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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.


Little Lost Nymph

Chapter 1 – Whoops!

It wasn’t the first time that I had made a mistake with the tree gates, but it was by far the worst. Here I was, expecting to step out onto a soft grassy knoll, and instead I was staring at the backdoor of a cheap Italian restaurant. Not that I knew what a restaurant was, mind you, let alone an Italian one. But at the time, it hardly mattered. I knew that I had fucked up really bad and took in the rest of my surroundings. To my then unseasoned eye, I was standing in what appeared to be a deep rock canyon with strange portals carved into its sides at very regular intervals. There also seemed to be cages attached to the rock going up as well. It was all completely alien to someone who had lived her whole life in the deep bowels of a lush green forest.

I should explain. You see, I am a Nymph. A Wood Nymph to be exact. Contrary to what you might have had read to you as a child, I am not some tiny denizen that lives in a flower and talks to the animals. I am five foot three, red haired and look remarkably like a human female. In fact, aside for my ears, which are pointed, and my eyes, which I will explain later, there would be very little way to tell us apart by sight alone. At least until you take into account that human females wear clothing, Nymphs do not. I was standing in a back alley wearing an anklet and a confused expression.

“Yeah! Baby!” Said an enthusiastic male voice to my left. In my confusion, I hadn’t noticed the man sitting against the canyon wall about ten feet away. He was very dirty, almost gnome-like, and had a bottle of some kind in his left hand.

“Where am I?” I asked, trying to keep my gaze averted.

“Damn,” he said in disbelief. I could smell the powerful scent of alcohol on his breath. “You really had one hum-dinger of a night, didn’t you?”

“Please sir,” I asked more desperately. “Can you tell me where I am?”

“Fourth and Main, sister.”

I sighed. I had never heard of any place called Fourthandmain, so I knew I was probably a long way from home.

“Say,” said the male with a slightly slurred lilt to his voice. “How about you and I…”

I never waited to hear the rest of his sentence. There are a number of what humans call ‘rules’ that we Nymphs live by. One of them is that you never let a human see you unless you mean them to. Another is that you never let yourself get too far away from a tree. I was very much in violation of these two rules and it scared me into action.

I dashed toward what looked like a widening of the canyon. There were some unfamiliar sounds and smells from that direction, but at least it appeared that there was more open space. As I moved nearer though, I started to have second thoughts. Suddenly, I burst into the full light of day and the open, desperately looking for a tree. What I found instead caused my eyes to grow as wide as chestnuts.

Understand that I had never seen automobiles close up before. I had seen a few skirting along the strange hard paths that bordered the forest lands, but I always thought of them as large metal bison or turtles. They moved faster than almost anything in the forest, but never seemed to wander from their trails. They always made a fair amount of noise as they moved, so I never had any trouble hiding from them, until now.

They were everywhere! They seemed to be packed into lines, like some mass exodus. And worse, where there weren’t the metal bison, there were people!

I can only attribute what happened next to sheer panic. I heard the cries of several humans nearby and sprang into the air. I leaped over one of the bison things and headed for what looked like another canyon. There was a great screeching, like that of an eagle or hawk, and then some more loud cries. I dashed for the canyon with every bit of speed I had, hardly noticing that the ground seemed to me to be the biggest, flatest rock I had ever run on. It was completely without a shred of moss and I wondered in the back of my head what sort of blight could cause such a scouring. There was a continued commotion behind me but the canyon seemed only a moment away. Suddenly, a yellow colored bison stopped right in front of me making the eagle sounds and to my great surprise extended a wing. At least I thought it was a wing until I saw that the creature was hollow and that a human male was inside.

“Get in! Quick!” He was saying. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, and surely would have jumped over top and dashed into the canyon had I not noticed something that caused my heart to leap with joy. Hanging next to the man’s head from a little string was a small object cut out from a leaf or some other green material. Its shape was crude, but unmistakably that of a tree. I could even smell the scent of pine!

I decided that it had to be a sign, and dove into the hollow space. I was surprised again when I landed on something soft and springy. There was another screech and the wing slapped back into place.

“Boy, you musta had one hell of a party, lady…” Said the man as he held on to a large ring of some kind. It looked as though it was fighting him and I had a profound thought. Perhaps the metal bison were actually some animal like a horse that was covered by armor, and that the soft, springy pads were a sort of saddle! That would mean that the ring with which the man was wrestling must be akin to the reigns.

