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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Harry Potter and the Charm of Venus

Chapter 1 – A Trip to Hogsmead

Harry settled himself at the Gryffindor table early, being eager for the first time in several years to actually get on to his classes. Not a week had passed and he was already thoroughly enjoying his sixth year at Hogwarts. A lot had changed since the cataclysm that was his fifth year… It would be hard not to have change after such a major conflagration with the Ministry of Magic and Voldemort himself. Still, with Dumbledore back at the helm, things really were starting to return to normal, if there were such a thing. It seemed to Harry that perhaps it was he and his friends who had changed the most in the last six months.

One of his biggest surprises was finding Tonks as their new Defense Against the Dark Art’s teacher. As an Auror, she certainly had the training, and Harry had seen her skill first-hand so he knew it wasn’t just book-learned, but entirely practical. The hard part was pretending that he was just as curious about the new professor as the rest of Hogwarts. Hermione and Ron knew her of course, and their presence made it quite a bit easier to play the part. What he wasn’t ready for, however, was when she had asked him to assist in their teaching by continuing the DA club.

Certainly, they were all starting into adulthood, some being forced a little more early than others, and their long-term personality traits were beginning to solidify, as well as their physical appearances. The changes brought on by puberty were finally settling in, and the more subtle psychological changes were manifesting their ugly heads. Voices were cracking, and the hormones were flying.

Physically, he hardly recognized his friends, even after only a few months at the Dursleys. Granted, that time had seemed like an eternity, but it was still a shock to see Ron for the first time as he lumbered into the Gryffindor common room lugging his chest behind him. Harry thought that he must have grown a half dozen centimeters in his absence, and was only a finger’s width short of Fred and George now. His body had also filled out such that Harry was sure Ron would make a much better Keeper for the Quidditch team. He was definitely a far cry from the lanky stick figure that he had been as a first-year.

Ginny Weasley was shooting up as well, and had developed into quite the looker, given that she was still a year behind Harry. She, at least, surely wouldn’t have any trouble getting a date for the Christmas ball this year. But it was Hermione that had really given Harry a start when she greeted him on the Hogwarts Express.

Aside from having added nearly four centimeters to her height, her voice had deepened and grown richer, her face had lost some of its hardness, and most noticeable of all, she had somehow turned herself from a mousy little girl, into an alluring and mature woman.

Harry couldn’t put his finger on what specifically had changed… beyond some minor modifications to her hair… until he talked about it to Ron while they settled their packing.

“I’ll tell you what’s changed in Hermione,” he exclaimed as he consumed a Chocolate Frog while they sat near the boys dormitory fire late one night. “She’s gone and grown bosoms!”

Harry was so taken aback with Ron’s vehemence and choice of the word ‘bosom’, that he nearly doubled over laughing and couldn’t stop until he got a side ache some five minutes later.

But as humorous as Ron’s reaction had been, his words were indeed true. Certainly, there were other, more subtle changes, but Ron was right. Their mutual female friend did indeed now have ‘bosoms’, and the effect was quite striking. Instead of dodging out of her way in fear, most of the upper-classmen that passed her in the halls now were risking whiplash to get a second look at the girl. It was completely weird to Harry, who had had only a failed relationship with Cho Chang as a measure of how he was supposed to act around women.

“Hey Harry!” Called Hermione across the commons, causing him to jump and splash pumpkin juice down his front. The brown-haired girl slapped her over-heavy book bag on the table and dropped down next to him. “Did you hear? They’re letting students go down to Hogsmead early this year. I guess it’s in response to the utilitarian way that Umbridge ran things last year. So what do you say?”

“What do I say about what,” asked Harry waving his wand over the juice. “Scourgify!” The liquid collected into itself and vanished.

Hermione looked frustrated. “Hogsmead! Haven’t you been listening?”

Ron had joined them at the table and was staring at the various breakfast trays with obvious pangs. He made a lopsided grimace as he took a bite out of a large apple. “You two will have to go on without me,” he said around a full mouth. “Angelina’s already got me slated for special Quidditch training that day.”

“Already?” Exclaimed Harry, somewhat surprised that their team captain hadn’t called on the whole team.

