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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

Lara and the Plant

Lara Croft moved through the jungle warily. She’d come within an inch of losing her life twice already in the past twenty-four hours, and was beginning to tire of it. Some days, you just wanted a warm bath, a fresh bed, and preferably someone to share both with. Shaking her head, she sighed and tried to concentrate on her objective, and not the images of the naked monk she had seduced two nights previous in order to get the location of the temple she was searching for. Not all aspects of tomb raiding were unpleasant, and she smiled to herself in remembrance. Aside from being surprisingly strong, the attractive man had proven to be an amazing lover who was more than willing to demonstrate a number of erotic techniques known only to his small clan.

“Damn,” she cursed under her breath and tried to ignore the way her hardened nipples shifted under her tank-top. It didn’t help that the humidity was so high that the difference between rain and shine was more a matter of opinion, and that it was still so hot that she was soaking in her own sweat anyway. It was an erotic place, and erotic thoughts were right at home. The monk had warned her that his clan’s methods of lovemaking often left a woman with pleasure that lingered for as long as a week, but that only spurred her on. Now, as she panted through the dense foliage, she was beginning to wonder if she shouldn’t have taken the man more seriously.

Abruptly, the forest opened into a small clearing and she squinted against the sudden increase in light. There was also a light cool breeze that instantly caused the dripping woman to gasp in delight. When her eyes adjusted, she was further rewarded by the sight of the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. There were three of the tall lily-like blooms, and Lara marveled at the incredible colors that each of them held. Moving closer, and enjoying the fresh air, she smelled a heady perfumed scent that could only be from the flowers.

“I bet you three haven’t even been cataloged yet,” she said to the plants as she stood a few feet in front of them. Oddly enough, they weren’t pointing at the sun, but rather in the direction she had just come from the jungle. No matter, they were probably tuned to some other resonance of life.
The deep purple in the petals reminded Lara of the monks robes, and she quietly sighed again as a flood of new memories assailed her. In her mind’s eye she could clearly see the man standing in front of her as he slowly opened the garment, revealing his smooth dark body beneath. Rid of his own clothing he then moved forward and began work on hers. He was wonderfully slow, and she remembered how he had made it a game of her own disrobing, daring her to give in and lose control. He silently worked the buckle of her belt while his liquid eyes held hers. Then came the button and zipper after an endless time lingering at her belly button. He was so damn patient! By the time he slowly urged her shorts over her hips, she was nearly shaking with need and desire.

Standing there in the clearing, Lara let the memories come, fully enjoying the sensations they recreated in her body. Unconsciously, her right hand slipped up under her shirt and languidly explored her bare chest beneath. Catching a nipple between her fingers, her mouth fell open in a soft gasp of pleasure.

As her heart rate rose, her eyelids slowly drooped in bliss. The feel of her fingers sliding over her slick skin pushed her deeper and deeper into the dream of remembered eroticism. Before long, her other hand was sliding sensuously over her belly, mimicking the actions of her lover two nights past. She remembered how he gently urged her shorts down her legs with her panties, and then straightened again so that he could repeat the slow stripping with her shirt. Lara could almost feel his hands on her body as he softly caressed her breasts and teased her nipples with his fingers until she finally felt her knees go weak under her and she dropped to the bed with her legs tucked under her.

Having rid her of her garments, the man then came closer and placed just the tips of his fingers on her thighs. Very softly and slowly he moved his touch over her legs and up her belly. The tingling pleasure that each digit created on her flesh seemed to linger as if he were drawing trails of pleasure over her body. He continued his gentle torture until she was buzzing from her head to her toes.

“Oh gods…” she moaned, and opened her eyes. Confusion fell over Lara as she realized that it was just a memory. But the sensations of pleasure hadn’t ceased. Looking down at herself, she nearly cried aloud. Just as with her monk lover, she was seated on the ground with her legs folded under her, but the trails of sensation on her skin were not from the friendly touch of the monk, but rather from dozens of vines that rose up out of the ground and were wrapped around and over her whole body. Softly and slowly, they were caressing her in much the same way her human lover had, only all at once and over every inch of her skin.

