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A Word of Caution

Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age.

You have been warned.

Minnow’s Tower

Teeta put her lips over the olive from her drink and carefully slipped it from the long plastic skewer. Its soft, briny flesh squeaking between her molars, she eyed the man in the red silk shirt seated nearer to the back of the club. He certainly didn’t look like a man with connections. He really didn’t look much of anything, except possibly bored. The man was playing with a small handheld device, maybe a cell phone, his fingers busy with the buttons, the blue glow of the screen making his features look cold and quite dead. Teeta knew that pallid color well. Too well.

Tossing down half her martini at once, the redhead took a breath, adjusted her breasts in the far-too-tight dress she was wearing, and slipped off the stool at the bar. Having smoothed out her pleats, she gave her head a shake to fluff her hair and started across the room. Showtime.

“Evan?” Her voice was sweet and slightly reserved enough that she’d probably come across as nervous. She wasn’t yet, but it was part of her cover. Looking up from his Blackberry, the man appeared almost confused as he stared at her for several seconds before answering.

“You’re Sharon,” he asked, bluntly, looking even more nervous than she did.

Teeta had used the identity often enough that she responded as though it were her own. She smiled and made a little laugh that usually broke the ice.

“Please, sit down. Can I get you something to drink,” he asked.

She slid into the both so that she could face him, but still get out quickly if things didn’t go over for some reason. “Oh… Thank you, no. I had one earlier at the bar to calm my nerves.”

The brown haired man merely watched her, listening. He was odd. Simple. Completely not what she had been expecting considering his chosen trade.

“So…” she offered tentatively. “How does this all work? I mean, I’ve never done something quite as… unknown as this.”

“Understandable,” he replied, nodding and smiling himself. “It’s really very simple. I’m sure you have heard from others about the experience since she is only known by word of mouth, but I want you to understand that it is different for each person. Lady Minnow’s talents are extremely unusual, and as such, she has an er, unusual price for her services.”

“Not that I am unwilling to pay, but, um… how much are we talking about?”

Once again, the man looked surprised, and put up his hand when she started to withdraw her purse.

“No no, I don’t think you understand. She has no need of money…”

“Everyone needs money,” she said automatically and realized that it was slightly out of character.

“That may be so,” answered the man. “But her monetary concerns are more than met at this time, and as such, she does not directly charge for her talents.”

Teeta was suspicious. If what she had heard about the woman were true, then those talents could fetch her almost any price she asked. Perhaps she wasn’t the first government operative to find the girl.

“So, what? Does she want blood or something?”

The man smiled, but to her slight trepidation, held a straight face. “Lady Minnow will ask you to bring her two things. One I know now, and one she will tell me if she accepts you as a client.”

“What’s the first thing?”

“A picture of yourself. Simple, small. Perhaps a wallet photo. No frame. It can be any picture of your choosing, but it must show at least your face.”

“Why would she need that? Blackmail?”

Evans features grew a little more serious. “I’m sorry, but I do not know why she wants the photographs, only that she does. Since I don’t ask for your full name, or even if it’s your real name, I don’t really see how it could be used for blackmail, however, if this is unacceptable to you, then please accept my apologies for the inconvenience…”

She had pushed too far. She had to fix it before she blew everything.

“No, please! It’s fine… Really,” she said, looking into her lap. The man waited. “I… need this.”

Evan nodded in understanding, buying the act. “Very well.”

“C-can you tell me anything about the second thing?” She kept her voice just above a whisper, her face desperate.

“Only that it will be something you can carry alone, and that in many cases it may be food.”

Teeta was surprised again. “Food? Like groceries or something?”

He tilted his head to one side. “More likely take out. Before you ask, please understand, I can only tell you what she has asked for before, not what it is that will be required of you. You bring me the photo, and I show it to her. She decides if she accepts you, and if so, will give me a note that indicates what else it is that you are to bring. I then give you a code, and you take the elevator in the lobby. The code is temporary, and unlocks access to the top-most level of this building. You must leave all electronic devices at home, including cell phones, and watches. Are these conditions acceptable to you?”

She waited a moment, as though considering. Teeta had of course made the decision long before she had even come to the bar. She would do whatever it took to find the woman, no matter what hoops this simple man would have her jump through. Finally she replied.

“Yes. That’s acceptable.”

“Excellent,” he replied, smiling. “Then you need only come back to me when you have a picture and we can proceed.”

Teeta considered her options for a few moments, not quite willing to let this lead get too cold, especially if there was the possibility that others could be involved.