“Yeah, apparently she’s convinced that she can make me as good as Wood if she just pounds me hard and often enough.”

“She might have a point,” sniffed Hermione with a serious face. “What about you Harry? Doesn’t a free day sound nice, or… did you already have plans with someone else?”

Harry looked startled. “Someone else? Who else would I go down to Hogsmead with?”

“Well…” she said stalling. “I just thought that since you had such trouble with Cho, that you might’ve found someone else, you know.”

It took Harry a few seconds to figure out what she was talking about. “You mean a date?” He said in a whisper, as though it were some horrible torture.

“Yes, Harry,” she continued at a normal conversational level. “… a date. Young men and women do that now and again, you know.”

“Not me,” said Ron across the table. “I think I’d rather eat slugs.”

Hermione gave him a killing glance. “I can arrange that you know.”

“No need. I’ve still got a clear memory, thanks.”

Harry smiled and then found himself staring at his female classmate. He was trying to understand what it was, other than her ‘bosoms’, that was different in Hermione, and had just decided that it was more of an overall change rather than her breasts in particular, when he realized that the girl had noticed his attention to her body and was glaring down at him with a somewhat furious rage.

He quickly turned away, expecting her to blast him verbally at any second. When she didn’t, he slowly let his eyes shift back to her and saw that the look of anger had been totally replaced by one of silent contemplation, as if she had just realized something important.

“Are you alright, Hermione,” he asked, hoping to distract her.

She opened her mouth to say something, then closed it again, then said, “Oh, sure. Sorry, I just remembered something I need to do later. Look, Harry, if you’re not going with someone else, well, I’d still very much like to go. I’d go by myself, but since Voldemort’s returned, the new rule is you have to at least go in pairs, so what do you say?”

“Sure, I guess so,” he replied, wondering what exactly he was getting himself in for.

The girl’s face was instantly alight. “Great! Well,” she said snatching an orange from the basket, “I really need to get to Arithmancy… See ya!”

Both Ron and Harry watched her bounce off down the hall, shocked.

“I thought for sure she was going to scratch your eyes out for staring at her that way,” said Ron.

“So did I,” he agreed, frowning. “What do you suppose is up with her? She seemed a bit… I dunno… Flighty.”

“Beats me, but one thing’s for sure,” he mentioned a bit more softly as she disappeared around a corner. “She’s a might easier to look at now.”

Harry just grunted. He had been thinking that exact same thing.

The trip to Hogsmead was completely forgotten by Harry for the next week and a half as he and the other students dove into their new classes. He was just coming out a particularly difficult Potions class with Professor Snape at the end of the day, when Hermione bounded up to him.

“Ready for tomorrow,” she beamed.

Harry frowned, trying to remember what test he had failed to study for. “Tomorrow?”

Now it was Hermione’s turn to frown. “Hogsmead! You’re going with me to Hogsmead, Harry Potter! Don’t you try and get out of it, or I’ll…”

“Oh! Hogsmead!” he said quickly. “Right! I thought you were bugging me about not studying again.”

“Why would I do that,” she asked, genuinely confused, then shook her head and smiled again. “Anyway, I have something special to show you when we get there, and I think you’ll really enjoy it.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with Madam Puddifoot’s by any chance, does it?”

Hermione gave him a sad, consoling look. “Harry, I would never take you to her place,” she said kindly. “I know you and Cho had a bit of a row there…”

“That’s an understatement…” He interrupted.

“But be ready at eight AM sharp, okay?” She continued unfazed. Harry nodded once, and she turned and bounded back up the steps towards the commons with a very bright smile on her face. Harry watched after her for a moment and wondered if he might not go to bed a bit early that night, just in case tomorrow turned into one of those days that left him drained and fighting for his very life. It seemed to be happening a lot lately…

Eight o’clock came, and by half past, they were walking into Hogsmead with a fair number of other Hogwarts students the following day. Harry felt a little odd without Ron, and just Hermione, but since the decree about not going alone out of the school grounds, there were a large number of couples.

They moved briskly through their favorite shops, where Hermione picked up some supplies that Harry thought rather strange. He had no idea what they could be used for, but when he curiously asked, she just smiled and said, “You’ll see. Just be patient.”

