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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

A New Pet

Peleial stood before the nondescript door to their storage room. You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but the portal, and in fact the whole room, was protected and sealed with enough magic to confine a full demon. It was more than enough for their purposes, but they weren’t taking any chances. The she-elf took a deep breath and then looked at her sister.

“Last chance to back out,” said the cleric.

“No. I really want this, Law. I’m not sure why… maybe because it almost killed me before.”

The other nodded. “You were always big on redemption. Do you really think you can train it?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I have to try. It’ll be a loads of fun either way…” Then, pulling a small string from her pocket, she pushed back her hair and made a ponytail.

“No doubt. I like the new color by the way,” said Lawen admiring the deep crimson of her identical twin. Well, no longer identical. She was only slightly jealous of her sister’s newly found ability to magically change her hair color from their usual dark brown. “It’s even redder than Taya’s… or was that intentional?”

“Maybe a little,” she admitted. “Okay, I’m ready. Release the warding.”

The other nodded, and then raised her hand, whispering an incantation under her breath. There was a soft bell sound.

“We have thirty seconds,” she said, and indicated the door.

“You told Briddle what we were up to?”

Her sister inclined her head. “We’re all set. Having second thoughts?”

“Just checking my safeties. Can’t be too careful.”

With that, the elf reached out and opened the simple door. It wasn’t even locked.

The storeroom was dark of course, and after closing the door behind them, Lawen lit a hanging lamp nearby. Crates, brooms, a barrel or two. There was certainly nothing that would have indicated that the space was home to a monster. In fact, her heart skipped a beat when she couldn’t even find the chest she was looking for. Apparently her sister caught her surprise.

“Don’t fret. It’s here. Use your nose…”

When she did, it was obvious. Wet copper and lilacs. The place reeked of magic, and not the stuff they used to do their warding.

“It’s probably scared,” suggested her sister.

Peleial sighed. “Wouldn’t you be? It had been up in that attic for who knows how long. Wendel thinks that the resident… that woman, probably brought it there on accident and then died. The taxes for that building had been paid up for decades. He said she appeared to have been dead for at least a couple of years. It was starving. It probably found a leak or two in the roof for water, and they can sort of hibernate to conserve energy, but even still, it was certainly really hungry when Mr. Fobbs’ assistant wandered in there… and then of course, me.”

“It only got half a meal out of you though…”

“Sucked away most my mana, yeah. Wendel has been feeding it meat you know. When it can’t get human flesh, it seems its second choice is venison.”

“Really? How did he figure that out?”

She smiled. “He gave it a choice. He just set out a bunch of scraps and watched to see which one it took first! It wouldn’t touch the duck.”

Lawen snorted. “Not my favorite either.”

“Once he knew what it liked, he gave it a regular diet and plenty of water until it had had enough. That’s when he said we could try to train it. It’s probably always going to be hungry for mana, but it is much less likely to digest me if it’s biological needs are met. How are your spells?” she asked.

Her twin regarded her for a moment, seeing something that was invisible to Peleial herself.

“Solid. I should be able to hear and sense your status no matter what interference the mimic uses, magic or otherwise. Wendel gave me some really great magic… a little something extra for safety.” She reached into the bag she was carrying.

“This,” she explained, holding up a small cube, “is enchanted to automatically stun anything in the room but us, two hours from activation… if we don’t shut it down. That’s just in case I can’t do it for some reason.”

“Thinking of joining me?” Peleial was grinning.

The other’s mouth dropped open, and she blushed. “Not yet, sister. You know I’m not one to turn my back on a good time, but one of us needs to be the responsible adult until you can explain to your new friend that it’s more beneficial to simply fuck us for our mana rather than use us for food!”

“Fair enough. What’s the chalk for?”

“Protection circle. Just in case it has magic that Wendel is unaware of. I’ll stay back here and let you do your thing.”


“You know it.”

Peleial grinned. “Now all we have to do is convince it to come out and play.”

“Uh, I don’t think *that’s *going to be a problem… Look!”

The elf turned and guffawed. There, right at the front of the pile of supplies, was a large familiar-looking chest. There was no way she missed it before, but it seemed so at home among the other boxes and goods, that the elf was doubting herself almost at once.

“That’s part of its deceptive spells,” said Lawen, surprising her. “I can sense what you’re feeling, remember,” she explained. “I’m practically dripping in shielding, so… not so affected by the deception. How are you going to handle this?”

Peleial was pulling off her boots. “Well, we never did find my clothes the last time this thing got ahold of me, so I think I’ll strip down here so that I don’t have to walk naked back to my room.”

“Never stopped you before,” commented Lawen, grinning while she took out the chalk and set to work scribbling on the wood floor..

The other laughed. “No, but it might be a little bit hard to explain why I’m covered in goo if a patron happens by.” The elf pulled her shirt over her head, and then pushed her pants off, tossing the garments back to her sister.

“Did you skip the panties for the same reason… Goo?”

Pelial nodded. “Undergarments wouldn’t make much sense if I was literally dripping in its drool. Okay… I think I’m ready… maybe.”

“Last chance to back out,” prompted her sister, wiping chalk dust off her hands and then activating the cube. “We can always come back later if you’re having second thoughts.”

“Uh-uh. Wendel is taking Taya and Briddle up to Chesterson in a few days, and won’t be back for a week.”

“…And you don’t want to wait to get started with your, er… training,” finished Lawen for her. “You really are shameless.”

“Yeah, I know,” said the redhead, grinning. “You set?”

“Yup. Proceed at your leisure.”

Slowly, Peleial moved toward the chest, her heart rate climbing with each step. She was scared, certainly, but also incredibly aroused. She clearly remembered how well the Mimic had pleasured her before, and couldn’t deny that a part of her definitely wanted a repeat performance. She knew Lawen wouldn’t let it go quite that far, but she still hoped her twin wouldn’t stop the monster too soon.

The chest looked much as it had up in the dead woman’s attic. Simple. Ordinary. She understood that some of that was the magic it used to camouflage itself, but even still, it was an impressive display. She moved close enough that she could have put her hand atop its rounded ‘lid’, if you could call it that. Visually, it was perfect. The strips along the edges really did look metallic – stiff and worn. The wood had grain and texture. Everything was completely convincing, right down to the rivets. But the elf girl knew that it was nothing but living tissue. The thing before her was made of flesh and blood – a sinister creature capable of intelligence and deception… and it was hungry.

She kept telling herself that it wouldn’t want her for food, not after Wendel had gorged it with a steady diet of meats. No, the Mimic hungered for a different kind of meal – it wanted her mana. In that sense, it was still very much starving, and the she-elf was a tasty morsel indeed.

Pelial inched closer still, expecting the Mimic to suddenly reach out for her at any moment. But it was quiet. Taking a deep breath, she put out one hand, hovering for a few moments before placing it lightly atop the creature.

Still, there was nothing. She marveled at how real the chest seemed. To her fingers, she was stroking wood and metal, not living tissue. She did notice that it felt slightly warmer than it normally would, but not alarmingly so.

“Do you remember me?” she whispered to the inert creature. “I’m the one that got away… I bet that hasn’t happened to you very often, has it? I might have even been the first. I’m willing to give you another chance you know, but you have to listen to me. I want you to take my mana this time… I need you to understand that you don’t have to kill me – that I want to help you. We can give you all the mana you want, but you have to play nice.”

She paused, stroking the creature like a cat. “You probably don’t understand any of that. I’m not even sure you have ears. But you’ll pick that up if you feed on me again. Now I just have to get you to open up…”

Peleial took another deep breath and let it out slowly over several seconds. Then, she moved right up against the front of the Mimic, literally pressing her pelvis against the mock latch. She put both hands on the top of the creature, gently caressing the wood-like surface with the tips of her fingers.

“Come on boy… don’t you want me?” she asked, seductively.

“Do you think my presence is causing it to… ‘play dead’?” mentioned Lawen from the other side of the room.

“Maybe,” she conceded. “Let me keep trying for a bit. Perhaps it still sees us as a threat and needs time to get used to us.”

“You’re the boss.”

The ginger-haired elf resumed her gentle hand motions and cooing voice, letting her torso lean forward so that she was literally resting her breasts on the creature’s lid. “Don’t be afraid. She’s just here to back me up after you’ve taken my mana. If you let me out instead of trying to eat me, then she won’t even have to stun you. And maybe, if you’re real nice, she might even let you take some of her mana later. She’s even juicier than I am you know…”

“Hey! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.”

Peleial giggled. “Aw sis, you know you want to. I don’t think you have ever passed on an opportun… OH!”

“What is it?!”

