A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Mirror

Chapter 6 – The Castle

I remember being in continuous ecstasy for at least four hours straight. I can also remember being moved, but the memory is blurred by passion. One moment I was in the cave, the next I was laying on the grassy bank of a pool surrounded by a forest of thick trees. There was a waterfall splashing into the pool, and a fair sized stream running away into the forest. There was also the most wonderful white dress hanging from a nearby branch. It was too perfect, and I knew that somebody was up to something… probably Michael. I decided to go with the fantasy. Obviously, I was no longer in the underground world of Pore, so I didn’t worry about it, or what had happened to Fiona. For all I knew, she was still down there, thrashing about in endless ecstasy.

Remembering the slime, I looked down at myself and realized that I did indeed need a bath. With a fair amount of caution, I waded into the cool water and was clean for the first time in a very long while. It was delicious. When I was satisfactorily cleansed, I hopped out of the water and dried in the sun while I examined the dress. It was lovely and frilly, and almost certainly my size. I slipped the cool cotton garment on as soon as I was dry enough. I shivered in delight at being un-naked. Clothing was having a new meaning for me. I felt like a little girl on Easter. Decked out, and looking good.

A slight path into the forest seemed the most likely avenue, so I trotted down the way, whistling a tune and enjoying the full sunlight and cool breeze. I walked for a good half hour before I noticed a small house off the main path. It reminded me of Millenonee’s place, so I headed over to the door and knocked. I was a brazen idiot.

About two seconds after I rapped my knuckles on the dark wood, I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about this world. Just because the house looked like it belonged to a human didn’t mean a thing. Renold and his Nymphs certainly looked human… For all I knew, this house might be occupied by flying fish. But the door swung open, and when no one showed their face, I leaned in and looked around.

“Hello?” I asked, calling out to an empty room. The door must have been ajar.

Cautiously, I tip-toed into the house, keeping my eyes peeled for the owners. It would be worth my intrusion if I could just figure out if the occupants were the same species!

As it turned out, they appeared to be. There were paintings of men and women on the walls, and the kitchen looked perfect for a half-dozen hungry teens. It was obviously not modern day, but more along the lines of a 16th century boarding house. I realized that the “little” house was actually quite large, with two separate wings off the back, a cellar and a second floor. That was where I found the bed.

It was a huge white slab of luxury in a sparse world. It had a feather comforter and enough pillows to get lost in. The headboard was a single piece of carved oak in the shape of a billowing wind god. It was stunning, and I had to lay in it, if even for a few minutes. I figured that it must be the guest bedroom, because none of the other rooms in the house had beds anything as nice as this one.

It made a great fluffing sound as I plopped onto my back and snuggled into the pillows. Michael had said that I didn’t require sleep. He did not say that I couldn’t sleep… I wondered if it were possible, this world already being like a dream and all. I guess it was, for I only closed my eyes for a few moments… the next thing I knew, I was waking up and staring into the faces of seven short men.

“Oops!” I said sitting up. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t let her escape, boys!” Said one of the men near the center of the group. Several pairs of hands grabbed my arms.

“Wait! I didn’t mean to intrude… I just wandered by and…”

“Sure, sure,” interrupted the man directly on my left. He had a beard, as all of them did, and was about four foot seven. He was one of the larger of the group. “That’s what they all say.”

“No, really! I can explain, please! I was just…”


The room was suddenly quiet.

“Now,” said the man in the center more calmly. “Berol, Meter… Hold her. Do not let her use her hands. Feelan, Dreb… Bind her wrists to the bed. Make sure she can’t escape.”

“Now wait a second,” I protested.

“Quiet wench!!” Yelled the one named Feelan while he pulled some rope from under the bed. I thought it was an interesting place to store rope… “How shall we tie her Adorin?”

“Face her toward the wall, Fee,” answered the one I decided must be the leader. The two men holding my arms, exchanged places and then held me still while the other two bound my wrists to the headboard. Whoever they were, they were strong. I never had a chance.