“Here,” he was speaking again. He tossed a garment which landed on my lap, just as I righted myself and sat as he did in the ‘saddle.’ I looked at the article of clothing off-handedly. It was made of a durable fabric in an appealing green and beige pattern. “I know it’s not exactly the Ritz, but you better put it on before we pass a bus or something.”

I could no longer hear the hysteria behind us, even above the steady growl of the beast we were riding on. It seemed to complain every time the man urged it to move, though. I had seen humans wear clothing, and could fairly readily take it off them, but I was somewhat at a loss as to how one donned a garment. I settled it over me, pushing my arms through the two longer tubes.

“Yeah, okay. Whatever, just so long as you look like you’re wearing something. The union kinda frowns on me picking up, er.. I mean… on account… oh hell. Look lady, I try to do at least one decent thing a week. You looked like you were a bit out of your element so I butted in. Where can I take you?”

I listened while I watched the surrounding travelers in awe. Then I risked a glance at the man next to me. He was dark of skin, maybe thirty years of age with no facial hair and an appealing natural odor that reminded me of crushed birch leaves. He had asked me where I wanted to go. I knew the Nymph name of my forest, but I doubted that the human male next to me could even pronounce it, let alone take me there. A severe sense of sorrow came over me. I was lost. Very lost.

My sadness must have shown.

“Hey… It’s okay. Really. Whatever has happened, you can work it out. I’ll help. You’ll see… Everything will be fine.”

Tears were running down my cheeks as I thought about my homeland, and how very far away it must be.

“Look, I’m gonna take you to someone I know that can help you out. She’s a real nice person and I’m sure she can get you some new clothes and…”

I grabbed his arm in terror. “Please no! Don’t leave me!” This human, however strange and different from me, was the only one whom I trusted at the moment. To leave him would mean starting over in the open.

“Hey! Careful there… Okay, okay. You can stay. Just don’t pull on my arm like that, you’ll crash us.”

I had no idea what a crash was, but it sounded bad and I loosened my grip.

“I’m Mac.” He said with a soft smile.

“I am…” and then I spoke my name. Mind you, I spoke my Given name, and I’m sure that the sounds used in my native language are hardly even understandable to humans.

Mac tilted his head slightly. “Wow, that’s a mouthful. You must be foreign, yes?”

“Very.” I replied.

“How about if I just call you, Rachael?”

It was a total shortening of my name, but seemed a fair representation in human speak. I smiled.


Mac seemed pleased and I could smell that he was relaxing a bit.

“You know,” he said, glancing at something just outside the bison. “You don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed or anything. It’s not like I haven’t seen it all before. It’s okay to look at me.”

I kept my eyes averted. How could I tell him that if I were to look at him… really look at him, that he would fall instantly in love with me, desiring me over any lover he had ever had. It wasn’t because of my beauty, though I’m sure by human standards I was attractive, it was part of the magic; part of being a Nymph. I couldn’t turn it off anymore than Mac could stop sweating. There was another one of those forest folk rules that basically said that you shouldn’t ever enchant a human unless you mean business, because they will. They will follow you around like a little puppy. They will fight for you, even die for you. Life is still sacred, even if they don’t believe in magic. I tried to explain this to Mac.

“I… It’s my eyes… I can’t…”

“OH! Shit, I’m sorry,” he interrupted. “The light… Damn, I shoulda known. Here,” he said reaching into a small opening. “Put these on.”

He handed me a small object that completely baffled and confused me until I noticed that the object reminded me of a raccoon’s face. Mac had mentioned my eyes. I tried to understand how the device could be placed on my face, and with a bit of experimentation found that I could unfold two stick-like appendages that slipped behind my ears. I had no idea if I had correctly “put on” the object, until Mac asked, “Better?”

‘Better’ seemed open to interpretation. It was like peering through a slab of ice only more so. There were less colors, and the ones that remained all seemed to be in the blue spectrum. Everything also appeared as it did at dusk. But what was even more amazing to me was the fact that I could still see at all. When Mac had handed me the object, I noticed that it was black and opaque. Yet when it was on my face I could still see. Marvelous. I tried to imagine what use it had, couldn’t, but left it where it was since Mac seemed to think that it was necessary.

