A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Mirror

Chapter 3 – Renold

The door out of the room opened without a hitch, but instead of the rest of the inn, I found myself staring at a long hallway with doors on either side. Michael had said I was going to have to explore on my own.

I walked out of “my” room and past several others before it occurred to me that there was no reason I should pass any of the doors. The world was mine! I had nothing to lose! I stopped in front of the next door on my left. Checking the knob, I found the door unlocked. I wasn’t surprised. I half considered knocking, but cracked the portal a few inches instead. A warm breeze flowed out from the opening accompanied by the scent of jasmine. Sunlight beamed into the hallway, and I found myself looking at a clearing in the middle of a forest.

The “room” I was expecting, wasn’t a room at all, it was the way out. Well, that suited me just fine. I opened the door wide, noticing for the first time the number “1” on a small plaque attached to the surface. I glanced back at the other doors. None of the others had such indicators.

As I stepped out into the clearing, I was caught by two things. The sound of people laughing nearby, and the fact that the door was placed in the center of the clearing… only the door. The hall and the inn didn’t exist on the other side of the portal. I shrugged my shoulders and let my mind take it as it was. It was no more impossible than a living bed with a taste for bondage.

I left the door ajar, not wanting to separate myself too much from “my” room, and ventured in search of the laughter. The air was fresh and clean and there was no trace of the storm that had raged outside the inn back in my own world. I headed off into the forest and soon found another clearing up ahead. I was excited to meet other entities in this new world, but held back at the edge of the woods, peering out from behind a tree. What I saw caused me to gasp in surprise.

There were three humans, two female, and one male. They were seated amongst the largest picnic spread that I had ever seen, and all were completely naked. The females were feeding each other grapes while the male lay back, seemingly asleep. I was about to turn around and head back to the door, not wanting to interrupt their obvious intimate lunch, when the male voice suddenly spoke out rather loudly.

“Oh, don’t go. Come! Eat with us!”

Surely he couldn’t be speaking to me, could he?

“Don’t be shy. We don’t bite… or at least not much,” he said sitting up, facing me. His dark eyes peered right at me.

It was time to fish or cut bait.

I slowly moved out from behind the tree.

“There’s a girl! Don’t be afraid. It’s only food…” he waved at the picnic.

“I… I didn’t want to intrude,” I answered as I slowly moved forward.

“Not at all, not at all. We were still just getting started. Please…” he indicated a space on the blanket.

I walked closer until I was a few feet away. The food was even more incredible than I had thought. There were pies, pastries, cakes, all manor of fruits, skins of wine, breads, custards, jellies, the spread went on and on. It looked like an ad for a catering shop. All but the three unclothed people relaxing in the middle of it all…

“Are you sure it’s alright,” I asked, drooling at a frilly pastry.

“Of course!” Replied the man laughing. He was maybe fifty years old, with a face that reminded me of a greek god. He had a peppered beard and slight pot belly on his heavy body. He wasn’t really fat, just BIG. He looked like he really enjoyed food. The two females on the other hand, were much younger, somewhere around sixteen or seventeen. They had long blond hair and appeared to be identical. Both were quite beautiful, with breasts that seemed slightly large for their age and size. They seemed very comfortable lounging in the nude, and I suddenly felt over-dressed.

“Help yourself,” he said, indicating the sweet I had been admiring. “That’s what it’s here for. By the way, I’m Renold. These lovely delights are Apiphrany and Oprancy. Just call them Api and Opi for short.”

“He-ro,” I muttered with my mouth full of the most delicious apple tart I have ever eaten.

“That’s better,” he commented, watching me. I was somewhat self conscious of myself as I shamelessly consumed the pastry.

“This is really an amazing amount of food,” I said, before I realized that it might be inappropriate. Renold laughed in a way that reminded me of Santa Clause and smiled wide.

“You like our little picnic then?”

“Indeed. You seem quite… relaxed.”

“We are, we are. The girls and I have always felt that sex and food should be shared liberally. Do you agree?”

I nearly choked on my sweet. This had caught me off guard. One of the twins patted my back as I coughed. I noticed that the girl left her hand on my shoulder. Her touch was warm and sensual.

