A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Mirror

Chapter 5 – Pore

Later, I returned to my room and dressed myself for another adventure. I donned my jeans, halter and the rest and headed out the door. I was tempted to call Michael for guidance, but figured that part of the excitement of what I was doing was that I had no idea what I was doing.

This time, I walked a considerable distance down the hall before finally stopping in front of another door. It was as unmarked as all the others… at least until I clicked open the knob. Then, right before my eyes, a little plaque appeared which read “2”. Somehow the numbers were following me… I didn’t let it bother me, and peeked beyond the edge of the door frame.

I could tell right away that the place was hot and humid by the moist air that gently poured out of the crack of an opening I had made. I couldn’t see very much because it was nearly dark beyond the door, but with a sigh, I opened it enough for me to enter and slipped through.

Even in the dim twilight-like illumination, I could tell that I had entered what appeared to be a completely alien landscape. For lack of a better analogy, it appeared as if I were walking within a living thing. Everything was wet with moisture and a slight film of some indeterminate slime. I had to be careful as I walked, slipping once and landing on my ass. It would have hurt except that the floor was soft and squishy, probably just like everything else.

I carefully made my way forward into the gloom. Noticing that I was already starting to sweat in the heat, I took off my flannel shirt and tied it around my waist as I looked for something to guide me. When I heard the door close behind me, I gasped and stood perfectly still, listening. There was nothing save for an occasional dripping sound. I turned around slowly and could just make out the square door against the darkness.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I found that I could distinguish more and more of this new place. About twenty meters on either side of me were tall curving walls that joined at the ceiling some ten meters above me. The effect made a tunnel which stretched out of sight in either direction. The walls were lined with rib-like ridges running from bottom to top. It was eery, and I was starting to consider going back to the door, when my left foot found a hole in the floor.

I stumbled as my foot slipped into a depression about a foot deep and twice that in diameter. At the bottom, my leg disappeared into what looked like a giant pore. It wasn’t stuck, but I was having a hard time getting free because of the depression. That and the fact that there was very little leverage against the slippery inverted cone of the hole. I couldn’t quite get my right leg under me enough to lift up, and my left leg only squished deeper into the “pore” when I pushed down on it. I was sunk into the living floor just up past my knee when I sensed that something about the room was changing.

The first thing that caught my attention was the sudden change in humidity. It was not just damp, it was nearly raining. My clothes were already soaked, and getting more so. I also noted an increase in the dripping sounds. A blob of goo struck me in the back of the neck, sending chills and a slippery trail down my back.

I renewed my attempts to get myself unstuck, growing slightly panicked as I only made the situation worse. My right foot slipped, and with a sucking sound, joined my left in the pore.

“Shit…” I cursed, my frustration and apprehension growing. With my whole weight now going down into the hole, I was sinking fast. I was able to stop myself by leaning forward and tossing out my arms, but I was now stuck up to my hips, and I knew that the balance was precarious. My fingers clawed and gasped at the squishy floor in an effort to find something to help pull me out. Finally, all I could do was lay very still. I had to make a conscious effort to slow my frightened breathing down as it seemed even that was enough to offset the balance and make it impossible for me to stop sinking.

So I waited there, trying to think of what I could do, and listening to the increasing dripping. My legs had an odd wet and warm pressure around them, like they were surrounded by a mouth or orifice. I shivered slightly at the thought that had found some kind of living trap, like the tricky plants you hear about in the rain forests. Little drops of slime began to fall all around me, some raining on my head and back and leaving dark wet spots on my clothing. In my frozen position, I was helpless to stop the drops that hit me at the bare spots, especially at the base of my back between my halter top and my jeans. The little blobs left slick trails as they ran down into my pants and started to soak the back of my panties. My arms were growing more and more slippery, as was the ground as the mucus rain continued.

My hair was plastered to my head by the increasing droplets of goo, and I was starting to see little pools of the stuff forming. After another minute or so, the pools started to overflow and ooze in my direction. Apparently the floor of the cave was slightly concave around the pore. I could feel the living divot slowly fill. Some of the slime was able to work its way around me and into the opening, soaking my legs through my jeans.