“Ya look great, kid. Here, check it out…” He flipped down a small flap of something in front of me. For a second, I thought that I was looking into another portion of the bison, and that there was another Nymph seated there. Then I realized that the other Nymph was me and I was looking at my own reflection. I had seen myself before in water and even ice, but this was truly a miracle. This reflection seemed so perfect that one could not tell where the reflection started and the real ended. I found myself grinning.

Another revelation was that I could not see my own eyes. At all. I had to move the strange object out of the way several times before I was convinced that it was indeed a one-way phenomenon.

“You can’t see my eyes!” I stated happily.

“No. Some people like it that way. Kinda nice. It’s the poor man’s anonymity.”

Mac had no idea why I was so excited. With the object on my face, I could look humans in the eyes and not enchant them. I could even look at Mac. I had to test it.

“Look at me!” I said enthusiastically.

“What?” Mac was starting right at me. For several seconds he was staring directly at my eyes and yet I could imediately tell that he was still in control of himself. No enchantment.

“Yippee!” I laughed.

“What’s so funny,” sputtered Mac, catching some of my mirth.

“I can look at you!”

“Yeah? Hey, you wouldn’t be on somethin’, would you?”

“On? I’m happy, Mac.”

“Well, okay. I guess there’s no law against that. Here we are…”

The bison stopped and Mac did something that caused the wing on his side to extend. I pushed on my side with a growing sense of entrapment until he came around and performed the same magic causing the wing to extend and release me. I clambered out of the hollow space and then turned around to get a better look at the strange creature that had moved us so swiftly through the canyons. So far as I could tell, it was completely ensheathed in its armor. I placed a hand on the surface and found it to be quite warm.

“Who will take care of your… your…”

“Taxi?” He finished.

“Yes. It seems quite tired.”

“Well, I know it’s not exactly new, but it still has some mileage left in it. Come on. We better get you off the street before somebody notices that you’re not wearing any pants.”

I followed Mac into one of the openings in the canyon. Inside was a complex system of caves. I marveled at the work that must have gone into digging such a delicate structure. Even the Dwarves of my forest would have been impressed by such workmanship. Mac stopped before a portal and used a tiny key to work the latch. Following him in, I entered his abode.

He set down some objects and then walked into another cave. By some magic he caused light to spring from points about the cluttered cave by touching small rectangles on the wall. I examined one of the lights and was quite surprised to find that the tiny flame was trapped within a transparent bubble and that almost no heat or smoke escaped yet the light flourished.

“Here ya go,” announced Mac as he came back from the other cave carrying a stack of garments.

I received the gift and stood dumfounded.

“Oh! Sorry… Bathroom is in there, to your left.” He pointed to the other cave.

I nodded and headed off to find the ‘bath room’. ‘Bath’ was a word that I was familiar with. When I found the section of cave that he was referring to, I made the connection to the other part of the word. ‘Room’ then must be in reference to a ‘space’ or ‘area’. The cave was separated into rooms, each with a separate purpose. I was congratulating myself on my latest bit of deduction when I realized that Mac had not enlightened this ‘room.’ Biting my lip, I touched various parts of the wall near me, hoping that I might perform the same trick. To my great surprise, I was suddenly bathed in the light of a number of the tiny fires. I looked at the wall where my hand had last touched and noticed a tiny lever. So, it wasn’t magic at all, but a machine of some sort. I tested my logic and moved the lever downward. Darkness. Moving the lever up produced light once again. Wondrous.

Turning around, I nearly hissed in shock. There before me was another perfect reflection, only this one was quite large. Again, I marveled at the clarity of my reflection. I removed the dark object from my face and then the garment that Mac had given me. I was the same as I always was, but I had never viewed myself in such a way. It was as if I were standing in front of a twin who was mimicking my every move. I touched the surface of the reflection. It was cool, but nothing close to ice. It was indeed a mystery. I let my hands drift down my own torso and watched as my nipples became erect at my touch. To see them so was quite arousing sexually and I felt my need.

It was something that was with us always, day and night. The “need” for sexual arousal in Nymphs is legendary, and deadly if not seen to. I knew that soon I would have to find a lover or madness would start to take hold. I had only seen one of my kind in that state, and she died shortly thereafter.