“I guess. I have never really thought about it.”

“Food and sex are the two most important elements of life! How can one not think about them?” He was smiling, but I could tell he was serious. “Surely you are no virgin?”

“No…” I replied carefully.

“Then you know the joys of love. And you have sampled fine food…” He was gesturing to the remaining bite of sugar coated sin in my hand.

“Yes, certainly,” I answered smiling.

“Then you can surely see the benefits of bringing the two together? Tell me, my dear, have you ever had someone eat a delicacy such as that out of your lap?”

My eyes got wide. The very thought made my nipples hard.

“N-no…” I muttered.

His smile grew wider and he leaned slightly forward.

“Would you like to?”

This was the pass-direct. I noticed that Api, or maybe it was Opi, was massaging my shoulder.

“Uh…” Maybe things were moving a bit too fast.

The other twin was reaching around from behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist. The embrace was quite erotic, and I found myself blushing deeply. I knew that I had to make a decision fast. Either I was going to jump up and run for my life, or I was going to trust what little instruction Michael had given me regarding this world and go for it, no-holds-barred. The arms around my waist turned upward and slid slowly up my belly. I knew where they were headed, and I gulped.

“I… I guess so… I mean, I’ve never… uh…”

Renold laughed again. “Wonderful! Just relax. Let these lovely vixens bring you the best of both worlds…”

I puzzled over his comment, just as Opi’s hands covered my breasts. Even through the tank and shirt it was terribly arousing. I blushed again, never having done anything serious with a female. Oh, I had one or two close calls, but in every case, something had come up and we never hit it off. She was gently drawing me back, urging me to lay down, even as her fingers played with the buttons of my shirt.

Api giggled and moved down to my side where she reached for the belt of my jeans. I guess I was committed.

“Um… Are you…? I mean…”

“Oh, no. I’m just going to sit back and watch you all for now. Maybe I’ll join in later, thank you.” He leaned over on one elbow and planted a finger into a pie.

Opi was making quick work of my shirt. She popped all the buttons and pulled the garment open so that she could run her hands back down over my chest from above, with only my tank-top in between. She had her legs folded under her, like her sister, and I was laying back with my head in her lap. I gulped again as she gripped the bottom of my tank and slowly drew it upwards. At the same time, Api had unzipped my pants and loosened them around my hips. She moved a little further down and pulled my boots off, just as Opi’s fingers reached the bottom curves of my breasts. The girl stopped briefly and let her warm digits fan out over my belly. I gasped softly and closed my eyes, letting my erotic passions go. I gasped again, this time more loudly when Api slipped one of her hands down into my pants and right over my Mons. She was still on top of my panties, but it was like liquid fire in my loins.

I couldn’t believe what was about to happen to me. 48 hours earlier I would have laughed in your face if you had told me that I would soon have not one, but TWO females taking my clothes off in preparation for… well, I was soon to find out.

Opi pulled my shirt over my shoulders, and with only a bit of coaxing to get me to raise my arms, tossed the garment to the side. She kept my arms up while she then slipped the tank up the rest of the way and sent it off to join its partner. I blushed as I looked up at the smiling young woman above me, my body stretched out before her to do with as she pleased. She only giggled, and ran her hands down my sides, then in, over my belly, then back up again, lightly caressing my breasts and tickling my nipples. Then she would start the whole cycle again.

Api had finally gotten my jeans over my hips and was sliding them down my thighs. They soon disappeared with the rest of my clothes and I was left in only my underwear. I moaned in growing arousal as I felt her fingers gently play under the top band of the remaining garment. I hardly noticed as they too slipped away. Now there were three naked females and one male on the blanket. As I was about ot learn, the fun was just starting…

Opi was the first to reach over and select a food. She found a large dish of a yellowish custard and without hesitation dipped her fingers in deep, extracting a very large blob of the sweet pudding. I held my breath as she brought it over my chest and smiled. Just as I was about to say something, she gently brought her hand down and placed the glob of luke-warm desert right on my upper belly. I gasped as she giggled again and started to smear it upward over my breasts.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed, my heart rate doubling. The instant sexual arousal was incredible. I swear that I nearly had an orgasm right there.

