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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

Lara Pressed

The whole job was suspicious from the start. Previously unknown mystical items don’t just appear out of nowhere. Everything has a past. History leaves clues.

When she was told of the artifact, and its supposed healing powers, she was dubious. The biomedical group who wanted to commission her was reluctant to reveal their sources. They simply gave her coordinates with instructions to retrieve the item they said was hidden within the temple there. She should have walked away right there and then, but they were willing to share with her satellite data that showed stone structures hidden in the jungle at the site. Whether or not they were chasing a myth, it would be worth the trip just to confirm the new ruins, especially if she could do it on their dime.

Her second red flag came from the indigenous people she interviewed in the surrounding area. She wasn’t quite fluent in their dialect, but she got the gist of the matter. It seemed few who ventured into the temple area ever returned, and those who did spoke of nothing but death… of “great white hands that lived beneath the ground.” Her translation may have been off, but she recognized the look of fear in the faces of those who had ventured into that forbidden place, especially one woman, who kept repeating a single word over and over – “mothers.” She never could get her to explain. None of the villagers had heard about the artifact, or seemed in any way troubled that she might want to take it from their temple. They should have been outraged. If nothing else, it made her more wary.

After trudging through the jungle for another day, she finally arrived at the coordinates given to her by her employers, and just as promised, she found the ruins.

The structures were mostly Mayan in design, though with subtle cultural differences she had never seen before, so perhaps there was more to this mystical artifact after all. At least the trip hadn’t been a wild goose chase, as were so many of her sponsored expeditions.

The entrance into the main structure was easy enough to find. It wasn’t sealed, and didn’t even appear to have been closed off in any way. If its makers were trying to keep people out, they sure hadn’t worked very hard at it. It also didn’t appear that the site had been ransacked by any other treasure seekers, though she did see some odd upending of the floorstones in several places.

Setting down her pack, Lara extracted a small laptop in a durable case, as well as her satellite phone. The company wanted her to check-in when she reached the coordinates before they would give her more detailed information. The uplink was too weak for an audio call, but she was able to establish a text session… barely.

CROFT: Have reached target coordinates. Confirmed ruins. Awaiting instructions.

A minute or so later there was a response.

*DBRL: Proceed into temple. Artifact is in the lower levels. *

“I was really hoping for a bit more, gentlemen…” she said under her breath.

CROFT: Requesting item description/possible resistance?

DBRL: Proceed into temple. Possible update later.

“What the hell? Not taking any chances, are we… It sounds like you’re going to keep me in the dark for as long as possible. Not very trusting of you.”

CROFT: Uplink unstable. Highly unlikely below ground. Update now please?

There was a brief pause.

DBRL: Proceed into temple.


CROFT: Acknowledged.

She could still walk away. She would lose money on the deal for breaking a contract, but she wasn’t in it for the cash anyway. So far, her employers hadn’t outright lied to her, but she hated to work with so little knowledge of what she was getting into. In her experience, mystical artifacts were rarely, if ever, left unguarded. If she went in, she’d be doing so blind. That in itself didn’t bother her as much as the fact that her employers knew more about what she was after than she did, and they weren’t willing to share it with her. Why? Did they think she might back out if she knew more? Were they worried she might try to run off, keeping the artifact for herself?

Cursing under her breath, she closed the laptop and put away the phone. They would be useless beyond the entrance. She took a few extra moments to set up the little two-panel solar charger to top-off her electronic gear, then took a solid drink from her canteen. She would leave everything save for her guns. If she needed some item later, she would come back up. Time for a reconnoiter.

Topside, the jungle had done a fine job on the stone structures over the years, slowly reaching into cracks and dismantling the work of a thousand slaves. Most of the buildings were little more than loose piles of carved stone blocks. Some of the larger structures had fared better, but even those had been mostly obscured under thick tree roots and moss. The jungle was very good at entropy… except, she noticed, just inside the entrance. Even a mere ten meters in, she could see that all vegetation, including the roots, stopped. Some of that could be explained by a lack of sunlight, but they should have gone much deeper.