They then spent a short time in the Three Broomsticks and had Butterbeers with Rodger Davies and a girl he could never seem to remember the name of, and when the couple excused themselves and left, Harry felt an awkwardness creep over him that he couldn’t completely explain. When he turned to Hermione, he saw that she was staring at him intently, her face passive, but friendly.


Her closed-mouth grin deepened on one side. “Are you ready for my surprise?”

“Uh, I guess so,” he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“Good,” she said grabbing his hand and dragging him out of the booth. “Come on!” He tossed a few coins on the table for their drinks and let her pull him from the bar. Outside, she hurriedly led him almost to the edge of town and to a building he recognized at once. It was the same building where they had first created the DA, or Dumbledore’s Army.

Hermione led him directly into the Hog’s Head, but did not go into the main pub as he though she would. Instead, she took him through the lobby of the inn, nodding at the innkeeper as she passed. Harry noticed that the decrepit-looking man nodded back, but did not take his eyes off the pair until they swept up the stairs to the second level. He was pretty sure that it was Hermione he was staring after, and not himself, and he frowned.

“Hermione, what are we doing here? Isn’t this an inn?”

“Shhh… Wait until we’re safely inside, then I’ll explain.”

Harry did as he was told and let the girl lead him down the hall to a door near the end. There, she withdrew a small black key which she used to quickly unlock the room. Once inside, she turned around and re-locked the door. Drawing her wand from her robes she uttered, “Colloportus!” There was a soft squishing sound as the door sealed itself shut. Harry fervently hoped that they wouldn’t need to leave in a hurry. He didn’t like the idea of having to jump out a second story window to escape some unknown evil.

“Okay,” he started, “what’s going on…?” But Hermione had raised one finger to her lips to indicate he should remain quiet.

“Silencio Cubicularis!” She said loudly and waved her wand a second time. There was a sudden change in pressure that Harry felt in his ears, and the strangest feeling that cotton was wrapped around his head. When Hermione spoke to him again, her voice was almost hard to hear, as though it were slightly muffled.

“Sorry Harry,” she said setting down her bag of purchases. “I had to be sure we couldn’t be overheard.”

“What was that anyway,” he indicated the room with his hand to mean the second spell.

“Oh, that was a privacy spell. No sound can leave or enter this room now.”

“That’s handy,” he said looking around the small room. It wasn’t much by inn standards, even for Hogsmead. There were two chairs by a simple wooden table, a slightly sagging bed, and a single window draped with the ugliest set of curtains Harry had ever seen in his life, which was saying a lot considering the Durseys.

“Nice place,” he said tonelessly.

“It’s not exactly four-star, but it will do for my purposes,” she replied looking around and then closing the curtains tightly.

Harry considered sitting on the bed, but though better of it and remained standing. “So, Hermione, what exactly are your purposes? Why are we here, and why all the precautions? We’re not in danger are we?”

“Not likely. Not anymore anyway,” she added cryptically. “I needed a place that was isolated from as many other students as possible, and since this inn doesn’t get much patronage from Hogwarts…”

“There’s a good reason it doesn’t… Hermione, this is the kind of inn that charges by the hour!”

She just smiled and started placing the contents of her bag on the table. “Oh, I know. But I got a whole day, just to be safe. Paid for it in advance as well, which was why I wanted to be sure you remembered.”

“Paid in advance,” repeated Harry confused. He was looking at the half dozen white candles and the chalk marker that she had just removed from the bag. “Why would you do that?”

Hermione turned around, her wand still in her hand and said, “Harry, would you mind taking a small step to the left, please?”

He looked down expecting to see some horrible spider crawling towards him, when he saw nothing, he looked back up, shrugged and did as she had said.

“How’s this,” he asked.

“Perfect,” she replied, raising her wand. Harry had all of a half second before she uttered, “Petrifcus Totalus,” and he was falling backward onto the bed, stiff as a board.

“Sorry Harry,” she said coming over to the side of the bed. Her hands were on her hips as she looked down at him with a serious expression. “It was the only way.” She noticed that his eyes were locked staring at the ceiling and frowned. “I guess I could let you have a little movement… Mulceo Caput!”