“Oh god… no!” I suddenly found myself slipping again, my friction hold on the ground had simply become too slippery. My pelvis disapeared into the hole and for the moment I stopped descending into the ground. It seemed that my hips were just a bit tight for the opening, effectively plugging the pore and putting me waist-deep into floor. I breathed again, feeling around the edge of the depression for some ridge or edge that I might use to help myself. There was nothing, in fact it seemed that the floor was purposely smooth.

Then I noticed a horn of sorts about three feet outside of the depression. It was too far to reach, but could possibly be reached by looping something around it. All I had was my own clothing, and my shirt, which would have been ideal, was around my hips and completely out of view. I very carefully tested how stuck I was by turning and wiggling slowly. When I didn’t move down, I gently removed my halter top. The pore had filled with slime clear up past my belly button. As long as I didn’t sink any further, I would at least be safe from drowning in the muck when the depression filled to the top.

After two quick attempts with my improvised lasso, I realized that it just wouldn’t be long enough unless I modified it. With a groan, I tore the garment so that it left one arm hole intact, but lengthened my range by a good foot or more. I was just about to make my first attempt with my improved lasso when my pore woke up.

It was very slight at first, but the motion around my legs was unmistakable. It was as if the pore were gently sucking me, undulating around my body in an effort to draw me deeper. I also started to feel the pressure around my hips lessen. I knew that if it loosened enough, I would slip into the pore like a… well, like a penis into a well lubricated vagina. Panicking, I renewed my efforts to reach the horn.

I first felt the fingers on my feet, playing with my boots. They were soft and squishy and slightly warmer than the rest of the pore, and they scared the crap out of me.

“Shit.. shit… shit…” I mumbled, tossing my shirt at he horn again and again. Then I felt my left boot slipping off my foot.

“No!.. Damn!” I cursed.

When my other boot came off, I realized that there was more too this pore than I had realized. It had intentionally removed my boots without pulling me deeper, which led me to believe my hole had intelligence. I wasn’t surprised when the fingers moved slowly up my legs toward my waist. I knew where they were going…

“Son of a bitch!” I screamed, tossing my halter one more time. To my surprise, it looped around the horn and stuck.


I knew that I couldn’t just pull myself out, my shirt wouldn’t hold that much weight. I had to somehow use the horn in conjunction with my arms, but I had no idea how. The tentacles winding around my legs had reached my waist, and just as expected went right for my belt.

Reaching down into the pool of slime, I felt the sides of the depression with my hands, trying to see if I could push up against the sides. The fingers popped my belt and the top button of my jeans.

With a little effort, I found that I might be able to press against the side while using my lasso so that I might just get a leg out. The rest of the buttons of my jeans were opened and the fingers started to loosen them around my waist, other fingers pulling from below. Normally, I could have resisted, but with all the slime, they eased over my hips and started down my legs.

“Oh my god… no… no…” I could believe what was happening to me. The sides of the pore were much warmer on my bare skin, and the slippery walls had a curiously erotic feel to them and I suddenly found myself blushing.

My jeans slipped past my feet and were lost to wherever my boots had gone. The only clothing I had now were my panties, and I could already feel those being sucked at.

I tried again to pull myself upward.

There was a burping sound, and bubbles perkilated up from the opening as I suddenly sank another four inches into the hole.

“Oh shit…” I moaned, the pool of slime had reached my breasts. Down below, the mouth of the pore was now covering my stomach completely. Things were really starting to look bad. I kept reminding myself that I couldn’t be hurt, and that I couldn’t die. I said it to myself repeatedly as my panties slipped down my legs and I found myself not only stuck in a hole in an alien world, but completely naked as well.

There was another burping sound and the slime started draining down the hole. I gasped as the viscous liquid poured down between my legs, but at least I was less likely to drowned in the stuff. With a bubbly gurgle, the pore was empty again. I was pulling pretty hard on my halter when the gentle sucking from below increased to the point where my hips couldn’t hold me anymore and I started down fast.

