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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Laslo Gate

Chapter 1 – How to win a bet.

I always loved it when Michael would lick my thighs. I was languidly lying on a pile of pillows with my arms tied to a post above me. My lover’s arms reached under my legs and up onto my flat belly and torso. His left hand was lightly circling my navel, his right hand was teasing my breasts. Michael’s head hovered between my parted knees, his tongue running up and down the insides of my tawny white thighs.

Our lovemaking was better than most, mainly because we never sought to please ourselves, but rather the person we were with. We both also had incredible imaginations and a fervent need to experiment. We made a good match. If only he wasn’t gone for 11 months out of the Terran year.

I was starting to moan softly, the sensations from my nipples driving me wild. Michael saw that I was at the proper point for the next phase in his erotic torture and looked up at me with a smile.

“Will you give in now, it’s only a little bet. You don’t stand to lose much.” His fingers continued to rub lovingly at my right nipple as he spoke.

“Never!” I chimed, my breathing deep and intense. “And… half a million… Ledarian credits… is no… small bet!”

“Suit yourself, but you only lasted seven minutes last time.”

“Last time… ummm… I was half drunk… I… can make the full… ugh… half-hour.”

“Maybe,” he said wickedly. “And if you do, I intend to be a sore loser.”

I looked down at him. “You wouldn’t renege on your bet?!”

He smiled. “Of course not, but if you do stay conscious the full half hour, I’ll have a little surprise for you.”


“I’m not going to stop…”

My mind did a loop as his words worked through the sexual fog that was hanging in my brain. Our little wager was a simple one, that Michael could make me pass-out from ecstasy in less than thirty minutes. The last time he had tricked me by plying me with drink and incredibly active sex. Then, when I was weak, he proposed his erotic gamble. Being the stubborn lout that I am, I agreed. In just over seven minutes, I cried out in orgasm for the fourth time and dropped into never-never land. The next day I argued that he had cheated and he happily agreed to allow me a second chance, only this time I had to agree to the restraints. I knew that I could stand almost any amount of pleasure when I was fresh, so I allowed him to tie my hands. Now, I realized that this was his game all along, that he never intended to win the bet… He just wanted to get me so that I couldn’t stop his delicious ministrations.

“Michael, you sneak! You had this planned all along didn’t you!”

“Of course, my dear,” he said kissing the top of my Mons. Ripples of pleasure pulsed up my body. “And so long as the cat’s out of the bag so-to-say, I can take my time. No longer am I limited to a mere half-hour to torment you body with passion. Now, I can watch your face for as long as I choose while you wreath in orgasm again… and again… and again.” With each word, he placed a kiss a little lower on my apex. “Any last requests?”

“I’m going to get you for this,” I promised vainly.

“I look forward to it. Enjoy my sweet.”

With that, Michael let his head drop down into the ‘V’ of my thighs, his fine brown hair tickling the soft sensitive skin. I could feel the heat of his breath as he neared my flower. Involuntarily, I pulled at the bonds that held my hands above my head and laid out my body like a table for him to feast on. At that moment his mouth found its first meal…

“UGHHmmm!” His tongue lashed out and connected the soft flesh that was my womanhood. Fire reached up my body and blossomed in my nipples, which even now pulsed and swelled under the palms of his hands.

“UmmmmUGHNHhhh!” Again his tongue passed over my gates, this time parting them slightly and tasting the nectar within. Already I could feel the warmth in my belly of an approaching orgasm. With a painful slowness he then began his real work. His loving lips sucked and kissed my most sensitive region with increasing vigor. His tongue was now a random entity that struck with no warning and with varying degrees of intensity. One moment it would just graze my lower lips, the next it would it would slide deep within me and lap at my very center.

I could do nothing as I lay there, my eyes open wide with the shock of what was happening within my loins. I looked down my body and watched the slow rhythm of my own hips as Michael’s head bobbed up and down at my apex. The sight of my own motion only increased the rising fire of passion within me. With a jolt, I tensed and called out as I had my first orgasm of the evening.

When my vision cleared Michael was looking up at me, his chin buried in my mound.

“You are always the most beautiful at your moment,” he said, the vibrations of his jaw causing residual ecstasy to flow up from my thighs.

“Uhnnn…” was all I could say as my mind slowly cleared. I was just about to say something else in response when he blew hot breath down over my crotch.


“Ah, you like this don’t you?”

“Michael…” It was all I was able to voice.

He silenced any further words by lowering his head into my lap once again and continued his hot breathing where it really made a difference. I gasped loudly as the warm winds caressed my tunnel. The moist walls quickly cooled until I wished he would bring his face closer, if only to have the warmth of his tongue inside me. The coolness grew and grew until I felt I would scream if it continued much longer. Then suddenly his tongue did move inside me, and in one smooth motion. I arched my back in spasm as it reached in and found the tiny button of my clitoris. Once there, he covered it and then was very still. He held my hips tight, preventing me from escaping the heat that built at my center. In a matter of seconds I was thrown over the edge into bliss.