“Now, that’s better!” he said when I was seated, my legs folded under me. I pulled at my restraints without the slightest possibility of escape. “So who are you, and what is your mission?”

“I told you,” I replied, frustrated and confused. “I was walking by and the door was open!”

“Impossible!” said the one called, Berol. “We always lock the door. She’s an enchantress…”

“That’s yet to be determined, Berol,” said Adorin. “Please let me ask the questions. Please go on, miss. By the way, what shall we call you?”

“Careful Adi! Sometimes even their names are spells!” Said one of the men standing back a bit.

“Poppicock, Morgam. Ma’am?” He was looking intently at my body, studying me. I had to twist awkwardly to look back over my shoulder at him.

“My name is Rachael…”

The one named Morgam hissed. The others shooshed him.

“I… I was walking through the forest when I saw your house. I was hoping to see if anyone was home to ask for directions to the nearest town, and when I tapped on your door, it fell open.”

“And how did you end up in this bed?” He asked.

“Well… I was very tired…”

“She’s an enchantress…” said Meter under his breath.

“Quiet, all of you!” said Adorin sternly. “Look Miss Rachael… You are going to have to do better than that. Can you give me any other information? Why were you looking for a town?”

“I just arrived here. I came from the outside… through the mirror… You know, Michael…” The men just stared back at me. “Oh damn…”

“I’m afraid that we know nothing of a mirror, ma’am. Nor this Michael you speak of. I have no other choice but to treat you as an enchantress and proceed accordingly.”

“But… What does that mean? I’m not an enchantress! What are you going to do?!”

“Because of their powers, the only way to overcome and enchantress is to wear them out sexually,” said Dreb at my side.

“He’s right of course,” continued Adorin. “If you are as you say, and not an enchantress, then we sincerely apologize for what we must do. But Berol is right. Our doors are never unlocked. We don’t often make mistakes when it comes to the likes of those of the Castle…”

“Well,” muttered Meter. “There was that messenger sent by the Fairy Queen…”

“The risk is simply too great to let you go at this point,” continued Adorin, ignoring his comrades.

“Boy, was she a tornado in bed, eh Goran?” Meter, elbowed the man standing next to him and they both chuckled like teenagers.

“If the circumstances were different, perhaps we might…”

“I’ll say,” said Goran smiling. “She nearly wore US out…”

“QUIET! Now then, who’s first?…”

Suddenly, there were six men, all scrambling to get behind me at the same time.

“HOLD IT! Stop you idiots! We can’t all fuck her at once…” Said Adorin pulling several men back.

“Well… actually…” Started the one called Dreb.

“Feelan! You go first.”

“Awww,” complained Meter. “He always goes first!”

“He does not… Feelan, get up there.”

Suddenly, there was someone on the bed behind me. I felt rough worn hands grasp my hips and lift me onto my knees.

“Now wait just one god-damn minute!!” I yelled, struggling to free my hands.

“Goran, help me with her dress, will you,” asked the one behind me.

The beautiful white dress was ripped at my shoulders. I wanted to cry. Not for myself… I knew I deserved what I was about to get. I wanted to cry for the frilly-light gown that had so valiantly covered me for a short time. It was pulled down over my bare torso and over my hips in nearly a single motion, leaving me completely naked before more than a half dozen sex-crazed men.

“Remember men,” said the one named Adorin. “The point is to keep her aroused long enough to break her.” The man behind me was raising my rump while several others held my hips, arms, breasts, waist, belly, back, buttocks, etc… “If we can keep her in a state of sexual arousal for long enough, then her powers will be nullified and we can dispose of her properly.”

Feelan behind me, was using his knee to force my thighs apart. The rest of my body was bent over forward. I tried to keep an accurate picture in my head of who was who. Just as I was hearing the rustle of cloth behind me, the situation was as such:

Feelan – Kneeling behind me, about ready to fuck my brains out.

Goran – To my left, his hands on my back and shoulders.

Meter – Also on my left, one hand stroking my stomach, the other caressing my ass.