She could see that there were brackets along the walls for torches, as well as a tar basin just inside the doorway, so she returned to her pack briefly and gathered what she needed to create several of the makeshift lamps. There was no sense in wasting her flashlight just yet.

As she was coating her second torch in the sticky black goo, she felt a slight tremor under her feet. Frowning, she looked to the trees for any sign that the animal life had felt it too, but the constant cacophony continued without apparent notice. The region wasn’t prone to seismic activity, but there were plenty of other ways such vibrations could be made, so she filed it away in her growing list of mysteries regarding the site.

Her torch lit, the tomb raider ventured within the main entrance hall, carefully testing for traps as she worked her way forward into the dark. After several turns, she came to some stairs that led deeper underground. Contrary to most Mayan cultures which worshipped the heavens, this offshoot appeared fascinated with the Earth and the underworld. As such, it made sense that they might choose to house their holy relics in the deepest section of the temple, rather than its summit., and as such the underground structure was set up as an inverted pyramid.

She found the first landing after descending four long flights of stairs. Halfway down, there was a deep crevice about a foot wide that appeared to be man made in order to drain off any water that might come in from the outside, preventing flooding of the deeper chambers.

“That’s clever,” she said to herself. “But… still no defenses.” She hopped over the crevice. “Either you’re awfully trusting, or you saved all your tricks for the temple itself.”

The landing was a large room which was probably originally used as a staging ground for deeper excavations, and Lara took a few moments to appreciate the carvings on the walls and ceiling. She recognized the language, but like the villagers, there was a lot she couldn’t quite make out. This room in particular, was written as a “preparation” for acolytes, though what those preparations might be were somewhat foggy. Some of the images showed disrobing figures, which wasn’t uncommon in known ritual practices, but certain words led her to believe that these were fertility rites. There was certainly no mention of a mystical healing artifact.

Continuing down, she descended another five full minutes before the steep passage leveled out again and widened into what looked to be a room of great importance. At the far end was an inverted version of a temple roof comb found at the peak of most of their pyramids. Seeing it embedded as such in the wall here, confirmed her theory that the whole structure was an inverted pyramid… and that she was now in the temple itself.

Lara knew that the Mayan people created pyramids for each of their deities, and so she placed her torch in one of the empty brackets, and stepped closer so that she could get a better look at the pictograms. She was extremely wary of traps, but still, there was nothing. The carvings however, were even more confusing.

She was familiar with most of the Mayan gods, but this was definitely something she had never seen before. It was no surprise that the being shown on the roof comb appeared to be coming out of the ground, but what did catch her eye was that it looked like a great white hand. More so, the hand was depicted grasping the figures entering the temple… This temple.

Several things clicked in her head as the raider abruptly felt another tremor beneath her feet. Unlike the one she experienced on the surface, this one was much stronger, and somehow seemed… closer. Scanning the room confirmed that there was no artifact here. This place wasn’t for housing a relic… it was for human sacrifices. And, if her hunch regarding those tremors was correct, the means of that sacrifice was still very much present.

“Shit…” she whispered, and drew her left pistol as she quietly stepped backwards toward the stairs. She was nearly there before she realized that she would need to light the torch in her right hand in order for it to be of any use, but she would need both hands to do it. She could toss the torch and make a run for it, but she seriously doubted that she could navigate those steps at any speed in complete darkness, and she certainly wasn’t about to put her gun away. That left lighting the torch with the one in the bracket… The bracket way over across the room by the alter.

Slowly, and as quietly as she could, she gradually made her way back toward the roof comb structure while she considered her situation. If the locals were telling the truth, then the rumbling under her feet might very well be the creature depicted in the carvings… The great white hand. She eyed the ground and noticed the many disturbed floor tiles, just as there were on the surface. It occurred to her that being topside might not ensure safety. After all, none of the villagers mentioned going into the temple itself. She decided she could would worry about that when she got there. Right now, she just needed to light her second torch and get the hell back up those stairs.