“No… no! NO! Help me, someone!… Ahhhh!”

I reluctantly let go of my lasso and placed my hands against the sides of the depression in a last ditch effort to stop my sinking. Instead, my arms slid down the sides and right into the opening. When I suddenly dropped a quick half foot, they were helplessly pinned at my sides. Trapped, I could nothing as I was slowly ensheathed by the pore, my breasts disappearing with a quiet slurping sound, then my shoulders. I only stop descending when only my head remained above the ground. I was up to my chin in warm, slippery soft flesh, that was pulsating and sucking at my naked body continually.

“Uhnnnn…” I moaned, suddenly finding that the sensation I was feeling was startlingly erotic. It was like a giant tongue had wrapped itself around me, licking me as one would suck on a lollipop. My already hard nipples flamed to pulsing beacons of pleasure as my arousal quickly grew. “…uhnnnn… mmmm…. huk… huk… ughmmm…”

When several slippery fingers pressed at my thighs, I relaxed and instinctively allowed them to be pushed apart. The wiggling tentacles slipped inward and before I realized what was happening, pressed into the gates of my swollen flower.

“AHHH! NO! Please… UGHNMMMM! HUK!… HUK!… AHH… mmmmm…”

The pleasure was incredible. I squirmed and twisted as the hot tendrils entered me and worked into my depths, powerless to stop their advance. Once they had filled me to my core, they started to twist and bend, sometimes jerking back out a bit, only to plunge right back in again. I was going wild, my body reacting beyond reason, my hips pumping to the alien lover that threatened to engulf me at any moment.

“Uhhh… Uhhhh… UHHH.. hmmmm…. hmmm… ummm… OH! OH G-GOD!”

I could feel my moment rising up from my loins like a great fire. I knew that in just a few moments I was going to come in the clutches of this strange life form. The fact that I couldn’t stop what was happening made it all the more arousing. I was burning with desire… closer, closer…

Then, just as orgasm welled up through me, I felt my body slipping down into the pore, engulfing me physically as well as sexually. My head dropped into the soft flesh, and I was unable to breath, the vagina-like opening wrapping around my face and closing off the world above. In darkness, I sank into hideous bliss, my body still spasming in the ongoing onslaught of ecstasy. The slow suffocation only increased my arousal, pushing me to a second and a third orgasm, one right after the other.

“Mphhhh! Mmmmm!… UMPHHH!!!” I heard my own muffled cries of passion through the warm walls of flesh. I struggled for air, another orgasm washing through me, pleasure replacing fear for the moment. I knew that I was still slipping down into the abyss of the world I had entered, but to what end I couldn’t have fathomed at the time.

Just as my conscious mind was beginning to falter for lack or air, my legs were suddenly dangling in free space. Adrenalin surged through my already overloaded body, and with a final cry of exaultant ecstasy, I dropped several feet into a shallow pool of slime.

Coughing for breath, I laid there for several minutes while my pleasure slogged brain came back to reality. Gradually, I took in my new surroundings.

To say that I was in the belly of a whale might be an incorrect analogy, but that’s what it looked like. There was a strange orange illumination that seemed to come from the walls themselves and I stared around in awe. The small cavern, if that’s what it was, was about ten meters in diameter, and was filled calf deep in the clear slime. It was even warmer hear than above, but it hardly mattered. Everything felt as though you were snuggled against a slick, naked body. There were small exits in three different directions, and a duplicate pore opening above me. Even if I could have reached the only doorway back to the surface, there was no way for me to climb back up through that airless, squeezing passage. I looked to the other two exits.

“God… what a day,” I mumbled to myself, gently rubbing my own labia, feeling the sparks of pleasure renew. After a minute to catch my breath, I carefully picked myself up and headed through the right passage.

I called my new world “Pore” after the weird circumstances that had brought me here. It was a very strange world, filled with endless little passages and wild pools of colored liquid that smelled of flowers and bubbled with steam. There were life forms everywhere, or so it seemed. Some looked like bulbous trees, others like perfectly round rocks that giggled when you touched them.