“Would a cell phone picture suffice,” she asked hopefully.

“I am afraid not. Lady Minnow requires a print. And I should point out, that whether or not she accepts you as a client, she probably won’t return the photo.”

“Rats. Oh, wait! I think I do have a photo, one second…”

“Take as much time as you need, Sharon. I have no other appointments to attend to today.” Evan returned to his Blackberry while she searched through her purse. She was careful not to let the man see into her bag. The photo she remembered was one from her real identity, and although it had some writing on the back, it was nothing that could be linked to her directly.

“Is it alright if someone else is also in the picture?”

The man looked up. “Certainly, provided your own face is visible clearly. However, I might point out that while I do not know how she uses the pictures, they do seem to be the sole criterion for acceptance. I have noticed that the more interesting the picture, the greater your chances may be.”

“Interesting how,” she asked, frowning.

Evan shrugged his shoulders. “I cannot say for certain, but in the past, images which are, for example, simple passport photos, are rarely chosen.”

“What about this one,” she handed him the image from her bag after checking the text on the back.

The man accepted the small photo and examined it for almost a full minute before his Blackberry chimed. He briefly glanced at the device, and then spent another thirty seconds or so with the wallet-sized image of her and a long past boyfriend. He even turned the print over and read the back. Finally, he looked up.

“It’s spontaneous. That’s a plus. Posed shots have not worked well in the past. And oddly, the writing sometimes helps. I might point out that you look quite different in the photo. Is it more than a year old?”

Alarm bells were sounding in her head. She needed to answer his question very carefully, lest she tell a lie that she could not back up easily.

“Well, about three months old. Is that too long? I look different because… well, I guess I was different then. I was happy.” She let her face fall into a shallow mask of grief.

“I understand,” he said simply. “Many of Lady Minnow’s past clients have been women that have had trouble getting beyond a difficult relationship or loss. She is very good that way. Three months is fine. So is this the photo you wish me to take to her?”

The moment of truth. She could proceed and take a chance that she could be rejected (something that would mean the complete failure of her mission), or she could wait and try to improve her chances at the risk that someone else could get to the girl first.

“Yes,” said Teeta after only a slight hesitation.

“Very good. Then I’ll take this up to her at once.”

Surprised, she blinked several times as the man scooted to the edge of the seat. Things were moving a bit faster than she would have liked, but if she had to improvise…

“Um, should I wait here?”

Evan turned to her. “I’m sorry, please excuse my lack of manners. I never know how long she will take to make her decision, but in most cases it’s rarely more than an hour if you would like to wait. Otherwise, you can come back tomorrow if you have other obligations. She never sees new clients on the same day she reviews them, so it would be at least tomorrow for a meeting, should she accept you. The club has instructions to give you whatever you might want from the bar or the restaurant next door should you wish to stay.” Then, without waiting for a response, the simple man turned and walked toward the lobby.

Alone, Teeta considered what she wanted to do. She’d wait for a response, that much was a given. But what she did once she had one was the real question. She wasn’t at all sure she could salvage the mission should the woman decide not to take her as a “client”, but she would try. She flagged a waitress and ordered another martini, then prepared a few possible drama’s that might get her another chance. As a last resort, she still had the concealed Glock at the bottom of her bag. Given enough “incentive” she was fairly certain she could muscle her way to the top floor of the building and take the woman by force. It would be dirty and horribly risky, but she’d been there before.

She sipped her drink and was just considering whether to call in her status when Evan appeared at the entrance and headed for the table. Less than twenty minutes had passed.

“Congratulations, Miss Sharon,” he said as he slid into the booth again. “Lady Minnow has agreed to see you.”

Teeta breathed an honest sigh of relief and let it show full on her face.

“In fact,” he continued, “she has allowed me to present a first and offer you a meeting this very night, provided your schedule allows it.”

“Really? Tonight?!” The prospect would mean pushing up her plans, but it was still completely doable. She had everything she needed in her room. “Uh… what time?”

“Eight, if you wish, or I can schedule another time…”

“NO! I mean,” she said giggling to cover her slip of character. “I’ll take it!”

“Very good. I will let her know to expect you.”

“This is wonderful,” she said, as she started to rise.

“Oh, Miss Sharon…”


He smiled and handed her a small envelope. “The second item to collect. The note is between you and Lady Minnow. It is imperative that you follow her instructions and bring her what she has asked for. In this, I am not allowed to help you. Be here no later than a quarter after the hour and I will provide you with the code to the elevator so you can take it up to her. Do you have any questions?”