Suddenly, Harry could move his head and neck, but no more.

“Hermione!” He yelled. “What’s going on?! Why have you frozen my limbs like this?”

She placed her wand back within her robes and moved to the end of the bed. There, she brought her hands up near her collar. At first, Harry thought that she was having trouble pulling something out of a front pocket, but then he realized, with a sudden jump in his blood pressure, that she was unbuttoning her blouse.

You know Harry,” she started as one by one she popped the glossy black buttons loose. “… there are a lot of girls at Hogwarts. More actually than boys by a considerable margin.”

“What does that have to do…”

“… And a larger percentage of them are coming of age now,” she continued, ignoring him.

Small beads of sweat were forming on his brow as he watched her slowly work each clasp, his eyes fixated on her fingers as they quietly revealed a wider and wider swath of cleavage down her front.

“When a witch reaches a certain maturity,” she went on, “she is allowed to take a special class pertaining to a very specific type of magic. This magic is incredibly powerful, and is one of the only forms of magical energy that can be shared and transferred between two separate people.”

“Hermione, listen…” began Harry, again hoping to get a word in. But as before, she just ignored his attempts at interruption.

“Every wizard or witch has a certain magical potential where this type of energy is concerned, and to some extent, it can be divined ahead of time…”

The girl had reached the bottom button and was tugging the tails of her blouse from her skirt. When it was completely loose, it fell open quite a bit and Harry gasped. He could now see a wide run of creamy white skin from her throat, clear down to her navel, and to his great surprise, Hermione wasn’t wearing any form of bra underneath. She smiled briefly at his stunned silence.

“Hermione,” he all but yelled, breaking out of a slight trance, “what are you doing!?”

She titled her head slightly to the side and fixed her eyes to his. “Well, Harry, I should think that was obvious. I’m about to have sex with you…”

His eyes grew wide. “You’re WHAT?!”

“Please. You may be reluctant to step into relationships, but you can’t tell me that you haven’t at least thought about what it would be like to be intimate with a woman?”

He didn’t know what to say. He opened his mouth in response, then closed it again, not knowing if his answer would get him further into trouble or not.

“That’s your problem, Harry. You’re so caught up in your own world that you don’t give others a chance to be a part of it.” When she saw that he was about to speak, she went on at once. At the same time, she kicked off her shoes, then hooked her fingers under her skirt at her hips and started to draw down her panties. Surprised once again in to silence, Harry just stared on with his mouth open.

“Oh, I know all about how you don’t want to risk the life of someone else because of the prophesy that Dumbledore gave you, but what you fail to realize is that it’s not really your choice. As long as they understand the risks, then who are you to say whether a potential partner can or can’t take that risk in order to share something with you?”

Her panties dropped to the floor at her feet and she stepped out of them.

“And before you get all sappy with me about how you’re terrible with relationships,” she explained placing her hands on the end of the bed. “I know for certain that there are at least two dozen females at Hogwarts who would love to help you work on this, no matter what the risks.”

Hermione walked around to the side of the bed and stared down at Harry as if she were considering whether or not to simply leave him there in his current state of immobility and walk out the door.

“But Cho…” he began, and immediately realized this was precisely the wrong thing to say.

“… Was waiting for you to do what she thought you would do naturally, being a guy and all. But you didn’t, and that, Harry, is exactly why you are here today.”

“What? I-I don’t understand. Are you saying that I should have taken advantage of Cho Chang?”

“Trust me when I say that you wouldn’t have been ‘taking’ anything. She was throwing it at you. You just missed the catch.” Making a decision, she leaned forward and reached for the belt of Harry’s pants. His eyes went wide, and his breathing started to grow raspy, but otherwise, he couldn’t even flinch as her thin fingers slowly worked the clasp open.

“But… But what does that have to do with you?!” In her current position, her blouse fell mostly open so that Harry could hardy help but see the smooth, white swells of her breasts and the edge of her left nipple. The sight made him swallow nervously.

