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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Blattella Lophiidae

Chapter 1 – Sucker Bait

The dimly glowing moss all along the floor distracted her… that’s what Lara kept telling herself. The reality was that she wanted to beat a colleague to a known prize and she’d made a simple stupid mistake. In her line of work that usually resulted in a sudden and painful death. But not this time, at least not yet.

The luminescent plant life certainly had drawn her attention away from what was above her, almost as though it had been setup to do exactly that. While she crouched to examine the lovely flora, she failed to notice the enormous creature high above her in the shadows of the hallway. It must have lowered itself down until its long body was only a half dozen feet away. Then, as she stood, it dropped a long tendril in front of her such that the bulbous end was only a few feet in front of her face. As her eyes adjusted, she became aware of the object. Adrenaline raced through her blood, and she automatically reached for her guns. She just managed to unholster her left one when the blob at the end of the tendril suddenly flared with pulsing light. Lara was only able to take a single step back before she realized something about the light was very wrong. It wasn’t like a light bulb, with a steady glow. This illumination had rapidly shifting color, and flickered in a way that literally stunned her. She took one long deep breath before her thoughts started to go fuzzy. Her heart was racing as fast as ever, but her body was gradually relaxing as her mind was slowly seduced into the hypnotic patterns. She knew she should run, shoot, turn her eyes away, anything except stand there with her mouth open, but she couldn’t move. She could also feel that the longer she stared at the light, the deeper she seemed to fall under its spell. Her body went limp, her arms hanging down uselessly. She didn’t drop her gun, and that gave her hope, but she just couldn’t will herself to any sort of physical action. It was as though that part of her brain had been abruptly shut down.

After a minute or so, she started to hear more noise around her. It seemed, the monstrosity that had snagged her was moving in closer, and from the wet clicking sounds, she figured it had to be something bug-like. She hated bugs, especially giant hungry ones. She barely shivered when the first spindly arm of the creature lightly caressed her arm, brushing her as though testing to see if its prey was truly incapacitated, and not just frozen in fear. Apparently convinced, she sensed the creature shifting itself until it was directly behind her, a moment later a half dozen of its arms were reaching around her body. She also noticed a pair of long, thin antennae pass to either side of her head, so she knew it had to be very close, and a softer, more flowing touch at the back of her head confirmed it. She fully expected the giant insect to pierce her neck with venomous fangs, or start snapping pieces out of her with razor sharp mandibles, but instead, there was a wet sound, and then what felt like a fleshy hand at the back of her head. The fingers of this hand reached around her skull until they were sliding to the edges of her face. On her bare skin, they felt like giant slugs as they settled into place. Where they touched, her skin tingled slightly with an almost electric feel. Whether they had a charge or not, they seemed to be doing something to her, because she suddenly felt very drugged, or perhaps high. Her eyes drooped, and her breath became slow and deep as she struggled to stay focussed amid the new biological distractions. It wasn’t working.

Through it all, she retained her awareness. In fact, despite the drunken catatonia, she was vividly conscious of everything she was feeling. That bothered her somewhat, since, if she were about to be eaten alive, it would have been awfully convenient to be numb to the world. But the ripping and tearing of her flesh never came. Instead, however, she did feel a tugging at her waist. Unable to look down, she wondered what the creature was up to. Her own question was answered a moment later when her shorts suddenly slipped over her hips.

A deep sense of dread began to fill her as she pictured the creature in a different light. Perhaps it wasn’t interested in her for food after all. Perhaps, it had plans to use her for more… sinister purposes. A building coolness at her chest seemed to confirm her deepest fears, and her breathing briefly intensified. Her shirt and sports bra were drawn up until her breasts were exposed to the moist, temple air, just as her shorts and panties were pushed down her thighs. This was not good. This was definitely not the mindless garden variety monster insectoid that she was used to in her travels. This more intelligent beast was even now positioning her for a much more intimate encounter.

Lara found herself being bent slightly forward at the waist, and her heart rate started to rise again. It wasn’t fear, though there was plenty of that in the more unconscious parts of her mind, but rather an autonomic reaction by the more primitive aspect of her brain to the possibility of sexual intercouse. It was terribly ironic actually, that she’d just spent three weeks driving and trudging alone through a sweaty jungle in search of a fertility idol, and had been unable to find relief for the deeply erotic itch that all her research had brought on; only to now be literally buggered by one of the very defenders of that idol.

Something slimy, warm, and fleshy, touched the back of her left thigh and she gasped softly. The slippery pressure moved between her legs and then upwards, caressing her as it seemed to Lara to be exploring her backside by touch. She knew what it was searching for, but she still shivered in unconscious arousal when the inhuman phallic appendage pressed against her cleft. She was somewhat relieved that it hadn’t chosen the slightly higher orifice, but then changed her mind at the thought of what it might release into her. There had never been a shortage of creatures, human or otherwise, willing to rape her, but this one knew what it was doing. It had been smart enough to work her belt and strip her. It had a purpose. She fervently hoped that purpose wasn’t impregnating her, because at that moment, there wasn’t a whole lot she could do about it short of stare at the pretty light and drool.