Dreb – On my right, fondling my hanging breasts.

Berol – On my right, hands on my hips and waist.

Morgam – Standing behind me, admiring the view.

Adorin – Standing and orchestrating the whole shebang.

“UGHHHH!” I gasped as Feelan’s rock hard shaft started into me. I can’t say that I wasn’t aroused. I mean, rape is rape, but these guys were out to give me a good time as well. Seven, well five, pairs of strong hands feeling me up at the same time is bound to cause some reaction in any female. I was already horny, the bitch that I am, and my bound state was an added turn-on. In short, I was as slippery as a frog in mud, and Feelan had to grasp my waist to keep from falling on top of me. His phallus dove into me right up to the hilt on the first stroke, and I learned that these strange looking men were short only in height. This guy was hitting my cervix… and I was seeing fireworks.

“Damn!” he groaned, pumping me. “She’s got to be an enchantress, she’s practically coming already!”

It was true. I could indeed feel myself closing in on ecstasy. The feel of a real human, or even semi-human phallus inside me after an indeterminate time of being mastribated by gooey, slimy pseudo-lifeforms, was quite arousing.

“Look at her hips!” Said Morgam. “I think she’s fucking YOU, Feelan…”

And in fact I was. I couldn’t help it. I was afraid, but I was also aroused beyond control. My body reverted to its animalistic state, craving to fuck and be fucked. I slammed my pelvis back against the man behind me in time with his strokes, and was rewarded with a pounding white pleasure that grew and grew with each beat. Then I heard Feelan grunt and yell behind me, two more strokes sending his seed deep into my body. The warmth put me right on the edge, but not quite over.

“Noooooo…. Ughnnnn… mmmmmmm!” I moaned, as his quickly softening dick slipped out of me.

“Quick!” Said Adorin. “Dreb, get in there, keep her going!”

Almost at once, there was another hard, warm shaft sliding into my honey. Dreb wasn’t quite as deep as Feelan, but just as pleasurable. His strokes were quicker, and shorter, his obvious lust pushing him too quickly. I knew that I wasn’t going to make it to bliss even after the first few moments he humped my buttocks. His cry of orgasm echoed in the small room, but I was left panting and sobbing for release.

“This isn’t working…” Mumbled Adorin behind me. “Meter, get under her. Let her ride you. Berol, give her nipples a good licking!”

“Ughhhhnnnnn….” I groaned, my sex-starved body dripping with desire. One man had shed his clothes and was working in between me and the bed so that he was leaning against the headboard, his legs stretched out between my thighs. Several others were leaning me forward and down, effectively making me sit on Meter’s shaft, impaling myself.

“AHHH! Yesssss! UGHNNNN!” I gasped as he drove up deep inside me. Berol was leaning in and licking my nipples, working from one to the other.

“That’s it! Morgam, help get her hips moving… I think we might have her now!” Another pair of hands gripped my hips, rocking them forward. Meter struck even deeper into my sweetness. Then my hips were pulled back, and his manhood pulled about halfway out. A moment later I was plunging forward again. After a few repetitions, he no longer needed to force me. I was happily riding the man below me, my body pumping back and forth in a slow but even cadence.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! OHH! OHH! Yess! Yess! UGHNNN! UGHNN!”

“That’s it, Meter… Keep her going!”

I think we came at the same time, because I don’t remember his orgasm though I know he must have had one. What I do remember is nearly a full minute of solid bliss as I worked him to softness, my own orgasm forming stars of white light in my vision.

When I came to, the man below me was gone, and two more had replaced him. One was under my chest, licking my breasts and belly, while the other was laying on the bed behind me, his head between my spread thighs. His hands reached up around my buttocks and pulled me down onto his face. The moment his tongue wiggled into my flower and found my button, I cried out in instant ecstasy. They worked me this way for what had to be an hour, taking turns, and altering my position on occasion. It was incredible, and I shall never forget it.