Once again he let me come back to reality before he started his torture over again.

“Ughnnn…” I moaned sedately, my head falling back in exhaustion.

“That was interesting wasn’t it? Let’s try an experiment shall we.”

I was still foggy from my orgasm, so I hardly noticed the absence of his weight on my body. I reveled in the few moments of lingering ecstasy until I saw him come back into the room carrying something. He once again dropped down between my thighs (which opened to him quite on their own) and placed something cold on my belly.

At first I didn’t recognize it. Not many people would, even fully sober. In fact, you would have to be a Med-Tech as was my profession to have any idea what the strange tubular instrument on my stomach was, let alone how to use the thing. I was still very puzzled as to why my lover would bring a Medical Resonator to my bed. He must have thought that he could turn the frequency of the Thumper (as we called them) to that of a vibrator. Which was possible, but completely useless as a stimulant because the intensity at that range wouldn’t even be felt. The Thumpers were used solely as deep base sound generators during operations in which it was necessary to check the integrity of a bone or tissue. And then it simply made a repeating ‘thump’ of traceable sound every second or so. Hardly an active lover.

“Michael, what are you doing?” I asked the question as he began to position the device.

“You’ll see. If I’m right, I’ll get to watch your lovely face in orgasm for as long as I want.”

“It’s a Thumper, not a vibrator…”

“I know, my love. And wasn’t it fortunate that you explained its operation to me the other day?”

I couldn’t think of anything to say except that he was going to lose the bet. I checked the clock and he still had twenty-five minutes left. Had only five minutes really passed? It seemed like hours.

When I checked my belly, Michael had affixed the Skintape holds of the Thumper just above my Mons. I hoped that he didn’t plan to move it around too much, Skintape adheres to flesh like a super conducting magnet sticks to the side of a metal bulkhead. In practice, it’s meant to keep the instrument at a fixed location no matter how much the patient moves. The actual sound generator is located at the end of a flexible tentacle, which can be electronically stiffened if needed. Michael took this little probe, and started to push it inside me.

“What the hell…”

“Relax, sweet. In a moment everything will be ready.”

I shut up and let him waste his time, somewhat irked by the fact that I was missing a wonderful shower of orgasms despite the bet. I could feel the probe moving about my flower until it was positioned right on my clitoris. I gasped as the still sensitive button bloomed with remembered passion.

Michael was looking over me with his arms resting on my knees.

“Are you ready,” he asked with a stupid grin.

“Ready to win our bet and find another lover.”

“Patience. This game requires only that you resist as much as possible.”

“What are you talking about?”

Michael reached down and flicked on the Thumper.


I was completely startled by the sudden pulse of pleasure that fanned out from my apex. Then a second later it happened again, then again. I suddenly realized what my lover was up to. The Thumper would never be able to stimulate someone as a vibrator, but positioned correctly its methodical “beat” might be enough to drive a woman mad with anticipation.

“Michael this is crazy. It’s not going to work,” I lied. Already I was tensing and straightening my legs out, trying to get the probe away from my tiny jewel. He came and laid out next to me, his hand cupping a breast.

“Let us wait and see,” he said thumbing my nipple.

And wait we did. In five minutes a was already starting to sweat. No matter how hard I tried to ignore the growing sensations in my loins, the constant pulsing of the Thumper was starting to have the desired effect on me. And no matter how much I squirmed or twisted, the device continued its torture unrelentingly.

It was the incredibly slow buildup that made it hard to stand. I couldn’t even increase the beat of the damn thing or move in such a way as to get it to stimulate me more intensely. My breathing was starting to become labored and my own heart beat almost exactly twice the speed of the mechanical lover within me. Sweat built on my forehead and chest. Michael tenderly leaned over and kissed away the tiny droplets making me moan for release.

The Thumper worked me for the next ten minutes, by which time I was a groaning, twisting mass of passion. I was just starting to think that the pulses of pleasure might finally overtake me, when Michael reached out and turned a switch on the device. At first I thought he had turned it off and I began considering the various obscenities that I was going to use on him. Then suddenly, there was another beat. Then, after a moment it was there again. The slime! I realized that he hadn’t turned the machine off, he had merely cut its rate by one half!

Had he started with this setting, I might have been able to resist the growing passions, but I was far too sensitive now. I needed release so badly that I begged Michael to take me. I told him that he could have the bet, ANYTHING so long as he would let me come! He only stared down at my writhing body, into my half-lidded eyes as wave after wave of fire pounded my loins every two seconds.

I started to gasp as the fire in my belly worked its way up my torso.









Finally, as the Thumper sent its pulse into me, my hips shook and I slipped into a brilliant orgasm. The pleasure flowed up my body, pulsed through my nipples and started to ebb just as another pulse hit me. The ecstasy reblossomed and surged up my still gasping body. I twisted and pulled at my bonds, there was no way to escape the waves of passion that buried me again and again. I tried to call out to Michael but was completely caught up in the rapture of unending multiple orgasms.