She shook her head, nearly giddy.

“I would suggest a bit of advice… Have someone available to help take you home, or I can arrange a taxi. Sessions often leave one… exhausted. Can you do that?”

“Not to worry. That much I can handle.” Teeta smiled to herself. Yes indeed. She’d have a ride waiting alright.

“Then I bid you the best of luck and will see you this evening.”


“I don’t like it, Teeta. It’s just too convenient that she doesn’t allow electronic devices. This is a con.” The well-muscled black man tossed the clipboard he had been holding to the table and dropped into a wingbacked chair which groaned and creaked under his weight. “And what the hell is up with this request,” he added reading the card from the envelope. “A hotdog? She can basically ask you to get anything in the city and she wants a hotdog?”

“I don’t make the rules, Kinter,” she said as she checked her makeup in the bathroom mirror. Her dress would be a little cool for the evening, but a wrap would keep her shoulders warm. She’d be inside for most of it anyway. “She says she wants a hotdog from the Grand and Fifth train station, then that’s exactly what she gets. Maybe it’s a test. Who knows, but it gets us in the door.”

“It’s bullshit. This whole op is bullshit. Telekinetics my ass…”

“Yeah? And what if you’re wrong? Central has four confirmed accounts of this woman’s ability. Either she’s an incredible liar, or this is the real deal. Whatever the case, do you want to take that risk and let someone else have her, like maybe the Chinese?”

The man didn’t have an immediate response.

“I go in to get a confirmation and either walk out having wasted our time and a shitload of money, or I take her out with the tranquilizer darts and we have the find of the century. Just be ready to do an extraction the moment I’m back. I won’t have a phone, so you’re going have to watch the elevator.”

“How long do you think it will take?”

Teeta blotted her lipstick and frowned. “How the hell should I know?! I’m not even sure what it is that she does. All we know for certain is that the women we interviewed said it was the most incredible sexual experience of their lives.”

Kinter chuckled. “Heh, you gonna let her fuck you, Shift?”

“What, you don’t think I’ve ever done it with another woman? Just do your part and be ready in the lobby.”

“You’re a god damn piece of work, you know that,” said the man.

“Yeah. She can have me all night if it turns out she’s for real. Okay, let’s get moving. I still have to pick up that dog at the station.”


“Good evening, Miss Sharon,” said Evan standing as she approached the table for the second time that day. “May I just say that you look lovely.”

“Thanks,” she replied, grinning. She tried to act a little nervous, which wasn’t hard since she really was a little nervous.

“Does that contain the second item that Lady Minnow requested of you,” he asked pointing to the plain Styrofoam cooler that she carried. She nodded.

“Would you mind if I take a look? For security you know.”

“Oh! Sure, why not. I just didn’t want it to get cold.” She opened the lid and let the man peer inside. Sitting at the bottom was a single lonely looking hotdog with everything, including sauerkraut. She was glad she decided not to try and keep her cell phone by sticking it in with the food.

“How interesting,” he said. “It’s always different, never from the same place twice. Thank you. Are you ready then?”

She took a deep breath. “I think so.”

“Excellent. Then let me escort you to the elevator.”

Together they walked to the lobby, and when they had reached the lifts, Evan tapped a call button. The doors just to their left opened and Teeta stepped inside. When she turned around, the man handed her a small slip of paper like those found in a fortune cookie.

“This code will work for one trip only. Just use the keypad next to the buttons there and the lift will take you directly to the top. Enjoy.”

“Oh! What room is it,” she asked, holding the door.

The man tilted his head for a moment in confusion, then laughed softly. “There’s no room number, Miss. Lady Minnow owns the whole floor.”

Stunned, Teeta let the door close. “Fuckin’ a…” she said to herself, her voice echoing softly in the small room. She found the keypad and started entering the string of numbers. “No need of money,” she quoted, remembering her conversation earlier that day. When she finished with the series, there was a beep and the elevator came to life. The queasy feeling in her belly wasn’t due to the sensation of rising.

The elevator took only thirty-two seconds to reach the top of the sixty-eight floor building, but during the trip, Teeta had more than enough time to reflect on what it was that she was doing. If she were right, then she was about to meet someone with an extraordinary and unheard of talent. The catch was, she had to be sure it wasn’t some sort of trick. She considered that her partner, Kinter might be right, and it was all an elaborate con. Perhaps the woman used drugs or a form of hypnosis to convince her clients that they had experienced something amazing. She’d know soon enough.