All through the night they fucked me, one after another. They flipped me over and had me that way, using my bound position both from on top, and, much to my delight, from below. They sandwiched me, and straddled me, held me wide open, and snuggled me in slow ecstasy. In short, they never ceased arousing me for one second during the next twelve hours.

We all woke from slumber at the sound of a chuckling female. Meter saw her first. The young looking woman was standing in the doorway. She had dark hair and even darker eyes and wore a purple gown that seemed to shimmer in the early morning light. Meter’s cry of terror was enough to wake everyone in the next two towns, and suddenly there were seven naked men scrambling to get out of the bed. They didn’t get far. As if sucked into some other world, they one by one disappeared. At last, only I lay on the bed, my hands still tied to the bed posts. I blushed as the woman’s hungry eyes caressed me from head to toe.

“Well, deary… I suppose I should thank you. If you hadn’t come along, those beastly little dwarves might have found me in the closet. It looks like you had quite a time though. I’ll give you credit, you sure know how to bed a man, er… men.”

I was still quite weary from my earlier escapades, so I only moaned a response.

“Well, so long. Thanks again for the diversion.”


But the woman was gone.

I just laid there, not that I could do much else, until there was a knocking at the door.

“‘ello?… “Came a soft female voice.

“Up here!” I yelled, and then thought about my current state of dress. Oh well… nothing to do about it now.

A few moments later, a girl came in and gasped. She looked to be about sixteen, and had hair as red as my own. She wore a frilly dress that reminded me of the one torn to shreds on the floor, and had slightly pointed ears. I guessed that she might be an elf or fairy.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude…” she said and started to leave.

“WAIT!” I yelled after her. “Please don’t go! I’m stuck… The dwarves tied me to the bed, but then left me here, er… Or rather they were taken away… oh damn…”

“Why would the Short Men tie you up?” She asked backing away a bit.

“They thought that I was an enchantress… They have been, uh… keeping me busy, for the last twenty hours or so. But I’m NOT an enchantress.”

“Then what happened to my friends, hmm?”

I was starting to get worried that the girl would walk out on me. “I’m not an enchantress! I found the door open and came in. Your friends found me and well, you know how it goes. Only a real enchantress was hiding in the closet. She waited until we were all worn out, then came out and caught them by surprise. They just disappeared, and the damn bitch left me here like this!”

The girl came nearer and sat on the end of the bed. She looked as though she were considering some deep mystery. “Just for the sake of argument, let’s say that I believe what you say. It seems to me that you are still at least partially responsible for my friends…”

“Wait a minute! I didn’t ask them to tie me up and have sex with me all night!”

Her eyes got wide. Then she blushed. I had the feeling she knew about that experience from a personal perspective.

“Ok, ok… I’ll release you…”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I squealed.

A wicked grin spread across her face. “But first, I want to know if what they say is true.”

“If what, who?… What do you mean? If what is true?…”

“That humans from the outside can’t pass out from pleasure…”

“WHAT?!! You’re kidding right..? Right?!… Oh shit…”

The girl stood and then proceeded to lift her dress up over her head. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I’ll give her this, she was the most well built sixteen-year-old I have ever met. Back in my college days, she’s the kind of female that would have men slobbering all over her for a chance to get into her pants. And I’ve no doubt that she would have taken on as many as she had time for.

As she slid her voluptuous body in between my thighs, I can remember thinking that I could have fallen for her myself.

“W-what are you going to d-do…?” I asked, my nipples coming alive again.

She ran her hands up my sides and then inward, cupping my breasts. “Oh, a little of this, and a little of that… I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing, what it’s like to have a real fairy play with your passion until you’re dizzy with desire… I’m going to touch you in ways that no man ever could, and make you call out my name, begging me not to stop…”

I gulped. “B-but I don’t know your n-n-name…”

“I’m Ariel,” she said, and covered my mouth with hers. For the next hour and a half, she did just as she promised. And in the end, I did indeed call out for her name, over and over and over as she made me come so many times that I had trouble separating my orgasms.