“I felt it move! It was a rumble, or maybe a purr, just for a second or two… oh! Okay, it’s definitely changing. I just felt something brush my thigh.”

The elf stood upright, and was looking down her body, when she noticed the ‘lid’ of the creature lifting slowly. A second later, she gasped loudly as a half dozen long tentacles of glistening flesh whipped out of the opening and quickly wrapped around her hips and waist.

“Looks like you got his attention,” said Lawen behind her. “You still good?”

Peleial was panting, with both her fear and her lust rising by the second. “I… I’m okay… Holy shit, that does bring back memories. Ughmmm.” She bit her lip against the pounding of her heart as the inch-thick limbs twisted around her middle and explored her belly, a few reaching down further into the soft hairs of her pubis.

Lawen’s mouth dropped open. “I can feel your pleasure. It’s not full force, but damn… That thing really sets you off.”

The lid continued to rise, and Peleial wasn’t surprised to find her wrists abruptly snagged. A warm, moist air came from within the box-like creature that flowed over her abdomen and made her shiver softly in rising lust. She could feel the long ropes of muscle winding around her, locking in her fate. She knew that she could still have Lawen stun the Mimic and escape, but her body was already reacting to the fel creature’s touch, and the sensations were… distracting.

Knowing that it had trapped its prey, the monster slowed down, patiently exploring and securing her. Before, it had merely opened up wide and flipped her body right inside itself, but this time it seemed to be more cautious, playing with her without exposing its softer innards. Slick tendrils of flesh slipped up and around her breasts, and down between her legs, sensuously gliding over her sex in a way that caused her to tremble with arousal. Even just a few minutes in, and already her knees felt weak.

“Once it takes you inside itself, you probably won’t be able to hear me anymore, Pel,” said her sister behind her. “But I’ll be listening and monitoring you. I’ll pull you out at the first sign of trouble.”

“OH-Ohhhhkay… ughmmm… Goddess, this thing is good at foreplay… ughnn!”

About half her body was wrapped in the reddish tendrils now, all of which were shifting and sucking at her like one giant tongue of hot, wet flesh. Down in her lap, it was pulsing as it moved over her sex, spreading her open so that it could touch her even more intimately. At the same time, it encapsulated her nipples, drawing them into hard peaks, massaging her breasts along the way. The sexual onslaught was dizzying, and the growing sense of tightness in her belly so soon, surprised her. Was she really that close to orgasm already?

Her hips started to rock back and forth, even as her breath was reduced to short little gasps. A liquid warmth built rapidly in her middle, and then rushed outward, catching her completely by surprise. The she-elf had time for just a single cry of monumental pleasure before she arched back in ecstasy.

Peleial was barely aware of her surroundings, let alone that her body was being lifted right off the floor, but as Lawen watched her sister come, her own heart was racing with arousal as well as fear for her sibling. She was torn between allowing the monster to have its way with her, and the incredible sense of pleasure that came through the magical link that existed between them. Even though what she felt was a mere shadow of what the redhead was experiencing, the pleasure still left her breathless and on the verge of orgasm herself.

It happened quickly. Just as Peleial launched into orgasm, the Mimic opened, and then lifted the elf girl off the floor, turning her so that it could draw her in sideways and face up. As though slurping up a tasty morsel of food, she slipped into the creature’s maw and was set on her back with a wet plop. The lid clamped shut sealing her in, even before she had fully come down from her moment.

“Shit!” she exclaimed, somewhat panicked as she flashed on memories of the last time she had been trapped by the tricky predator. Just as before, she could feel it wrapping hundreds of thinner tendrils all around her body, securing her into position for feeding. And also just as before, she was utterly helpless to stop or resist it.

Lawen almost decided to end their little experiment the moment she watched the lid drop shut on her sibling. It was terrifying to just sit there and do nothing, knowing what it meant. Without her help, her sister would be fucked senseless until every last bit of mana had been sucked from her body. Then, when it had nearly driven her insane with pleasure, the Mimic would decide if it was still hungry enough to digest her as food. And through it all, Lawen would be fully aware of what her twin was feeling. She was magically linked.

The Cleric was slightly disoriented until she realized that Pelial must be on her back, whereas she was sitting upright. She took a moment and mentally separated what her own body was feeling from that of her sister, which helped a bit. Nonetheless it was still completely weird to feel invisible fingers of muscle reaching around her body as though they were under her robes. Even though it was all happening to her sister, she still had to concentrate not to experience the same confinement that now secured her twin, even if unreal. She felt the tendrils slowly wrapping around her from all directions. Peleial’s arms were locked to the floor by her sides, even as more long fingers inched around the other’s neck and waist. Her ankles were bound as well, and she knew things were about to get more intense as loops around her thighs started to draw her knees apart.

*Oh g-g-gods… ughmmm…* she heard Peleial say, her disembodied voice starting to break into moans and gasps as the Mimic silently continued to tease her. It was growing bolder by the second, letting slick digits glide over her sex without warning, or curl over a nipple. There were literally dozens of slippery fingers working on her, and they were all moving independently so as to be completely unpredictable.

Lawen’s mouth fell open as her own lust started to get the better of her, her eyes drooping in arousal.

“Ughnn… Concentrate… you need to concentrate,” she whispered to herself. Taking a few deep breaths helped to clear her head, as did slapping the back of her hand. “Stay focussed,” she repeated, fanning her face.

The little rituals gave her just enough distraction to keep herself on task, but her sibling had no such recourse. Bound and helpless, she was completely at the mercy of the growing erotic onslaught, which was plainly starting to have a real effect on the she-elf. Lawen felt her straining at her bonds as the other’s heart beat ever faster. She was twitching out of control now every time the Mimic lightly grazed the hard points of her breasts. Down between Peleial’s thighs, Lawen sensed something tapping at her sister’s gates, lightly kissing her petals. Even through her distractions, the quick suckling pattern was starting to get to Lawen as well. She moaned as she too became wet with arousal, panting against the growing sexual stimulation.

“Oh, this isn’t good,” she said aloud, realizing that linked to her sister as she was, she was at risk of losing herself to the pleasure as well. Peleial was trapped and would be completely unable to pull away from the torturous foreplay when she inevitably came, but because of the link, neither would Lawen. She really hadn’t planned on so much of her sister’s pleasure leaking through, nor did she imagine it would be so damn debilitating. But then, that’s what the Mimic was aiming for with Peleial… overwhelming pleasure that would break down her resistances until she couldn’t stop cumming. Unfortunately, what worked on her sister, also worked on her.

“Shit… ughnnn…” she gasped, shuddering against the rising need in her lap. She knew that Pel was close, for that matter, so was she. She was just trying to decide if she should try to break the link when the fel creature surprised them both. Quite suddenly, several slightly flattened tendrils that had been playing with Peleial’s pubic mound, slid down past either side of the elf’s clit, stimulating the nub as they dropped to the folds of her flower and spread her open. At the same moment, something stiff, phallic, and dripping with slippery ooze, curled up and slid into her from below in a single long thrust.

Peleial came at once, arching her back in shock. Lawen was only able to hold on a moment longer, falling to her side as she desperately clutched at her sex, trying to stop the sexual intruder that wasn’t there. Her sister’s latest orgasm seemed much stronger than the first one the Mimic had used to draw her inside itself, and the ghost pleasure served to fuel her own ecstasy, which nearly knocked her unconscious it was so intense. She knew that Pel was still straining just to breathe, and Lawen could feel the unmistakable sensation of mana leaving the other’s body. It was frightening, but not half as much as the the same sensation in her own body.

It was several minutes before the pleasure lessened enough for her to even remember why they were there, but by then, the Mimic was already starting in on her sister again. Frantic, Lawen struggled to wash the last of the orgasm from her brain and concentrate on what had just happened. Had she really been fed on as well? It certainly seemed that way, but how? She stared at the simple chest and her protective circle trying to understand… And then she did.

She was too close. It didn’t appear as though the prey needed to be within the creature itself. The Mimic could feed off of any female experiencing an orgasm within a certain range… a range that she had apparently grossly underestimated. The chalk circle would protect her from anything coming in, but it couldn’t stop her mana from going out.

**Ughnn… ughnn!* *

The tendrils were moving the trapped she-elf within the living box, pulling her hips forward sharply to force the phallus into the girl’s sex over and over again. With each thrust, Peleial experienced a new blast of pleasure – which was then passed directly to her sister. The unceasing rhythm was maddening… she couldn’t concentrate! She had to stop this, regardless of what Peleial wanted. It would be harder to cast the stun while on her side, but she doubted she could pull herself upright at the moment anyway. She lifted her hand toward the Mimic and was just about to start the incantation, when there was a sharp jolt of pleasure.