The elevator bell caused her to jump, then the door slid open and she was facing a large waiting room of sorts. There were a number of very nice couches and chairs set about, and seated in one, directly across from the lift, was a woman who addressed Teeta as she stepped out.

“Greetings, Sharon. Please do come in,” she said, using her alias. Teeta thought her to be in her late teens, or perhaps her early twenties. She had long, dark hair that was tied up around her head in an elaborate crown braid. The young woman wore a loose orange kimono with black and gold trim, and was barefoot.

“I am Lady Minnow, but we are intimate here, so I would be honored if you would simply call me by my name without the title.”

Teeta stepped forward and put out her hand. To her surprise, the other took it and then placed a soft kiss to her palm. The action was so natural, that she never even thought of resisting. It also left a gentle tingle that persisted and caused her to blush slightly. “Oh my.”

“Please feel at home,” said the other. “Is that my request,” she asked, pointing to the Styrofoam box Teeta had by the handle.

“Oh, yes,” she replied, realizing that she had been staring distractedly at the woman. There was some quality about her beyond the obvious impeccable grooming and air of royalty. She wasn’t abnormally beautiful by most of the world’s standards, but she had a charisma that was quite captivating, even at a single glance. To herself, she wondered if it was this instant attraction to the woman that she used to fool people into believing they were experiencing something mystical. She handed over the box. “I hope it’s still warm,” she added as the other took the package and headed through the very large set of open doors into the rest of her house. “I came right from the station.”

“How very thoughtful of you,” said Minnow, making a slight gesture with her hand that she should leave her shoes here and follow. She quickly slipped out of her flats and padded along after the woman.

As impressed as she was with the decoration of the elevator reception area, it was nothing at all compared with the rest of the strange woman’s home. Never in her life had Teeta seen so much wealth in one place. Paintings and sculptures adorned every wall, some of which she actually recognized. She also knew without asking that these were no simple copies. Everything within Minnow’s penthouse was very real.

“Vanity, vanity… all is vanity,” said her host, placing the box on a central island in what Teeta understood to be the kitchen. It was so huge that she thought for a moment that perhaps she had stepped into the back of a restaurant.

“Pardon?” She replied, still goggling.

“King Solomon,” she said as she seated herself gracefully on a padded stool and opened the box. “He was very right , of course. The more wealth that I surround myself with, the less it actually means to me. Ahh…” She lifted the still steaming hotdog from the Styrofoam case as though it were a rare archeological find. “Now THIS is something of worth.” Her serious smile seemed so genuine to Teeta that she found herself grinning as well. The other woman snapped back the sleeves of her kimono and brought the messy snack to her lips. With all the gusto of a hungry steel worker, she opened her mouth wide and took as big a bite as she could, mustard and sauerkraut falling to the table and down her chin. Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she groaned in obvious pleasure.

The scene was so contrary to the image of the woman that Teeta had formed in her mind, that she found herself transfixed, even giddy as she simply stood there and watched as she worked the over-sized bite of food until she could swallow. Her whole face seemed literally aglow, as though she were reliving some deeply personal childhood memory, savoring every molecule of the disgusting snack.

Finally, Minnow’s eyes re-focused and she giggled, setting down the hotdog and licking her fingers.

“I’m so sorry. My manners. It’s just that they fade so quickly once they start to cool,” she mumbled cryptically, still trying to fully clear her mouth. “Please, if you are hungry, help yourself to anything at all in my pantry.”

“Oh, no I’m fine,” Teeta answered. “Wow, you must really like hotdogs.”

“No, not particularly,” said the girl, rising off her stool and rinsing her hands at the sink. She dried them on a towel as she spoke. “In fact, I think it’s about time we let this one alone. Thank you very much for the gift, Sharon.” She then did a little bow that left Teeta wondering what the proper response should be. “Are you ready for your session?”

At the mention of her cover for being there at all, she suddenly found herself blushing again. She still wasn’t sure what the woman was going to do to her, but she’d need to go through with it until she confirmed whether she was what they thought she was.

“I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous,” she said truthfully.

The other walked up to her and took her hand, and as before, the contact immediately left her face hot, as though the simple action was far more intimate and sexual than it should be, like a complete stranger putting their hands on your breasts.