Shaking away the sensations, I looked to the garments. I had seen how Mac wore them, but still I was confused. Determined not to let such a silly thing stop me, I began to apply them. It was a very difficult task that took me quite a time. Long enough for Mac to come looking for me.

“Hey Rachael, are you okay in there… whoa!” I stood before him with my arms out. I had heard him coming and so had time to put the object back on my face. “Well, you got the sweat pants on backwards, and the shirt should be fine if you zip it up.”

“Zip?” My eyebrows raised at the word.

“Uh, yeah… Man, you really are from another world. Here…”

I watched closely as Mac came closer and grasped the bottom corners of the garment. I could smell his arousal at the sight of my breasts, and heard him swallow. After a moment, he grasped a small piece of metal and moved it upward. Magically, the garment closed itself. I smiled and placed my hands on his shoulders.

“Thank you,” I said, and leaned forward to kiss him. To my complete surprise, he pulled back. You must understand, that I was definitely not used to anyone doing this with me. A human under an enchantment would be most eager to have my touch, especially my kiss, so when Mac moved back, I was caught completely off guard.

“Uhhh… Look, Rachael… I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I mean, you’ve most likely been through something really serious, and could probably use some… I mean, it’s not that you’re not attractive… um, aww shit…”

“You do not wish to kiss me?” I asked the question seriously.

“It’s not that. Sure I do. Want to kiss you that is. You’re sexy as hell! It’s just that I’ve always thought of myself as a gentleman, and well, I don’t want ot take advantage of you.”

“Amazing…” I said in awe. Never before had a male turned me down. The feeling was somewhat exciting.

“Huh?” It was Mac’s turn to be confused.

“But if I want the kiss, then are you taking advantage of me,” I asked.

“Well… you might think that you want the kiss, but later, after your head clears you might regret it.”

I thought about it, trying to decipher the meaning of his words. “My head is clear, Mac.”

“It is?”

“Yes. Quite.”

“Well… I don’t know…”

“Please kiss me.”

After a moment’s reflection, Mac leaned forward and started to reach for the object over my eyes.

“No,” I said, holding back his hands. “This must stay on my face.”

“The glasses? What for? They sure get in the way…”

Indeed it would, but the risk was too great without it.

“It must stay.”

“Alright then. You’re sure about this?”

“Yes.” I answered, resolved.

Mac leaned forward and put his mouth to mine. The kiss started as a light buss on the lips, but quickly built into much much more. It was exhilarating to be in physical contact with a human that was not enchanted to do my every wish. Mac could resist me if he choose to, but he was willingly enjoying the intimacy we were sharing. I moved my body closer, my hands reaching around his waist. His came up my back under my hair. I could sense his arousal both by smell, and by the feel of his body against mine. Our kiss continued to build, our tongues reaching and sliding together.

His hands came up to my head, pulling me still closer. I was starting to move against him in erotic ways. Already, some part of my brain was seeing him inside me… Fucking me. Then abruptly, he stopped.


“Yes, Mac?” I said, panting.

“What’s wrong with your ears?”

Fear returned like a sudden icy rain, and I took a step back. Mac was just staring at me. Obviously he had felt them as we kissed. No other man had ever thought to comment on them, but no other man had ever touched me un-enchanted. It never ocurred to me that Mac might reject me simply because I was a Nymph.

I stared at the floor, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, Mac. You were right. It was wrong of me to kiss you. I should go.” I started to move toward the other room. Mac caught my arm.

“No you don’t… Rachael. Talk to me. I’m willing to listen.”

“You wouldn’t believe me.”

“Hey, you won’t know till you try. Girl, I’ve been in this city for twelve years now… Ten of those years drivin’ a Taxi. In that time, I’ve seen just about everything that there is to see. I’ve met the weirdest of the weird.”

I looked at him through the ‘glasses.’ He seemed serious.

“Okay, Mac. Are you sure you really want to know? This could take a bit, because if I’m going to tell you about me, then I had better tell you ALL about me.”

“I’ve got no place to go.” He said smiling.

“We better sit down,” I said sighing.

