutes, admiring beauty of the place before I came to a cottage of sorts. It reminded me of a gingerbread house, the frosting being close-packed groups of blossoms. Having nowhere else to go, I headed for the front door.

“Hello, Rachael,” came a soft sweet voice to my left.

Startled, I jumped and turned at the same time. There, in the midst of a million flowers was a woman in a white cotton dress. She appeared to be gardening, though how she could stay clean, I couldn’t guess.

She was the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Not just physically, mind you, but she simply radiated warmth and love. She looked to be about my own age, maybe a little bit younger. She had long black hair that waved and hung down to her hips, and large brown eyes that smiled at you all by themselves. Not that her full, dark lips needed any help. She was light of frame, but obviously in very good shape, and had a slightly smaller bust than my own. I couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“Forgive me,” she said stepping forward. “I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m Millenonee, you can call me Mille if you like. Michael told me that you needed my help…”

“Yes… I can’t seem to get rid of some rather frightening feelings. I was recently…” She stopped me by taking my hand. Her touch was electric and warm.

“No need to explain, Rachael. I understand. Please,” she said leading me toward the cottage. “Please, come inside with me.” She walked with me to the door, then inside. Never, have I seen a more friendly, comfortable or cozy home than Millenonee’s. It was small, but it didn’t seem to matter. There was room for a small stove and kitchen area, a large table filled with various cut flowers, and a bed. The last was covered by a huge fluffy comforter that looked as though it might float away by itself, and a dozen frilly pillows.

“It’s beautiful, Mille,” I said in awe, moving so that she could close the door.

“Thank you. I suits my needs. Now,” she said moving to the kitchen. “This tea should be just about ready, would you like a cup?”

“I’d love some! Please!” I had noticed the wonderful aroma of tea even over the powerful collection of scents from the various flowers all about. As she served us, I was watching her move. She was grace itself. I knew right away that we would be great friends. And somehow, I also knew that we would be lovers. This realization startled me a bit. Surely, she was wonderful to admire, but was I attracted to her in a sexual way as well? Women had never attracted me before…

“Sugar?” She asked.

“Please…” I was deep in thought.

As she reached over and dropped a spoon of white crystals into my cup, I couldn’t help but stare at her chest. The cotton dress was quite light, almost transparent, and I could clearly make out the dark circles of her nipples through the fabric. I found that I had a growing tension in my loins, the kind that I usually got from admiring males. God! I hadn’t been in the room for five minutes with this woman, and already I was horny. Hell, I was in love!

While we sipped our tea, she pointed out the various types of flowers in her cottage, and the medicinal uses for each. I decided that in my own world, she could have been a top-notch botanist. She told me more about plants in ten minutes than I had learned in my whole life!

Finally, she set down her cup and stood up.


“Yes,” I said my heart suddenly racing.

“Do you trust me?” She was looking me straight in the eyes, her arms at her sides. I paused to about three seconds before answering her.


She tilted her head just slightly.

“Do you want me?” She asked. I knew what she meant by, “want.” My heart was racing a million miles an hour. My head was dizzy with the sudden rush of blood. I felt my cheeks flush deeply, and I’m sure that my nipples could be seen to change through my gown. They were already hard as rocks, as were Millenonee’s, I noticed. The points of her breasts made heavy creases in the fabric of her dress.

“Yes…” I answered in a whisper.

Millenonee walked closer to me and stretched out her hand. I waited only a moment before placing mine in hers. She helped me out of the seat and then led be to the bed.

“I… I’ve never done anything like this before… I mean, Renold and the Nymphs were different… I didn’t, um, I…” I was almost shaking as she reached up and slipped off first one, then the other shoulder strap of her dress. The light garment drifted to the floor. The sight of Millenonee naked before me literally took my breath away. I didn’t know what to say. I gasped when she reached up and started undoing the ties of my gown. Once she reached the bottom, she looked me in the eyes and then stepped forward, her hands slipping into the opening and around my bare waist. I sighed, and closed my eyes, letting the sensual feel of her fingertips on my skin caress me.

“Oh!… that’s n-nice,” I stammered. My hips were nearly shaking with desire, my belly warm and nervous like a virgin.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said running her hands up my back. She brought her fingers up to my shoulders, and then out, pushing the gown open. I gasped as it slid down my body and to the floor.

Together, we dropped into the bed. It was so soft, it was like laying in a cloud, but I hardly noticed because Millenonee was sliding her body up against mine, partially covering me. She rolled me to my back and slid one leg between my thighs, gently urging them apart. It felt absolutely wonderful to have her warm, naked flesh snuggled tight against me. The hard cones of her nipples brushing mine caused me to gasp softly, and I was quite surprised to find her as warm at her apex as I was. My hip was nicely wedged into her moist nether region, and I could feel the soft curls of her Mons on the flat of my stomach. Without words, her hands slid up my sides and covered my breasts, then, pinning me with her deep brown eyes, she lowered her mouth to mine.

No man has ever kissed me the way she did then. Her lips were softer than air, and she tasted slightly of mint tea. At first, she mearly pressed her lips against mine, then with great patience, she started to probe with her tongue. She let me set the pace completely, never forcing me to take more than I was ready for. Slowly, we explored each other, our mouths growing wider and more open all the time until we were finally reaching deep into each other’s souls.

“Mnnnnmmmmm….” I moaned as her tongue caressed the backs of my upper teeth, my sex was throbbing with arousal and heat. At last, she broke our kiss, but moved her mouth down my neck, always slowly, and licking and sucking gently as she went.

“Oh, god… Mille!” My heart pounded, and my chest heaved as my desire and need grew sharply. She moved her body down mine slightly so that her kisses could reach my breast. I felt a wave of heat flow through me as she first covered my left nipple with her mouth. Millenonee knew how to arouse a woman…

She let her lips just pass over my breast as she breathed hot air down over my nipple without touching it. I was already starting to squirm, my inner thighs damp with arousal. Then she would very lightly place her tongue on my rosy bud and let it heat with desire. Finally, she lowered her mouth to enclose the nipple completely, gently suckling.

By now I was shaking, my need looming…

“Ughnnn… p-please… M-Mille…”

She smiled down at me, and then nodded. I felt her leg start to move back and forth, rubbing me.

“Yesss!” I sang as a new warmth started in my middle. I wrapped my legs around hers in an effort to bring her body closer to mine.

She moved this way on me until I was so aroused I thought that I would burst. I just couldn’t seem get enough contact to brush me over the edge. Then, just when I was getting panicked, I felt her hand on my hip, reaching in between my legs. She had no trouble at all finding my jewel, and very lightly laid her finger over the slick bud.

My orgasm was one of the most satisfying that I’ve had. I can’t quite explain the way it was so, except to say that it didn’t jolt me or cause me to go wild and out of control. Instead, it built up and flowed through me as if someone had poured cold water down my body. It was shocking, but in a quiet sort of way. I laid there, panting for many minutes afterward, Millenonee gently caressing my hair.

“Thank you…” I said, looking up at her with tears in my eyes.

“You’re welcome, Rachael,” she answered with a wide happy smile.

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