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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


“Curse you to seventh hell, Mal’karic,” said the dark haired elf maiden quietly to herself as she slowly made her way down the semi-lit hallway. Sha’lia hated traveling underground to begin with, but this was simply insane. The tunnels beneath the dark mountains were mostly abandoned, but the creatures that did still occupy the place were said to have a certain fondness for humanoid females. Traveling through the place alone was downright stupid.

Still, it was the only way she was going to get to the city of Alleth Teg ahead of the bounty hunters that had captured her friends. For their sake, she had to risk the vile evils that lurked in this darkness, or give her comrades up forever as slaves to the Men. The choice was easy, if not distasteful.

The room ahead was lit as much of the halls were, by magical fire. The slightly green-flamed torches never ceased their dull light, unless by command of the one who enchanted them, and the illumination was both a blessing that it guided her way, and a curse in that it reminded her of the foul magic that could be waiting at any turn. She wasn’t sure if rumors about the place were factual or mere stories invented by some barkeep to entertain his guests, but she had no intention of finding out. The quicker she exited the damp warmth of the place, the better. Every minute she stayed, the more she felt as if she were actually walking through the bowels of some great creature. It was unsettling to say the least.

It was perhaps this haste that caused her to miss the one clue to her imminent danger, a freshly opened book resting on a pedestal in the corner. Unlike almost everything else in the caves, the book was clean and showed no signs of dust. Had she noticed this fact, she might have seen the tall creature that silently moved up behind her, literally forming from the shadows themselves. By the time Sha’lia sensed the danger, it was too late. Both her arms were grasped at the wrists and she was drawn up against the body of her much stronger attacker.

“Ahh! Let me go, foul beast!” She wailed as she twisted and kicked to escape. The hands that held her seemed like boneless masses of flesh which could move in any direction, making her plight to break free all but impossible.

“Sssooo,” came an oily voice above and behind her ears. “Who dares to invade my domain? A human girl??”

“I’m no human!” Spat the elf with indignation.

“Ah, I sssee. You are elvishhhh. But pretty, none the lesss.”

Sha’lia shivered at the snake-like slurring of the voice behind her, and found that she was already tiring from her efforts to escape.

“Young and ripe, and delightful to touch,” continued the creature, its warm breath flowing over her shoulder and down across her breasts. She was startled to see her own nipples growing hard, and the sight made her consider her captor in a new light. “Isss that what you want, elf witch? To be touched?… Caressed?…”

A fuzzy dizziness started to wash over her, and Sha’lia shook her head in an effort to clear her thoughts. Her heart, which was beating frantically out of fear, beat even more strongly, but for a different reason. She swallowed, and tried to slow her rapid breathing and relax the adrenaline that flowed through her blood.

“Y-y-you’re an enchanter,” she spoke feebly.

“Yesssssss,” it replied. At the same time, she felt something sliding around her belly at her waist, and a moment later, another limb was reaching around her rib cage toward her bare chest. “I am a Shhhhendlier.”

“Nooooo,” she moaned, realizing the mortal danger she was in. She had heard of the Shendliers. They were a very rare race of beings who practiced the dark magic of the Eastern lands. Aside from being formidable warriors, they were said to torture humanoid females in ways that left them mere mindless husks. Those that had witnessed the procedure said that the victims were slowly seduced with pleasure. raped until their screams of ecstasy faded with their souls.

“Ssssuch a tassssty treat, you are,” said the creature as one of his left hands started to slide between her breasts. His fingers were warm and fluid, and to her surprise, highly arousing, He cupped her, and let what would have been his thumb come down gently on the ruby nub of her nipple. She gasped at the sudden wash of pleasure that fanned out from the pulsing bit of flesh, and tried to arch away from the sexually searing touch.

The Shendliers second right hand was very slowly inching toward the top of her hip cloth, its fingers sliding like individual snakes over her belly and into the soft depression there. A warm fire was beginning to grow just lower, and Sha’lia struggled to break free of the pleasure fog that was wrapping up her concentration. She knew it was the dark magic, and that she had to fight it, but her every thought was stuck in mental amber. Finally, she remembered her own magic, and fought once again to call upon her training to bring forth a spell that might free her. But she moaned in frustration when she realized that the hands she needed to perform the conjuring were locked and held firm by the beast behind her. It knew just how to disable her, it seemed.

“Oh, goddess, no…” she groaned as the hand at her belly shifted downward and slid its long finger searching through the soft dark curls of her pubic region. As they silently inched closer to her womanhood, she felt them begin to change somehow. It was like they were suddenly dipped in a thick, warm, oil which was gradually dripping through her curls and over the secret folds of her maiden flower. Moments later, the slick fingers followed the flow and started to ease through her petals teasingly.

“Ughhnnn! Mmmm… ” she moaned helplessly.

“Yessssss… Do you like the pleasure of my touch?”

“N-n-no!” She called out in denial of what her body was feeling. The fingers moved languidly through her folds, growing bolder and deeper with each second, and sending wave after wave of buzzing pleasure washing through her. “Ahhh! Ugmmm! Ughnnn! Stop, p-p-please!…uhhh….”

“Oh no,” replied the voice in her ear. “It’ssss not going to sssstop. And your petty magic won’t help you now. You are mine to feassst upon. But don’t worry, elf witch, it will all be over for you ssssoon.” With that, the Shendlier’s slickened fingers moved abruptly into the elf girl, delving deep into her sex.

“UGHHHNNN!! AH! AH! AHHHHH!!” Screamed Sha’lia in quickly building ecstasy. Bright white pleasure pulsed up from between her legs in time with the beat of her heart, and it was all she could do to remember to breath, Even that was coming in short, rapid gasps as her captor worked to her depths. Uncontrollably, her hips rocked against the unwanted lover in her lap as she fought to hold back the orgasm she knew was about to tear her mind apart.

And then she was there. Her moment came over her so swiftly, that it caught her mid breath and held her there in timeless bliss until she knew she needed to find a way to breath again or she would suffocate. But there was no resisting the pleasure that wrapped around her mind. It pulsed and crashed and sparked through her until she finally started to feel it ebb some indeterminate time later. It seemed like days had passed, and her tired body was nearly limp in her captor’s grasp.

And then she moaned in frustration as she felt the fingers moving again within her; already pushing her body toward another peak of pleasure; seducing her, and with each peak slowly leeching away her very soul.

Elfmaid Part I