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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

Just a quickie which was more me playing around with new ways to quickly draw organic looking tentacles than anything else. But since I hate not having a story…


Lara in Trouble - Masked Evil

Lara realized she had made a mistake the moment she picked up the ancient artifact. Instead of the coolness of gold, the Alloruan fertility mask felt warm in her fingers. That alone should have alarmed her into action. Instead, she was distracted by the huge red gem set in the forehead of the idol – a gem which was now glowing softly.

In the time it took her to gasp, a pale green substance flowed out from the back of the artifact and covered her hands. In defiance of gravity, the runnels of matter twisted around her wrists, continuing along her arms and thickening with each second. She went to drop the mask, but found her hands were now firmly bound in place.

“Shit…” she cursed, dropping her normally polite mannerism. Ancient mystical powers were not to be trifled with, and the fact that she had missed this one meant she hadn’t properly done her homework. It also meant she was in very serious trouble.

An impossible amount of the green material was pouring from the back of the mask now, but instead of reaching around to her arms, the new flow dropped down toward the ground in the form of thick elongating tentacles. For a moment, the mask was heavy as she supported the weight on her outstretched arms, but then the writhing mass reached the cobbled stone floor and supported itself like a living pillar of smooth snakes. Unfortunately, the tentacles continued to lengthen, heading right for her along the ground.

The tomb raider moved her feet apart at the last second, and had a moment’s relief to see the extending ends of the mass pass between them and under her, but the respite was short-lived. Offshoots ffrom the main mass reached out and swirled around each of her boots at her ankles, continuing up her legs. A moment of testing confirmed that her legs were now locked in place as well. Her situation, it seemed, was growing more dire by the second.

In trepidation, she watched more and more of the vine-like material pass under her, and was about to try to turn her head to see where it was all going, when she abruptly knew. A warm, wet mass slapped against her back at the base of her spine, and immediately flowed downward into her shorts under her panties.

“Ahhh!” she gasped again, this time blushing as well. The slick, swirling tentacles reached right in between her bare buttocks, curling down under her. Between the fleshy wet warmth, and the strangely animal-like motion of the mass, she felt a jolt of sexual arousal pulse up through her body. When the same mass slid sensuously over her anus and then up to touch her womanhood, her simple blush turned into a full groan of lust.

“Ughnnn… I should have known…” she panted aloud. “Y-you’re a f-fertility idol… ahhh!”

She quite expected the slippery mass to attack her more… intimately, but was surprised when it continued to slide under her and burst from the top of her shorts at her belly, rising upwards along her abdomen. She was relieved to be spared having to fight that battle, not that the feel of the long tentacles sliding over her sex was something she could ignore, and she cursed herself as she grew wet with arousal. The fleshy mass was like one long, wet tongue, slowly lapping at her in a crazy continuous cunnilingus.

Lara pulled at her hands in a vain effort to break free of the living trap, but the mask had her firmly. Escape was looking less and less likely by the second, and not just because of her bound state… The sensations at her sex were really becoming a distraction. If she lost control, she very much doubted she would ever get it back, and she had a sinking feeling that whatever evil possessed the idol in her hands, it wasn’t likely to let her recover if it managed to push her into orgasm. She felt the mass around her legs pulling at her, as though trying to draw her down to the floor. She resisted that as well, thinking that being on her back would be a very bad, and very final thing.

“Oh, hells,” she gasped as the mass continued to climb her torso. It reached right under the edge of her top and slipped between her breasts, rising again from her cleavage. Under the fabric of the garment, she could feel it branching out around her mounds and specifically her nipples in highly seductive ways that caused her to swallow nervously. But it was the end of the mass rising up in front of her that caused Lara the most worry. It seemed to be slowing, as though this was its final destination, and with a growing sense of dread, she watched as the pale flesh split into a number of smaller branches, almost like the arms of an octopus opening up to catch a meal.

Suddenly, there was something pressing at the folds of her sex, swirling around and opening her. She had only a second’s warning before a similar pressure moved at her rectum. All at once, there were long tendrils of flesh sliding into both orifices, and the raider gasped in shock and violent sexual pleasure.

This seemed to be the moment the artifact was waiting for, and the split tentacle hovering before her quickly moved forward, the branched arms reaching around her head as the warm flesh settled with a wet slap over her face. She jerked back in horror and tried to close her mouth, but it was too late. A thick mass pushed into her open maw and held her jaw wide while it poured more and more of itself into her throat. She could feel smaller tendrils reaching down her esophagus, and even up into her sinus passages as it filled every crevice and cut off her supply of air. Panic and confusion gripped her, she began to thrash in desperation…and just when she started to feel faint, there was a flow of air in her lungs.

Involuntarily, she took in the life-giving oxygen, breathing deeply several times before her mind was able to focus again. When she did, she moaned in despair. The first thing she realized, was that the breath of life she was getting was not coming from the temple room, but rather from within whatever was invading her body. She could smell chemicals… intoxicating scents that made her dizzy and weak. She was being drugged.

The second, more serious matter was that she was now right on the edge of orgasm. Her whole body was shaking and twitching as she barely held on to her sanity… And then the mass that wrapped under and around and into her, all began to move in a slow undulation, the tendrils within her sex sliding erotically in and out of her most sensitive recesses in a way that simply could not be denied.

It was fucking her. Whatever this mystical monstrosity was, the trap was now fully sprung, and Lara had been caught completely. When it finally swirled a thin tendril around her clitoris, the tomb raider convulsed into ecstasy. Jerking and trembling in orgasm, her knees buckled and she slipped to the ground into a thousand hungry waiting coils of flesh, all eager to pleasure her endlessly.