I had my first encounter with a semi-intelligent life form as I entered one particularly large cavern. I was awestruck at the size and beauty of the huge looming space and so completely missed the swarm of tiny white balls. Each was about a half inch in diameter and flew about by some means that wasn’t apparent. There were thousands of them all through the room, zipping around like little fire-flies. The first one that ran into me hit me on the arm and stuck there. Startled, I brushed the thing off with some difficulty and then bent down to look at it. It looked like a miniature ping pong ball, and was covered with a very thick, stickiness, which was why it was so hard to brush off. I looked at my arm and saw that it had left a smudge of the stuff where it had landed on me. I rubbed my fingers on the gooey substance in an effort to get it off and found that it was a bit like tree sap… impossible remove without some serious cleaning. I only succeeded in spreading the stuff around, so I left it and continued across the wide cave.

I was about halfway before the second ball hit me from behind. It landed on my back, in a place that was difficult to reach and I cursed as I tried to reach behind me to snag the thing. I noticed that the ball was vibrating softly, and the gentle sensations were passed into my back and shoulder. Finally, I was able to grab the thing off me, but had a hell of a time getting it off my hand. I was so busy with the thing that I failed to notice the descending swarm of balls around me until it was too late. Another ball landed on my left leg and then another in my hair. I was pissed, and grabbed the white orbs, cursing when I found the second one hopelessly tangled in my still slickened curls.

Then another ball dropped onto my back, and then another to my hip. One hit my stomach, and while I was still reaching for the one my back, four more landed across my chest.

The vibration from one ball wasn’t anything to speak of, but with six stuck to my body, I could definitely feel the buzzing in my muscles. Then another ball hit me, then another, and another. The accumulating vibrations over my skin was starting to tingle, and when a ball hit the curls of my Mons, I gasped. I had to get away from these things, and fast, but they were everywhere. I groaned and started running toward an exit that I saw across the cavern. It was a long way off yet, and I was quickly being covered with more and more of the little buzzing orbs. In seconds, they were all over me, their additive vibrations massaging my body to a tingling mass. I started to notice a distinct sexual arousal growing in me, and knew that it was as a result of my tiny assailants. That arousal was increasing with each new ball that stuck to my skin.

Before long it was becoming difficult to run, and I’m sure I looked like someone had glued a thousand cotton balls all over my body. The sexual pleasure was starting to become distracting, and a warmth was building in my belly. As the layer of orbs thickened, I was forced to a fast walk, then a slow walk, and finally I had trouble moving at all. I was sticking to myself, my left arm plastered against my belly, and my right to my thigh. When I could no longer move my legs apart, I moaned in dread, not daring to open my mouth for fear I might swallow one of the damn things.

I fell forward, my body sticking hopelessly to the ground as more and more balls descended onto me. The coursing vibrations were now powerfully arousing, their seductive power covering every inch of my skin and flowing in to my very center. I was totally at the mercy of the growing pleasure in my loins. Eventually, I couldn’t even move my hips as orgasm rushed up on me. I was rendered completely immobile by the tiny white orbs, and even though I struggled hard against their grip, I was unable to alter my position or even twist my body in the slightest. I was encased in a titillating, vibrating erotic shell that caressed me mercilessly.

Orgasm after orgasm was forced upon me. Not the hard, jolting kind, but a much more insidious slow torture. I could hardly tell where one moment of bliss ended and the next began. I was panting hard, the pleasure causing me to jerk in uncontrolled spasms. On and on it went, never stopping or even slowing for nearly an hour.

My body felt like it was coming apart. The buzzing vibrations completely twisted my perception of reality, and I found myself drifting into one continuous orgasm. Powerless in the stream of pleasure, I was beginning to have a feeling of floating. I could feel my will begin to shatter, succumbing to the pleasure torture and sinking into oblivion. I couldn’t even move my hips!

I lost all sense of time, but after a while I knew that the vibrations, and also my pleasuring, was diminishing. Something was happening to the balls around me and I realized that I was able to slightly move my arm. I tried to focus my vision and pull myself back from the depths of bliss. Slowly, as the vibrating decreased and finally stopped, I came back to the world… Or at least some world.