She continued to cover my upper torso with the slick pudding, coating me with a generous layer. The feel of her fingers slipping over my gooey nipples was enough to cause me to moan in near ecstasy. I was so entranced by Opi’s happy works, that I failed to see Api as she placed a cream-covered tart right on my flower.

Mind you, this wasn’t one of those whimpy little things you see on our bakeries today… this was nearly a whole pie! It crumbled and oozed over me like blue tar. Thick filling slowly dripped down into my lap and over my thighs as Api quietly spread the baked delight around over my hips and up onto my stomach. She also placed her hands between my legs and gently urged my thighs apart. This let more of the tart slide down over my more private areas, which she smeared liberally with the still-warm confection.

I can only say that I was completely caught up in the wonderfully erotic feelings that were capturing my mind and body. I had no idea sex could be this exciting, and let myself wallow in the new passions fully.

Opi was the first to bring me to orgasm. I nearly lost it with Api, but held on, determined not to lose control for as long as I could. But when Opi leaned over and placed her tongue on my right nipple, licking some of the custard off my chest, I swooned. Pleasure ripped up through me like a rocket and I arched my back up to her mouth as she pulled away. My cry of passion could probably be heard back in my own world. Making a very girlish giggle, she dropped her mouth down over the pulsing rosy peak, devouring the custard with complete abandon. When she was finished, she slurped her way over to my left nipple and repeated the wonderful torture. I was going crazy. I’m sure her face was covered with custard, but she didn’t seem to mind, and I could tell she was smiling when she finished with my breasts and moved down further to my belly. In this way she shocked me into at least four more orgasms. Never before in my life had anyone done that to me without intercourse. Not that I hadn’t had an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, just not so many!

Just as Opi was sticking her tongue into my belly button, Api joined in and started making good on Renold’s offer. Her mouth dropped down between my thighs and dove right into the still-dripping filling. I cried out in delightful shock as her tongue slipped over my flower, lapping at the deep blue tart. She laughed as she wrapped her arms under my thighs, hungerly burying herself in my most secret depths, refusing to be deterred by my now twisting body as orgasm after forced orgasm crashed down through me. The weight of the two girls made it impossible for me to escape until they had both completed their respective deserts some twenty minutes later. It felt like a week… a week of total bliss.

Afterward, the girls hugged and snuggled me, then wasted no time helping me right into Renold’s lap. I was only half aware as they lifted me up so that my still slick thighs slid to either side of his seated torso. My mind in a daze, I reached out and grasped his broad shoulders. I was experiencing a strange euphoria that was similar to being drunk, and hardly noticed as his large hands cupped my buttocks and drew me up tight to his body. My legs splayed wide around him, and I automatically wrapped my calves behind his lower back, locking me in a sticky, gooey embrace.

One of the girls, probably Api, had me lean forward, pushing my chest right against Renold’s. His mouth sought out mine, and I found myself in the sweetest kiss I have ever been fortunate to experience. Kissing Renold was like kissing all the favorite candies you had as a child, only better.

“Ummmmm…” I moaned into his mouth, my passion rising again. My arms wrapped around his head and my body pressed hungerly against his, the hard points of my nipples pushing noticeably into his well muscled chest. I suddenly wanted him more than anything in the whole world. I wanted him inside me, DEEP inside me.

“Ughnnn! mmmmm… yes!…ughnnnn…p-please!” I begged when his mouth moved down my throat to the tops of my breasts.

Little did I know, that while Api kept me pressed against him, Opi was reaching down to position Renold’s manhood under me. The man’s hands slipped up my sugar-coated body to my waist where he gently urged me to sit back down in his lap. As I did so, Opi was ready, opening my gates so that he glided right into my very warm depths.

“OHHH! UGHNNNN! AHHHH! YESSSS!” I nearly screamed, as I was slowly impaled on his shaft. He was large, but not so big as to be uncomfortable. God no! I was dizzy with arousal. I couldn’t have willed myself to stop if I wanted to, my body was reacting on its own now. Shuddering, I came to rest on his hips once again, his phallus buried to the hilt within me.