Lara was nearly there, when she felt the ground start to tremble directly under her boots. She was able to take a single step to the side before something very large burst from the ground right where she was standing, sending dirt and stone flying in every direction. A fraction of a second later, she was hit by a collection of fleshy limbs, several of which met her midsection with enough force to lift her right off the ground and slam her back against the one of the stone side walls. The impact not only stunned her, but it knocked the air from her lungs. By the time she recovered, she was only just starting to realize the trouble she was in.

The creature that had come up out of the ground, vaguely resembled a cross between an eel, and a giant squid. It was massive, nearly a meter thick at its widest, and all of it pure muscle. The end was a mass of strange tentacles that it had used like a battering ram against her. While the action was incredibly effective in momentarily disabling her, had she not moved aside at the last second, it would have come up right under her… just like in the carvings.

As it was, she was pinned to the wall, about a half meter off the ground, with several of the huge arms of the beast pressing lewdly under her breasts, holding her in place. At least one more trapped her left arm against the wall as well. The unlit torch might have worked as a club, but it had been knocked right out of her hand when she hit the stone behind her, and now the creature’s other limbs were coming at her all at once. In a panic, the tomb raider put her now free arm up in front of her, catching the white flesh just before it would have met with her face. To her surprise, the end of the tentacle had split multiple ways so that the creature’s ‘fingers’ were wrapped through her own in a frantic attempt to reach her. She was able to hold it back, but only barely, and there were a lot more tentacles reaching for her.

Her gun hand was uselessly trapped, and it was everything she could do to fend off the tentacles with her free hand and legs. The creature was really strong, each of the limbs was like wrestling an anaconda. Even before she had regained her breath, there were tentacles wrapping around her thighs and reaching under and behind her. A pair of limbs snaked under her crotch and then slipped right into her tank top from the back. The feel of the warm flesh on her bare skin made her shiver in revulsion. While the outer top-side of the tentacles were mostly smooth, the underside was like one long wet sucker with a million little nubs running along the center. The arms of the beast sliding up her torso left a slippery trail of slime that she could also now feel on her fingers. With a sudden surge in her fear, Lara realized that it felt like the creature was drooling in anticipation of a newly trapped meal.

She continued to fight, kicking where she could, while keeping the tentacle trying to reach her face at bay. Already she could feel herself tiring, and the creature’s other limbs were slowly winding around her form and limiting her motions. She really expected it to try and pin her legs as well, but curiously, it only wrapped around them individually to make it harder for her to kick. It didn’t make sense until after she realized the beast was stripping her.

Lara Pressed Part 1

It started with her shirt. Those tentacles reaching under her top from behind, slid around to her sides and then started to pull. The simple cotton fabric of her tank-top never stood a chance. First, the thinner straps broke at her shoulders, then the seams at her sides were torn, leaving the garment nominally held in place by only the tentacles crushing into her chest. And since all of them were in constant shifting motion, she knew that wouldn’t last long.

And it didn’t. The tentacles at her back were pulling the remaining remnants of her tank-top away even as she felt another wet pressure at her stomach. Briefly glancing down through the mass of thick limbs, she could see one of the creature’s many arms was trying to force its way into the top of her shorts.

“Not on the first date, bub!” she yelled, trying to make light of her situation against rising fear. She managed to force her knee into the way of the offending limb briefly knocking it away, but gasped as one of the tentacles at her chest split open and settled its ‘fingers’ right over her now bare breast. The warmth of hundreds of little squirming nubs was undulating and squeezing at the mound in a way that could only be taken as sexual, and the slippery flesh that swirled around her nipple was likened to the mouth of a very active lover suckling at the rosy bud. The sudden wash of sexual pleasure surprised and confused her. What was the creature doing? Were these sloppy attempts to stimulate her meant as a distraction? In that sense, the attacks were definitely working. While befuddled by the sensations coming from her breasts, she failed to notice that the creature had popped open the buckle of her belt – quite a feat for something that didn’t even appear to have eyes.