The white balls that covered me had turned into a sticky, honey-like mass that dripped off me as I got to my knees. I looked back into the middle of the cave and saw that the swarm was still there. In a panic, I got up and made for the far exit as fast as the thick goo would let me. I sighed when I passed through into another room and safety.

Looking down on myself, I realized that I had better try to clean myself up a bit. I was one big sticky gooey mess. After a bit of searching, I found a pool of something that looked and felt like water and proceeded to wash myself. The honey-goo came off with a minimum of elbow grease, and I dunked my head for good measure. Soap would probably be required to get the sticky out of my hair, but as far as I knew, my only supply was a universe away. Somewhat refreshed, I headed off in search of more adventure, even if I was a bit more weary of where I stepped.

I was starting to get used to my slippery world, and even enjoying the constant feeling of being covered in slippery ooze. It was warm, erotic and even helped to clean away the stuff in my hair. I found I could slide down the slightest incline, and had quite the ride at one point where the cave system sloped downward. It seemed that I was always headed downward to some degree. The horizontal caves always appeared to cross back under one another like a huge coiled bulging pockets. I felt like I was making my way through the bowels of some humongous organism, and the fleshy surfaces around me seemed to add to the effect.

I entered one cave, only to find myself literally sucked into another. There was a rush of warm air, and I slapped against one wall with a large vertical slit that looked like the outer lips of a giant vagina. The sucking continued and I was drawn into the opening with a burping sound. For about a second I was in darkness, the flesh pressed completely around my body as I was pulled through and into a new cave. This one was different from the last in that it was mostly filled with thick clear slime. I landed with a splash into the middle of a large pool of the stuff that came up to my waist when I stood up. The air smelled like cherry soda, and the illumination had gone from light orange to green. There didn’t seem to be any exits out of the cave, save for one in the ceiling that was about twenty meters out fo reach.

“Shit…” I mumbled to myself, trying to figure how I might climb the walls to escape. The constant sucking of air through the slit in the wall would prevent me from returning the way I had come. Then the room began to change.

I felt it in the floor first. There was a low rumble, and I dropped about three inches deeper into the slime. Then I saw that something like a huge circular mouth was rising up out of the muck all around me. It was is if a living wall were forcing its way up from the depths of the pool. I waded quickly to the edge in a vain effort to climb over the edge of the mouth before it became to high. I could see that the circumference of the mouth was slowly shrinking. I had visions of my body crushed to bloody remains by the walls that came to my shoulders. They were just too thick to hold on to, and I began to panic as the last few inches to space closed up and the soft, fleshy walls squeezed in around my body, trapping me. If I had had the sense to raise my arms, I might have been able to pull myself out, but as it was, I was hopelessly pinned when the new creature started to undulate around me.

I knew right away that the motions were meant to be sexual, and I let my body give into to the slow full-body-massage. While greatly arousing, the mouth-like flesh moving around me wasn’t quite enough to push me over the edge, so I was fully aware of being lifted up as if riding in a huge living elevator.

I was raised right up through the hole in the ceiling and then squirted out onto a new floor in a slippery mass of arms and legs.

“‘ello, lass,” said a female voice behind me. “Ba caful standin’, tha fleor’s a bit slick, rye now…”

I looked up, my eyes widening. There looking down at me was a tall woman with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was also as naked as I was and blushed and stumbled to my feet. Any other place, I would have felt very awkward being unclothed in front of another woman outside of a public shower. Not here. We were both dripping with slime, our bodies glistening with the clear goo. I noticed offhandedly, that her nipples were hard.

“Hi… I’m Rachael,” I said putting out my hand.

“Fiona,” she replied taking my grip firmly. “Ya from tha owside, yes?”

I cocked my head in confusion while my brain deciphered her heavy Irish accent. “Oh! Yes… I am. Michael brought me here through the mirror.”