Looking back on it, I can see that I was seduced, not only by the new situation and my spirit of adventure, but also by something more. I found out much later that that extra something had to do with the food. As Michael had said, not all was as it seemed. I never even considered that the three friendly picnic’ers might have evil intentions. Or that the food itself might be laced with powerful ingredients meant to dazzle, arouse, and confuse me. I never even questioned the odd relationship of the two young girls to what seemed an older man.

I remember Renold grinning while he looked up at me, my open mouth and fluttering eyelids. His strong hands found my hips and gently began to rock me back and forth. His staff drove in and out of me at an impossibly slow tempo and he said, “Ah now, that’s better my love. Just let the pleasure fill you… Soon you will be mine, forever.”

Opi reached around my torso from behind as she had before, cupping my breasts and leaning me back. My hands reluctantly let go of Renold and reached up and back to settle into Opi’s hair. Her lips settled down on my own and I was quickly moaning into the girl’s mouth, my inhibitions shattered. Her fingers cupped and caressed my breasts and belly, her custard-slick palms lightly grazing my nipples to new hardness. I found my hips starting to pump on their own, without Renold’s help, my pelvis grinding against his body like a machine. The new angle of my torso made each stroke plunge into me in delightful ways. Finally, the passion was too much for me and I broke my kiss with Opi as I cried out in orgasmic joy, my whole body tensing to the lightning crash of pleasure that flooded me. Timelessness gripped my mind as the ecstasy slowly faded.

In reflex, my body had ceased its uncontrolled fucking of Renold in order to regulate the amount of pleasure I could take at one time as I peaked. But the man laughed softly and drove my hips down once again, causing a sharp gasp and a renewed spark in me. Then he rocked me back, sliding out a bit, then hard forward again, then back. Each time, my orgasm was rekindled anew. He continued to pump me until my hips had taken the cadence once again.

Opi was back at my mouth, her tongue sliding against mine and I tasted the custard that she had so lovingly licked off my body. My vision was blurry, and my mind hazed with passion. I had trouble putting simple thoughts together, but my orgasm had died down to a small roar and I was able to gain a bit of clarity while my hips quickly worked me towards another pinnacle.

I knew that something wasn’t quite right with how I was feeling. The fuzzy, drunkenness was beginning to worry me, as well as something that Renold had mentioned an eon ago. I fought to bring the words back to my passion sloshed brain. “Soon you will be mine, forever…” he had said. What could he mean by that? Surely he didn’t mean it literally?… or did he? I knew it was something I had better look into, and soon!

“Ummmm…” I groaned into Opi’s mouth, trying to bring myself up from the depth of my own passion. “W-wait….” I gasped, breaking free of the girl’s hungry kiss. I lifted my head enough to look at Renold, my eyes pleading, my breathing deepening toward another orgasm.

“It’s too late, my love,” He said grinning wickedly.

“N-noooo…ummmm… I… ughnnn…ughnnn…ughnnn…UGHNN…UGHNN!”

“You can’t escape what you desire so much,” he explained as his manhood pierced me to my very core again, and again, and again. Api had moved closer to me and was kneeling at my side. Renold nodded to her and she reached out her hands to my belly and slowly moved them downward, watching my face all the while. I started to panic when her fingers slipped into the tight curls of my Mons. The new stimulus was putting me extremely close to the edge.

“Ummm… s-s-stop…UGHNN…UGHNN…p-please, I… I… Ummm…UGHNN!”

Opi had brought up her hands to cover and hold my own around her neck. I suddenly found that I couldn’t break her grasp. That was when I realized, to my growing fear, that I was helpless to stop what was happening to me. I was both physically restrained, and hopelessly trapped in the rhythm of my own passionate hips.