“Ah, well, over the summer I got to thinking about your problem, and realized that like many things in your life, you sometimes need to be… forced… a bit in order to get yourself out of a rut.” As she said the word ‘forced’, she popped open the button at the top of his trousers. Then, with what seemed to Harry to be avid curiosity, she slowly unzipped his fly.

“I-I-I don’t see…” he stammered, his face turning a bright red.

“I had already taken Sexual Arts during my fifth year at Hogwarts, and was studying for a special test that Professor Hooch offers for advanced students, when I came across a charm that seemed to be exactly what I needed to help you… Oh my!” Hermione had opened his pants and was staring down at the bulge of his manhood beneath his boxers.

“It would seem that Petrifcus Totalus isn’t as total as we thought,” she mumbled half to herself. At least I wont have to worry about unfreezing another portion of your anatomy…” She smiled at this.

“W-Wha… what do you mean about helping m-me. Help in what w-way,” he gasped and closed his eyes so he wouldn’t have to look at her chest and the seductive white flesh that she was enticing him with. Suddenly he gasped as Hermione slipped her fingers under the waistband of his undergarments and gently began the process of pulling them down with his pants. “Oh, bloody hell….” he groaned, trying to keep his eyes squeezed shut as his heart rate went through the roof. But it was no good. The moment her warm fingers made contact with his manhood, his eyes flew open in near panic. Above him, Hermione looked almost as shocked as he did. Her face was a cross between careful concentration and drooling delight as she very slowly revealed the object of her curiosity.

“Oh, yes…” she exclaimed, breathlessly. “Very nice.” Once she had pulled and pushed and prodded his trousers down around his ankles, she continued her dialog and moved over to the table and the purchased goods. Taking several candles in hand, she proceeded to lay them out on the floor carefully.

“The charm I found is one having to do with sexual bindery. What it does is place the target of the charm under the control of the one casting.” Moving back to the table, she retrieved the chalk marker along with the rest of the candles. Using the marker, she drew careful lines and symbols between the candles and then stepped back to survey her work.

“In essence, Harry, once I force you to have an orgasm with me, it will complete the spell and you will be bound to me sexually.”

“Hermione,” he whispered, “this has gone far enough. Release me right this minute!”

“Tut-tut, Harry,” she said moving to the end of the bed again. You and I both know that you are in no position to make demands. Now,” and she climbed up into the bed so that her legs were folded under her. Harry’s feet were directly in front of her. “shall we get started?”

“Wait!” he said, panicking again as she rose up and walked slowly forward on her knees until she was hovering over his lower thighs. There, she withdrew her wand again and said, “Aduro!” Instantly, all the candles lit as one, their soft flickering glow creating the illusion that Harry was actually under water.

“W-what do you mean I’ll be b-bound to you?” He stammered, fervently trying to ignore the warmth of her thighs on either side of his legs.

“Well,” she said sitting on him for a moment, “specifically, you will be unable to resist me sexually. You will feel an overwhelming compulsion to have sex with me whenever I ask for it, day or night, whether you want to or not. And Harry,” she said leaning forward a bit such that her breasts could be clearly seen in their entirety, “I plan to ask quite often.”

“More so,” she said rising and moving slowly up his body once again, “each time you have an orgasm with me, I will draw upon a portion of your sexual energy, making me stronger magically. The reason, Harry, that so many girls are interested in you is that your reserve of sexual energy is enormous! In short, almost any witch that has sex with you would have a huge advantage later, as sexual energy stays with you for a very long time. Years even. That would come in quite handy around the time we take our NEWTs.”

“So th-that’s all I am to you and the r-rest of the girls at Hogwarts,” snapped Harry, trying hard not to watch as Hermione moved herself further and further up his body until her thighs were spread just shy of his hips. His manhood was staring straight up into her black skirt from his immobile body. “You’re just g-going to drain me dry and then ditch m-m-me?”

“Oh, your sexual reserves will recharge soon enough, but do try to see it from our perspective, Harry. Cho wasn’t the only one trying to get your attention last year. There’s a scale used to grade wizards and witches on there relative sexual reserves – the Halvard Scale actually, based on the man who discovered sexual energy in magic. It goes from a negative ten to a positive ten, with a positive ten on the Halvard scale being the absolute best. I did the assay on you myself. You scored a positive eight, Harry.”