“That is normal and understandable. Please, come this way.” Still holding her hand, she walked her through a hall and into what might be confused as a bedroom at first glance. But as Teeta looked around, she saw that this couldn’t be its real purpose, which was more like a massage parlor than a boudoir. In the center of the spacious room was a very large bed, covered loosely with ornately decorated pillows. The covers were simple and very soft looking. Along the walls were smaller end-tables, which were piled with towels, robes and washcloths. Interspersed with the obvious amenities, were items that gave Teeta pause. In one case, there was a massive bowl filled with what looked like large glass marbles. In another was an amber liquid. A third table was almost completely covered with small, unlabeled bottles. Unsure what to do, Teeta turned around to face her host, who moved up nearer to her, pushing into that zone known as “personal space,” so that Teeta’s breath caught and her knees grew weak.

“I… I…” she started.

Minnow put up her hand and touched her fingers very lightly to Teeta’s lips. “Shhh. No more words for now. It’s time for you to let go of your cares and stresses. You are to let them slip out of you and drip back down to the street below. No obligations. No requirements. The world can wait.”

Despite the girl’s words, Teeta felt only more tense, not less. The other had kept her warm gaze directed at her the whole time, her eyes like heavy waves of heat, pushing her back. Suddenly, she was falling, her feet had bumped up against the edge of the bed and could back up no further. She wasn’t even aware that she had been trying to move away. But unable to keep her balance, she simply flopped over onto the soft covers her arms over her head, still holding contact with the woman.

Minnow reached out and caused her heart rate to spike as her fingers brushed at her knees, lightly tracing over her bent limbs as through feeling the tops of the wheat stalks growing in a field. A strange sensation of lightness came over Teeta, and her eyes grew wide. She felt as through she were falling again, but could clearly see that she wasn’t. And yet her body felt almost as through she were in free-fall, floating unattached of the world. And then, the soft covers whooshed around her limbs and she suddenly regained her attachment to gravity with a gentle bouncing. She was also now laying more toward the top of the bed on the left side, her legs no longer dangling over the edge.

“W-What just happened,” she asked, daring not to move. “Is this some kind of hypnosis?”

Slowly turning her head from left to right and back, the girl came to the side of the bed and looked down at her. “The only illusions here are the ones you have brought with you… Sharon.”

“But, what just…”

“Shhh. No questions, remember? You are only to think of what you feel. No worries. No commitments. No need to understand. Just enjoy what your body is giving you.” As she spoke, there was something strange happening around Teeta. She could feel a touch, or a wind, rustling along her sides, lightly brushing her dress. She looked down, but there was nothing there. But then, she did see the light cloth of her dress move, as though pushed by an invisible hand, lightly running up her thighs. Very slowly, the garment was being drawn upwards.

And if that wasn’t strange enough, she felt a loosening at her chest and looked down just in time to see the second in the row of buttons down the front of her light dress disengaging of its own accord. Even as she watched, the third popped open, then the fourth, and on and on down.

Her breathing was starting to deepen, not just in fear, but to her surprise, arousal. She tried to understand how what she was seeing could be happening, but could come up with no answer… save one.

There was another pop, and Teeta knew at once that the clasp at the front of her bra had been undone. The girl still stood at the edge of the bed, her arms loose at her sides, staring down at her.

It was impossible. The only explanation was what they suspected, that the girl was indeed a telekinetic. She had to be manipulating Teeta’s dress by sheer will alone. Looking back to the female in question, their eyes locked again. When she smiled down at her, Teeta found herself caught in a dilemma. Her mission was to confirm and capture, and it certainly looked, and felt, as though that confirmation had been made. But just as the question of, “what next” entered her mind, something extraordinary happened. The touch was back, but this time no longer playing with just her clothes. All along her front, from her chin to her knees, a thousand light fingers all touched down on her body at once. They moved, slowly, gently outward, drawing open her dress from top to bottom, and then flowing back inward to repeat the process.

Her mouth dropped open and she looked down at herself in disbelief. She was laying there in only her panties, her nearly naked body exposed like a Christmas feast. And although she could very very clearly feel the touch of the myriad invisible fingers, there was simply nothing there. She turned back to Minnow and saw her smiling down at her, urging her to relax.

The pattern of the fingers became more complex, twirling and spiraling over the curves of her abdomen and breasts. They languidly stroked her flat belly, dipping perfectly into the depression of her navel and then up and out again. Others gathered themselves along the creases of her thighs and flowed over the mound of her apex, tugging playfully at the band of her panties, daring her to lift her buttocks lest they be drawn away. Up higher, her nipples were being teased and stroked until they began to harden with deep arousal, something that had never happened so quickly in Teeta before. It was a different feeling at her chest, not just a light touch, but more of a flat, squishy sensation, as though the hundreds of digits were not fingers, but tongues, all independent and focused… on her.

