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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

  • Tales From the Fae: Unseelie Summer -

    Added chapter 4.

    “Book” two in the Academy series.

    There are a couple of shorter chapters coming, then longer ones. Sometimes that’s just how it works out. More on the way!

  • Beach Bulb – Gotcha! -

    Beach Bulb - Gotcha!

    Unable to fight against the rising pleasure, Stacy finally succumbed to the slow seduction and spiraled into a quaking orgasm. Unfortunately, as her body jerked and spasmed uncontrollably, she lost what little bracing she had against the creature’s slow but relentless tug-o-war to draw her down deeper. Her arms buckling, she dropped quickly into the slippery hole until she was no longer visible from the surface. Her body was sucked into the warm flesh of the buried organism, and tightly secured to prevent her escape and limit her ability to even struggle against what was to come next. Bound helpless, the girl could only gasp and moan as the organism slipped itself within her still sensitive flower and gently continued its gradual arousal of her body. A few minutes later, Stacy cried out in ecstasy a second time, and then again a few minutes after that… and then again, and again, and again…

    Just some sloppy seconds on the Beach Bulb theme.

  • Beach Bulb -

    Beach Bulb

    Stacy struggles to keep herself from sinking further into the strange hole that opened under her while she was sunning herself at a secluded beach. Whatever was pulling her down wasn’t very strong, but it had removed her bikini bottoms and was doing very distracting things between her thighs.

    This is just a quick sketch of an idea that’s been buzzing around in my twisted brain.

  • Lara’s Sticky Situation -

    Lara's Sticky Situation

    Happy Halloween 2012! Lara Croft finds herself in a rather sticky situation. Caught, stripped, and bound helpless, the tomb raider can do little more than struggle in vain while her monstrous arachnid keeper takes its place above her. Exposed and positioned as she is, the adventurer is beginning to wonder if perhaps the foul beast has more in mind for her than just dinner…

    This piece turned out to be a lot more about “how to draw webs in Photoshop” than anything else, and I actually redid the strands holding her up three times before I had the process down. The good news is that I can use the technique on future works – yum! I didn’t quite catch the erotic feeling I was going for, though I’m not disappointed, and actually went back and forth several times considering if I needed to leave more clothing on her so that she was still recognizable as Lara Croft. In the end, I felt that keeping her nude had a sensuous feel that I just didn’t want to give up.

  • Rhythm -

    Chapters 6-10 Here are the concluding chapters to this short. Enjoy!

  • Lara vs. The Worm -

    Lara vs. The Worm

    From my unfinished “rejects” file… This image was part of a larger ‘manga’ that I tried to put together.

  • New Short! – Rhythm -

    Chapters 1-5 A quick-paced short I started while on a business trip. This is what happens when I’m stuck away from home in a strange city for any length of time. I brought back the character of Special Agent D. Kinter from Minnow’s Tower, who I always wanted to do more with anyway. We’ll just have to see if he survives this new story. More to come.

  • Spirits -

    New Short! It’s been a while, sorry. There’s actually a lot going on in Marjorie’s studio, but I’m having a hard time getting any it to “ready” status. This is a short piece that was done at the request of a close friend. As I have often mentioned, I don’t do commissions, but I can sometimes be distracted by an interesting idea. Four short chapters, and purposely light on world and character details. I think it’s actually harder for me to write a piece like this than a novel… I’m gabby. Enjoy!

  • The Book of Enoch – Finished -

    Uploaded final chapters 20 and 21.

    And another one goes into the “finished” column. I had a lot of fun writing this story since it let me wander into an area I was reluctant to breach, that being the whole world of ‘demons’ and other spiritual ‘magic’. I have to admit that it was a stretch for me, and something I might not have attempted if not for the little bit ‘o truth. I’m speaking of course, about the text from the literal Book of Enoch. In case you were wondering, that book, and that text, are real. There really is a numerical discrepancy in the number of names mentioned.

    I hope you have enjoyed the story as much as I have. Obviously, I left the ending open for a sequel, though it would be something of an entirely different flavor as this work. We’ll see. For now, I have too many other stories that are demanding my attention. Onward!

  • The Book of Enoch -

    Uploaded chapter 19