“I h-have no idea what that means…”

“In the entire history of Hogwarts, there have only been four wizards with a rating of seven or higher, and you are one of them. That makes you a pretty desirable boyfriend, if you get my meaning.”

Reaching down, Hermione very lightly touched the head of Harry’s shaft, causing him to suck in his breath sharply. He could do nothing more than watch as she let her warm fingers curl around his manhood like the tentacles of an octopus. Her face assumed an awed contemplative look as if she were truly enthralled with the way his member felt between her digits. Her mouth was slightly open, and he could see that her own breathing was starting to deepen with arousal as well.

“Argggg!” he groaned against what she was doing to him. The pleasure was fantastic, but helpless as he was, it was pure torture. Slowly and with an almost evil fascination, Hermione let her fingers slide up and down the length of him, caressing and squeezing as they went as though to test his hardness at various points.

“HERMIONE!!” He screamed, as sweat dripped down over his forehead. The volume of his voice startled her back from whatever lurid dream she was imagining and she jumped.

“Uh… er, sorry, Harry,” she said letting go of him and rising up straight once again. “Where was I… Oh yes, the Halvard scale. So anyway, all of us, girls that is, have been waiting for you to at the very least pick ONE of us to get physical with for the last year, and when you had that unfortunate incident with Cho, well… you can imagine our disappointment. It looked very much like you wouldn’t be dating anyone, certainly not now, because of your feelings of failure with Cho, and perhaps ever because of the prophecy, and we simply couldn’t allow that. I decided to take matters into my own, er.. hands… before someone else did, and if I happen to get something out of setting you back on track, then so be it.”

“Back on track?!” He gasped staring up at her in disbelief. As much as he tried to keep his attention focussed on Hermione’s eyes, his gaze kept falling just lower to her breasts, which were the first he had seen unclothed. He was amazed at the size of her nipples, and way they seemed to jut from the mounds in a quite pronounced manner. He had heard that it was an indication of arousal, but to see it first hand was quite another matter. Unwittingly, he found himself wanting to reach his hands up and touch them. Of course, the Petrifcus curse prevented that completely. “How is it that my having s-sex with you will get me ‘back on track’?!”

She considered this, placing a finger on her chin. “Well, our coupling is only to seal the charm actually… And then as an incentive of course.”

“An incentive? An incentive for w-what,” asked Harry nervously. If he could just keep her talking, then perhaps he could figure a way out of this.

“To get you to break the spell, silly!”

“Break it? You mean it can be removed, or broken, or whatever?”

She smiled down at him. “Of course! You don’t think I’d use the permanent version of the spell, do you?… Although it would make for an interesting…”

“Hermione! I don’t know WHAT to expect right now! But I can assure you, that if you do this, I will run straight to the library and look up the counter-charm.”

Hermione sat back down on his thighs with a sigh, and Harry noticed that his manhood was slightly draped in the front of her skirts she was so close to him. She just grinned again.

“Let me save you the trouble Harry. This version of the spell is quite easy to break. All you need to do is have intercourse with three different girls other than myself within a twenty-eight day period…”

“Oh, is THAT ALL?!” Harry said aghast. “So let me get this straight,” he exclaimed with desperation when he saw and felt Hermione gently rocking her pelvis side to side and gradually inching forward again. Her grin was that of a seductress. “To break free of your charm I must find, court, and have sex with three completely different girls at Hogwarts in the span of a mere month…!?”

“Twenty-eight days,” she corrected him.


“It makes a difference Harry,” she continued, looking a bit hurt. “If you only have intercourse with two, then you have to start all over again. Not that any of us will mind if you have to go an extra month or two… or three. There’s even a pool running as to how many girls it will finally take you…”


“I’m currently of the opinion that you will get it in five, since you never were very quick on the uptake…”

“Bloody hell…” moaned Harry, closing his eyes in disbelief at what he was hearing.

“… but Angelina Johnson has actually gone and put you down for nine!”

“Three whole months…!”

“Four actually,” she said, happily correcting him. “She’s counting on you to fail the first three.”