For the next hour or so, I introduced Mac to the world of the forest folk, specifically Nymphs. I pulled my hair back and let him have a good look at my ears. I even let him pull on them when he thought they might be fakes. How one could fake an ear, I didn’t know. But four hours earlier I had no idea that one could create light in a room by moving a tiny lever either.

“So let me get this straight…” he said leaning back against what he called the ‘sofa.’ “You only have to look a man in the eyes and he becomes your slave?”

“Slave is the wrong word. He becomes enchanted.”

“What’s the difference? He does what you want him to, right?”

“Yes… but not out of fear. He does so willingly out of love. A slave will do your bidding, but they may not like you for it. They do so because they are forced to by fear of pain or death.” I sat on the floor near him, my legs out in front of me. I was very itchy in all the garments, but I figured that for Mac’s sake I should try to keep them on.

“So,” he said leaning forward a bit. “These guys just fall in love with you?”

He was proving to be quite stubborn.

“No, Mac. When I look into a human’s eyes, they fall in love with me because of a magic spell. I can’t control it, and it has nothing to do with how I look. Nor can they control or resist it. Once the spell is started, it sticks.”

“For how long?” He asked the question with a slight crinkling of his brows. I found the expression appealing on him.

“Until I release them.” I answered matter-of-factly.

“So you DO have control of the spell then…”

I stopped to think about it. “In a manner of speaking, I suppose so. But Mac, to break the spell I must make love to them. I have to make them reach their moment.”

Now it was Mac’s turn to think.

“You mean they need to have an orgasm?”

“Yes,” I answered, remembering the human word.

“Well, that doesn’t sound so bad! Hell, sign me up!” Mac was smiling, and I could from the change in his scent, aroused. So was I, but not for the same reason. Frowning, I tried to explain.

“There more to it than that, Mac.”

“I’ll say…” He said leaning forward. “Look, Rachael. You were all over me in the bathroom. If I hadn’t messed things up by playin’ with your ears, I bet we’d be in there fucking each other’s brains out right now.”

My nipples crinkled at the vision that jumped into my head.

“Face it, girl,” he continued. “You were ready to trip me up and climb on top of me not more than two hours ago. If you’re still willing, I’m still able.”

I licked my lips. My need was becoming quite intense, and here before me was a human that I could seduce in an instant. It took everything I had to say no.

“I won’t look at you, Mac. I like you.”

“So… I like you too. I’m not tryin’ to push you, Rachael. It’s just that I don’t understand your resistance.” He was doing that thing with his brows again.

“You never let me finish, Mac…”

“Then what is it, Rachael? Why won’t you look at me. I can take it, spell and all.”

“Because when the spell is broken you will forget ever having seen me!” I was nearly in tears as I spoke, my mind battling with what I felt sexually, and what I felt morally.

“All of this,” I gestured around the room, “is completely new and exciting to me. I’ve spent my whole life in the forest, never having known what was on the outside. I’m scared and lost, but as long as I’m here, I might as well try to enjoy it. When I met you, I saw you only as any other human I have met… as a means to fill a need. But then you gave me the ‘glasses’ and I realized that it didn’t have to be that way. Now I could talk to you, be with you, even kiss you and you could respond in any way you wished. You could enjoy being with me, not because of some enchantment, but because you WANTED to. Now that I’ve had a taste of that, I don’t want to give it up. You are the only friend outside of the forest that I have ever had, and damnit, Mac… I LIKE YOU! I don’t want you to forget me!”

Mac sat there, somewhat stunned. After a moment, he sighed.

“The spell is that strong, huh?”

“It is, Mac. Once you reach your moment, you will fall into a light slumber. When you wake, you would have no recollection of anything after the first moment you saw me, whether that moment was two minutes ago, or two weeks. I would simply be gone.”

“But the glasses block the spell?”

“So it seems,” I replied. “I don’t know why exactly, but I think it has to do with the fact that you can’t look directly at my eyes.”

“So…” He said thinking. “As long as you keep the glasses on, I’m safe?”

“I really don’t know,” I answered, hugging myself. My need was becoming quite distracting.

“Are you okay, Rachael?”

“Mac, do human females ever go into heat?” I wasn’t sure how to address my problem without making myself even more aroused.

“Uh…” He mumbled in surprise. “I take it you mean like a dog or something? Gee, that’s a little hard to say. I guess not, unless PMS qualifies.”