The instant crush of sexual pleasure was intense to say the least, and Teeta was hardly able to do more than suck in ragged breaths. Overwhelmed by the passion, she moaned and started to squirm under the unrelenting invisible lover that was quickly draining away her will to resist.

Some of the non-fingers were slipping around her panties, teasing her as they pressed along her swollen labia, and riding under the flimsy garment, pulling it down. She resisted, knowing that this was her last barrier against the pleasurable onslaught, but it was no use. The feathery caresses had her pelvis twisting and rolling to escape, and the light cloth gradually eased over her hips and then down her legs and was gone. When again she looked up at the girl, Minnow’s eyes traversed her entire form, causing a warm fire to flash up Teeta’s body. There was just something so… hungry, about the young woman’s expression.

Once again there was a change in the touch that covered more and more of her. Abruptly, many of the soft caresses turned to sharper, lighter points of contact, tickling instead of just caressing. Had the girl started this way, the effect would have been quite different, but now, with her body already so aroused, the electric strokes of fire that rolled over her skin were sexual in the extreme. Instantly, her body tensed and tried to pull away, but she found that a flowing pressure held her down.

“Oh, g-g-god…” she groaned as she felt that pressure on her legs, slowly but irresistibly bending her at the knees and then pushing apart her thighs and feet until she was finally spread and held wide open before the woman. As the active touch descended on her neither region, Teeta felt the last of her resistances melting away. It was as Minnow had said, nothing mattered but the pleasure. Shivering in arousal, she closed her eyes and gave in to whatever the girl wanted to do to her. The mission, at least for now, could wait. This was simply too good not to enjoy.

As if sensing her surrender, Minnow’s invisible lover changed its tactics yet again, reaching further around her body with its stroking embrace until she started to feel light again. Her body lifted away from the covers of the bed and hovered there in an unseen cradle. In a few moments, her whole form was immersed in a growing number of feathery caresses. They nuzzled her neck and hair, splayed over her back and sides, and teased the roundness of her buttocks with ticklish kisses until she was nearly frantic with lust.

Her head fell back, and her eyes sprang open when the first wistful tendrils began to play into the folds of her apex, slowly drawing her open as they languidly explored every ridge and petal. She had become wet long ago, but her body nearly gushed with the new stimulation, her juices literally dripping out of her flower.

“Ughnnn… oh m-my god…. MMMM….” she panted as she fought to hold onto her sanity. Her body twisted and undulated, but was unable to increase the pace of the lover around her at all. With infinite patience and stamina, it teased her flesh and gradually worked its gentle tentacles deeper and deeper within her sex until it felt as though they must surely be caressing her cervix. She felt them playing up around her clitoris and nearly lost it. Unlike a normal human lover, these invisible tendrils could stroke her jewel right under its hood. They could twist around the focus of her arousal, sucking and vibrating in a way that left her breathless.

Shocked and amazed at what she was suddenly feeling, Teeta looked to Minnow one last time as a liquid fire collected in her belly. Gasping, she stared up, helpless, as her mammoth orgasm pushed up from her pelvis like a huge, hot wave. The moment was so intense, that bright sparkles flashed along the edges of her vision and her body convulsed as though she were having a seizure.

Minutes passed like hours, and Teeta was lost to everything save for the pleasure. How long she was trapped in the whirlwind of lust, she couldn’t say, but when she was finally able to see straight again, she was laying on her side back on the bed, her breathing nearly normal.

It took her a few moments to hold her eyes focused, and her whole pelvis was slippery with her own juices, but she was able to sit up a bit. To her surprise, Lady Minnow was no longer standing next to the bed, nor was she in the room at all.

“Shit…” she said to herself while she attempted to move to the edge. It wasn’t easy. Her legs were shaking and felt as though she had just run a marathon. More so, even the slight repositioning made her sex tingle and pulse with continued pleasure. Her nipples were practically buzzing. Minnow had really done a number on her to make her like this. Hypnosis might work for some things, but there was no way her body would feel this well-fucked simply by suggestion. She shook her head and remembered the mission. They hadn’t talked about a contingency plan, or a time table, so she was almost certain that Kinter and the others would still be in place down in the lobby. Still, she knew she was going to have to make a move soon, and with Minnow out of sight, it was her perfect chance.