<THUMP!> “Ahhh!”

She shook her head and tried again.

<THUMP!> “UGHNN! Sh-shit!”

<THUMP!> “AHHH! Damnit, stop it!”

<THUMP!> “UGHNN! UGHNN! You f-fucker!” she screamed.

Lawen let her arm drop and simply focussed on trying to resist the invisible rape before it made her come again. She knew that Peleial was close, and she doubted she would be able to hold off her own moment if her twin peaked. If she lost too much mana, she might not be able to cast the stun spell at all. But then, to her surprise, the intensity of the thrusting lessened. The slower, less vigorous intercourse gave them both a moment to catch their breath, and after half a minute or so, Lawen decided to take advantage of the monster’s mistake and try the stun spell again. Raising her hand…


<THUMP!> “Ughnn! Nooooo…”


She dropped her arm – and the next thrust was slow and gentle, causing her to shiver in relief. Both she and her sister were still gradually building toward orgasm, but the pace was much less physically straining. Panting, she considered their situation.

Somehow, the Mimic knew she was trying to stop it. That fact alone was scary as hell, as it meant that Peleial was right about the creature being intelligent. They weren’t dealing with a mindless monster acting on instinct, but rather something calculating and devious. Devious enough, it seemed, to have outsmarted them at every turn. She set that fact aside for the moment and tried to focus on what was right in front of her. It wasn’t easy. Peleial was still being fucked within her prison, and everything she felt was now hitting Lawen at nearly full strength. But how was that possible!?

Then she remembered the mana.

“It’s… ughnn… using her…” she said in awe. Peleial had come twice now, and after each time, the connection to her sister had become less and less filtered. The linking spell had been cast on Peleial, not her, so it was theoretically possible that the Mimic had decided to change it rather than cancel it. It had an imprint of of the she-elf from her mana, so figuring out the details of the spell would be easy for a creature that literally used magic to survive. It had purposely altered the spell so that it could stimulate and drain them both.

“Y-you tricky fucker…. ughnn…” she said, just laying there panting. “But that st-still… ughmmm… doesn’t explain… ughnnn!… how you know… ahhh!… when I’m about to… UGHMM!… cast a spell… AHHH!”

Lawen could feel that her sister was about to come again, which mean that she too was about to get happy. She might have resisted on her own, but not with the redhead’s gasping and thrashing pleasure in the background of her mind. She could do little more than lay there, so she happened to be watching the Mimic when it blinked.

“What the hell…?” she said, surprised and unsure that she hadn’t simply imagined it. Right on the front of the “chest”, she had briefly seen a dark, round circle, which wouldn’t have held her attention except that it suddenly clicked closed and then open again like an eye. But before she could parse what that meant, Peleial was launching her into ecstasy.


It was much harder to come down this time, taking her nearly a full minute before she was even able to focus her vision again. Peleial had even more trouble, which didn’t help matters. With her latest orgasm, Lawen knew she had lost a significant portion of her mana store. At this rate, it wouldn’t take long to drain her to the point of uselessness. If she didn’t do something, an hour from now they would both be empty shells, magically speaking. And if the damn Mimic kept up this level of stimulation the whole time, there wouldn’t be much left of their minds either.

Her twin was barely cognizant of her surroundings, and she suspected that the Mimic might be using chemical toxins to keep her in a semi-euphoric state. A few more orgasms like that last one, and Lawen figured she’d be in about the same shape, which meant that she needed to figure a way out of this mess quickly or Peleial at least, would be a goner. The circle might protect Lawen herself, but there would be nothing to stop the creature from consuming her sister when they were both drained of mana and worked into exhaustion.

On that happy note, the Mimic very slowly resumed its rhythmic motion of Pel’s body, inching the odd phallus into her sister’s sex so gradually that Lawen didn’t quite understand what was happening at first. When she did, she cursed the creature in high elvish and balled her hands into fists.

“Damnit! Not yet… ughnnnn…” The slower seduction was even harder to resist, though not quite as distracting. No doubt, the Mimic knew this, and was stimulating her sister in just that manner in order to get to her. And all the while the eye was watching her.

Lawen knew that the creature would see her making any attempt to cast a spell, and such action would result in the same disruptive thrusting she experienced before. The irony of being “trained” into expecting this by the creature, did not escape her. She had to admit, it was a slick little trap the Mimic had sprung on them, and unfortunately one for which she still had no means of escape.

Peleial’s hips were gently rocked forward and back at a maddeningly slow pace that gave Lawen no time to rest or recover as she was quietly seduced by the constant pleasure. Pel too was nearly drooling in bliss, but the darker-haired elf suspected that the Mimic was using magic to keep her from cumming too quickly. It knew it had her sister, now it wanted her as well. And from the way her body was reacting, it certainly looked like that was an inevitability unless she did something real soon.

Even the most basic spells required hand gestures to target, so she couldn’t just mouth the incantation. And that assumed that the Mimic had no ears to hear her, something that seemed much less likely now.

“Ughnnn… Y-you fucking bastard… ahhh!” The deep caresses she was experiencing through her sister were gradually building upon themselves. “Noooo… There must be… UGHNN… s-something I can do!…AHHH!”

Rolling onto her back in frustration, Lawen found herself abruptly dizzy with new arousal. She realized too late that it was a mistake to assume the same position as her twin within the belly of the Mimic, and that with the full unfiltered sensations being projected into her, her muscles were fooled into believing that they too were trapped in sinewy tendrils of flesh. She found she could no longer raise her arms, and with a groan of despair, she saw her thighs fall open to match her sibling’s as well. Now it really did feel as though she were herself naked inside the fleshy box, being helplessly fucked into oblivion.

The Mimic seemed to sense her incapacitated state, and changed the way it was stimulating her sister. The guided motion of her hips grew deeper, and even the phallus itself seemed to be pulsing or undulating. It was entirely unlike a humanoid penis, but in a surprisingly arousing way. It was almost as though a set of very warm tongues were lapping at the depths of her honey. As Lawen’s lust blossomed anew, she had a sudden realization that the odd cunnilingus was quite familiar.

“Oh fuck…” she gasped, even as her own hips uncontrollably took up the same rocking cadence as her twin. The strange member that was so expertly exploring her sister’s sex (and by proxy, hers), was precisely like that of her lover’s tongue. Taya knew exactly how best to pleasure her to give her the most intense orgasms… and now apparently, so did the Mimic. All hope of resisting the creature quickly vanished as similar human-shaped tongues fell over her nipples as well as the jewel of her clitoris. Lawen’s head arched back as her whole body started to tremble and shake. In seconds, she was pushed hard over into a blinding white orgasm that numbed her mind into timeless ecstasy. Gasping just to draw a breath, the she-elf realized that the impossible pleasure that she and her sister now shared, was in no way lessening. As though it had finally found her ‘sweet spot,’ the Mimic was able to make her come repeatedly so long as it continued its doppelganger coitus.

And since it did not seem to tire, Lawen finally understood how thoroughly she was beaten. The Mimic had left her no way to resist, and no way to escape. She had willingly given herself over to the tortuous magical intercourse which she knew would make her come over and over, unceasingly, until every last bit of mana had been stripped from her. Somehow, she doubted the evil creature would stop even then, pushing her mind beyond the breaking point, and into insanity. Tossing her head back and forth in denial, the she-elf launched directly into yet another crippling orgasm, her mind lost under the waves of crashing pleasure. And this time, Lawen knew she wouldn’t be returning to the surface…


To her great surprise, the world did come very slowly back as her tingling body gradually let go of the ecstasy that had been holding her. It was several minutes more before Lawen even opened her eyes.

It was painfully quiet as she laid there on the floor, just trying to calm her breath and remember why she was in this position. She turned her head and saw the store room – boxes, crates, a large chest…

“The Mimic!” she said aloud, her voice ringing in the small space as the past filled itself in like dominoes. She looked over at the chest and tried to figure out what had happened. The creature had her. Why did it stop?

“Pel…” She needed to get to her sister.

The magical link that tied them together was still very much intact. That much hadn’t changed. She knew her twin was still alive, but beyond that, she could not read her mental state. They had both been pushed way beyond their limit, so she wasn’t surprised that the elf girl was unconscious. Lawen’s training included resistance and recovery from magical attacks. Not so her sister, who could be trapped permanently in a pleasure coma for all she knew.