The touch at her gates was getting a lot more friendly, pressing at her flower and coating her petals with some kind of slippery goo it seemed to be excreting, or at least that’s what she assumed. She was certainly reacting to the so-far gentle advances of the creature (much to her frustration), but the sheer quantity of wetness dripping down her legs simply couldn’t be solely from her own arousal. Finally, the touch changed slightly, becoming more focussed, or perhaps tensing, before pressing forward and up very slowly.

Lara Croft was no virgin, to be sure. She had shared her bed with all manner of men (and women). Still, the appendage gradually working its way within her now was very different on two accounts. First of all, it was quite large, larger than anything she had ever taken before, and she was subconsciously glad for the lubricant, regardless of where it had come from. Secondly, it was shaped all wrong. A human penis is a round shaft with a slightly bulbous end. The insect’s member had a bulb of sorts as well, but it was more of a flattened shaft, like a large tongue. Lara was helpless to resist the gradual penetration, and what it was making her feel. Quivering in pleasure, she momentarily found it hard to breathe at all. Finally, with a sort of rush, the muscles of her sex relaxed and the phallus slipped within several inches. A wave of near orgasmic delight washed up her body, and the tomb raider sighed contentedly.

Then it occurred to her that she was actually enjoying being fucked by what might as well be a giant cockroach. To be more accurate, her body was enjoying the experience. Internally, she was still in a state of profound panic and horror. But even that was slowly changing. Something wasn’t right. She should have been repulsed in the extreme, but even now she could feel herself wanting more. An animalistic lust was gradually replacing her higher reasoning. A soft crackling in her ears gave her the answer.

Whatever was gripping her head was also influencing her somehow. The fleshy fingers were shaping her desire and with it, her resistance. In short, it was using the pleasure to slowly brainwash her.

For a brief moment, as Lara understood what was happening to her, and the dangers of becoming lost to her own primal instincts, she felt some small amount of control return. She was just able to moan and shift her body before the entity behind her stunned her yet again. This time it was from within, as a second phallic appendage extended from the end of the first. This one was much softer than the other, and conformed easily to the inner walls of her vaginal canal as it pressed further and further into her body. It also pulsed and undulated like a giant slick caterpillar; a motion that caused her to suck in her breath and tremble with awakened arousal. And unfortunately, her bug overlord took the new wave of pleasure and shaped it to completely drown her brief defiance. Her eyelids fluttering with bliss, Lara was once again helpless to resist as her conscious will was pushed still further under her animal nature. She knew she shouldn’t want more of the pleasure, but she barely understood why. Even her body was beginning to betray her, her hips pushing back and rolling in an effort to increase the motion of the phallus within her, an action her monstrous lover was more than willing to help her with…

Every second that passed now only sealed the tomb raider’s fate, for just as she was unable to escape from the increasingly stimulating intercourse, neither could she prevent the mind-numbing results of that coitus. And with every second, she was pushed closer and closer to an inevitable orgasm, something that she was starting to have a very bad feeling about. Perhaps it was the creature’s eagerness to bring her to a peak, or some last bit of rational thought reaching up through the depths of pleasure, but Lara was convinced that once she was pushed over the edge, it would mark her doom. There was an evilness about the guardian’s actions, and she was certain it had everything to do with making her come.

At her chest, she found that her seducer was playing with her breasts and rubbing her nipples lightly with its legs. Within her sex, the softer, internal phallus was so deep that it was pressing lightly against her cervix, and even pushing some of itself beyond. It was a strange feeling, and one that was driving her mad with arousal. Whatever lubricant was being generated by the vile organism, it was also happening even right within her. She felt as though she were being filled to overflowing with a thick oil. She could feel runnels of the slime pouring down her thighs and into her boots.

As her own body rocked slowly back and forth, the bug-thing behind her was still. Its phallus however, being more like the trunk of an elephant than a fixed human penis, was gently pumping in opposition to her own movements. Neither of them had to move very much for the creature’s appendage to piston in and out of her honey with a deep, and regular rhythm. And that rhythm was taking its toll. Already she could feel a growing bubble of pleasure welling up in her middle. It was the first sign of her nearing orgasm.

Lara knew the feeling well. She also knew that she had mere seconds to find a way to escape the erotic trap she had fallen into. But there was nothing. Her body was no longer under her conscious control, the creature’s lustful brainwashing had done its job well. The world outside of the jungle temple, and even her reason for being there in the first place, faded from her conscious mind. Nothing existed save for feel of her body being pleasured and the constant, mesmerizing light in front of her. And with nothing else to focus on, the bubble of growing bliss in her middle quickly expanded with each thrust. Lara’s breath came in increasingly intense gasps as she was methodically worked toward her moment. Her legs trembled with need and adrenaline, and she actually lifted onto her toes in an effort to further deepen the slow rhythm. Finally, she whispered a single desperate, “nooo…” as her whole body tensed and spasmed in ecstasy. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t move, she couldn’t even blink, as her mind was overwhelmed with pleasure and sensation. She could vividly feel everything as though it were all happening in slow motion. She felt her own rapid pulse in her engorged nipples, and the tickling runnels of liquid on her thighs. And to her horror, she could also distinctly feel the flow of small round objects as they were ejactulated into her womb; like a string of small pearls from the end of the soft phallus, the creature filled her with its seed. The rapid flow seemed to go on and on, and with it, her trembling orgasm, until, whether from sexual overload, or simple lack of oxygen, Lara’s world finally spiraled into darkness.

Blattella Lophiidae