“Oh… It’s.. well… forget it. Why?”

“Nymphs do… Go into heat that is… About every twenty-four hours…” I was starting to sweat a little. The clothing was doing something to me that had me nearly wriggling. “If I don’t get relief soon I’m going to go crazy!”

Mac’s eye brows went up. “Every day?! Shit, how do you handle that in the forest?”

“Well, when a human isn’t available, which is most of the time, we take care of each other.” I was starting to breath in deep pants. For some reason, my need was much greater than normal. And it was building fast.


“The other nymphs…”

“Oh… OH! Then you’re… uh… I mean…”

“What Mac?” I asked confused.

“Um… You like women…”

I stared at him. “If you mean human females, then yes… Mac, all Nymphs are female.” I added the last as I started to see his reasoning.

“Hey, it’s okay with me. I guess it just caught me off-guard. But Rachael, how are you doin’ now? I mean… It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” He looked genuinely concerned, which to me was the most wonderful expression of love that any human male had ever shown me.

“Not so good,” I replied with a half smile. “Look, maybe I should find someplace else to stay tonight. I don’t think I’m going to make it until morning and…”

“No.” His deep voice startled me. “No, Rachael. I brought you in, and I’ll deal with the consequences.”

“But what happens if I go nuts in the middle of the night and jump you? Believe me, Mac… You wouldn’t stand a chance.” I wasn’t kidding. Nymphs are strong compared to humans. They have been known to break the bones of frailer human lovers during intense moments of passion.

Mac was dubious. “Suppose you do, and suppose that I lose my memory, what prevents you from staying anyway?”

I wasn’t sure what he was getting at. “Well nothing I guess, except that you won’t have any idea who I am, which could cause its own problems. Even if you didn’t kick me out, we would have to start all over again, and you might not believe me the next time.” I was getting desperate.

“I might not believe you, but I would have to believe myself…”

“Huh?” I replied, confused.

“I can tape us!” He stood and began to rummage through a pile of objects against one wall.

“Tape? Does it hurt? I don’t understand.”

“No, I guess you wouldn’t. A tape recorder is a device that records sounds so that you can play them back later. I can record myself explaining who you are so that even if I do lose my memory, I won’t have to start completely over.”

I was impressed. “This is high magic indeed. You can do this?”

“Sure, here…” He fiddled with one of the objects and then began speaking. He held something that looked like a pinecone with a tail as he explained who I was and what would happen to him if I looked him in the eye. It was as though he were talking to someone else. When he was finished, he set down the object and looked at me with a grin.

“There,” he said moving closer. “Now that that’s taken care of…”

I was suddenly aware of what Mac had in mind and my eyes widened. I could feel my nipples grow hard and my heart rate increase as I grew instantly alert with arousal.

“Are you sure about this, Mac?” I asked, reaching for him. I doubted I could stop myself even had he said no.

“I’m sure. Just remember to keep those glasses on.”

Smiling, I drew his body down on top of mine and hungerly found his mouth. Our kiss was every bit as wonderful as before, even more so because I knew that Mac was willingly giving himself to me.

It’s at times like this that I really wonder why humans wear clothing. Mac was fumbling to get his pants off, and I was just plain hysterical. The ‘sweat pants’ I was trying to push down my legs seemed to be tangled around my ankles, which would have been fine accept that I wanted my legs wrapped around Mac’s hips. I very nearly tore his upper garment from his body in my frustration. Then my legs were suddenly free and Mac was reaching between my thighs.

“UGHNNmmmmm!!” I cried aloud as the tip of his manhood pressed into my flower. Being as slippery as a fish, I think I surprised him when I angled my own hips upward and he plunged into me in one smooth motion.

Things got pretty wild for a time until we found a rhythm that wouldn’t leave bruises. I’ll say this for Mac, he has stamina. I was a wreak. I had no idea my need was so great, and I was sure that Mac would be sore the next day. We must have fucked like that on the floor for all of five minutes, but I burst into glorious ecstasy three times, and Mac lasted not more than thirty seconds. Yet, he kept on going, even after he groaned loudly and pumped his manseed into my body. I was impressed.

We layed together on the floor, panting as we let the soft warmth of passion ebb from our bodies. Mac spoke first.