Getting her body to move wasn’t going to be easy. She still felt the phantom tendrils of flesh that bound her sibling – which had fooled her own mind into a kind of self bondage. But without the distraction of being continually fucked, she had a chance. Starting with one limb at a time, Lawen gradually managed enough control to roll back to her side. The change in her position broke the spell, and her control slipped back into place. She could still feel the sinewy tentacles, including the thicker ones buried in her sister’s sex, but they did not seem to restrict her like they had when she was laying on her back.

What had happened? How was she not still being tormented? The Mimic looked lifeless, or stunned… Stunned! That was it! The stun cube had gone off after two hours had passed. Awash in ecstasy, she’d totally forgotten about the little bit of backup magic. Had the creature really pleasured them for two hour straight? Good goddess…

She shook away the remnants of her last orgasm and then managed to roll to her knees. She had to get to Pel, and soon. She didn’t know how long the Mimic would stay stunned, but Lawen had no intention of finding out. She had no magic to defend herself now. Dragging herself out of the circle and over to the chest, she had a momentary flash of panic as she considered that the whole thing might be a ruse the Mimic was using to get ahold of her physically, but the sight of its single glassy eye staring into space convinced her otherwise.

Now for the hard part. Grasping the ‘lid’ of the creature, she pulled herself up, and then proceeded to work on prying the thing open. It wasn’t easy. For starters, it was much heavier than a normal chest lid would be, since she was also fighting against muscle and sinew. Still, what was essentially the creature’s ‘mouth’ was finally moved up and open so that it stayed on its own. When the elf looked down into the depths of the Mimic, she gasped.

“Holy shit, Pel…” she said in disbelief.

Her sister was so wrapped in the flesh of the monster, that she appeared to be mostly trapped under a heavy blanket of red, glistening meat. She didn’t appear hurt, but she also didn’t respond when she tried to wake her. They were running out of time.

Taking a deep breath before starting what the difficult task of removing her twin, turned out to be a mistake. Suddenly, her mind swirled into euphoria, and she nearly fell forward into the Mimic with her sister. As it was, her knees buckled under her and she collapsed to the side of the creature.

“F-F-Fuck…” she groaned, as a powerful wave of sexual pleasure returned and nearly put her over the edge into orgasm again. “Ughmmm… No wonder you’re catatonic,” she said of her sister. “That thing has you higher than Ten-Men’s Tower. That certain to complicate things. Come on, Law… You can do this.”

Standing again, the she-elf reached into the mass and started freeing her sibling. She had to hold her breath while she worked, and more than once caught a blast of the evil toxin and had to stop. Finally, almost ten minutes later, she had enough of the binding flesh pushed back so that she could grasp the girl under the arms and hopefully lift her out. In this, the slippery ooze that covered her sister actually helped, and with one final grunt of effort, the she-elf was pulled over the lip of the box and onto the floor with a wet splat. Unfortunately, Lawen had run out of breath and had been forced to inhale several lung-fulls of the evil air that filled the interior of the creature. She was able to hold off her dizzy orgasm just long enough to push the girl into the chalk circle and then flop down onto her back again before she started gasping into ecstasy.

She shuddered for several more minutes, allowing the pleasure to fully fade before she tried to sit up again. The first thing she did was check the spell circle. There was a little damage, but the spell was still intact. They were safe from the Mimic for the time being.

Which turned out to be a good thing, as it had vanished when Lawen looked up again.


Next order of business was seeing to her sister. She was completely without mana, so her healing spells weren’t an option. She tried rubbing her hands and using her name, finally pinching her arm. She was breathing, and her expression was lax, almost as though she were merely sleeping. Finally, with choices narrowed, she raised her hand back and slapped the elf soundly in the face.


The redhead abruptly arched her whole body, and gasped loudly once before flopping back to the floor with wide eyes.

“Ughnnn… Law? Mmmm…”

“About time. You had me seriously worried there, sis. No, just relax,” she added, when the other tried to sit up. “We’re safe for the moment, but it was a close one.”

“The Mimic! Ughnnn… I think it was using me, to get… ughmmm… to you…”

“Ya think? It modified our linking spell and had us both dead to rights. Turns out you don’t have to actually be inside the Mimic for it to drain your mana during an orgasm. I’m completely tapped.”


“Yeah, it was using you to pleasure me. It even changed the way it was fucking you to simulate what I like best.”

“Taya…” said the redhead, slowly understanding. “Damn, she does that to you?” she added, remembering. “I can see why you like her so much…”

Lawen blushed. “Well, it worked. The Mimic had me cumming so hard I was seeing stars. I can’t imagine how it was for you…”

The red-haired elf made a half grin. “Scary, but holy shit, Law… Now do you see why I want to try and train it?”

She hesitated. “I can’t deny that it wasn’t incredibly arousing sex, certainly. But seriously, Pel, I’m not sure this is going to work. It was clever enough to trick us both. This time, it just took our mana, but it didn’t stop when we were fully drained. You weren’t digested, sure, but I think it may have been trying to drive us insane or something. Maybe so that it could take its time and break my circle, I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what, I’m not sure I could have held out against that kind of stimulation for much longer.”

“How did we get out, by the way?”

“The stun cube. Two hours, remember?”

“Oh yeah… Wow, no wonder I’m sore all over,” said the redhead, rubbing her thighs.

“I know what you mean. I think it wanted that too. Remember how it drained you physically the first time in the attic? It worked you until you couldn’t resist anymore, mentally or physically.”

“I remember… Goddess I remember.” Peleials hands slid between her thighs and she groaned.

“I’m pretty sure that was the plan here too. Get us so tired and overwhelmed with pleasure that we couldn’t fight back at all anymore. It’s a pretty decent tactic, and damn hard to resist, honestly. But I’m not sure that training is going to stick, Pel…”

“Aw, we have to keep trying.”

She sighed. “Maybe. You did convince me of one thing, and that’s its intelligence. This is definitely not some mindless beast we’re dealing with. It’s cunning, and resourceful, and tricky as hell. It’s also very aware of both us and its surroundings. Did you know it can see?”

“Really? How do you know?” asked the redhead, wiping handfuls of slime from her body.

“I saw an eye. Right on the front above the latch. It was watching me to see when I tried to start an incantation to stun it.”

“No shit? Obviously, you weren’t able to… What did it do to stop you?”

“It pounded your pretty little cunny, that’s what! Deep thrusts meant to shock and distract me. It worked too. It’s kinda hard to annunciate complex charm wording while you’re gasping for breath.”

“By the Goddess… I guess we were pretty lucky.”

“You could say that. Probably our proximity to Briddle.”

The redhead was frowning as she considered something. “Law, please don’t tell Wendel… about how close it was, I mean. If he knew we were both almost done in by the Mimic, he’d never let me try again.”

“Pel… I don’t know,” she replied, hesitant. “We thought we were safe and prepared this time, and it still outsmarted us. How can we possibly do it again? I’ll leave the link up so that I can work on making it more secure, but honestly, that creature is way better with magic than I’ll ever be. It lives and breathes these kinds of spells. Wendel could help us there, but only if we come clean.”

The other sighed. “I know. Just give it a few days. Do what you can on your own, and we’ll talk to Wendel when he comes back from Chesterson, okay?”

“Fine,” she relented. “How are you feeling? We should probably be get getting out of here as soon as we can, just in case the Mimic wakes up and starts having ideas…”

“I’m still a bit weak in the legs… and all tingly, of course. Don’t think that’s going away anytime soon.”

“No, probably not. Well, just relax and let yourself recover. Now that I think of it, we might have to sit here a few hours anyway.”

“Huh? I thought you said we should leave?”

The dark-haired elf chuckled. “No mana, remember? I can’t even open the door.”


“Don’t worry. It should come back enough to get us out of here soon.”

It was a full hour before Lawen had regained even the small amount of mana needed to release the warding on the door, and they were both a bit nervous the whole time. The Mimic never showed itself again, and neither wanted to waste what little magical energy they had for a spell to reveal the creature. But it was a little worrisome to just sit there with nothing but a few chalk lines between them and a monster that clearly wanted nothing more than to rape them blind. When they did finally scramble from the room, it was with a profound sense of relief.

Lawen woke as she always did, with the dawn light. She reached out for her lover, but then remembered that Taya had left the day before with Wendel and Briddle. She caressed the slight impression in the bed where the human usually slept, and smiled. Their lovemaking had been really good the last few nights, no doubt kindled by her experience with the Mimic. Taya wanted to prove herself when Lawen explained how the creature had used her style of stimulation to get the elf off, which of course led to some of the best sex they had ever had, including one night where she let the human tie her hands and feet to the bedposts.

“For a fair comparison…” quipped the ginger-haired warrior at the time.