The massive white worm wasted little time. The pair of tentacles that had previously worked on her shirt, now slipped out from under her and joined several others in trying to get her pants over her hips. So now the tomb raider was fighting a three-pronged battle. The open tentacle being held back from her face had gained enough ground that one of its slimy fingers settled over the bridge of her nose. She could feel the others trying to squirm around her hand. She didn’t want to find out what it might do if it succeeded, but visions of a slow suffocation came to mind. At her chest, she could feel her nipple swell and harden under the decidedly erotic torment, and there now appeared to be something new adding to that distraction at the center of the fleshy fingers. There was an additional motion, almost as though several very thin tongues were constantly swirling around and over her nipple in a never ending dance to seduce her.

And finally, there was the battle she was gradually losing to keep her shorts in place. Once the creature had gotten past her belt, the simple snap and fly were forced open almost at once, leaving the garment dangerously loose. To counter them being yanked straight down her thighs, the raider moved her legs apart and lifted her knees. Bending in this way made it much harder for the many arms to get the garment off, but it also left her more susceptible to the single other tentacle reaching down the front of the open garment and into her lap. Lara both shivered and blushed the first time the thick flat limb slipped down over her pubic mound. She was disgusted at the prospect of being molested by the vile breast, but at the same time, her body was reacting to that warm slick touch in very frustrating ways. Once again, she was distracted by a wash of sexual pleasure that caused her to gasp and lose focus for several seconds. But that was all the time the eel-like creature needed to yank her shorts, panties and all, down around her rear. A moment later, she felt the tip of the tentacle inch down lower, covering her clitoris and playing into the folds of her flower.

“No!” she yelled, and in a panic, slammed her legs closed. The action stopped the progress of the limb at her apex, but it was all the creature needed to ease her shorts down her thighs. Lara realized just how easily she had been tricked, and cursed while her lower garments, as well as her gun holsters, were worked over her boots, which it ignored completely.

Things turned grim pretty fast from there. Her right breast was engulfed much as her left had been, and she could feel the limbs of the creature wrapping around her legs as they gradually applied outward pressure.

“Not good!…” she moaned as she fought to keep her thighs closed. That was when she noticed a lone tentacle rising up above the one trying to get to her face. With one hand bound against the wall, and the other busy with another limb, there would be little she could do to stop the new appendage. She swallowed nervously when it very slowly split and opened wide, right in front of her, but came no closer – as though it wanted her to see what was coming.

“Oh gods…” she moaned at the terrible display. Like the underside of the other limbs, the split tentacle head was dripping with a thick slime within. Each of the three ‘fingers’ of the head was like the underside of the rest of the tentacle, and had a center section filled with hundreds of wriggling little nubs that looked like the smooth tentacles of a sea anemone drifting in the currents. They even seemed to glow with a soft blue light. From the very center of the split, Lara watched as about a half dozen thin tendrils slid out and writhed around in a sort of mad choreography of living motion. Seeing these, she understood how her nipples were being teased into pulsing hardness.

Between the slow flowing waves of the nubs, and the more intricate dance of the thin tendrils, the tomb raider sensed something change in her mind. With a soft exhalation she started to find herself mesmerized against her will. She could feel the creature shifting around her again, moving the main bulk of itself closer as its limbs slipped quietly around her naked and helpless form, further securing her. She knew she had to fight, but there was something about the motion of the tendrils in front of her face that held her in rapt attention.

She could feel her thighs being patiently pried back open by the muscular arms, and at least subconsciously understood that this was a very bad thing. She felt the limb wrapped around her right hand shift its pressure to the side, though it held onto her hand all the same. She wasn’t prepared for the maneuver, and within only a few seconds, her right hand was pinned to the wall just as her left was. She could feel the fingers of her left hand being slowly pressed back from their grip on her weapon, and a moment after that, she heard her gun clack to the ground, completely out of her reach, her last best chance to escape gone.

As if it understood its prey was fully secured and helpless, the great body of the creature moved still closer, its limbs splaying around her like a lover. Lara Croft watched in growing horror as the open tentacle in front of her face inched closer as well. Soon, it was close enough that the central tendrils touched her mouth, which she had clamped shut instinctively. She could feel them pressing against the seam of her lips, looking for an opening.