I suppose that I fell in love with her then, but I didn’t fully understand what that meant for quite a while.

Ariel released me, as she said she would, and helped me scrounge up some clothing. I had to wear pants, that were both too big and too short, but with a bit of the rope that had been previously used to restrain me, they stayed around my hips. A large cotton shirt completed my outfit. I looked like a barefoot clown, but I was decent again. Well, I guess that would have depended on who you asked…

Ariel gave me a quick history lesson as we left the Dwarves home and headed on through the forest. She explained that this world was split into two basic groups, the humans, and the forest folk. The forest folk included the dwarves, fairies, elves and pixies (who, I was told, were even more sexually promiscuous than the fairy folk) as well as a few smaller species. The humans were mostly like you would expect, save for a small group that had some extra talents… the enchanters.

This last group lived in a large castle just outside of the main human village. They not only ruled things, but kept the people in subjugation by taking random males and females back to the castle where unspeakable things were done to them as an example to the others. I had a pretty good idea that these “unspeakable things” were sexual in some way. Ariel only frowned.

She said, that for several decades the humans and forest folk alike had lived in fear of the castle people and had been waiting for someone to finally come from the “outside” who would be able to break the powers of the enchanters. She said that I could be that someone. I looked back at her as if she were out of her mind.

We skirted the edge of the human village and went straight on to the castle. She knew of a secret entrance that we used to get inside, but when I asked her what her plan was, she looked to me.

“Are you serious?!” I said slightly louder than I wanted to. “You brought us in here and you didn’t even have a plan?!”

“You’ll think of something. They’re your friends too,” she said staring at her toes.

I felt stupid. I was seeing things from a very self centered point of view, and I swore that I would rectify the situation if at all possible. Sure, they had raped me in more ways than I knew possible, but it wasn’t like a didn’t have a good time. Thinking back on it, it was about that most fun I’ve had in bed ever.

“I’m sorry, Ariel. We’ll find them. I promise.”

“Do you really think so, Rachael?… I mean, this is such a big place, and the enchanters…”

“Have never dealt with the likes of me. We’ll find them, and I’ll set things straight around here. Come on…”

With a renewed purpose, we strode quietly into the depths of the castle.

It probably wasn’t a real smart idea to split up, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I figured that we could search the castle in half the time… Dumb. really dumb. I was good in bed… nobody ever said I was a hero.

I was thinking of going back to the secret entrance when I stumbled upon a very odd room. It reminded me of those horrible, dark torture chambers that you see in some of the old Robinhood and King Authur movies. It had shackles in the walls and the whole bit. But the normal equipment was missing. In its place were what looked like a small forest of knarled trees. It took me a while, but I was able to move to an alcove where I could clearly see what was going on. I was suddenly quite chilly.

Prisoners were brought in, one at a time from a large holding pen area which had bars on one side so that the others could watch what was soon to be their fate as well. The victim (all were female) was stripped and forced to stand in one of many depressions in the floor. Each depression held an amount of some dark black substance that moved and bubbled as if alive. I watched as a woman about my own age was brought over and her feet placed into the “pot.” She resisted with everything she had, but in the end, the two guards were more than she could fight off. Her feet sank into the black, tar-like substance until she was standing in it up to her ankles. She screamed and struggled, and the two guards let her go, stepping back.

She struggled in vain to free her feet, which seemed to be stuck in the black goo. Then I noticed that it was rising up her legs… I had visions of something I had seen in my “Pore” world, but I knew that the woman was in for a ride. The tar moved slowly up her thighs until it reached her apex where, as expected, the woman let out a cry and started breathing in short gasps. I could tell that she was experiencing powerful sexual arousal. The goo continued to cover her until it had engulfed her hips. There it stopped. It oozed and shifted around her, no doubt pleasuring her in ways that she couldn’t have imagined. Suddenly, her head went back and she cried out in ecstasy. At first I thought that she had dropped down an inch or so, but I quickly realized that the black substance around her had eased up her torso at the precise moment of her orgasm. A minute later, she had another peak, and sure enough, the tar moved up her body another half inch.