Sighing in remembrance, she left the bed and pulled on one of her acolyte robes. She’d dress fully later. Right now, she needed a cup of coffee, and no one could tell just by looking at her that all she had on under the wrap was a pair of panties.

The Dryad’s Dream was quiet at that hour anyway, the working girls not rising until later in the afternoon. And with the rest of their little family off on a road trip, it was just her and her sister to care for things. Not that they expected too much traffic. The fall festivals were all outside of Holsfield.

Sitting at the bar with a hot mug, Lawen reviewed the checklist that Briddle had left for them. One of them was going to need to go to market for a few things, probably Peleial, since she was better with the cart and would want to visit the pastry shop anyway. The elf scribbled a “P” next to that item to let her sister know it was hers when she woke. Peleial was definitely not a ‘morning person,’ choosing to rise much later than her twin, so Lawen took the tasks that needed to be done first thing.

She was taking inventory for their market run, when she started to feel anxious, though she couldn’t pin down why. She shrugged-off the mild apprehension and continued, but was stopped a minute or so later when the feeling returned, this time stronger.

The she-elf paused and listened for a moment, but nothing seemed to catch her attention. When the anxiousness turned to fear, Lawen set down her pad and walked out into the main room.

“What the hell is wrong here…” she whispered to herself, listening again. There was nothing, even though the rising sense of dread continued and even grew. More than once over the next several minutes, she thought someone had touched her shoulder or arm and she turned, only to face an empty room. Was it a poltergeist? It was certainly possible, especially during the festival months.

But it didn’t seem like it. Ghosts had their own smells and patterns, and this just didn’t fit. She was about to write it off as nerves and return to her inventory, when the intensity of the fear suddenly increased dramatically. What had started as mild apprehension, had abruptly become outright panic in the span of a few short seconds. And, that panic now had a voice.


The ethereal voice was Peleial’s, and it was coming from somewhere upstairs…

“The Mimic…” she gasped, dropping her book and dashing for the stairs. It would be just like her twin to do something so patently foolish as visiting the Mimic on her own. Convinced that she could somehow domesticate the evil creature, Lawen could easily see her sister showing up sometime in the early morning hours, believing that she would be safe as long as she stayed far enough back.

The wild sense of panic coming from the third floor continued to intensify, and even though the she-elf had increased the filtering that their magical link used, she could still feel both the emotions, and the physical sensations coming from her sibling. Though muted, there was the unmistakeable touch of thin filaments of flesh winding around her body from all sides, which meant that the girl was already being stripped and secured.

Lawen rounded the landing to the third floor and cursed. “Dammit, Pel… If the Mimic doesn’t kill you, I just might! Of all the crazy idiots…”


Through the link, it felt as though the girl was being dragged, possibly across the wood floor.


There was the feel of more tendrils wrapping around her, and Lawen had to stop momentarily at the third level to adjust the link spell even further. She wasn’t going to let it paralyse her as it had before.

*AHHH!! HELP!! No… Noooo!!*

The fingers of flesh swirled over the other’s breasts, causing Lawen to gasp as she reached the door. There, she had to pause and perform the spell to temporarily release the warding that protected the whole room. She botched it the first time as the slippery tendrils curled down into her sister’s lap and started playing with the petals of her flower. She steeled herself against the rising arousal between her own thighs, and managed the warding spell on the second attempt.

The dark-haired elf wasn’t surprised to find the chest missing when she burst into the room. It had stolen plenty enough mana to conjure up an invisibility spell capable of thoroughly hiding itself, even with a trapped victim writhing inside. The link told her that her twin was still struggling, but was slowly giving in to the pleasure that assaulted her. If she were forced into an orgasm, Lawen wasn’t at all confident that the modifications she had made would protect her enough to ward off the overwhelming pleasure. Once the Mimic got her cumming, it was very likely that she too would find herself unable to resist. And if that happened, the monster would start draining her again. She needed to work quickly.

With her sister’s rising gasps of arousal in her ears, she considered her next move. Casting a blind stun spell would be foolish. Without a visible target, she might as well be draining herself. She knew a charm to reveal hidden entities, but it required her marking chalk, which she didn’t have. She was pretty sure that the Mimic was still right where it had been before, but what she really needed was a way to quickly confirm it.

Looking around the room, Lawen saw a large corner wardrobe closet, and an idea formed. If she could find something she could throw over the Mimic, like a blanket or even a coat, it would not only confirm where it was, but it might just blind it if she happened to cover its eye.

*L-Law… Ughnn… h-help… AHHH!…*

Her sister’s voice was weakening as she slowly started to give in to the lust. Making her decision, Lawen moved quickly to the wardrobe and reached for the handles, but before she even touched them, the doors burst open.


Acting out of reflex, the she-elf flinched and pulled her head to the side when something came flying out from between the wardrobe doors right at her face. She heard an object whistle past her ear, and had just started to open her eyes again, when she gasped. A flattened tentacle an inch thick had looped right around her head, and before she could even finish drawing in a shocked breath, the paddle-like end slapped down on her face, cupping over her mouth and nose, and effectively blocking her source of air. Once again reacting on instinct, the elf went to raise her hands to try and pull the vile thing away, when a second tentacle snapped around her torso, looping two, then three times, firmly locking her arms at her sides. With her eyes widening in panic, she saw the wardrobe open before her, but instead of hanging garments, there was only glistening red flesh and a thousand waiting tendrils.

“Mmmph! Nmmm!” moaned the helpless fem as she was lifted off the floor and pulled forward into the Mimic’s innards.

Stupid! She had been so unbelievably stupid and reckless. Wendel would have a fit – if she ever saw him again, which wasn’t likely. Lawen had been dragged into the open maw of the creature, and then spun around. She cringed as her back settled into the soft mass of the creature. Right on cue, the army of thinner tendrils wound around her from behind, securing her thrashing limbs an inch at a time. In less than a minute, she was rendered utterly immobile. It was probably a good thing for her that it only took a minute too, because she was starting to become dizzy from lack of oxygen when the thick tentacle covering her mouth and nose finally slipped away.

She gasped and coughed for a few moments, catching her breath, and then cursed.

“You tweezletop fucking bastard! Shit!! I can’t believe you tricked me again!”

This realization came to her just as the ‘doors’ of the wardrobe were silently closing off the outside world again.

“No nononono… oh fuck…” It was only dark until her elf-eyes adjusted, but it was still terrifying. She was now completely surrounded in slimy reddish flesh. To her added horror, she saw web-like sinewy strands of muscle ‘growing’ across the gap where the doors used to meet. Before her eyes, that tiny seam utterly disappeared under a mesh of living tissue. The implication was clear. The Mimic wasn’t giving her up for anything. Even if someone on the outside stunned the beast, there was no longer a way to “open” the creature and retrieve her.

Lawen started to sob. It just wasn’t fair. Yet again, she had been outsmarted by a fucking dungeon dweller that didn’t even speak. In frustration, she pulled and trashed in her bonds until she finally collapsed into the creature’s grip, exhausted.

“You… you knew,” she panted, speaking to the Mimic. She didn’t care if it could hear her or not. “You knew I would come for my sister. She was never even here, was she? You had her mana imprint, and used the linking spell… You mimicked her. Fuck! And I fell for it like the total sap that I am!”

The monster was moving around her, shifting and pulling at her robes. She knew it was coming, but being stripped by the evil entity still caused her heart rate to spike again. Dozens of tendrils reached in and loosened the garment around her, and then began the slow process of peeling it over her shoulders and down her body. She had a pretty good idea what was coming when it had her naked, which meant that the time she had left before it she was too distracted to think straight was very limited. But as she considered her situation, she saw just how truly screwed she was.

Not only had the Mimic tricked her into letting herself get captured… again, it had done so in the absolutely most effective way possible. It could have used its little fake linking trick right away, but it waited. It knew when Wendel and the others would be away, because both she and Peleial knew. It had their mana imprints. While she had never heard of such detailed information being passed that way, she wouldn’t be surprised if the Mimic could do it. It lived on the stuff, after all, and they had both spoken about it just before they were attacked the last time. That information would have been fresh in their memories. So, the Mimic had reduced the number of people who could come to her aid to just her sister…

“Aw hell,” she cursed, remembering the ‘to do’ list. In a few hours, Peleial would finally drag her ass out of bed, go downstairs, and read her notation, whence, she would walk out the front door and be gone for most the rest of the day. Lawen doubted there would be much left of her mind in two hours anyway, but through a nasty bit of misfortune, it appeared that she had perfectly sealed her own fate. Now, there wasn’t a single individual who would even think to come looking for her for at least eight hours, if even then. Her sister might even assume she had gone out on her own. By the time she was ‘missed’, there’d be nothing left of her mind, let alone her body if the monster chose to make her into a nice bedtime snack.