Up so close, the hypnotic motion of the nubs was much stronger, and she was beginning to have trouble concentrating. As she fought for control, she noticed that the sway and pulsing of the glowing waves filling her visual field, were oddly in sync with the pulses of sexual pleasure coming from her nipples. In a sudden moment of clarity, Lara finally understood that the creature that had captured her was no mindless eel. It was expressing considerable intelligence in its use of creative deception, planning, its ability to work with her clothing. It had anticipated her moves every step of the way, and now it was using her own body’s senses to further subdue and pacify her resistance. Whatever it had in store for her, Lara doubted very much that she would be able to resist it for long in her current state. Nor was there much she could do about it. Still, it was not in her nature to give in or give up. She would fight to her last breath…

The huge mass of the eel settled against her lower pelvic region, and the girl wasn’t surprised to find her apex abruptly engulfed in soft, warm flesh that was covered in the creature’s slippery drool. What she wasn’t expecting, was how incredibly erotic it felt.

The sensation was entirely unique… It was as though someone had placed a live, undulating jellyfish on her nethers, only without the stinger cells. The moment it touched her, her heart rate went through the roof, and it took everything she had to keep her mouth closed against the continued prodding of the fine tendrils at her lips. The problem was, despite her fear, the soft, slick flesh moving against her own petals was sending massive sparks of pleasure up her body that caused her to twitch and shudder with lust. Even if it did nothing else, which she highly doubted would be the case, it was the best cunnilingus of her life, and she was quickly building towards what was sure to be a massive toe-curler of an orgasm. Between the torturous suckling play at her nipples, and the gentle motions against her own sopping wet center, Lara figured that she had about a minute before she would be pushed over the edge.

The swiftness of that seduction was not lost on her, and she wondered why it didn’t just strangle her and eat her whole. The forced ecstacy was intentional. Even now she could feel the creature exploring her, using the conforming flesh to softly open and stroke her more intimately. It was probing and learning her, yes, but it was also taking the time to stimulate the areas that had drawn out the most response from her. It didn’t simply want to distract her with pleasure… It truly was seducing her.

Regardless of what it had in mind, Lara wasn’t about to give in. The longer she resisted, the longer she stayed alive. She knew her chances of survival were slim, but so long as it wasn’t crushing her into a pulp, there was a chance nonetheless.

Her arousal growing by the second, she started to feel something else probling at her apex. Amid the soft slippery tissues that covered her, there was something just a bit more rigid. Like a bump or a hard spot that seemed to be riding up and down her cleft, searching. Finally, it settled itself on her, and the soft flesh pressed just a bit more firmly to either side of her sex, spreading her even more open than before. When the tomb raider abruptly understood what it was doing, she had only a second before the arms around her nude body tensed and the “bump” pressed forward into her passage with a single shuddering thrust from the massive body of the creature. Her world tumbling, the girl tensed as well. The orgasm she experienced forced back her head and caused her to cry out uncontrollably. To her surprise, the tendrils at her lips took advantage of her gasping pleasure to rush forward. Once inside, they became stiff and inflexible, holding her jaw open while the rest of the split limb came forward and quickly settled against her lower face just below her nose. Two of the fingers reached around her head grasping her so that she could no longer pull away, and the third slipped up the side and across the bridge of her nose. The placement allowed her to breathe through her nostrils, but completely sealed off her open mouth.

Even as her hips were still spasming against the new appendage that now lay buried deep in her sex, another stiff member was sliding down her throat. It came from the very center of the limb clasping her face, and eased down into her esophagus in undulating waves. It must have been coated with some kind of natural anesthetic, because her mouth and tongue went instantly numb, and the instinctive tightening of her throat muscles melted away almost as fast as the tube-like extension slid into her body.