“Damn, Rachael… You sure know how to fuck. You weren’t kiddin’ when you said you needed it.”

I gave him a quick hug. “Thank you, Mac. Thank you very, very much…”

“It wasn’t exactly torture you know,” he said smiling. “Uh… I just want you to know Rachael, that if you catch, I’ll do the right thing.”

“Catch?” I asked confused. “Catch what?”

“You know… Get pregnant.”

I giggled. “That’s very gallant of you Mac, but you don’t have to worry.”

“I don’t?” He pondered.

“No.” I said smiling. “Nymphs don’t have children.”

His eyebrows went up. “Really?”


He was silent for a moment.

“Uh… Rachael, how do you, um… reproduce?”

“Well,” I started, with a serious face. “To begin with, Nymphs live for a very long time. Much, much longer than humans. When we get old enough, we don’t die. We go into a tree-gate and simply don’t come out again. Soon afterward, if the forest as a whole can support it, a new Nymph will emerge from a tree-gate and begin her life.”

“Where does she come from?” Asked Mac, fascinated.

“From the tree-gate…” I repeated.

“No. Where does she COME from?”

“Oh, I see. Well… Hmm… I have no idea. From the Earth I guess.” I rolled Mac over so that I was straddling his hips and sat up. He was still nicely buried inside me. I grinned wickedly and began to very slowly undulate my body in a way that caused him to ease in and out of me. Mac’s eyes widened for a moment.

“Wow, that’s nice…” he groaned, letting his hands rest on my thighs, gently caressing them.

“Mmmmm… Y-yes it is,” I agreed, closing my eyes. I let my head fall back as the pleasure gradually built.

“Rachael… ughnnn…” he said after a time.

“Yes… Mac? Ummmm… ugh…”

“I just… Ughnn… had an… ummmmm… idea,” His hands were gripping my thighs now as my slow rhythms brought him once again to full arousal. I was quickly panting myself, but I kept my pace, teasingly. I could tell that he desperately wanted me to move faster and harder, but I only smiled, feeling his hips push up as he tried to increase the speed of my slow torture.

“And what… ught!… would that be?…Ughnn!” The pleasure was starting to affect me as well now, each repetition of my hips pushed me just a little closer towards bliss.

“C-contacts! Oh god! UGH!… Ughmmmm!”

“Ah! Ugh! Contacts?… UGHN!!”

“Y-y-yes!! YES!! UGHHHNN!” His cry of joy startled me slightly, but in a pleasant way, as though I had pushed him to heights that even I hadn’t expected. My own body stiffened a few seconds later as a wonderful wave of ecstasy washed up from my center and held me for an eternity. When I came back down, I let my body rest against Mac’s, his warmth and mine mingling, our breathing in sync. Neither of us spoke for several minutes.

“Rachael… that was incredible. If I had any doubt in my mind about you being a magical being before, they’re gone now, believe me.”

I was quite pleased. Humans didn’t talk to me after sex, they just faded into sleep, and forgetfulness. But here was Mac, talking to me… complementing me. I didn’t know what to say. I just hugged him tight, relishing the moment.

“Hey! It’s alright, really… Uh… Go easy there girl, you might break somethin’.” He had hugged me back. Then I realized that I was squeezing him a bit tight and loosened my hold.

“Sorry,” I said, sniffing back a tear.

“No harm done,” he answered smiling. “You really are stronger than a human, aren’t you… Are you okay?” He had noticed that I was softly sobbing.

“Yes! I happier than I think I have ever been! Mac, you have no idea how wonderful it is to make love to you and not have you fade away on me. You remember me! I’ve never had that, ever. It’s the most wonderful thing in the whole world!”

“Well… glad I could oblige, but I thought the other Nymphs, uh… that you, um…”

“Have sex?” I finished for him.


“We do. All the time. Still, it’s not the same. You’re human! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sex with my own kind, but it’s sex out of need, not love or even companionship. You on the other hand, wanted me… You didn’t have to have sex with me. You had no need to fill, or at least one that wasn’t going drive you insane…”

“I might argue that,” chimed Mac, smiling.

“You know what I mean,” I continued. “You honestly wanted to be with me. Even if tomorrow you decide you hate me, for a while, you wanted me.”