“I’m so screwed…” she sighed.

The Mimic was still working the robe down her torso, not an easy thing considering it had several coils of thick tentacle wrapped around her. Still, it was folded down past her ribs already, and she knew that once it was below the coils, things would move very fast, especially given that the only other bit of clothing she had on were her panties.

Uh oh…” she commented, when she started to smell strawberries. Her fears were confirmed when a light-headed euphoria settled throughout her body. It was drugging her. Every single breath she took now was working against her.

“Not taking any chances eh? I suppose that makes sense.”

She was starting to get dizzy when her robe slipped out from under the coils and was then maneuvered around her hips. As her sleeves were pulled down her arms, there was a brief time during which her hands were mostly free. Realizing the opportunity, Lawen quickly moved her fingers into position for a magical attack, and immediately started reciting a stun incantation.


The flat tentacle slapped over her mouth again, completely stopping her ability to cast, which was bummer enough, but it was also blocking her ability to breath as well. When it didn’t let up after a rather long time the she-elf began to panic. She thrashed and twisted until her vision started to tunnel away from lack of air, and just when she was certain she was about to pass out, the tentacle was gone again.

“GAHHH!” she gasped, and took a number of deep breaths to clear her head. She was no longer at risk of passing out, but the elf realized that she had just sucked in a huge amount of the toxin all at once. A tingly warmth spread through her middle, and her mouth fell open. Sexual arousal hit her like a troll’s club, and it was everything she could do to keep from launching into orgasm.

“Fuuuuck… Okay, okay… I get it, no spells. Ughmmm… You c-can’t blame me for trying, right?”

With the lecherous poison running through her veins, she suddenly started to notice all of the smaller tendrils that were coming awake around her in anticipation of her soon to be naked state of dress. Without the simple cloth barrier, the slippery fingers were able to reach in and start caressing any part of her that wasn’t already wrapped up in some way. A number slithered around her neck and shoulders, but it was the two or three that discovered her nipples poking out from between loops of the bigger tentacle that gave her the worst shock. Her breasts were already being squeezed to a point just shy of pain, but she nearly lost it when first one, then two, then four smooth tendrils began sliding back and forth over the hard nubs.

“UGHNN!!…. Oh, holy s-shit! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

Shaking slightly, the she-elf had just managed to regain her composure when the robe was pulled away, allowing hundreds of new tendrils to wrap hungrily around her thighs again.

“N-not g-good…” she said to herself as she fought to hold onto her sanity. Then she noticed a dark, glassy circle imbedded in the creature where the doors used to be. The Mimic was watching her.

“Ughnn… Y-you like to w-watch, don’t you?… ahhh… I th-think you like to see your v-victims crumble and… g-g-give in to your… ummmm… deadly seduction… ahhh!” She shook her head back and forth, trying to clear away the erotic fog that was slowly getting the better of her, but she gasped in new arousal as her panties were slowly eased over her hips. It wouldn’t be long now. As soon as it had access to her more intimate center, she wouldn’t stand a chance of resisting.

Peleial shared in great detail how the Mimic had nearly teased her into insanity the first time it caught the redhead. She wondered if it would take the same approach with her. It wouldn’t matter in the long run though… Lawen was pretty sure that once it got her cumming, it was over.

Her undergarments disappeared to wherever her robe went to, and Lawen fully expected that the Mimic would reach into her lap and start diddling her, but the creature was surprisingly quiet. The smaller tendrils were still moving around behind her all along her back and thighs, but only in a slow, sort of sensuous way.

“What are you on about now?” she said as she started to worry. “You’ve got me, damnit… Get on with it alreadEEEEAHH!”

A warm, wet finger of flesh had slid under her and then up along her cleft, teasing the entrance to her sex. The she-elf jumped and started to lift her legs in an involuntary reaction. Since the coils of the larger tentacle held her up, her feet left the floor. But when she went to put them back down again, she found that the smaller tendrils directly behind her thighs, moved out and sort of propped her up, holding her in the new position.

“What the hell was that?” Abruptly, the touch at her most sensitive flesh lapped at her a second time.


Again, she reacted by clenching, and drawing her legs up a bit more. And just as before, the Mimic’s individual tendrils reached in and held her there.

“Damnit! Why are you doing this? You’ve got strength and numbers… It’s not like I can go anywhere!” The elf considered that perhaps this was a form of that teasing her sister had experienced. If so, she could see why her twin had called it ‘erotic torture.”


“AHH! F-Fuck!”


“GAH! Ughnnnmmm…”

Each time, the monster waited for her to react, and then held her in the new position, such that a minute or so later, Lawen’s knees were raised almost as high as they would go, and held there. Gratefully, the intimate fondling of her folds stopped and she could catch her breath to push back against the slowly building orgasm that was threatening to overtake her.

“You… you’re positioning me… <huf huf> Well, I’m not g-going to make it easy for you…”

Lawen watched with a growing sense of dread, as new tendrils were stretched out from the side walls and looped around each bent leg at the knee. And once again the Mimic paused.

“This can’t be good,” she muttered. A few moments later, she started to feel a warmth engulfing her rear, as though the wall behind her was simply reaching under her, cupping her ass. She swallowed nervously when it finally started to inch over her anus and then higher. Slowing still further, it very gradually began to move up onto her labia.

“Oh… ugh… shit… ahhh…ughnnn…” she moaned as a wonderfully soft pleasure radiated out from her lap. It clearly wasn’t meant to be enough to push her over the edge, but it also wasn’t ‘torture’ either. In fact, it was even somewhat enjoyable, and she found herself closing her eyes and relaxing into the mild cunnilingus.

“Mmmm… okay, that’s rather nice…” commented the she-elf. “Y-you can do that…mmmm… for as long as you want. If I’m not… uhhhmmm… orgasming, then you’re not… mmmm… draining me.”

The subtle foreplay continued for quite a bit longer than Lawen thought it would, and she was surprised that the Mimic would try to use such a light touch with her. The caresses simply weren’t intense enough to build up her deeper arousal. While certainly relaxing, Lawen almost found herself disappointed. And then it suddenly stopped.

“Aww… I was sorta liking that. Why did you… oh.”

The tendrils around her knees were gently tugging to draw her thighs apart.

She snorted. “No way… I’m not that easy.”

To her surprise, the gentle pleasure started up again, but this time, the extension of warm flesh teased just a little higher. It was only a tiny bit, but the effect on how it aroused her was significant. The increase still wouldn’t be enough to get her off, but it was far more satisfying. Lawen smiled and licked her lips.

“Ughnn… Now we’re talking… ughmmm… good lord, I could really get used to this,” she mumbled to herself and let her body settle into the warm erotic embrace of the creature. She had no illusions about the Mimic’s ultimate intentions – she knew it was going to kill her in the end – but there was nothing she could do about it, so why not enjoy her last hours?

She was just thinking that the creature had found the perfect balance of pleasure for her, like a fragrant bath at exactly the right temperature for soaking, when it changed back to the less satisfying version.

She groaned. “Damnit… now what?”

The tug at her knees returned.

“So that’s your game. If I open my legs, you’ll give me the good stuff, is that it?”

The weak lapping continued until she simply started to find it annoying.

“Fine! I know this is a trick, but I’ll give a little if you will…” With that, the she-elf let her thighs move apart a few inches. She wasn’t at all surprised to find the tendrils had taken up the slack so that she couldn’t close them fully again. She was relieved, however, when the Mimic kept its implied bargain and returned to the more enjoyable caresses a her sex.

“Ughmmm… yes…” she moaned, and let her head fall back. “Pel has a point with you… mmmm… You are amazingly good at this.”

As before, the delightful foreplay went on for time, with Lawen fully giving herself to the relaxing touch – but then pulled back. And once again, there was a tug at her knees.

“Noooo…” she sighed. “You’re a devious shit, and I know you’re going to eat me no matter what I do…” She let her thighs fall open a bit more, but there was no change.

“Aw, come on! We had a deal…” The elf allowed the gap to widen a little more. To her great relief, the good touch returned, but it didn’t last nearly long enough before the Mimic reverted to the lesser one yet again.

Frustrated, Lawen turned her gaze directly at the eye in front of her. Then, with her jaw clenched in anger, she slowly opened her thighs until they met the warm, wet walls on either side. Tendrils of flesh swirled around them, locking them into the lewd position.

She felt almost guilty when the wonderful liquid pleasure at her sex returned. With her legs parted so wide, her flower was drawn more open, and when the gentle tongue reached back up, the elf jumped a bit. Now it was very slowly lapping at her much more intimately.