With each orgasm, the woman was being gradually engulfed by the odd black creature. Surely, it would take hours and hours to fully cover her, but I wondered what would happen when it did. Then I remembered the odd forest-like grouping. I looked a bit more carefully and nearly lost it. Each was a female in various stages of encapsulation. Some were like the one they had just started, only their lower body was covered. Others were covered up to their necks, their bodies twitching and struggling under their erotic coating. I noticed that the lower portions of these victims wasn’t moving. Then I saw why.

The moving black goo had become solid, apparently turning to a stone-like substance over time. I looked to the final, oldest group near the back of the room. The vague human shapes were still visible, but no sign of uncovered flesh could be seen. They had been completely encased in their dark prisons.

I made my way over to one of these “pillars”, using it as a means to get closer to the group of enchanters without being seen. I could see the guards clearly now, and I looked for anything on them that would give me some indication of the source of their powers. A sound at my ear startled me.

Looking over, it took everything I had not to cry out. The “pillar” next to me was one of the oldest, or so I figured. Up close, I could tell that the black substance wasn’t completely opaque after all. I could clearly see through the hardened surface, even in the dim light. Inside was another woman. She wasn’t dead, as I expected her to be, but very much alive. Around her body swarmed a nearly clear substance that I assumed was another form of the black tar creature. The woman had no way to breath, yet she was somehow alive. Her body was held nearly completely still by the solid shell around her, yet I could see her squirming against what was obviously continued sexual torture.

I remembered Michael telling me that things didn’t always operate the same in his worlds as in my own, so I didn’t try to explain how the woman could still be alive. But I clearly understood the implications of what had happened to her. I pulled out a small knife that Ariel had given me as we entered the castle and tried to scratch the surface of the pillar, testing its hardness. I couldn’t even leave a mark. Picking up a fair sized morter stone, I looked over at the guards. They were at the cage, probably picking their next victim. I raised the stone and brought it down against the side of the transparent cocoon as hard as I could. It cracked against the side of the shell and bounced away in pieces. The hard casing wasn’t even scratched. A very permanent sentence.

The guards had found another woman from the pack and were returning to the depressions. I moved a bit closer, hoping to see clues that I could use to fee the trapped unfortunates. As I got a clear look at the face of the girl the guards were positioning over the next trap, I blurted out in horror. It was Ariel…

There are times when the better part of my brain kicks in and saves me from doing really stupid things. This was one of those times. I wanted to run out there, my tiny knife raised, to defend my love. (That was the moment that I consciously realized that I had fallen in love…) I probably would have lasted about three seconds after which time the guards would chop me to tiny bits. Michael had said that I couldn’t die… but he didn’t say what would happen if for instance, one of the guards sliced my arm off. I might grow a new one for all I knew. Then again, I might just disappear in a cloud of greasy black smoke, leaving my beloved Ariel and the seven lusty dwarves with nothing but dashed hopes and a fading memory. But like I said, the better part of my brain held me back with logic. “Stay put.” It said. “If you go out there you won’t be able to save her… Go find the bitch in the closet and force her to break the spell. Ariel will be alright…”

I’m not sure I believed the last part, but by the time I got my plans together, it was too late anyhow. The guards had planted her in a pot.

Ariel was screaming obscenities while she struggled in vain to free her legs from the goo that was slowly climbing up her body. I knew from experience that it was probably hopeless, but I admired her spirit anyway. To this day, nobody I have ever met could curse the way she could. Maybe it was a fairy thing.

I slowly made my way around the room until I could make a run for the door while the guards were going for another victim. I took one final look at Ariel just before I dashed up the stairs. She was up to her hips in the living tar. The last thing I heard as I tip-toed up into the darkness was her gasping as orgasm overcame her. I swore that I would find a way too free her, if for no other reason than to hear that lovely sound again, hopefully with me as the instigator.