“Oh shit,” she muttered and tried to shake away the dizzy euphoria that was clouding her mind and progressively slowing her reflexes. Only the fading adrenalin in her blood was keeping her in the here and now. She knew she needed to do something soon before she lost that edge, but it was incredibly difficult amid the powerfully sexual distraction that had her nipples pulsing with hardness. It would be so easy to just let go and let the pleasure take her. Even now she could imagine it was her dark monk playing over her rosy buds with his palms…

“No! Damnit! I have to fight,” Lara yelled to the jungle around her. Looking up, she suddenly had a revelation. “It’s the flowers…” In the sun, she could see the slight trail of vapor rising from each of the large plants. “They’re… drugging… me…” she moaned as her lids started to droop again under the weight of the intoxicants that filled her lungs and coursed through her blood.

Her shoulders started to relax, then her neck and arms. Gradually, the stress of the past drained away with her will to resist the treacherous plant that held her. “Noooo….” she moaned in frustration and made a feeble attempt to free her arms. That was when she noticed the large flower start to move. She could only watch as the tall stalk of the closest flower begin to bend in her direction, and as it came closer and closer, the heady fragrance grew in intensity. Her body buzzed and vibrated and reminded her of a nitrous oxide high. She started to have trouble keeping her eyes from rolling back, and her head was lax on her shoulders.

Directly before her, the beauty of the flower made her breath catch, but deep down in her mind she was still aware of the danger that she was in, and the need to escape before she lost herself in the plant’s erotic trap. But she could hardly do more than watch as the bloom moved slowly downward, drawing her gaze as it went. Only when it was positioned between Lara’s open thighs did she understand what was coming. Her eyes went wide as the flower moved forward into her lap.

“Oh s-s-shit…” she slurred, as she watched the fine tendrils at the center of the bloom reach for her. She knew where they were going, but it was still with an almost unreal fascination that she watched her own seduction. Reaching in, the thin fingers of the plant found the moist folds of her own flower and began to caress her petals teasingly. “Ughnnn…” she moaned involuntarily as her pelvis twitched with sexual energy. She knew she had to resist, that it was mortally crucial that she not give in to this lover. But as more and more tendrils joined in to arouse her, she found her mind was quickly becoming overwhelmed with pleasure.

Lara knew that the flower would eventually find its way inside her, and when it did, she was certain that the tendrils would feel a hundred times more pleasurable. But as the minutes passed, she realized that the flower was taking too long, that it was toying with her. She could feel the thin filaments sliding through her womanhood, and knew they only had to turn slightly in order to come within her, but they were holding back. On and on they teased her until she was nearly shaking with need and frustration. Although she could not escape, the vines that held her allowed quite a bit of motion. It would be so easy to push her hips forward and increase the contact, but Lara knew that it would be that much harder to resist if she did. Still, her mind swirled with conflicting emotions and desires. She felt herself wanting the deeper touch more and more. She could almost imagine what it would feel like to have those slim fingers within her. They were so close! “Just a little more,” she thought to herself and ever so slightly tilted her pelvis forward as though testing how far she could go without loosing it. The wash of increased pleasure momentarily blinded her and before she realized her mistake, her hips shifted slowly forward a second time of their own accord, and then again… In a pleasure-washed panic, she could only watch as her own body betrayed her and took up the unmistakable cadence of intercourse. The plant had her now, and she knew it.

Almost as if it sensed her crumbling will, Lara felt a single tendril from the bloom press forward slightly. “Ughhhmmmmmm…. Oh g-g-god!…UGHNN!” She gasped as the solitary filament eased ever slowly into her slickened tunnel, exploring and twisting as it pressed deeper and deeper. Lara’s breath caught in her chest as a sudden wash of pleasure steadily grew in her sex, and was reduced to short, sharp gasps as a second and then a third tendril joined the first. And then her world tumbled as ecstasy crashed over her, her whole body stiffening against the bonds that held her immobile and helpless. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on, and Lara hardly had time to draw breath when a second wave of bliss took her, and a few moments later, a third. The pleasure wasn’t slowing, only building, and in confusion the helpless tomb-raider could only wreath and twist in the clutches of the organism as it forced her again and again into timeless ecstasy.

Miss Croft’s hips undulated uncontrollably against the torturous lover in her lap, while her cries of pleasure rang out across the jungle plains. It wasn’t until the sun started to set many hours later, that the tendrils of the bloom withdrew and left her panting and exhausted on the ground. It would be well into the night before the flowers closed up and the intoxicating perfume released Lara from her drugged stupor. Even then, she was much too tired to do more than sleep. But even in her dreamless slumber, a part of her knew she had to get away from the flowers before the morning light, for they would be waiting for her, eager to bind and seduce her all over again.