A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


The Mirror

Chapter 2 – Through the looking-glass

Two things ocurred as her body passed from one world into the other. The first was a simple flash of light that caused her to blink. The other was a sudden feeling of euphoria that washed through her body like a wave. The soft orgasm caught her off guard, and she expelled her breath with a moan of pleasure. When she came to her senses, she found that she was standing in her room, only it wasn’t. Everything was in reverse, just as it would be if seen through the mirror.

“I feel like Alice…” She said walking to the chair.

“Welcome to Wonderland,” said a voice behind her. Turning, she gasped. It was Michael, only he wasn’t in the mirror this time. He was standing beside it, grinning.

“I thought I might find you here. So it’s true, what you said about this world?”

“Of course,” he replied. “And you are welcome to explore it as deeply as you wish.”

“How do I get back to my own world?” She asked as she moved to the bed, noticing the subtle differences in this world. The covers for example, seemed thick, or heavy, not quite cloth…

“Just pass back through the mirror from this room. You will then be back in your own world, at almost the precise moment you left.” He was walking toward her. “This room will always be here for you, unchanged. But once you leave this room, anything is possible. Beyond that door you are on your own. You can always call me, but I may not help you. You must explore by yourself.”

“What about here? Can I touch you?”

“You can always touch me in my own world. Here,” he said taking her hand. She could feel the warmth of his flesh, even his pulse. He placed her hand on his chest.

“This is all so strange,” she said locking eyes with him. “I don’t know where to begin.”

“Curiosity is a good guide, as is your heart, your passion.” He was gently urging her back toward the bed. She sat down on its edge when she reached it.

Leaning back, Rachael made up her mind to allow herself to experience whatever this world was going to throw at her. Michael stood before her, smiling as she stretched out on the bed, completely open to him. She had the slight feeling that she was sinking, and when she went to move her arms, she found that the covers of the bed had moved around her limbs. A sudden spike of arousal pricked her mind as she realized that she was now unable to move or escape. Michael could totally have his way with her, and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

She smiled when she felt her gown sliding up her thighs, but when she looked down, it wasn’t Michael, but rather the bed itself that was drawing the garment up to her hips. She looked back to the entity in confusion as she felt something playing with the ties at her chest.

“Congratulations, Rachael. You are about to experience your first taste of my world. Remember, nothing is as it seems.”

“But… I… What about you?… I though that… oh!” Something had touched her nether region, lightly caressing, tickling. Her gown was pushed over her shoulders and down her arms until it was bunched at her waist. Then her arms were pulled up above her head, stretching her chest and belly taut. Her thighs were gently but firmly parted and a section of the bed covers reached over her hips and down onto her apex. Rachael was filled with a mixture of fear and arousal. She struggled to escape, but her mind was already spinning in passion. It was even more arousing knowing that Michael was standing there watching her futile attempts to resist the erotic onslaught.

The covers reached around her body, slowly sliding over her torso, tickling her hard nipples to pulsing rosy buds. They moved erotically over her flat belly, drawing out her passions like a perfect lover. Her thighs were also wrapped and caressed. It was the strangest feeling that Rachael had ever experienced, but also the most erotic. She could feel the heat of a quickly approaching orgasm building in her lower abdomen.

“Ughnnnn,” she moaned as she looked back to Michael. The man/ghost was simple staring back at her, his eyes like fire, his mouth cocked in a slight smile.

The living covers shifted further into her lap, rubbing over her lower lips in a new way. Rachael knew that she was past the point of no return. Fire welled up from her loins and jumped to her nipples like lightning.

“UGH! AHHH! UMMMM! Ughnnnnnmmmmmmm… UGHT!” Her voice became a quick series of gasps as ecstasy enveloped her mind. The pleasure seemed to go on longer than she could ever remember, and the bed only increased its caresses, sending her into another orgasm in moments, and then another, and another.

Rachael squirmed and twisted under the torturous pleasure that assailed her bound body. She was powerless to stop the advances of the strange entity that held her in bliss. Over and over, for nearly an hour it brought her to unending delight.

Finally, when the bed let her go, Michael was gone. She sat up, shaking her head. Given the amount of physical activity she had just gone through, she expected to be tired, but she felt no more physical exhaustion than when she had first arrived.

She ran her fingers over the soft covers. They seemed as before, only unmoving fabric. As she sat there, trying to decide what to do next, she noticed that the covers were not as still as she had thought. Very slowly, almost imperceptibly, the odd blankets were reaching around her thighs. She could almost imagine herself snuggling into the bed, except that it was the bed snuggling around her, and it didn’t stop there…

She was half tempted to let the possessed furniture capture her a second time. Her flower was still tingling. No, she had a lot to explore, a whole new world in fact. With a bit of difficulty, she managed to pull herself off the bed. Her gown fell to the floor as she stood, and for a moment, she stopped a looked at herself in the full mirror.

Rachael was modest, but she knew she had a nice body. Unbiased lovers had told her so on many occasions. Her long, flowing red hair hung nearly to her lower back. Her breasts were full, but not overly so, and still firm. The nipples were uncommonly dark against her fair skin, and quite present. “Perky” nipples had gotten her in trouble as a teen. They were instant indicators of her current emotional and sexual levels, and all the guys knew it. They used to whisper wildly erotic things in her ears, just to watch the little tents in her shirt appear.

Her hips were wide, her belly flat, and her long legs well toned from regular workouts, like the rest of her muscles. Her face was comely, though she always thought that her nose was a bit too pointed. Her eyes were characteristically green.

Turning side to side, she admired herself, luxuriating in the warmth she felt. She was about to have the adventure of her life, and couldn’t be happier. She doubted that she would ever publish anything about Michael or this world; this was HER adventure, a vacation as it were. She needed one.

Which brought her to what to wear. She half considered going around nude, but she had no idea what kind of effect that might cause on the denizens of this new world. She went to the dresser and checked to see that her clothing was there. It was, just as she had placed it on the other side of the mirror, only in reverse. Then she noticed that the buttons on her shirts were all on the wrong side. Mirrored…

“Michael?…” She called out softly.

“Yes, love?” He said, startling her. His voice was just off her ear. She turned before she realized that he wasn’t actually there.

“I was wondering… what should I wear here? I mean, what’s appropriate?”

He chuckled. “You are quite nice just as you are, but clothing offers more than simple appearances.”

“What do you mean?”

“When a person wears nothing, they have nothing to remove.”


“They also have nothing to protect them from embarrassment should they not want to be seen in their glory. Even though you are in a whole new world, devoted to pleasure, there are many places which are very much like your own world. Places where people wear as much or more clothing than the world you are used to, and are just as reluctant to remove it.”

“Hmm. I see. So you’re suggesting something more conventional?” She was looking at various articles, discarding a few without a second thought.

“I can only guide you, the decision is yours.”

Rachael finally stepped in front of the mirror wearing a plaid long sleeve shirt over a white cotton tank top, and jeans. She decided that she could always tie the shirt around her waist if things got too warm, and the button up long sleeves and collar would be pretty modest if called for.

“There!” She said, pulling on her boots. “Now I’m ready for anything.” Inside, she wasn’t so sure.

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