Whoever started the rumor that castles were romantic and luxurious must have been stoned at the time. In the course of my profession, I’ve seen quite a number of them, and believe me, they are dark, cold and mostly stale. There was a good reason they put flowery tapestries up on all the walls, and it wasn’t just to fend off the cool. This one was no different, except for the distinct smell of magic.

I have no idea if you can smell magic in the outside world, but here in Michael’s it was as recognizable as honey-suckle, even if you have never smelled it before. In this place, it was strong, almost pungent. It wafted down the halls like a trail of perfume, and I followed it like you can follow a man smoking a pipe. You just point your nose in the right direction and sniff… That was how, five or ten minutes later, I not only found the enchantress who had left me so abruptly earlier in the day, but I literally almost knocked her down. I was moving down a hall lined with ornate paintings of a very erotic nature when I suddenly lost my trail. It had simply stopped. I spun around and started back, just as a door opened and the woman stepped out in front of me. We collided, and for a moment, neither of us recognized the other. Then her eyes got wide and she started to bring her hands up, no doubt to pull one of those vanishing acts like she had earlier. But I was just a little bit faster, and I clipped her one just under the left ear. Her eyes rolled up and she fell into my arms. I just smiled and dragged her back into the room she had just left.

“Shit…” I muttered as I looked around the very spacious boudoir. It was quite nice, especially for a castle. It made me think that the Queen of England had nothing on this lady. I stopped goggling and tossed her majesty onto the bed. It was big enough for five. I started to look around for something to tie her up when my eye spotted the bed posts. Each one had several long lengths of soft rope attached to them. For who, I wondered, her? Or maybe some unlucky victim perhaps?

It took no time at all to tie her up, stretched spread-eagle on the bed, and I laughed thinking about how it would be great justice to find my seven short lovers and bring them in here to finish the job they had started on me. I checked the last knot and stood up straight, my hands on my hips, admiring my work.

The enchntress was just starting to come to when I saw the bed move for the first time. I nearly burst out in laughter. I wasn’t going to have to find my dwarvish friends after all, at least not to stimulate my captive. The bed was about to do it for me. I could see that it was somewhat like the one that I had so wonderfully experienced just after arriving in Michael’s world. Already, the enchantresses body was sinking down a few inches as the covers began to wrap around her limbs and torso from all directions.

“Wha…?” She muttered as she regained consciousness. “Oh no…. Oh my god! No!” She had seen where she was.

“Hello,” I said catching her attention. “Remember me?”

“YOU! But…”

“But I don’t give up easily.” I came and sat on the edge of the bed. She watched me with a growing sense of terror. “You see, thanks to you… my friends are being tortured into oblivion even as we speak.” I reached over and popped the top button on her gown. The covers of the bed were already removing her clothing, but it just felt right to help it a bit.

“Let me go, this instant!” She demanded. I popped another button.

“No… I don’t think so. In fact, I think I might just let this here magic bed work on you until you lose your enchantress tricks, then I’ll beat the shit out of you… What do you say?” I noticed that the bed was starting to wrap around my own thighs, so I stood and examined various objects around the room, tipping a priceless vase here, smashing an ornate hair comb there.

“S-stop! P-p-p-please!” She shrieked. I could tell that the bed was already having an effect on her. It had gotten the dress off, and was making quick work of her chemise.

I had her just where I wanted her, and she knew it. Having all the cards was fun, and I found a large inviting chair and flopped down to watch my captive.

“NO! DON’T SIT THERE!!” She all but screemed at me. I was confused for all of about four seconds, but that’s all the time it took for the long tenticles of the creature below me to wrap around my wrists and ankles. A moment later, the illusion faded and I could clearly see my “chair.”

It was a pale greyish color and was vaguely chair shaped, beyond that, it was a cross between a sea anemone and an orangetang. My upper extremeties were bound to what amounted to the “arms” of the chair, and my legs were wrapped up at the base. Even as I watched, several more tentecles were reaching around my waist. They went straight for the rope holding up my pants. I had visions from my “Pore” world.