The fingers of Api’s left hand curled down into the heart of my flower, seeking. I knew what they were looking for, and what would happen when they found it. With her other hand, she reached over and found a small bronze carafe. The next thing I knew, she was liberally pouring a sweet smelling nectar over my breasts. The golden liquid was somewhat thick, like a thin syrup, and it smelled of Jasmine. It covered my chest and dripped down my body, over my belly and right down into my lap. Whatever it was, it caused my skin to tingle instantly where ever it touched. My nipples flared with arousal and seemed to pulse with the beat of my heart, which was growing faster and faster. Api sensually worked the warm liquid right into my flower. In seconds I was nearly screaming with pleasure, the powerful effects of the strange amber aphrodisiac blossoming within me. At the same time, her fingers found their target…

All hope of control left me in an instant. I’m sure that in my own world, I would have passed out long ago, but not in Michael’s. Here, I was forced to endure the full power of the sexual ecstasy that now assailed my mind. I couldn’t escape, and I couldn’t stop the heated crescendo of pleasure that the three humans creating in me. My orgasm went on and on, my body arching and twisting in an effort to break free. But it was a hopeless battle, and I knew it. I was unable to stop my own hips as they gyrated wildly against Renold. I was reduced to pure animalistic lust, no longer even trying to resist the sexual onslaught. Some reasonable part of my brain was aware of the shift. I no longer cared about who my rapists were, or even where I was or how I came to be there. My mind only wanted the pleasure to continue. And continue it did.

“That’s right, my love,” said the voice of Renold to my drunken mind. “Let it have you… take you… Let yourself sink deeper… deeper…” His words were hypnotic and sensual, caressing my unconsciousness just as he was the depths of my sweet honey.

“You can’t resist,” the voice continued, “and you don’t want to. Let it cover you… engulf you… That’s right… Sink deeper… deeper… With each sweet moment, you are slipping down… down… deeper and deeper…” His words were timed perfectly with the waves of orgasm that I felt from the relentless beat of my hips.

“Each time you peak, let yourself be slowly ensheathed… covered. As you sink, each peak shall be greater than the last. The deeper, the better…”

My body had slowly stopped spasming, his words mesmorizing me, lulling me into a new rhythm. Now I was slowly undulating in a deep wave-like motion that kept me gently rocking back and forth atop Renold’s body. My muscles were tensed in the heat of ongoing orgasm, my head back, eyes closed, mouth open in the wide “o” of rapture as I gasped for breath.

My captors worked me in perfect concert. Opi held me, occasionally kissing me deeply, while Api stroked the very center of my womanhood with one hand, and caressed my breasts and belly with the other. She also helped me to keep the slow, pulsating rhythm, pushing on my Mons to keep me at the right angle for the deepest penetration. Lastly, Renold held my thighs, stroking them while he allowed me to impale myself endlessly on his manhood. My breathing was in sharp little intakes of breath, which were becoming further and further apart as I gave more and more of myself over to the little death.

It was then that I realized that I was indeed dying. But by that time, I no longer cared. Slowly and gently, with each passing second, the pleasure was gradually overwhelming me. I knew that it would soon cover me completely and I would sink into silent oblivion.

“Only a little more, my sweet,” said the voice of my executioner. “And then it will be over… You are very close now. Let the warmth of the pleasure cover you and you will have peace…”

My gasping for breath continued to slow, though the painful level of ecstasy remained the same. And with each quick intake, my body began to relax, the muscle tension found during previously orgasms faded, draining away with my will. And the ecstasy blazed on. My hips began to slow and I could feel the texture of his member as I slipped him into me with each forward beat, slowing… slowing…

“That’s it, love. Take it into you, just as you take in me… Breath it into your soul… and let it have you. You are slipping under… That’s right… slower… slower… deeper and deeper…”

I felt my arms go numb first. Then the lack of touch spread up from my toes, past my knees and down my thighs. I no longer felt Renold’s lap under me, and Api’s hand on my belly disappeared. The quiet sounds of the forest died away and my vision began to close in as if I were looking up from the bottom of a well. I was dying. All that remained was the fading sensation of Api’s fingers slowly stroking my jewel, and the decreasing rhythm of Renold’s lovemaking. And through it all was the pleasure, like a white-hot iron searing my soul. It only grew and grew until finally, it was all that remained.

My last vision was that of Renold’s grinning face as he watched me die.

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