Gradually, Lara’s eyes refocused and she tried to comprehend what had just happened. She could still clearly feel the very large phallic member that was buried within her, and she thanked her stars that both she, and it had been so well lubricated. She couldn’t quite call it a penis, as it had characteristics that were very much unlike a human phallus. She could feel ridges and bumps all along its length. Not that the oddness of the thing made it feel any less stimulating as it continued to slowly pulse within her tight sheath. Nor did it lessen the revulsion she felt at being raped by a massive worm.

Lara had only a few moments of undisturbed thought before the body of the creature started undulating. It used both its many tentacles, as well as the muscles of its main body to slowly fuck her. She had no other way to describe the motions, which were undeniably sexual. It grasped her hips, rolling them forward and back, manipulating her so that her pelvis was forced to hump against the appendage and slide it ever deeper into her trembling core. In frustration, she put all her will into resisting the rhythmic motion, but it was no use. She just didn’t have the strength to fight against the horrible copulation, and it worked her, pumping its own body in unison until she felt her muscles begin to falter.

As though it could sense her weakening, the monster deepened the undulating rhythm and quivered in apparent excitement and anticipation of what was coming. Lara vainly tried to shake her head in denial, but was held still by the powerful limb gripping her head. There was motion at her mouth, and she could discern soft pulses traveling down the length of the thing in her throat and into her stomach. She would have gagged at the mere thought of being forced to swallow whatever foul substance was being pumped into her belly, but the anaesthetic properties of the tube suppressed even that. She did notice however, that she was almost immediately weaker still and slightly drowsy, so perhaps the worm used a kind of poison to ensure a complacent victim. Whatever the case, she was definitely beginning to feel drugged. A warm euphoria settled through her, which did not help at all in her battle to resist the pleasure that was rising up from deep in her pelvis.

A tingling tension was quickly building in her middle as the creature continued its pulsing undulations without pause, unshakably working her toward another moment of bliss. She knew she had to fight it… hold off the orgasm that would only distract and seduce her further, but her deeper sexual instincts had already begun to take over. She didn’t understand why the creature choose to torment her in this way. Why didn’t it simply eat her and get it over with?

The pleasure hit her abruptly and with complete surprise, her body thrashing to escape the overwhelming delirium. Apparently oblivious to her state, the white worm never even slowed, and she was only barely coming down from the first orgasm, when she spasmed into yet another little death. When Lara Croft did finally manage to get her eyes to refocus, her whole body felt limp and weak. But even drowning in a dizzy euphoria, she could tell that something was different.

Lara Pressed Part 2

The creature was still fucking her, though its motions seemed more rapid and determined, almost as though it too was nearing some kind of denouement. That was when she felt the bulges.

The first one caused her to gasp through her nose and jump with adrenalin as it met the edges of her flower and paused as though it were too big to go further. It was a significant bump traveling down the phallic shaft that had been penetrating her over and over again. As soon as the bulge met her body, the creature stopped abruptly and seemed to tremble as it held her pelvis firmly forward against its body. A moment later the bulge slipped past the tight rim of her sex, which nearly sent her over the edge again, and gradually continued down the appendage within her until it seemed to Lara that it had to be pressing against the entrance of her cervix. And suddenly she understood. The giant worm wasn’t going to kill her at all… it was going to impregnate her! Finally, she comprehended what the indigenous woman in the village had meant. She was referring to what their god did to those brought before it… it made them mothers!

This was both good and bad. It meant that the worm was highly unlikely to kill her outright, which might give her further chance to escape. It was bad because, well, she was about to be impregnated with some kind of seed or larvae. She was days of hard travel from even the closest clinic, let alone a hospital, but depending on the gestation period, and whether the little beasties could be birthed rather than simply eating their way out, there was still a chance she might survive this whole horrific experience.

All of this flashed through her mind in the span of a few heartbeats, even as the great body of the worm shuddered in apparent ecstasy itself. And realizing what was about to happen, Lara made one last panicked struggle. But Impaled and helpless as she was, there was simply nothing she could do, and a second later there was a deep pressure against her cervix, and then a rush of liquid warmth. She knew that a marble-sized object had just passed into her uterus, but that was the last thing she was aware of for quite some time because the tomb raider launched right into another powerful orgasm that completely took her breath away. Lara came so hard, that there were stars flickering in the periphery of her vision long after her hips stopped humping uncontrollably against the shaft that was buried in her dripping sex, even without the forced help of the creature.