“You fool!” Said the enchantress from the bed. She was starting to squirm. “You have sealed BOTH our fates!…ughnnn…”

“Wha…?” I was confused. I had gone from triumphant master to bound captive in the span of a few seconds.

“D-don’t you get it?! This is the QUEEN’S room…” As if that should explain everything… “No one is allowed to enter the Queen’s personal chamber without her consent! Ummm… OH! Ughnnnmmmm….” The bed had stripped away the last of the woman’s clothes and was starting to play with her in more intimate ways.

The meaning of the other’s words was only just dawning on me.

“So… This creature…” It was easing my pants down my legs while other slippery fingers worked on my shirt.

“Can only be stopped by magic!” She finished.

“Oh shit…”

“UGHN! Oh god! N-n-noooo… mmmmmm….”

“Can’t you call for your guards or something?!” The chair had removed the last of my coverings and was pushing my thighs apart. I had a pretty good idea that it wasn’t just to make me more comfortable.

“The room is m-magically sealed… Ughnn! Ughnn! OH! Mmmmm!”

I realized, as I watched the woman start to twist and writhe on the bed, that I was in serious trouble. Here I was, about to have my brains fucked out by a strange creature that wouldn’t stop until it was ordered to, magically, by the same woman who was even now undulating her hips helplessly in a bed that I had tied her to. Ironic, that with every orgasm that was forced upon her, it would be harder and harder for her to perform that little trick, even if she were free, which was now made impossible by the fact that no one, under any circumstances, could enter the room to help her, even if they could hear her… Which they never would, thanks to another little trick.

I looked down just in time to see a dozen smaller tendrils reach up from under my seat, heading straight for my apex. At the same time, hundreds of the slippery fingers wrapped around my body, litterally encasing me in a swirling, twisting mass of erotic sensuality that caused me to gasp. I was held helpless as the group of tendrils from below, slipped up my thighs and wasted no time with foreplay. They plunged right into my already slick tunnel and began to pump in and out of me in a kind of constant fucking that was impossible to deny.

“AHHH!! N-NOO!! Ughnnn!!… UMMM!” I gasped, my hips taking on the same primal motion as the enchantresses. In mere seconds, I could already feel that familure warmth of approaching orgasm, and I knew that I would be powerless to resist as the creature continued to drive me to ecstasy again, and again, and again… And it wouldn’t stop… ever.

My sense of dread grew almost as fast as my arousal. My first orgasm was sharp and brilliant, as if a bomb of pleasure had gone off between my legs. The concussion whipped up my torso and blossomed again at my breasts. My head went back and I cried out in wonderful shock.

From that point on, my moments were slower, building longer and climaxing with less abruptness. But they were no less distracting… My hips shifted and twisted as they uncontrollably pumped in the slow rhythm of sexual intercourse. I was just as powerless to stop my undulating body as I was the gentle but constant rape by the creature I was seated on. I could do little more than watch and wait for my next orgasm. And watch I did. I couldn’t help it. I was mesmerized by the motion of my own pelvis, and the strange, slick tentecles that eased in and out of my honey and swarmed over my body, teasing my breasts, belly, thighs, buttocks, back and neck.

On and on it pleasured me, never slowing, never resting. I’m sure that anyone not from outside would have been driven mad, or even expired from pure exhaustion. But I was incapable of even passing out. I was forced to endure the erotic torture for hour upon hour.

I have no idea how long I was there. It seemed like weeks. I vaguely remember someone bursting into the room, and then being free. Beyond that, it gets blurry. Adorin tells me that I passed out when they got me away from the “chair” creature. I couldn’t say. All I know is that I woke up in a big bed (a normal one, for a change), naked, and snuggling a warm body. It took me only a few moments to recognise Ariel’s sleek form and I nearly cried out with glee. Somehow, she had gotten free of the tar trap things. I didn’t really care how, what mattered was that she was safe. I hugged her body close and drifted back into a happy sleep.

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