She almost fell on the floor when she tried to get out of bed, but righted herself against the wall and found her bag. The pneumatic pistol was concealed in the bottom, and would be loaded with enough tranquilizer to take out an elk if need be. Her well-practiced hands found the latch to the compartment even though they were slightly quivering, and she withdrew the weapon just as Minnow walked back into the room. She snapped the gun up and into a locked stance completely by reflex. Minnow’s somewhat flat expression didn’t change in the slightest.

“Sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to sit in that chair over there while I find my clothes,” said Teeta keeping the pistol aimed directly at the other’s chest. Without hesitation, the dark-haired girl found the chair at the far side of the large room and sat down, her legs pulled up to her chest.

“I’m really sorry to hear you say that, Teeta,” she said, watching her as she picked up her panties from one of the end tables. “I was really hoping that after having experienced what it is that I do here, you would change your mind.”

“Change my mind about what,” she asked, carefully keeping the dart gun leveled while she pulled on her undergarments and started on her bra. She was having a hard time of it since it really required two hands, and one of hers was a little busy. Something else was bothering her, but she couldn’t peg it.

“Your mission of course,” answered the other. “Your real reason for being here.”

Teeta looked up in surprise, but didn’t respond. How the hell could she know about her mission?

“I would like to tell you a few things about me, Miss Shift. Are you willing to listen?”

Suddenly she understood what was bothering her. “How do you know that name?”

“When I was a child, I was pretty normal until I reached puberty. At that time, I developed the telekinetic ability that you experienced just a short while ago. I didn’t use it as a means of stimulation at that time, but it was manifest in other ways. It was weak at first, but grew as I fully matured. It was an incredible gift. But what you don’t know is that I have another talent as well. I am not just telekinetic. I am also telepathic. I can hear other’s thoughts and emotions,”

Teeta frowned. She wasn’t at all sure that this wasn’t some kind of trick to buy her time, but the girl didn’t seem to be a threat so she let her talk.

I was excited about it at first, just like I was my other gift, but as the ability grew stronger, I found that I couldn’t block it out, and that I was picking up other people’s thoughts from further and further away. By the time I was eighteen, it was nearly unbearable. I couldn’t concentrate, and I was quickly losing myself. For a while, I ran away and lived alone on an island off the Washington coast, but the lack of contact was equally maddening.

“Finally, I found that there were certain ways to shield myself from the specific electromagnetic frequencies generated by all humans. I was able to live close enough to enjoy them, without being overwhelmed. As you might imagine, having my talents made it fairly easy to acquire wealth, and several years ago I purchased the top three floors of this building as well as the club and restaurant below to be my home. Up this high, I am free from most of the ‘noise’ from below. I started using my talents for more personal exercises, and have settled into an enjoyabe way of life that I don’t plan on changing any time soon.”

“And, so why are you telling me all this,” asked Teeta, somewhat confused.

“Because I want you to understand why I’m going to kill you.”

Teeta’s heart rate spiked, and she tensed her arms as though the girl might suddenly come leaping out of the chair at her. “No. I’m the one with the gun.”

“An empty gun,” said the other. “I unloaded it while you were unconscious.”

She glanced to the weapon and saw that Minnow was telling the truth. “Fuck…” she exclaimed, panic starting to set in. She held the empty pistol pointed at the woman anyway.

“But even if I hadn’t,” continued the girl. “Do you really think it would be any effort at all for me to stop the darts before they reached me? Teeta, I’ve known about your mission from the moment you sat down with Evan below. I know all about your plan to drug me and take me down the elevator. I know how many agents are waiting in the lobby for your return, and I could kill them all, from here, if I chose to do so.”

“No way,” replied Teeta in denial. She was trying to figure out a way that she could get past the girl to the door. Minnow didn’t look strong, but she knew that size didn’t always indicate fighting ability. “That’s bullshit.”

“Do you think so? Human beings are incredibly fragile creations, Teeta. A few ounces of pressure at certain places within the brain and the most powerful warrior will drop like a rag doll. And I assure you, at this range, I can exert far more than a few ounces of force.”

“You’re lying… If you wanted me dead, you wold have done it already!” She was seriously beginning to panic. If what she said were true, then she didn’t stand a chance.

“I don’t want you dead… yet.”

“You said you were going to kill me…”

Minnow nodded slowly. “And do you want to know why?”

Teeta didn’t say anything, but instead, started edging toward the door.

“I’m angry, Miss Shift,” said the girl, her face clouding with hostility. “I’m angry because even after I let you experience what I do, and gave you the chance to let me be, you STILL chose the selfish path. You still chose to use violence against me and pass me on to your government as if I were some commodity. Your partners are just following your orders, but you KNOW what I am, what I give to people.”