“Oh, bugger me,” he groaned, his eyes rolling at the thought.

“That’s the general idea, Harry,” answered Hermione with a wiggle of her hips. Harry’s manhood had disappeared completely into the dark fabric of her skirt and he thought he could feel what he assumed must be the soft hairs of her pubis brushing against him with startling results.

“B-b-but WHY, Hermione?” He asked in desperation.

She looked frustrated. “I already told you Harry. The fact that you have to ‘share the wealth’ a bit will only benefit the whole of Hogwarts in the end, and the wider variety of partners the better. But more importantly, it will kick you out of your sexual rut. I didn’t know any other way, and I’m sorry that it had to come to this, but I figured that you would rather have the charm placed on you by a…. a friend.”

As much as he hated to think about it, he would rather have it be Hermione than perhaps anyone else. Still, that didn’t mean he had to like the fact that she was forcing him to have intercourse against his will.

“Are you ready, Harry,” she asked seriously as she sat motionless astraddle his hips.

“How can I be ready…?” He responded in frustration.

“Right then,” she said, resolution coming over her features, as well as a tinge of sadness. “Let’s get this over with for you…” Rising, she reached her hands underneath her and found his shaft.

“Hermione, I didn’t mean that… oh gods…”

Suddenly, Hermione gasped, and Harry felt a slippery warmth at the tip of his manhood. The girl closed her eyes and began to suck the air in shallow raspy breaths as she slowly let her body settle downward over Harry in a single smooth motion. It was like a liquid heat had enveloped the length of his phallus, and wonderful pleasure filled his mind, igniting a fire of lust within him.

“Ughnnn! Holy shit, Hermione! Mmmmm…”

The girl’s breath deepened until her thighs were once again settled on his hips, then with a sigh of pleasure, she opened her eyes and stared down at Harry,

“Now that isn’t so terrible, is it,” she asked without really expecting an answer.

“Oh man… Hermione, if you’re really going to go through with this… ughn… then at least release the P-P-Petrifcus.”

She thought about it for a second while she very gently rocked her pelvis from side to side. Even those tiny motions brought about incredible jolts of pleasure in Harry. He could also see that Hermione was silently battling with her concentration, which was obviously being affected by the sensations she herself was feeling, and it seemed to Harry that she took an awfully long time to answer. Her eyes had just started to glaze over when she said, “No… No, I don’t think that would be a good idea, H-Harry. At least not until… ughnnn… until the charm is sealed.”

Helpless, Harry could only watch as Hermione started to rock slowly atop him, her hips angling with each undulating rhythm such that Harry’s manhood began to glide in and out of her slick tunnel in a much more determined cadence. Her breasts hovered before him like shrouded orbs of white flesh, greatly contrasting against the dark black of her robes. Her nipples were deep red circles set atop those mounds like floating beacons in a rolling sea as she moved purposely back and forth… back and forth.

As alluring as her naked flesh was to Harry, it was Hermione’s face, however, that caused him the most arousal. Her features took on an expression that he had never before seen on the girl, and it fascinated and mesmerized him. Half pain, half pleasure, her eyes seemed to grow increasingly sad and sleepy, yet alive with activity at the same time. Her lips were parted, and her breath was guttural and clipped. It was also exactly in time to the downbeat that brought Harry’s shaft to its deepest within her.

With each repetition, the intensity of her concentration increased. Tiny gasps from her mouth turned slowly into sharp little cries of pleasure, and Harry, below her, could feel her thighs gripping him with building strength, and each time she came forward, it was with just a little more force and a little less control.

His own pleasure was growing as well, but since there was absolutely nothing he could do to increase or prolong it, he simply waited for the building orgasm that was forming in his belly. It was an odd thing, he thought, to be held magically immobile while you were fucked. He was surprisingly detached from what was happening, almost as though his member was something set out on the bed that Hermione was simply using to masturbate upon. But the sensations that her rhythmic motions brought out in him were very real indeed.

