• Personal Update - January 29th, 2018

    I was quite surprised to notice recently that I did not make a single art update in all of 2017. Anyone who has followed me for any time, knows that I use my art and writing as a means of relaxing. It’s what I do for fun when I have free time. The fact that I hadn’t posted in over twelve months should tell you what kind of year it has been for me. Due to changes in government, I lost a long standing employment gig and had to scramble for work. I also found out that my partner of many years has cancer and is terminal. She doesn’t have anyone else, so I have been caring for her, and it has been perhaps the hardest thing I have ever done. The pain of having to watch someone you love wither away like that… I wouldn’t wish that on an enemy. The future is pretty bleak right now, and unfortunately, it probably means that my updates will be sporadic at best. I’m sorry, really. Thank you for sticking with me all these years. I look forward to a time when I can update regularly. – Marjorie

  • Creeper Mold Variant - January 29th, 2018

    Creeper Mold Variant

    This a variant of the Nightmare Creeper Mold which is found primarily out in the open. It is much more mobile than its more domestic cousin, and will actually seek out and hunt prey. It uses a powerful contact toxin to stun a victim, usually with a single tiny touch, then proceeds to strip and secure them while they are helpless. By the time the prey regains conscious control of their body, the Creeper will have already started to arouse them sexually. Like the domestic variant, this demonic mold will also seek to bring them to orgasm repeatedly while slowly breaking into their mind and wiping away any memory of the encounter. Unfortunately for the victim, this variant does not release them however. It merely repeats the process over and over, gradually draining life from the host, who will ‘wake’ repeatedly, without any knowledge of where they are or how they could escape. After long enough, the prey will lose consciousness permanently and will eventually expire from overstimulation and exhaustion.

  • Parts 5 and 6 of Dungeon is available as audio podcast - January 29th, 2018
    Nobilis Erotica has published part five and part six in the reading of Dungeon.
    Yummy! I also want to give him a shout out and a very big ‘thank you’ for giving me the experience of hearing my stories out loud (read by someone else, yowza!). It has been both weird and highly educational. Nothing points out where you need to improve your writing more than having someone else read it out loud. Anyway, if you haven’t checked out his podcast site, DO! Hearing erotic stories read aloud is fun and sexy (though maybe not while you’re driving – made that mistake… WAY too distracting). There is talk of also doing The Dryad’s Dream as a podcast, so stay tuned!
  • Part 4 of Dungeon is available as audio podcast! - September 19th, 2017
    Nobilis Erotica has published part four in the reading of Dungeon.


  • Part 3 of Dungeon is available as audio podcast! - July 31st, 2017
    Woot! Go check it out. Nobilis Erotica has published Part 3 in the reading of Dungeon.
    Great podcasts, good er, unclean fun!
  • New Short – A New Pet - March 7th, 2017

    This short is probably the last Dungeons & Dragons short I will do for a while, and is a followup to “Commission“. I really like working with the little group that has developed from these stories – there’s just SO much that can be done. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Story Art: Peleial in the Box - December 4th, 2016

    Peleial having a bad day with an amorous Mimic – from Commission

  • New Short – Commission - November 22nd, 2016

    Part three in the Dungeons and Dragons themed stories. A true ‘short’ that developed over a weekend. I have wanted to do a piece on this particular subject for a long time, and the current band of adventurers from the Dryad’s Dream was already set up with enough backstory to flesh out the world for me. I love fantasy realms for this reason. Pretty much anything goes, though it is also really easy to get lost down the Tolkien rabbit-hole and start developing politics and language and 2000 years of freaking cultural history… I like realism as much as the next gal, but sometimes you just have to give your ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ a break and roll with it, you know? There’s also ART!

  • New Short – Red Zone - August 18th, 2016

    I actually started this short about a year ago, inspired by some rather delightful art by ‘suddenattackfhm’ (on DeviantArt), but like so many of my works, it ended up in my “backburner” folder and was forgotten. I tried to pick it up again more than once, but, as is often the case, I am easily distracted. Anyway, there was a more recent note from ‘sporgasbored’ on the Gwyllion discussion group, requesting more “colony” stories, and I finally decided I had enough incentive to finish the damn thing. It’s not quite as strong on backstory as I would like (which is one of the reasons I kept putting it down), but I think it works well enough for a ‘quickie’. As a side note, if you’re unfamiliar with the mating process of actual shell-less gastropod mollusks (slugs), then pick a cozy sofa and curl up next to an intimate partner (or someone with whom you might want to be), click on over to Google images to do a search for “mating slugs,” and be amazed. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. Science is kinky as hell.

  • Story Art: The Dryad’s Dream – Lean Back - May 3rd, 2016

    Wendel and Peleial 'educating' Briddle in the ways of love.

    Wendel and Peleial ‘educating’ Briddle in the ways of love. – from The Dryad’s Dream. There were several other scenes I wanted to illustrate, but the muse just directed me to this one for now. I might do the Loris Catcher as well if I have time.