Teeta was only a few feet from the door. She was just about to bolt for the elevator when something pushed her back. Suddenly, she was lifted off the ground, her feet flailing, and tossed to the bed. She landed on her back, but found herself flipped over onto her belly, her arms held at her sides, her whole body trapped under a soft, but irresistible pressure.

“AHH! Let me go, you bitch!”

“No,” said Minnow, finally standing and coming to the side of the bed. “I’m going to use you to send a message to your government. I made a recording, and I will send it down the elevator with you. In my message I explain that I am making a deal. I have no political asperations, and I have no interest in working for any government. So long as your people stay away, from me and my life, I’ll keep quiet, but any operative that enters this building from this day forward, dies.”

With her head turned to the side, Teeta could see how close Minnow was, literally standing over her.

“W-What are you g-g-going to do to me,” she asked, nearly hysterical.

“There’s a bundle of nerves at the base of your back,” answered the girl. “At the second chakra point actually, that when pressed on in a very specific way will cause your brain to think you are feeling pleasure. It’s as though every nerve in your body is firing all at once, and it’s a sensation that makes what I did to you a short while ago seem like a peck on the cheek. Keep pressing on that point and you would simply have orgasm after orgasm without pause until your brain was saturated with opiates. But as soon as those opiates faded, you would start cumming again. Over and over and over until you finally went insane, if your heart even lasted that long.

“That’s what I’m going to do with you, Teeta. In a few moments I’m going to fuse those nerves… permanently. You’re going to die of pleasure. Ironic I think.”

“Oh my god… please… wait! Let’s talk… I don’t have to turn you in, I could just walk away!”

“It’s too late for that. Just be thankful that I haven’t chosen to fuse the nerves for pain… Goodbye, Teeta.”

“NO! WAIT! Just listen for… AHHHHH!”

Suddenly, something touched the base of her back and Teeta’s whole world exploded. It was just as Minnow had said. There was nothing but complete ecstasy from every inch of her skin. Her mind rose into orgasm almost immediately, and her eyes rolled back into her head as she fought even to breath.


“You know, Sims, this job is bullshit,” said Kinter as the two operatives sat in the lobby watching the elevators. The rest of the team was waiting outside in the fake ambulance. “Teeta’s up there getting laid, and we’re down here just sittin’ on our asses for hours on end.”

“Yeah, well,” replied the heavyset blond, “That, my friend, is the benefit of being the boss I suppose.”

They were both laughing when there was a scream from someone standing in front of one of the elevator doors that had just opened. They were up and across the lobby in seconds, Kinter alerting the ambulance drivers to stand by. But what they saw when they pushed the tourist couple out of the way, was anything but what they expected. Teeta Shift lay naked and convulsing on floor of the elevator car, her mouth open in what they first took to be pain. But the one called Sims recognized the expression as something else entirely, his mind having imagined what the woman looked like during an orgasm thanks to their conversation just beforehand.

“Holy shit! What did that chick do to her?!”

“Damn… I don’t know, but help me get her out of here,” he said, grabbing her waist with one arm. With the other, he tapped the microphone near his ear. “Deeter, Mikey! Get in here, we have a situation, and bring the gurney!” Teeta arched and cried out, her body shuddering even more intensely as the men fought to get control of her flailing limbs. For one second the woman’s eyes refocused on her partner and her features contorted into an almost painful expression of need. Her body still shaking, but briefly under her control, Teeta reached out with her hands and grabbed the man’s face.

“UGHNN… H-H-HELP M-ME!” she hissed. Then she was caught up in a quickly intensifying internal conflict that caused her breathing to shift into rapid gasps. All at once she cried out again, her whole body going rigid as she screamed in pleasurable agony.

“What the fuck…” said Kinter, trying to understand. Men dressed in paramedic uniforms appeared next to him. “Take her out of here,” he said to them as he stepped back.

As they lifted her, he noticed a small data disc drop to the floor. Written in black pen on the top were the words, “SPECIAL AGENT KINTER”. He picked up the disc and held it in his hand, considering options and protocol.

“What now… boss,” asked the man named Sims.

Looking up at the ceiling for a moment, he frowned. “This place is a wrap. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

“And the mission? Are we just gonna walk away?”

He glanced at Teeta as she was wheeled out on the gurney, her still thrashing body straining at the straps that held her down. “I think we should just consider ourselves lucky to be walking out at all…”