“Hghnnnn…” she moaned through her nose as the pleasure slowly faded. It was done. The creature’s seed was now inside her, and without medical intervention, would soon implant itself in the wall of her uterus and start to gestate. At least the worst was over…

The worm gripped her and pumped its body once against her pelvis as it had before. To her surprise and despair, she felt a second bulge press up against the rim of her sex. And just as before, she felt it softly pop past the barrier with a jolt of pleasure, initiating an inescapable chain reaction of rising arousal that she knew would culminate in another torturous orgasm when it finally reached her waiting womb. Whimpering in denial, she knew that she couldn’t resist the sexual rush that would come when it was forced through. Already, her body was starting to move on its own in anticipation of the moment, her hips rolling in hungry lust.

Lara could see that her body at least, had already given in to the seduction. Her breath came in short gasps right before the second little ball was thrust through, and right on cue, she was lost under the flood of sudden pleasure. When it was over, she was dripping slime and sweat, but before she could even relax, there was yet another bulge waiting at her gates…

Eleven eggs total were put inside her over the next half hour, and Lara came with each one, to devastating effect. The next thing she knew, the strange phallus was slipping out of her, and the many limbs of the creature were relaxing around her body. It still held her from escaping (not that she had the energy), but it was no longer moving her. The sheer weight of the powerful tentacles would have held her in place at that point, but it was obvious that it wasn’t quite ready to let her go yet. It also didn’t appear to be done stimulating her.

To her horror, Lara felt one of the split tentacle ends slip down her slightly distended abdomen and over her the slick, matted hair of her mons. She was only just pushing the webs of passion from her brain, when that same warm touch dropped lower and slid sensuously over her very sensitive clitoris, sliding back and forth with a slow wet pressure that caused her whole body to go rigid in wonderful, terrible shock. As stimulated as she already was, she was only able to hold off her orgasm for another few seconds. When she saw that the torturous distraction hadn’t stopped upon coming back down, she knew that she had been tricked yet again, and that the worm wasn’t going to give her any opportunity to escape. Instead, it would keep her drugged and nourished by the tube down her throat for as long as it took for the seeds in her abdomen to be permanently implanted in her womb. And lest she try to have any more clever thoughts of escape, it also appeared as though it was going to keep her fully distracted with mind-numbing pleasure the whole time…

Seventy two hours later, Lara Croft was awakened from a horrible nightmare by the heavy thumping of a military helicopter. She slowly opened her eyes against the bright jungle sunlight, and found she was laying on broken stone tiles. It took her several seconds to clear her head, but she recognized the carved glyphs from the courtyard in front of the temple.

She tried to move, but her body barely responded it was so weak, and gradually, things all started to come back to her. Moaning in despair, she reached down and touched her abdomen. The bulge there was undeniable proof of her own tortured memory, as was the light fluttering she felt from within that space caused by the creatures that were already growing there.

Turning her head slightly, she saw fully armed men with tactical gear rappelling down to the ground nearby, and she cringed at her state of dress, or lack thereof. When she noticed the logo and DBRL initials on their shoulders, she relaxed a bit, but only for a moment. She had to wonder, if the company had this kind of logistical support, why did they ever bother to send her in the first place? Then she saw them lowering a medical quarantine stretcher, and she understood.

There was no mystical artifact in the ruins. There never was. But the company that had sent her there was looking to collect something from the temple… something that would be very lucrative to their research, or even as a bioweapon. All they needed was a host.

As they gathered her up from the ground, she did her best to fight them off, but she was barely able to stand on her own, let alone put up any kind of real resistance. She was quickly overpowered and forced into the reinforced chamber, which closed over her like a coffin. Cursing, she was lifted into the air to the hovering transport, her final hopes for freedom fading quickly, for the tomb raider knew that her real suffering was just beginning.