“Oh crap…” she gasped, realizing that even though the renewed cunnilingus felt incredible, it was no longer light enough to keep her arousal from building. At this rate, it would take hours, but eventually her need would drive her crazy with lust. Still, Lawen just settled into it as best she could.

Her ‘reward’ for compliance continued for almost ten wonderful minutes, by which time the she elf was definitely kindling a deeper sexual fire in her belly. Her heart beat faster, and she noticed that she was having a hard time staying still, but her head snapped forward when she felt motion around her torso.

“No, wait… what are you…?” But she was surprised to find that the thick coils around her upper body were loosening. The slippery motion, especially at her breasts, caused her to gasp and shudder, but she quickly saw that the loops of flesh were withdrawing. A minute later she was held up by the seat-like appendage lapping at her sex, the tendrils wrapped around her thighs, and a few strays at her neck and shoulders. Her other limbs were completely free.

Confused, she rubbed arms and looked up at the single eye on the wall. Lawen considered whether or not she should try to escape. She might be able to get off a stun spell before it could stop her, but what then? There was no visible way out, and the strange euphoric toxins she’d been breathing in for who knew how long, had made her weak and sleepy. She would never get free before the creature woke back up again. She was also having a hard time thinking straight and looked down. There, between her legs, the slick, flat tongue-like extension from the wall, dutifully continued to lap at her. She could have reached down to stop it, but she didn’t. While she was trying to understand why that was, there was a touch at her left elbow.

Looking over, she saw that a single tendril was gently nudging the bottom of her arm upwards. She also noticed about a dozen more tendrils slowly extending to join it. Together, they lightly worked to maneuver the limb. A soft touch at her other arm showed that the same thing was happening to her right arm. She frowned, but then allowed the living wall to gently manipulate her.

“I get it… how you have conditioned me not to try to escape,” she said as both her arms were gradually turned and raised up above her head. “It’s ironic you know, how all this time we’ve been trying to train you, and it turns out that we’re the ones who ended up getting conditioned into your obedient little pets. We were foolish to think we could beat you at your own game.”

Once the she-elf’s limbs were where it wanted them, she felt even more tendrils reach out and start to bind her. She knew what they were doing, she could still pull away… but again, she didn’t.

“This is what you do… you break down your victims so they stop resisting and just give in to the pleasure. You’d think I would have caught on the first time, after I saw just how fast you were able to condition me right into nearly constant orgasms.”

When she could no longer draw her arms away, she glanced down into her lap. “And you’re already doing it again… conditioning me to want it… to give in… to stop resisting. Even now, I can already feel how you are using the pleasure to shape me… my behavior. This whole time… ughnn… you’ve been manipulating me into position, haven’t you?”

The strange flat slab of muscle curing under her was changing, growing more bold. And now she was powerless to stop it.

“Ahh… ughnmmm… Was I really that easy?” she asked as her hips started to grind against the thickening curve of flesh that was really beginning to set her aflame now that it was easing into her folds and licking at her gates from top to bottom.

She pulled at her now secured hands, angry with herself that she had been made complacent so casually. The Mimic was about to suck out her soul, and she hadn’t even put up a fight! And now she was helpless again. She could do little more than look down her body and watch as the creature slowly undulated the soft flesh over her whole lap, causing her to jerk in spasm when it also engulfed the very present jewel of her clit. Over and over it slowly stroked her, building her passion in a manner that left no room for resistance.

Just as Lawen felt the first stirrings of rising orgasm in her pelvis, the she-elf had a realization of sorts. The Mimic was in almost the exact same situation that she was – trapped in a box with no way to escape, while unknown and untrusted entities tried to condition it into a complacent pet for their own pleasure. The force of that revelation so startled her, that she immediately slipped into ecstasy, bucking and thrashing at her restrained limbs while she cried out again and again.

When her eyes finally refocused, she was hanging limp, her breath ragged panting. The thing in her lap seemed to have withdrawn, so she wasn’t on her way to another orgasm… yet, but she could still feel the tail-end of the mana leaving her body, and groaned. It had started feeding…

“You win…” she whispered. “Once again… I can’t escape… I can’t resist… I understand now. We…ughnn… shouldn’t have brought you here… locking you in this room… mmmm… trying to turn you into our plaything. <huf huf> For what it’s worth… I’m sorry. I would try to fix things, somehow… but it doesn’t look like I’m going to get the chance now.” She could already feel the Mimic changing again around her. At her back, it felt as though a million little fingers were all trying to massage her skin at once. She felt something similar along her arms and thighs, and when she looked at the wall, she gasped. The whole surface was a carpet of mini-tendrils, all writhing and vibrating like angry bees in a hive. Then she turned to where the doors used to be…

“Oh, goddess help me…” she sobbed. Like the rest of the interior, the wall in front of her was covered by the tiny tendrils, but that’s not what caused Lawen to despair. Rather it was the odd indentation that was slowly forming a shape in the surface. Like a mold, the Mimic was creating a perfect matching impression of a solid form. It was a shape she easily recognised because it was a figure – a figure with its arms raised over its head… The figure was her.

“No… no no no… no, please!” she begged as the wall in front of her began to expand outward toward her while it changed even further. Odd layers of slightly longer nubs formed where her nipples would be, and down lower, she saw a wild tangle of long tendrils twist together to form a thicker, and more phallic looking bundle that would hit her at just the right place between her thighs.

For perhaps the first time since being captured, Lawen was truly terrified. This was something that neither she nor Peleial had seen the Mimic do before. Yes, it had sought to capture them… It had tormented her sister, drained away her strength and mana, but up until that moment, it had never covered her completely. What was very slowly inching closer and closer seemed like death to Lawen, and she wondered if perhaps this was how it ate its victims, first suffocating them both literally and in orgasmic pleasure, then releasing weak digestive fluids to break them down as food.

“Wait! Please, we can help you!! I can make it right! Nooo…”

As the dark cavity moved even closer, Lawen could see how perfect it would fit to her, even taking on the tortured features of her face – strange tendrils extending out from the wide open mouth, waiting to settle into hers in a deathly kiss.

Suddenly, there was something touching her sex, and she realized that the phallus was what would fill the soft void within her most secret space. She struggled briefly as she felt herself being spread open, but then gasped as a rush of warm, slippery tendrils began to slide inside.

Already on the verge of orgasm, she wasn’t even able to make a last cry for help as the living wall of buzzing flesh settled over her and sealed out every last bit of dim illumination. A writhing mass reached into her mouth, holding it open while even more slid down her throat until she felt she would gag. Others entered her nose and even her ears.

Her whole body was instantly engulfed in a million wriggling nubs, but certain key places, such as her nipples and clitorus, where given special attention by much more active pockets of flesh. The mass at her apex settled deep within her sheath, touching the very entrance of her womb, while under her, even more thin tendrils undulated into her rear, filling her there as well.

In the span of a single breath, every inch of the she-elf’s body, inside and out, was completely filled or covered by the Mimic’s flesh, and instantly, she felt herself crashing into the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. With her throat filled right to her belly, she couldn’t even gasp or cry out. Nor could she do more than shudder with her body encased and immovable. Barely able to think, Lawen waited for death to take her.

But the creature had one more surprise for the elf. Even though she was slowly suffocating, Lawen managed to recover just enough to feel the Mimic undulating around her. A moment later, a very warm liquid flooded from the phallic member buried within her. A half second after that, even more of the thick secretion erupted into her rectum. Before she could even grasp the shock of what was happening, there were streams of the hot slime being pumped down her throat, up her nose, and even into her ears. And it didn’t stop. More and more filled her until it was oozing out of her orifices and collecting around her body within the living cocoon of flesh.

Whatever else the liquid was going to do to her, she realized that it must contain some kind of stimulant, for she immediately convulsed into yet another orgasm… and stayed there. Fully believing that she had just been filled with digestive juices, the she-elf let herself succumb to the endless pleasure, grateful that her last thoughts were of something that felt so damn good.

The first thing that Lawen noticed upon awakening, was how sore she was. Barely able to move, she opened her eyes and saw floorboards… simple wooden floorboards… and a carpet. She was only half on the carpet, which seemed course and itchy, but much more comfortable than the hard wood.

She was also a quite cold, which made sense since she was naked, face down on the floor of an unheated storeroom in winter… Naked and covered in a thick slippery ooze. Gradually, memory returned.