“I though ya had tha lowk of an owsidar…”

“Well, I haven’t been here very long… It seems like a long time though.” It occurred to me that time really was different within the mirror. I figured that it had been maybe a day and a half since I walked through into Michael’s world. But it could have been much longer.

Fiona and I became quick friends, though she warned me that we could be separated at any moment, and never see each other again. It turned out that she had left her normal world sometime around 1850. I was able to speak to her only in Michael’s universe, where time was as mixed as swirling fog.

Together we walked through the halls of our hot, slimy underworld while exchanging stories. She had been here for much longer than I had, so we avoided several living anomalies that surely would have trapped me in bliss on my own. I told her about my experience with Renold, and she gave me a blow by blow of her adventures as a hero in a world that sounded like something out of a fairy tale, with goblins and knights and even a dragon or two.

I was explaining how I was healed of Renold’s powerful memories by Millenonee when Fiona suddenly stopped.

“Damn…” She muttered under her breath, looking out into the darkness of one particularly large passage. “Turn aroun’ Rachael… slowly!” She was whispering her words, and I suddenly knew we were in trouble. I followed her instructions and slowly turned back to the way we had come in. When I did, I could see why she had stopped. All along the sides of the cavern, were long, thin tendrils, kind of like hair. Thousands of the slowly waving tentacles were stretched out as if trying to detect any motion nearby. We both knew what would happen if those tentacles got hold of us.

“When ah sey ta, make ah run fo it… reada?”

“I think so,” I answered softly. My heart was racing.

“GO!” She said suddenly. I started running, which took me a second because of the slippery floor. I knew that Fiona was right behind me. Ahead, I could see the tendrils reaching in to block our way out, alerted to our presence.

“Run, lass!” She screamed in my ear.

I picked up my pace a bit more, and then dove, sliding along the floor and out of the other room. Behind me, I heard Fiona cry out in dismay. When I was able to work my way back to a place where I could see what became of my new friend, I gasped. The woman was being dragged toward the left wall, her body wrapped in dozens of thin glistening ropes. She was struggling and cursing all the way. The tendrils continued to pull her up until she was stretched out in an X on the wall, her body bound by more and more slippery ropes.

“Oh my god…” I said to myself as I watched her demise. Fiona was held while the tendrils began to slide all over her body in an effort to arouse her. Apparently, it was working, because the woman was already panting hard, her back arching in an effort to resist the growing pleasure. The thin ropes reached around her, winding their way over every inch of her flesh, including the area down between her thighs. I saw her stiffen as they first began to wiggle into her folds. Almost immediately, she was bucking her hips in uncontrolled ecstasy.

The wall raped her mercilessly for over an hour, and was still going when I leaned against the cave opening and rested, watching Fiona’s body twitch and pull against her bonds as she was tortured with incredible pleasure. Her cries of passion echoed in the large chamber, and I found myself shocked at the intensity of her rapture. She was experiencing an unrelenting torrent of sexual pleasure that never slowed for a second. On and on the wall continued to caress her, inside and out. I couldn’t even imagine that level of ecstasy, and certainly not for that long…

I never even noticed the single loop of green living cord that looped around my ankle. All of the sudden, something was pulling on my leg… pulling me into the cave.

“What the hell…?” I gasped as horror welled up from my belly. Slowly, I was being dragged into reach of a thousand other tendrils.

“Noooo….” I moaned as several more slippery vines wrapped around my legs. I knew that I was being pulled toward the other wall, and to certain capture. I glanced over at the twisting, struggling form of Fiona and renewed my efforts to free my legs. It was no good. I was now in range, and a dozen thin tentacles wrapped around my limbs, pulling me forward. I could already feel them sliding seductively around my body. I knew that in just a few minutes, I too would be thrashing in the depths of ecstasy, just as Fiona was right across from me. Already, my body was pulled up in a similar position.

“Oh god, no… Ughnnnn… ahhh…mmmmmmm!” More and more of the cords wrapped around me. Suddenly, I felt something playing at the folds of my flower. Gasping, I cried out as the slippery fingers worked inside me, my fate locked…

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