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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

  • Part 3 of Dungeon is available as audio podcast! -

    Woot! Go check it out. Nobilis Erotica has published Part 3 in the reading of Dungeon.

    Great podcasts, good er, unclean fun!

  • New Short – A New Pet -

    This short is probably the last Dungeons & Dragons short I will do for a while, and is a followup to “Commission“. I really like working with the little group that has developed from these stories – there’s just SO much that can be done. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Story Art: Peleial in the Box -

    Peleial in the Box

    Peleial having a bad day with an amorous Mimic – from Commission

  • New Short – Commission -

    Part three in the Dungeons and Dragons themed stories. A true ‘short’ that developed over a weekend. I have wanted to do a piece on this particular subject for a long time, and the current band of adventurers from the Dryad’s Dream was already set up with enough backstory to flesh out the world for me. I love fantasy realms for this reason. Pretty much anything goes, though it is also really easy to get lost down the Tolkien rabbit-hole and start developing politics and language and 2000 years of freaking cultural history… I like realism as much as the next gal, but sometimes you just have to give your ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ a break and roll with it, you know? There’s also ART!

  • New Short – Red Zone -

    I actually started this short about a year ago, inspired by some rather delightful art by ‘suddenattackfhm’ (on DeviantArt), but like so many of my works, it ended up in my “backburner” folder and was forgotten. I tried to pick it up again more than once, but, as is often the case, I am easily distracted. Anyway, there was a more recent note from ‘sporgasbored’ on the Gwyllion discussion group, requesting more “colony” stories, and I finally decided I had enough incentive to finish the damn thing. It’s not quite as strong on backstory as I would like (which is one of the reasons I kept putting it down), but I think it works well enough for a ‘quickie’. As a side note, if you’re unfamiliar with the mating process of actual shell-less gastropod mollusks (slugs), then pick a cozy sofa and curl up next to an intimate partner (or someone with whom you might want to be), click on over to Google images to do a search for “mating slugs,” and be amazed. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. Science is kinky as hell.

  • Story Art: The Dryad’s Dream – Lean Back -

    Wendel and Peleial 'educating' Briddle in the ways of love.

    Wendel and Peleial ‘educating’ Briddle in the ways of love. – from The Dryad’s Dream. There were several other scenes I wanted to illustrate, but the muse just directed me to this one for now. I might do the Loris Catcher as well if I have time.

  • New Short – The Dryad’s Dream -

    This is the sequel to Dungeon, taking place almost directly after Wendel, Taya, and the elven sisters Peleial and Lawen return to the Vale with the Wizard. I originally intended it to be a simple postscript to the original story, but in classic Marjorie style, it’s not only longer than the original, but halfway to a full length novel (a solid novella!). I really do need to work on abbreviating my “shorts”. TEN freaking chapters… OY!

    In any case, this story deals with more touchy-feely topics, and while it still has a healthy dose of fan service, it’s definitely a more plot and dialog driven piece than the original. I also wanted to keep the Dungeons & Dragons theme going that made the first one fun. You should see a few new references, for those readers that partake (or used to, like me). [X] [Tentacle]

  • Field Guide: Nightmare Creeper Mold -

    Field Guide: Nightmare Creeper Mold

    This organism is a Type IV demonic construct, which is usually deposited coverty in the home of a wanted female target. It often hides under a bed or mattress, and is activated when it senses sexual activity.

    The ‘Nightmare’ version of the Creeper waits until the victim has fallen asleep before attacking, something that it can also facilitate through various chemical means. Once in physical contact however, it will use a toxin absorbed directly through the skin to keep the victim in a state of dream-like euphoria while it slowly reaches out and restrains them. Once fully incapacitated and helpless, it will begin to stimulate the target sexually, feeding on the victim’s own erotic energy by bringing them to orgasm over and over.

    Though the target may wake briefly during this time, they will be unable to resist or escape the Creeper’s stimulation. With each final burst of ecstasy they experience, the demonic entity will be able to push into their mind, gradually erasing completely, the victim’s memory of the encounter. They will simply wake, exhausted, but convinced that they had nothing more than an intensely erotic dream.

    This kind of attack may be repeated by the Creeper for up to six days, with each successive encounter weakening the target’s body and mind to the point that they will be easy prey for the demon itself. Victims who awaken during an attack, may experience brief ‘flashback’ memories, and become aware of what the construct is doing to them each night. But, even though they might fight it, very few are ever able to break free before they succumb once again to the slow, mind-wiping trap of pleasure.

  • New Short – Dungeon -

    This story was written in honor of my days playing Dungeons & Dragons as a teen. As a geek girl, D&D was pretty much a prerequisite, and being that I was almost always the only female in our group, I usually got a lot of attention (whether I wanted it or not). That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it meant that my characters were never quite treated the same way as my male teammates. I had watched the all-male groups play, and I knew what happened when a DM let things go R (or X!) rated. At the time, there was simply no way that a group of guys was going to talk about ‘raping villagers’ or creatures with ‘sinister intention’ with an attractive female sitting there at the table with them. Not going to happen. But even then, *I* was certainly thinking about it. A lot. In fact, several illustrations out of the original Monster Manual were my first exposure to tentacled denizens. It wasn’t a stretch to imagine those same creatures choosing to do a little ‘raping and pillaging’ on their own. This story contains a number of those themes, expanded and updated, as well as a many of my own influences, recent and past. I originally intended to have Taya be the main character, but somehow it just felt more appropriate to have a male take the lead, if only for the irony. It was written very quickly (like two days), and is pretty heavy on the sexy stuff, but I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. It was a whimsical break from the more serious works I have been slogging through lately. [X] [Tentacle]

  • Stowaway – Chapter 12 -

    Chapter 12 added. There have been a lot of what I would call, “off genre” chapters to this story. Don’t worry. There’s some sexy stuff coming. I have also been distracted this week by another short, so hopefully that will drop sometime soon as well.