“Grblbaaa…” she moaned, and then coughed up thick streams of slime from her lungs and nose. She was shocked at how much flowed from her mouth and out her nostrils, but not nearly so shocked as she was to even be alive. Slowly, she looked up, and found she was laying at the foot of the tall, corner “wardrobe,” and when she lifted her eyes just a little bit more, she saw there, staring down at her, was the Mimic’s single dark eye.

She froze, suddenly terrified that the creature would snag her again and drag her back into the red flesh of its innards. But she frowned, her thoughts and reason slowly coming back to her. No, if it wanted her, it would have taken her already. It had let her go. But why?

The last thing she remembered was the pleasure. She was cumming, over and over as the Mimic fed on her mana. She groaned, feeling a wet pressure develop within her sex as the memories stirred her up again. She absentmindedly squeezed her inner muscles to try and push back against the rekindled arousal, and nearly made herself come as a river of thick amber fluid flooded back out of her very sensitive honeypot. After several more convulsions, with a corresponding release of even more slime, the flow from within her seemed to mostly stop.

That’s right… it had filled her to overflowing with… something. It seemed the fluid wasn’t digestive after all. But if it wasn’t to consume her, then what had it pumped her full of?

Her eyes went wide for a moment as she touched her slightly distended belly, but she then shook her head. No. Wendel mentioned that the Mimics reproduced by splitting in two, like an amoeba. They didn’t use sperm. She wasn’t pregnant.

Lawen gathered her strength, and managed to sit up, her legs in front of her. Still trying to piece together what had happened, she looked back to the eye.

“What did you d-do to me?” she asked of the creature watching her, her voice still hoarse and rattly from the fluid. There was no response at all.

“Well,” she thought out loud, “you may not have knocked me up, but it sure did feel like you came in me… everywhere in me,” she added, feeling a slow dribble from her rear. Her own voice sounded muffled, and she recalled that even her ears had been filled.

She was still staring at the eye, when she had a sudden realization… She wasn’t frightened anymore. At all. In fact, she was certain that she was completely safe, and that the Mimic would not attack or try to drain her.

“What the hell…” she whispered. “Now how do I know that?”

It took some effort, and she had to be very careful not to slip in the puddle of ooze all over the floor, but she gradually managed to get to her feet. The carpet under the wardrobe gave her enough traction to keep her feet under her, and once she was standing, she slowly made her way closer until she was only inches away. The normally hidden eye blinked once, but continued to stare at her. With one hand, she reached out and very lightly touched one of the double doors that formed the Mimic’s vertical “mouth”. It did not burst open or reach for her. It was just silent.

“What did you do? Why am I not afraid of you anymore?” she said softly. “I should be terrified to be anywhere near you, but I’m not. I know you won’t hurt me. I’m positive of it… how? Wait…”

Lawen performed a simple hand gesture that was used by many magic users to assess the state of their mana reserves. It did nothing more than show her visually how much mana she still had available for spells and other incantations. She was startled to see that she wasn’t “full”, but she wasn’t empty either. In fact, she had just a little more than half her normal mana reserves available.

“You drained me…” she said, looking back to the eye in confusion. “I’m certain of it. There’s no way I recovered that much mana yet on my own.”

Then her mouth fell open as the answer hit her. “It’s not my mana,” she said in a whisper. “It’s yours! Holy shit… you did come in me! We shared mana. That’s how I know your intentions… the same way you’ve been reading mine this whole time. I got an impression of you…” She placed her palm softly on the door, which felt warm under her fingers.

Smiling, she sighed. “That’s why you released me. It took me long enough to understand, but I get it now. When I saw what we were doing to you… no, when you made me understand… I felt horrible, and you sensed that. Sharing intimacy, and your mana, was the only way you knew to communicate back to me.” She stroked the hard surface lovingly, admiring the feel of wood that she knew was anything but.

“Well, I hope I have your message right, because I’m about to do something freakishly irresponsible…”

Peleial knocked on the door and listened for a moment.

“Come!” said her sister from beyond.

She entered the room and looked around, admiring the some gauzy reddish material that was tacked to the ceiling.

“Ooh, I like the scarves,” she commented.

“Thanks! The direct sun from the new skylight was a little too bright, so this offers a nice diffusion. Makes it easier to work.

“I brought that scroll you wanted,” said the redhead, handing her a roll of parchment.


Peleial casually looked around. “So… how goes the studying?”

“It was a really good decision to convert this room,” said the darker-haired elf as she placed a reference tome back into an open book-chest on the floor by her chair. A second identical chest was closed next to it. The redhead’s brows rose.

“The monks sent you all those books from their temple library?”

“Yup. Master Jord thinks I have real potential. He said I might even be able to take my Journeyman’s test by late summer. I’d probably have to wait until fall anyway though, on account of Vel’Orthak. It’ll be nice to have access to their full library again.”

Peleial straddled the closed chest and grinned. “Uh huh. I’m sure it has nothing to do with having ‘access’ to a certain well endowed monk though, right?”

Lawen’s mouth dropped open, but she blushed.

“Brother Bartholomew likes to help me.”

The redhead snorted. “…Help you get your rocks off you mean.” She put up her hands when her sister turned to face her. “Hey, it’s all good by me, sis. Brother Barty is cute! Does Taya know you have a thing for guys in robes?”

“Sure. She said she’s fine with it so as long as she’s the only fem in my life.”

“That’s pretty big of her.”

The other sighed. “Yeah. It is. Hey, aren’t you supposed to be studying as well? I thought Wendel was teaching you glyph scripts.”

She stuck out her tongue as though she had eaten something foul. “I’ll get to them later. They get me all stressed out.”

“Wendel was pretty mad the last time he caught his apprentice procrastinating…” she warned, wagging her finger.

“Yeah, but not as mad as when you released his wards on this room,” she shot back.

Lawen frowned. “It had to be done, Pel. You know that. Things worked out okay. I hope you’re not still holding onto any silly notions about pimping him out?”

“No. As much as I hate to admit it, you were right. We were treating him like a slave. I still can’t believe you named him ‘Mike’.”

“He needed a name. Names give us permanence and serve as reminders to treat each other with respect.”

“Oh, I know. But… Mike the Mimic?”

“I like it… and so does he.”

Peleial cocked her head to one side. “How do you know? I thought you said he couldn’t understand language.”

The other shrugged her shoulders. “Not directly, but he does pick up on emotions. Kind of like a dog.”

“Sure, a dog who’s into kinky bondage, deceptive magic, and happens to be insanely good at pleasuring females…”

“He communicates through mana exchange. Well… I suppose it’s one way most of the time, but still.”

“Speaking of our friendly little Mimic,” she said, looking around the room again. “Where is Mike?”

Lawen snorted. “You’re sitting on him.”

“Wha…?” gasped the redhead, looking down. “Damn, he did it again!”

“Uh huh. Like you didn’t come in here looking for him. I’ll bet you aren’t even wearing panties.” She eyed the redhead’s knee-length leather skirt.

Peleial had a hard time keeping a straight face. “Well, no…” she admitted. “But he does always manage to sneak up on me. I never even considered the second chest was him, and seriously, that just screams ‘mimic’.”

“Yup. It’s that deceptive magic you mentioned. Face it, sister, you’re not going to beat him at that game… Though I’m pretty sure you’re not really trying.”

She chuckled. “I am too! Whoops…”

Lawen looked over and followed her twin’s gaze. The she-elf’s ankles were wrapped up in thin red tendrils of flesh.

“You want me to stop him?”

“Huh? I… no… Don’t bother…” she replied, becoming more and more distracted. “I… I can spare a little mana. And… it will help with my… stress.”

“As you wish. He may not stop with a ‘little’ though. You still scared?”

She swallowed. “Just a teeny bit. Aren’t you?”

“Nope. Mike wouldn’t hurt us. He likes it here, now that he’s a member of the family, so to say. He doesn’t mind being a loved and cherished ‘pet’… He just didn’t want to be a ‘slave’.”

Peleial was staring down into her lap. “A book-chest… Kinda small to pull me inside… Oh shit!” Mike had secured her hands as well when the elf had leaned forward.

“Looks like you’re committed now, sib,” said Lawen collecting her things.

“Wha… where are you going!?” she asked, looking a little panicked.

The darker-haired elf patted her on the back. “I’m moving downstairs. I’m certainly not going to get any studying done with you having orgasms in my ear.”

Something warm and soft was slowly easing up into Peleial’s sex, causing the girl’s eyes to flutter in pleasure.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back in an hour or two…” said her sister, grinning. She was kidding of course… mostly.

“WHAT??! Wait! Ughnn… Oh goddess… yesss…”

“Have fun you two,” said Lawen closing the door behind her, just as her sister started to roll her hips, her breath turning to short gasps.