Harry had gotten himself off enough to know that almost nauseous feeling that came when he was getting close, and the welling from his testicles when he was really near to orgasm. So when Hermione’s head went back and she clutched his arms hard enough to leave marks, it was hardly a surprise to him that the sight of her own ecstasy should push him over the edge. His balls tightened, and without the slightest tremble anywhere else in his body save for his neck, he felt himself spend into her. Sparks of pleasure threatened to white out his vision, and for an uncertain period of time he lost track of reality.

When he came back, his orgasm fading, he was aware of two things. The first was that although the mind numbing sense of bliss was gone, the shocking sensations of nearly unbearable pleasure coming from his manhood were not. If anything, they were now piercingly white hot in intensity.

Secondly, he was aware that someone was crying out Hermione’s name at the top of their lungs. As he opened his eyes, Harry realized that it was him.

“HERMIONE!! UGHNNN!! UGHNNN!!” He gasped. The was girl still bucking atop him with a nearly frenzied urgency. Her whole body was slamming down on his hips, driving his shaft into her over and over and over, and to make matters worse, she seemed completely oblivious to Harry under her. Eye’s closed, head back, she was gasping in monumental pleasure.

Just when Harry thought he was going to die from over-stimulation, Hermione’s cries suddenly cut short and she was instantly rigid and tense. Her thighs gripped him like the giant hand of a cave troll, and her back arched so that her naked breasts and upper torso jutted forth from her robes and almost seemed to glow with erotic vitality. To Harry, it seemed about the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and he stared up at her in awe.

Around his member, he felt her sex tremble and twitch. The spasms traveled quickly up her body and in seconds she was completely engulfed in the thrall of continued ecstasy. To Harry, it was like hours passed as he lay there completely motionless, but finally she slowly bent forward and then collapsed upon his chest, her panting face only inches from his own.

Together, they laid there in silence while there tired bodies recovered.

“Oh, Harry…” she puffed, her eyes still half lidded. “I h-had no idea the transfer of s-s-sexual energy was so intense.”

“Ughnnnmmmm…” he agreed the best he could under the circumstances. In her current position, every breath that Hermione made caused his still hard member to move in and out of her with continued pleasure. He could also feel the hard points of her nipples pressing into his chest, even through the shirt he was wearing.

“Hermione?” He said quietly after a time.

“Oh, sorry Harry,” she answered at once and raised herself up. Drawing out her wand she uttered the counter spell to release his bound body and it was like he were suddenly turned to butter. He stretched and bent his knees tentatively to be sure everything was still working. He hadn’t meant for her to release him (even though the change was quite welcome) and he stopped the girl as she started to roll to his side in order to dismount him. Placing a hand on either thigh, he held her where she was and caught her eyes.

She just started down at him with a sad, regretful look on her face.

“Hermione, I don’t think I fully understand why you did this to me, but I wanted you to know… and what I was trying to tell you before we, uh… well… I am glad it was you… to charm me, I mean.”

Hermione brightened at once.

“Really? You mean it?”

He nodded slowly.

“Thanks, Harry. I really needed to hear that…” Then grinning she added, “But it won’t get you out of the charm. You’re in for it now, my friend.”

Harry frowned, but then had an idea. “You know, Hermione,” he said lightly stroking her thighs until his hands were seductively sliding up her bare limbs and into her skirt. “We don’t have to go back to Hogwarts right away, do we?” His fingers were slowly curling around her backside, tickling as they went. He felt her shudder and then sit more upright as she started to understand what he was insinuating. “I mean, you did rent the room for the whole day, right?”

“Well, y-yes, but…”

“And since I can’t resist you anymore,” he said simply. His left hand had moved around to her lower abdomen and was very gradually sliding downward into her lap. Harry was pleasantly surprised when Hermione gasped as his fingers settled into the short, soft hairs of her mons, but not half as surprised as Hermione herself, who shuddered in renewed arousal. He watched her close her eyes and just breath, trying to gain control over the pleasure that was re-igniting itself in her loins. Watching her, Harry felt his member growing rigid once again within her and smiled. Then, using his right hand he drew her body forward, forcing his shaft deep into her once again. It didn’t take much cosking to get her hips back into the slow undulating rhythm, and smiling up at the quickening girl, Harry figured he could have worse problems than being unable to resist the sexual advances of Hermione Granger.